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Chapter 48

Mary and the Gardener – A beggar goes to Miriam – On the road to Emmaus – The resurrected Yeshua comforts Nicodemus in a vision, rebukes Caiaphas and Ananus – Caiaphas has Ananus murdered – Yeshua appears to disciples and apostles – Doubting Thomas – Yeshua instructs followers to go to Galilee and tell Cephas of his resurrection


1  On the first day of the week, when it was sunrise, there came unto the tomb the seven which Miriam had appointed, and among them were Mary the sister of Martha, and Mary Magdalene; and, behold, the stone of the sepulcher was rolled away.

2  And going in, they found not the body of the Lord, but his graveclothes only, and many wept because of it, saying: “The Lord’s body is stolen away.”

3  And among themselves did they sorely weep, and running unto the city, they told the disciples concerning all which they saw; and many feared because of it.

4  But Mary would not go into the city, but stayed alone in the garden beside the tomb, weeping.

5  And as she wept there drew near unto her the Lord, being clothed and fitted as a gardener, and he spoke unto her, saying:

6  “Woman, why are you weeping?” And she, looking up, knew not that it was Yeshua which spoke unto her, but supposed that it was the gardener only.

7  And she answered him, saying: “Because they have taken away my Lord, and I know not where they have laid him.”

8  And taking thought she spoke again, saying: “Sir, I pray you for mercy’s sake, if you have borne him to some other place, tell me where you have laid him, and I will take him away.”

9  And the Lord, being filled with tenderness for her, spoke, saying: “Mary, why have you come to seek the living among the dead?”

10  And hearing the voice of the Master, Mary looked up from off the ground and beheld with her eyes the Beloved;

11  And leaping up she kissed him and did embrace him, for he that was dead was alive ever more and filled with joy and blessing.

12  And the Lord commanded that Mary should go into the city to tell the brethren concerning the coming forth of the Lord unto them.

13  But the disciples believed not, neither would they hear her, saying: “She is but a woman, and grief has overcome her.”

14  Now when it was about the noon hour, there came unto the house of John, a beggar which was sorely afflicted; and seeing the Lord’s mother making ready the noon meal, he petitioned her for mercy’s sake to feed him.

15  And she, being filled with compassion, took the man into the house, and setting before him some food to eat, she knelt down to wash his feet.

16  And, behold, there appeared in the feet of the beggar the marks of the nail, and looking upon the man, she beheld Yeshua, and she wept with many tears, being overcome with joy and gladness.

17  And the Lord drew near his mother to comfort her, and he commanded that she go unto the brethren and tell them concerning the coming forth of the Lord unto them.

18  But when she went forth to tell the disciples, they would not believe her, but said instead: “She is but a woman, and her grief has deluded her.”

19  Now when it was about the ninth hour of the day, there traveled unto Emmaus, John the son of Levi, and Cleopas his father’s steward.

20  And as they traveled upon the way, there appeared beside them a fellow sojourner like unto themselves, being laden with a great load.

21  And he entreated the two that they might help him somewhat to carry forth the heavy burden.

22  So they divided among themselves the burden, and journeyed unto Emmaus together.

23  And they spoke unto the man and told him concerning Yeshua of Nazareth whom the chief priests and scribes had caused to be put to death; for it appeared as if he knew not these things.

24  Now when they came near unto the village, John and Cleopas entreated the man to sup with them, for it was evening already, and the day was far spent.

25  And it came to pass that as they sat down to eat, the man took up the bread and blessed it, and broke it in pieces to give unto John and Cleopas;

26  And as they looked upon the man, behold, they saw for themselves the Lord, Yeshua, and they leaped for joy because of it.

27   And he commanded that they should go and tell their brethren concerning the coming of the Lord unto them.

28  Now in the visions of the night did the Lord go forth unto Nicodemus to comfort him, for he was imprisoned still.

29  And going away he appeared next unto Caiaphas, saying: “Why will you persecute the righteous?” And the Lord began to rebuke him and to upbraid him because of wickedness.

30  And when it was morning, he told Ananus his father-in-law all which had happened in the night unto him.

31  But Ananus scoffed against him, saying: “Why will you fear, seeing that it was but a dream only?”

32  And in the second night did the Lord likewise appear unto Ananus, saying: “Why will you persecute the righteous?” And the Lord rebuked him and upbraided him because of wickedness.

33  And likewise when it was morning, he rushed forth to tell Caiaphas concerning those things which had happened unto him in the night.

34  Yet was Caiaphas filled with loathing against Ananus, and he spoke scornfully unto him, saying: “Why will you fear seeing that it was but a dream only?”

35  But Ananus being troubled because of it, went unto the prison and he set at liberty Nicodemus, begging all the while for mercy’s sake the forgiveness of the Lord.

36  And Caiaphas, hearing of these things, caused that Ananus should be strangled to death with a strong cord, lest he confess before all the elders, the things which Caiaphas had done against the Lord.

37  Now on the third day of the week, there gathered in the upper room wherein the Lord had supped, a few which were of the apostles, and with them were many of the disciples; and the doors were shut and bolted, for many feared lest Pilate should seek also to put them to death.

38  And as they spoke among themselves, there came in the midst of them, Yeshua clothed in white raiment of exceeding brightness, and he spoke unto them, saying: “Peace be upon you.”

39  But many which saw were fearful, for they supposed that they had seen a spirit which was come forth to trouble them, and they drew back from the Lord being terrified of the presence.

40  And he spoke unto them, saying: “Why are you troubled, and why do fears arise in your hearts?

41  Look upon me and see for yourselves. Behold my hands and my feet and see that it is I myself; handle me and be not afraid any longer, for spirit has not flesh and bone as you see me have.”

42  And when he had spoken these things unto them, he showed them his hands and feet, and all which saw believed, and leaped with joy at the wonder of it.

43  And again he spoke unto them, saying: “Let now my peace reign in you.” And as he spoke there came upon them the power of the Holy Spirit.

44  Then said the Lord unto the disciples: “As my Father has sent me into the world, even so shall I send you.

45  But go first unto my brethren and your brethren, and tell them of those things which you have seen and heard.

46  And I shall go before you unto Galilee, and there receive you and teach of those things which no man knoweth.”

47  So the disciples went out unto all the countryside, telling all the disciples which they met the things which they saw and heard of the Lord.

48  But Thomas Didymus, when it was told him of these things, he would not believe, but spoke instead, saying:

49  “Except I shall see for myself the print of the nails in his hands and feet to put forth my finger into them; and except I put forth my hand into his side, I will not believe.”

50  Now when eight days were passed, the disciples were yet again in the upper room, and Thomas Didymus was with them. Then came the Lord again unto them, saying: “Peace be upon you.”

51  And seeing Thomas in the midst of them, the Lord called unto him, saying: “Come, Thomas, and stretch forth your finger and behold my hands and feet.

52  Stretch forth your hands unto me and thrust into my side, that you may not be faithless any longer, but believing.”

53  And Thomas, kneeling before the Master, said: “My Lord and my God.”

54  Yeshua answered him, saying: “Thomas, because you have seen me, you have believed: blessed are they which see not but have believed already.”

55  And the Lord spoke unto them yet a little while, and when he was completed, he commanded that they should go unto Galilee, unto Cephas, and say unto him: “Behold, the Lord is risen.”