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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 46

Yeshua’s first prayer at Gethsemane – The apostles sleep – Mary’s devotion revealed – Yeshua’s third prayer – The coming of the temple guards – “Whom do you seek?” – In the house of Caiaphas – Judas tries to rescue Yeshua – Yeshua sent to Herod


1  And the Lord, when he was come unto the Mount of Olives, commanded that his disciples should wait awhile for him; and taking Cephas, and James, and John, they went forth unto Gethsemane.

2  Now when he was come into the garden, he trembled in his soul, for sorrow and grief pressed hard against him; and turning to Cephas, and James, and John, he spoke unto them, saying:

3  “Behold, how my soul is filled with sorrow, and my heart made heavy with grief; tarry here with me and watch you also, for I am near unto death.”

4  And the Lord going forth a little distance from them, knelt down to pray, saying: “O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me;

5  For I am filled with fear and trembling; nevertheless, my Father, let it not be according to my will, but yours alone.”

6  And rising up the Lord came unto the apostles, and finding them asleep, he spoke unto them, saying:

7  “Could you not watch with me but one hour only? Watch and pray lest evil come upon you unawares; for I tell you truly that the spirit is indeed willing, but the flesh is strong and filled with passions.”

8  And going away the second time, the Lord knelt to pray, saying: “O my Father, if this cup will not pass except that I should first drink of it, then your will be done.”

9  When, therefore, the Lord had finished praying, he went again unto the apostles; and finding them asleep he spoke softly unto them, saying:

10  “Sleep my children, and do not fear; for, behold, the hour is near when the Son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners.”

11  And as he turned to go a third time to pray, there came Mary unto him, and the Lord spoke unto her, saying: “Why are you come forth unto me?”

12  She answered him, saying: “My Lord, entreat me not to leave you, nor from following after; for this night would I watch with you in the midnight hour that you might be comforted yet this little while.”

13  And the Lord, looking tenderly upon her, did kiss her upon the cheek, and spoke unto her, saying: “Come then Beloved, and watch with me.”

14  And taking the cloak from off his shoulders, he placed it upon the woman, for the night was cold and there was come upon Jerusalem a storm, thick and threatening.

15  And going forth together unto the place, the Lord knelt the third time, saying:

16  “Father, the hour is come. I have finished the work which you have given me to do; the name of the Father have I glorified on the earth.

17  Now, my Father, receive me again unto yourself, that I might partake of that glory which I had with you from the beginning of the world.

18  For I have revealed unto the godly, the words which you have given me to speak, and they have received them with joy and thanksgiving.

19  These are they which know surely that I am come from you, and believe also that you have sent me.

20  For these, my Father, do I pray; and for the world would I make supplication, that those which you have given me might not be lost for evil’s sake.

21  For unto the Son have you given all power and authority; that as many as believe unto righteousness, even these shall you give life eternal and exaltation forever in the kingdom of the Father.

22  But now am I no more in the world nor of the world, but these are in the world and for this cause would I come again unto you; that I might make intercession for them always.

23  Holy Father, keep safe in your name those which you have given unto me, that they might become as one, even as we are one.

24  While I was with them in the world, I kept them in your name; and those which you have given me have I kept faithfully, and none of them have I lost save one; and of this one shall the shepherd go forth to find again.

25  But now, my Father, do I come unto you; that all who should come after me, might have my joy fulfilled in themselves, being established forever in peace, and hope, and love exceeding.

26  I pray not that you would take them out of the world, but that you will keep them safe from evil, lest they choose the lesser portion and not the greater.

27  For they are not of this world, even as I am not of this world. Sanctify them, therefore, through your truth, and through that Spirit which is come from the Father and the Son.

28  And as you have sent me into the world, even so shall I send these also; that the world might receive the words which I have given unto them; which words are come from you.

29  Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word, that they may be as one; even as you, Father, are in me and I in you, that they also might become as one in us.

30  O righteous Father, the world has not known you; but I have known you, and have revealed unto the world your glory.

31  Make rich, therefore, the love of the Father unto them, that the love wherewith you have loved me may be in them also.”

32  So spoke the Lord in prayer unto his Father, and taking Mary by the hand, he said: “Rise, let us go forth; for he that betrays me is near at hand.”

33  And going again unto Cephas, and James, and John, he found them sleeping still; and in the distance did there draw near unto the garden a great many men, and Judas did lead them.

34  And there arose from a distance a great alarm, and many which were of the disciples, when they saw the coming of the temple guard with swords drawn, they fled quickly away from the mount, lest they also be arrested.

35  But the apostles and certain of the women rushed forth to warn the Lord; and Cephas, and James, and John, being roused from their slumber were immediately filled with fear.

36  Now Judas, having received from Caiaphas a great many men armed with swords and staves, and having many others also which carried lanterns and torches, drew near unto the Lord.

37  And Judas embraced the Lord and kissed him upon the cheek, saying: “Hail Master.” Yeshua answered him, saying: “Will you betray me with a kiss Judas?”

38  And the Lord, knowing all things which would shortly come upon him, went forth unto the captain of the guard, saying: “Whom do you seek?”

39  And the captain answered him, saying: “We seek Yeshua of Nazareth.” The Lord said: “I am he.”

40  When the captain heard this, he withdrew a little ways to speak with Judas. Again the Lord spoke unto him, saying: “Have you authority to take these also?”

41  He answered the Lord, saying: “No, my Lord.” Then spoke the Master unto him, saying: “Let these then go their way, and you shall have me.”

42  So they took the Lord and did bind him with strong cord, and they took him speedily unto the house of Caiaphas the High Priest.

43  And there followed after the Lord but few of the disciples, for many had fled away into the night.

44  But there was among those which followed after, John the son of Levi who was first above all the scribes in Caiaphas’ house;

45  And when he saw that the Lord was taken captive unto Jerusalem, he went straightway unto Nicodemus and told him all which had happened to the Master.

46  Now there gathered in the house of Caiaphas a great many scribes and elders, and many which were of the Sanhedrin; and they sought to bring against the Lord a false accusation.

47  And bringing forth a great many false witnesses against the Lord, they bore witness against him; yet were they not in agreement among themselves concerning those things which the Lord both said and did.

48  And Caiaphas, rising before the whole assembly, spoke unto Yeshua, saying: “What will you say for yourself? Tell us the things which you teach unto the people.”

49  The Lord answered him, saying: “I spoke openly to the whole world, and in secret have I said nothing. I taught openly in your synagogues and in the temple;

50  In your streets and in the market place did I ever raise my voice unto the people. Why then will you ask of me these things?

51  Ask them which heard me, they know what it is which I spoke unto them publicly.”

52  When the Lord had said these things, one which was an officer of the guard did strike the Master full in the face, saying: “Will you answer the High Priest in such a manner?”

53  And Yeshua, being filled with calm, spoke unto the man, saying: “If I have spoken evilly, then let them which judge bear witness against me. But if I have spoken truly, then why have you struck me contrary to the law?”

54  But Caiaphas, being filled with anger, spoke hotly against the Master, saying: “I adjure you by the living God, tell us plainly whether you are the Messiah of whom all the prophets spoke.”

55  Yeshua answered him, saying: “You have rightly said; nevertheless I tell you truly: hereafter you shall see the Son of Man sitting on the right hand of God and coming in the clouds of Heaven.”

56  Then did the High Priest rent asunder his vestments, saying: “This man has spoken blasphemy; what further need have we of witnesses? What think you of this man’s guilt?”

57  And they shouted with one voice, saying: “He is guilty and worthy of death.” And Caiaphas struck the Master hard in the face, and when he was fallen upon the floor, they did all rush upon him to strike.

58  And some did spit upon him and buffet him all about, and others did slap him, saying: “If you are the Messiah, then prophesy unto us: Who is it which struck you?”

59  But there rushed forth to save the Master, Judas which did betray him, saying: “Lord, Lord, save yourself! God will hear you!”

60  And the captain of the guard did lay hold of him and commanded that Judas be kept in the prison until the Lord was dead; and they did take him away amidst great tears and weeping.

61  Now there arose among the assembly a great shout, and Ismael Ben Phali, rising before his brethren, spoke unto them, saying:

62  “Men, brethren, mark well what you do unto this man, for all Israel has gone following after him.

63  If we, therefore, should do some harm unto him, then shall the Jews rise up against us to kill us also.”

64  And Caiaphas and Ananus did counsel among themselves, and when they were completed, Caiaphas spoke unto all which were gathered, saying:

65  “Let us refrain our hand from killing this man, lest the Jews take revenge against us.

66  But send him unto Herod instead, for he is both king and judge over him, seeing that he is from Nazareth of Galilee.

67  And we shall compel Herod to kill the deceiver, that he might save all Israel; and if the Jews should become angry because of this thing, then shall they take revenge against Herod and not us.”

68  So they took the Lord unto Herod who was also in the city for the Passover; and there followed after the Lord, certain of his disciples weeping.