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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 29

Judas and Simon to the Zealots – The Zealots go to see Yeshua – Seeing the miracles, the Zealots are impressed – Zealots offer to fight for Yeshua – “The Messiah, whose son is he?” – Kingdom of God not established with blood –
Parable: The Unknown Treasure – “Give to Caesar the things which are Caesar’s” – The Zealots are angered at Yeshua – Parable: The Living Pearls – Twenty and four prophets – A Roman Tribune records the words of Yeshua


1  In Jerusalem was there found a certain sect of the Zealots which sought to cast out of all Israel the soldiers of Rome; and by fire and sword did they persecute against any of the Jews which agreed not with them.

2  Now there came unto the Zealots Judas of Kerioth and Simon Zelotes, which were of the Lord’s following, for they, of themselves, were Zealots also.

3  And Judas, speaking unto the leaders of the sect, said: “We have found the very Anointed One, even Yeshua of Galilee, who has performed among the people many marvelous things.”

4  But the Zealots answered Judas, saying: “Is this not the man which commands that we should love our enemies? How can such a man establish again the throne of David?

5  Be gone from us and trouble us no more because of him, for we have had enough with Galileans which talk much but do little.”

6  Judas said unto them, “Come for yourself and see him; for many have come proclaiming themselves the very Messiah, but which of them could at any time do like unto Yeshua?

7  For even they which rule in the temple are fearful of him, shaking and trembling all about as leaves made ready to fall.”

8  And hearing this, they went forth to see for themselves, and there went unto Yeshua the leaders of all the Zealots which were in Israel whose names were: Eleazar Ben Menachem, Judas Bar Abbas, Ezra Ben Onias, and Gurion Ben Hadabbi.

9  And they found the Lord on the Mount of Olives teaching and healing all which came unto him.

10  Now there were also among the people many which were of the scribes and Pharisees, and with them also were certain of the Sadducees and Herodians; for they had all come seeking against the Lord some offense.

11  But when they saw that the Zealots would draw near unto Yeshua, each man grew fearful, and many hands cleaved unto the sword.

12  And the Zealots, seeing how the Master healed both the blind and the lame, were astonished because of him;

13  And they spoke among themselves, saying: “What manner of man is this, for which of the prophets could do in like manner the miracles which he doeth?”

14  So speaking among themselves, the Zealots came before the Lord and said: “Surely you are the Anointed One which all Israel has sought these many years.

15  Speak, therefore, but the word only and we shall gather unto you a mighty host from among all the sons of Israel.

16  For if you will but place your hand in ours, then shall we cast the heathen far from us; and upon the throne of your father David shall you be made to rule over all Israel.

17  For seeing that you are the one of whom the prophets spoke, even we would die for you.”

18  These then are the words which the Zealots spoke unto Yeshua. And all which heard were astonished that they should humble themselves before the Nazarene.

19  But Yeshua answered them, saying: “To live for me is better than to die for me. For I am come that you might live and not perish.”

20  And lifting up his voice he spoke unto the people, saying: “Come and tell me plainly concerning this Messiah for whom you eagerly wait. Whose son is he?”

21  And the Pharisees, taking counsel among themselves, answered him, saying: “He is the son of David.”

22  The Lord answered them, saying: “If he is truly David’s son, why then did David prophesy these words concerning him:

23  ‘For my Lord said to my Lord, saying: Sit at my right hand till I make your enemies your footstool?’

24  If David, by whom the word of the Lord is given, called him Lord, how then is the Messiah his son? Shall the son prove greater than the father which bore him?”

25  And all which heard answered him not a word. And the Lord spoke again, saying:

26  “Whosoever has ears to hear, let them hear. For I tell you truly that the kingdom of the Father can no man establish by blood and fury, but in peace and holiness is it come among you.”

27  And Judas Bar Abbas asked him, saying: “Lord, on what day shall the kingdom come, for we have waited these many years?”

28  And the Lord answered him, saying: “I tell you truly that the kingdom is come already among you and you will not see.

29  Hear then this parable, for the kingdom of Heaven is like unto a certain man which had a treasure hidden in the field which he knew not of.

30  And when he died, the son received the field for an inheritance; yet did he not know of the treasure which was hidden in the earth.

31  And by and by he sold the field unto another, and he which bought it went forth to sow seed, and as he was plowing, he found the treasure which was hidden.

32  In like manner are you also become. For the kingdom of Heaven is within you, and you know it not at all.”

33  Now when the Pharisees saw that the Zealots grew troubled because of Yeshua, they took counsel whereby they might cause the Zealots to turn against him.

34  And one spoke unto the Lord, saying: “Master, we know that you are true and faithful unto God always, being equal and just towards all men; for you regard not the station of any man.

35  Tell us, therefore, what say you of taxes which the Romans impose? Is it just to give tribute unto Caesar, or not?”

36  But Yeshua, perceiving the trickery of their hearts, spoke, saying: “You hypocrites, for what just cause would you entangle me? Show me the tribute money.”

37  And they gave unto the Lord a silver denarius. And the Lord showing it unto the people, said:

38  “Whose image and inscription do you see?” They answered, “Caesar’s.”

39  Then said the Lord unto them, “Give unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and give unto God the things which are God’s.”

40  Now when the Zealots heard this they seethed with indignation against the Lord, for he commanded that all men should pay tribute unto Caesar.

41  And they went again unto their own place, saying: “This man is a false prophet, for see how he deceives the people.”

42  And Judas and Simon Zelotes grieved because of it, for they desired the kingdom of David more than the kingdom of God.

43  And they beseeched the Lord, saying: “Master, Master, what have you done? Do you not know that they are offended against you because of this thing?

44  Will you scorn forever the throne of David? Behold, my Lord, how these men would have died for you, evensomuch that they would have offered up in war the children of their loins.”

45  But Yeshua would not give heed unto them, but instead called unto the children which played nearby, and when they were come unto him, he spoke, saying:

46  “There was a certain king which was rich above all others; for he had gathered from the nations the glory of all their treasury.

47  And on a certain day the king, being finely dressed and wearing a crown of pearls, went walking in the city; and all which saw him beheld with wonder the splendor of all his wealth and glory.

48  But as he walked in the market place, a pearl fell from the crown of the king, and he not knowing, passed by.

49  Now in the market was there a certain mother keeping watch over her children, and seeing the pearl fall from the crown of the king, she ran and fetched it up.

50  And seeing the king in the distance, she gathered her children and ran unto him, and when she drew near, she gave unto the king the pearl which was fallen.

51  And the king, seeing the woman, asked her, saying: ‘Woman, where are your pearls that you should give this one unto me?’

52  And the woman, taking hold of her children, said: ‘These, O king, are the pearls of my life, even living pearls which make rich my whole house.’

53  Now when the Lord had said these things, he looked upon the whole multitude, and being filled with tenderness for them, spoke, saying:

54  “Cast not away, therefore, these living pearls; for children are given you by God for an inheritance.

55  For what pearl, if it be fallen in the mire, will lose its value? And again, what pearl, though it be anointed with precious oil, shall be made of greater worth?

56  Behold, I tell you truly, that the pearl is of itself costly above many treasures.

57  So it is with the children of men wherever you should find them, even they are become as precious pearls in the hand of your Heavenly Father.”

58  And one of the disciples said: “Twenty and four prophets spoke in Israel, and all spoke of you. Why, therefore, will you not restore again the glory of David?”

59  And Yeshua answered, saying: “Why will you leave the Living One which is even now before you, that you might go and speak of them which are dead?

60  Look upon the Living One and you shall live, lest you die in your sins and the Living One you shall see no longer.”

61  Now there was among the people a certain Roman, a tribune which was come from Rome making inquiry concerning Yeshua of Nazareth.

62  And all which the Lord spoke did the Roman observe closely, and with great care did he write all which he heard, that he might send word unto Caesar regarding him.