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Chapter 47

The three denials of Cephas – Yeshua brought before Pilate – Yeshua beaten by the guards – Pilate orders Yeshua crucified – Yeshua foretells the destruction of Jerusalem – “The King of the Jews” – Yeshua provides for his mother – Spectators torment and mock Yeshua – Final hours – The burial of Yeshua – Judas confronts Caiaphas before hanging himself


1  In the courtyard of Caiaphas’ house did Cephas wait anxiously, and with him were certain women which were of the discipleship.

2  And as they warmed themselves by a fire of coals, a maiden which served in the house, when she saw Cephas sitting there, spoke unto him, saying:

3  “Are you not also a disciple of the Nazarene?” And Cephas, seeing that many which were of the temple guard sat near unto him, answered her, saying: “I am not.”

4  And there came a little after, a servant which spoke unto the guards, saying: “This man is one of Yeshua’s disciples, for I have often seen him beside the Master.”

5  But Cephas swore with an oath, saying: “I know not the man, neither have I heard of him.”

6  The servant said: “All Israel has heard of this man, and will you say that you have not heard of him?”

7  After a while there came unto Cephas one of the guards which said: “Surely you are one of the disciples, for your speech betrays you.”

8  And turning to the other guards he said: “Is not this man’s speech like unto the Galileans?”

9  Then did Cephas begin to curse and swear, saying: “I tell you that I know not the man, why will you accuse me falsely?” And immediately the cock did crow.

10  And the Master, being led away from the house unto Herod, heard the words which Cephas spoke, and looking upon him, Cephas saw the Master bruised and bleeding;

11  And he remembered the words which the Lord had spoken unto him, saying: “The cock shall not crow till you have denied me three times.”

12  And Cephas, being filled with grief, went out and wept bitterly because of it.

13  So they took the Lord unto Herod who was also in the city for the Passover, but he would not judge him because of John;

14  And they brought the Lord again unto Caiaphas, saying: “My lord, Herod will not judge against this man, for he has grown fearful because of him.”

15  Now there came unto Caiaphas’ house, Nicodemus and fifteen others which were of the Sanhedrin to contend against the High Priest for Yeshua’s sake.

16  But Caiaphas, through treachery and deceit, delivered the Master unto Pilate; and calling forth the guard afterward, they did set themselves upon Nicodemus, and many did they kill and Nicodemus did they cast into prison.

17  And Caiaphas sent word unto Pilate, saying: “Behold, this man has proclaimed himself king over all Israel, and against Rome has he set all his disciples, evensomuch that they have this night killed many which were of the Sanhedrin.”

18  Then came Yeshua into the judgment hall and Pilate, entering in, spoke unto the Lord, saying: “Are you king of the Jews?”

19  The Lord answered him, saying: “Will you accuse me of this yourself, or have others brought against me this accusation?”

20  Pilate said: “I accuse you not, but they which are of your own chief priests and elders have accused you, and have delivered you to me for judgment.”

21  Yeshua spoke unto him, saying: “If I were in truth a king, then would my kingdom not be of this world.”

22  Then said Pilate: “A kingdom is a kingdom, whether in this world or some other. If your kingdom be of some other place, then tell me truly: Are you then a king?”

23  The Lord answered him, saying: “I am. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I forth into the world; that whosoever should believe in me, even they might reign with me in the kingdom of my Father.

24  For I am come to bear witness of the truth. And if any man should love the truth to seek after it, the same shall hear my voice to follow after me.”

25  And Pilate, motioning unto the guards, spoke unto Yeshua, saying: “What care have I for the truth? For the sword is sharp and mighty, and he unto whom this power is given, the same shall bend the truth according to his will, even as the wind bows low the grass of the field.”

26  And Pilate commanded the guard, saying: “Take this man who would be king, and show him the honor with which Rome would honor him.”

27  And straightway they took the Master and scourged him, and they placed upon his brow a crown of thorns, and about his shoulders did they place a purple robe.

28  And they took the Master into the common hall of the Praetorium, and they called together the whole band; and they did all spit upon him and strike him with many reeds.

29  And some did bow before him, mocking all the while, saying: “Hail Yeshua, king of the Jews.”

30  And when they had finished making sport of him, they brought him again unto the judgment hall, and Pilate spoke unto him, saying: “What will you say of yourself now, Yeshua?”

31  But the Lord answered him not a word. And Pilate said: “Know you not that I have the power to release you or to crucify you?”

32  Yeshua answered him, saying: “You have no power except that which some other has given unto you.”

33  Then did Pilate deliver Yeshua unto the soldiers that they might crucify him.

34  And when it was about the third hour of the day, they took the Lord and led him away unto Golgotha, and there went with him two thieves to be crucified.

35  And the Lord, bearing his cross, went unto the hill, and there followed after him a great multitude; and when they saw that Yeshua was going to be crucified, they did weep and lament aloud;

36  And there was along the way a great many soldiers with sword and lance to guard against the people, lest any man should put forth the hand to save the Master.

37  And as they drew near unto the hill, the Lord fell upon the ground being bruised and weary, and certain soldiers took from the multitude Simon of Cyrene, who was come unto Jerusalem for the feast; and they compelled him that he should carry the cross of the Lord.

38  And there followed after the Lord, unto the place, a company of women which wept and lamented because of him.

39  But the Lord spoke unto them, saying: “Weep not for me, but for yourselves, and for your children which shall come after you.

40  For, behold, the day shall come when they shall say in Jerusalem: Blessed are the barren, and the wombs which never bare and the breast which never gave suck.

41  Then shall they begin to say unto the mountains: fall on us; and to the hills: cover us.

42  For if they do these things unto the innocent, what shall they do in like manner unto you? And if they do these things in a green tree, what shall be done in the dry?” And those which heard wept all the louder because of it.

43  Now when they were come unto the place, they crucified the Lord, and they placed above his head a placard which said: This is Yeshua of Nazareth, the King of the Jews.

44  And this did all the people read, for it was written in Hebrew, and in Greek, and in Latin; and all which traveled in and out of the city saw it plainly.

45  Then came unto Pilate the chief priests and elders, saying: “Write not ‘the King of the Jews’; but that he said: ‘I am the King of the Jews.’”

46  But Pilate answered them, saying: “What I have written I have written, let no man change.” And calling forth the guard he cast them out before him.

47  Now there gathered about all Jerusalem a great and dreadful darkness; and thunder did shake the heavens fiercely, and lightning fell all about;

48  And there pressed hard against the people, a great and mighty wind, and the multitudes being filled with fear scattered away and ran each man unto his own house; and the earth shook with sorrow and the heavens wept with rain.

49  Then lifted Yeshua up his eyes unto Heaven, saying: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” And immediately the storm abated a little for his sake.

50  Now there stood by the cross of the Lord his mother, and Mary his Beloved, and Mary of Magdala; and there drew near unto them from Jerusalem, John the son of Levi.

51  And the Lord, seeing the disciple near, spoke unto his mother, saying: “Woman, behold your son.” Then said the Lord unto John: “Behold, your mother.”

52  And from that hour did John honor Miriam even as his own mother, and he took her unto his own home.

53  And there came also from the city, many which were of the chief priests and scribes, wagging their heads and saying: “If you be the Son of God, then come down from the cross and we will believe.”

54  Likewise did they mock him, saying: “He saved others, but himself he cannot save. He trusted in God, let us see if God will deliver him: for he said, I am the Son of God.”

55  And still would others laugh against him and spit upon him, saying: “If you are truly the King of Israel, then come down unto us and we will serve you.”

56  And the thieves also which were crucified with him, cast again the same in his teeth, being in torment and filled with bitterness.

57  Now from the sixth hour unto the ninth, darkness fell upon the whole land, and Yeshua cried aloud, saying: “I thirst.”

58  And straightway one of the soldiers took a sponge and filled it with water and wine and, putting it on a reed, gave it unto the Lord to drink, but he would not.

59  And when the ninth hour was ended, the Lord spoke, saying: “It is finished. Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.”

60  When, therefore, the Lord had spoken thus, he died and immediately there fell from Heaven a shaft of great lightning which broke in pieces the altar of the temple.

61  Now when the centurion saw how that Yeshua was dead already, he spoke unto the others, saying: “Surely this man was a prophet come from God, for see how the heavens weep for him.”

62  And all the people which saw these things, did smite against their breast with much trembling, and in sorrow and fear did they return unto the city.

63  And the women which were of his disciples, when they beheld that the Master was dead, they knelt before him and wept aloud.

64  Now there came unto Pilate, Joseph of Arimathea, and he petitioned that Pilate should give unto him the body of Yeshua whereby he might bury it according to the law.

65  And when it was agreed, Joseph gave unto Pilate a talent of silver and, taking authority of Pilate to receive the body of the Lord, he returned quickly unto Golgotha.

66  And coming unto the centurion, he laid claim upon the Lord; and a soldier, taking a spear, pierced the heart of the Master, and there flowed from his body both water and blood mingled together.

67  Then took they the body of the Lord and did anoint it with spices and costly ointment, and wrapping it in a linen cloth according to the custom of the Jews, they carried him unto a sepulcher wherein no man was ever laid before.

68  And behold, when evening was full come, the disciples departed the garden wherein they had buried the Lord, and returned again unto their own place, for it was Sabbath.

69  Then came Judas, after the Lord was dead unto Caiaphas and Ananus, saying: “I have sinned before God, for I have betrayed innocent blood.”

70  And they answered him, saying: “What is that to us? Go unto some other and repent, for we will not hear you.”

71  When Judas heard this, he wept bitterly and casting down the thirty silver pieces, he went out and hung himself.

72  And Ananus, taking up the silver pieces, said: “What then shall we do with this? For it is not lawful to put this into the treasury, for it is the price of blood.”

73  So they took counsel among themselves and bought with the thirty pieces a potter’s field wherein they might bury strangers.