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Chapter 41

The death of Lazarus – Yeshua comforts Martha and Mary – The crowd waits to see a miracle – Yeshua prays to the Father – “Lazarus, Lazarus, arise” – The fame of Yeshua increases – Caiaphas plots to murder Lazarus – Judas and Simon Zelotes repent


1  Now Lazarus died and many which were of Bethany came forth to comfort Martha and Mary; and when it was heard how that Yeshua drew near unto the city, Martha leaped up and ran out to meet him upon the way.

2  And coming to the Master while he was yet a mile from the city, Martha fell down weeping; and she spoke unto the Lord, saying:

3  “Lord, if you would have been here but yesterday, then would my brother not have died. Yet do I know that whatsoever you would ask of God, even that thing will he give unto you, for he loveth you.”

4  Yeshua spoke unto her, saying: “Weep no more because of Lazarus, for he does but sleep and I go forth to awaken him.”

5  But Martha, not understanding the words of the Master, said: “Lord, I know that in the life to come he shall live, but now is he dead already and prepared for the burying.”

6  The Lord spoke unto her again, saying: “I am the glory and the life: he that believes in me, even though he were dead, yet shall he live.

7  And whosoever lives and believes in me shall never die but shall ascend unto great glory, even life everlasting. Do you believe this Martha?”

8  She answered him, saying: “Yes, Lord, I believe; for I know that you are the Messiah which is come from God, for you give light unto the whole world.”

9  And after she was comforted of the Lord, she ran straightway unto the house, and she spoke secretly unto Mary, saying: “The Lord is come into the city and, behold, he calls for you.”

10  Now when Mary heard this, she jumped up immediately and ran unto him; and all which were in the house, when they saw this, followed after her, saying: “Behold, how she is overcome for Lazarus’ sake.”

11  When, therefore, Mary was come unto Yeshua, she fell down upon his neck and kissed him; and they which saw were disbelieving; and Nathaniel spoke unto the Lord, saying: “Why will you love this woman more than us?”

12  The Lord answered him, saying: “If you would turn from following after the traditions of men to seek after God only, even as this woman, then would I love you even as I love her.”

13  And turning to Mary, he said: “Come now and take me unto Lazarus, for, behold, his spirit does call unto me.”

14  When the people saw Yeshua walking in Bethany unto the house of Martha and Mary, they spoke among themselves, saying:

15   “Could not this man which opened the eyes of the blind, and caused that the lame should walk, have caused also that this man should not have perished?”

16  And there followed after the Lord a great multitude which would see for themselves the thing which Yeshua would do.

17  When, therefore, the Lord was come unto the house, he spoke unto Martha, saying: “Where have you laid him?”

18  She said unto him: “Lord, he is dead already and they have come which would take him unto the grave.”

19  And as she spoke, there came out of the house certain men which would carry the body unto the sepulcher;

20  And seeing that the Master was standing before the house, they laid the body before him, and the Lord, lifting his eyes to Heaven, said:

21  “Father, I know that you hear me always, and for this cause do I give thanks unto you.

22  Give, therefore, of thy power unto me, that they which see might know of a surety that I am come from thee.”

23  And turning unto Martha, he spoke, saying: “Did I not say unto you, that if you would but believe in me, you would see the glory which is come from God?”

24  Now Lazarus was bound head and foot with graveclothes, and his face did they bind in a napkin; and Yeshua spoke unto the pallbearers, saying: “Unbind him head and foot.”

25  And when he was loosed from his bindings, the Lord called unto him before the multitude, saying: “Lazarus, Lazarus, arise.”

26  And immediately Lazarus sat up from off the ground, and all which saw were filled with unspeakable wonder because of it.

27  So the word went forth concerning the raising of Lazarus from the dead, and from all Judea, and Perea, and Samaria, and Galilee, did many come up unto Jerusalem unto the Passover.

28  And all men spoke the name of Yeshua, and many went unto Bethany seeking him, and there went also unto Lazarus a great many which would see for themselves the one which was raised from the dead, that perchance they might touch him.

29  But in Jerusalem did Caiaphas take counsel with the chief priests and elders concerning what they should do because of it.

30  And when it was decided, they determined that Lazarus should be killed also, for because of him, all Israel believed that Yeshua was the very Anointed One which was come from God.

31  Now there came seeking the Master, Judas of Kerioth and Simon Zelotes; and when it was evening they found the Lord sitting in a garden by the house of Martha and Lazarus.

32  And going in unto him, they fell down before him and repented all their sins, and he frankly forgave them both and set them again among their brethren.

33  And the Lord, when it was morning, called unto Judas, and before all the disciples he kissed him upon his cheek and spoke unto him, saying:

34  “Judas, the darkness seeks after you; but do not fear, for I have prayed for you that you might not be lost.”

35  And all which heard pondered in their hearts concerning this thing; for no man knew that he would betray the Lord unto the priests.