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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 25

Jews of Sidon show regard for Yeshua – Abgar Ouchama writes letter to Yeshua – Yeshua’s written response to Abgar – On being a good neighbor – Crime and mercy –
Parable: Many Seeds Together Sown – Fear not, for I am with you – Reject not the fallen – Parable: The Rejected Man – Why Jerusalem fell to Babylon – “You are the cup and I am the wine”


1  So Yeshua came unto Sidon and there taught many days, and all which heard were filled with wonder because of him.

2  And wheresoever he went, the multitudes did gather round about to see, and many which were of John’s following believed in him from that day forth.

3  And the Jews of the city, being far from Jerusalem, had regard for the Galilean and unto whatsoever house he entered, they did honor him.

4  Now on a certain day, as the Lord was teaching in the synagogue, there came a messenger and he gave unto the Lord a letter which was come from the king of all Edessa.

5  And taking the letter, the Lord broke the seal and read. Now these are the words which were written:

6  ‘From Abgar Ouchama, the Toparch, to Yeshua the Anointed, which has appeared in the regions round about Jerusalem, greetings:

7  I have heard about the miracles which you did, healing the afflicted without plants or medicines.

8  For it is said of you how that they which are blind do see again, the lame walk, the leper cleansed, they which are tormented by all manner of demons and spirits you have made whole, and the dead have you called again unto life.

9  These then are the things which I have heard of you, and seeing that those which spoke of you were of good report, I determined this concerning what manner of man you are.

10  For either you are a God which is come from Heaven to do these things, or you do them because you are the son of God.

11  I beg you, therefore, come unto me and heal me of some great suffering.

12  For I hear also that they which are of the Jews in Jerusalem do speak evil against you continually; and they seek against you some great harm.

13  Come, my Lord, for though my city be small, yet is it pious, and there is room for both of us.’

14  Now when the Master had read these things he called for a parchment, and when it was come he wrote upon it, saying:

15  ‘From Yeshua to Abgar: Surely you are blessed, for you have believed in me though you have not seen me.

16  Of me has it been written this saying: Those which see me will not believe in me, and those which see me not, being far away, believe already.

17  Regarding what you wrote that I should come to you; I must first complete all which I am sent to do, and after these things, I must go again unto him which sent me.

18  But do not fear, for when I am taken up, I will send unto you one of my disciples.

19  And he shall heal you of all your suffering and when you are made well within, he shall teach you the words which I have spoken.’

20  These then are the words which Yeshua wrote unto Abgar, the king of all Edessa; and when he was completed, he gave it unto the messenger and sent him forth.

21  And turning to the people he taught them, saying: “Which of you, being good, will not love his neighbor? And if the neighbor be in want, will not go forth to save him?

22  For I tell you truly, that he which is your neighbor is but the reflection of some other.

23  Still then the waters of your soul and look you deep within, for in the countenance of your neighbor shall you see reflected the shadow of your own likeness.

24  Be you, therefore, unto your neighbor even as you would that he should be unto you.

25  For this is the law which I would give unto all, that you might live peaceably one beside another.

26  Which of you would dwell alone from another? I tell you truly that even in your aloneness you are not alone.

27  For there is one which watches over all, and in the deeds of others shall you ever be found; even as they, unknowing, are in the deeds which you yourself do.

28  What crime shall some other commit that your hand should not be found placed on theirs; for in your hearts already you have done like unto them.

29  For no man falls into sin except that you also fall beside him, and no man riseth up again except that you should first give flight; for in the bosom of God are all men become as one.

30  Whosoever among you would find refuge in God, even therein shall you hear the voice of all men crying.

31  And whichsoever man shall walk in desolation upon the way, even therein shall you yourself be found.

32  Come now and hear, for you and your neighbor are become as two seeds which were sown together in the field, that together you might grow unto harvest.

33  For unto no seed alone is the whole field given, for you are not one seed sown in the field to harvest, but many others beside; and though you be many, yet is there but one field, and there is come forth but one to plant and to harvest.

34  And in the coming up of one seed only is there no harvest found in abundance, but in the coming up of many seeds together is there given the joy of harvest;

35  For every seed, of its own self, shall bring forth the measure of its own fullness, some thirty fold, some sixty fold, and still again, others a hundredfold.

36  And the angels coming forth, do gather together the whole harvest that they might bear it forth unto God.

37  Today alone am I with you, but do not fear little flock, for I shall never leave you nor forsake you.

38  Whosoever, therefore, would come seeking after me, let him first seek his neighbor to bear him up again.

39  Then shall I come forth unto my own, and together shall we make rich our dwelling place with the Father which comes from above.”

40  When they which were gathered heard these things, they marveled and wondered greatly.

41  And one spoke unto the Lord, saying: “What mean you then, my Lord? Can I not be clean while yet some other is unclean?

42  If another sin, shall I then be made unclean for his sake? Come then and speak plainly:

43  Can I not be cleansed of all unrighteousness while yet my neighbor is filled with all manner of corruption and whoredoms?”

44  And the Lord answered him, saying: “Why will you be hard hearted concerning they which are fallen away? Why will you not understand?

45  For you are become again as they which look but do not see, which hear but do not listen, which eat and drink in plenty, but do not taste.

46  For the words which I speak are not of the body only, but are come from the spirit.

47  For the flesh of the body is become as dung cast upon the field, that it might give nourishment to the whole spirit within.

48  Let, therefore, the spirit within consume even the whole body without; for it is the spirit which is become the seed that God planted, being girded round about with all manner of hope and expectation.

49  Whosoever has ears to hear, let them hear; for if you reject the fallen from among you to condemn them, then shall you not be free of the sins which they have committed.

50  For what is a thief but a man in need, and what is a liar but a man in fear of another?

51  Hear now this parable and be wise: For there was a certain man which was filled with all manner of want and poverty.

52  And going to both field and market, he found no one which would hire him.

53  And sitting down, he wept and took thought concerning what thing he should do that he might live and not perish.

54  And going forth unto the city he went begging alms, and unto the merchant and the rich man alike did he put forth his petition.

55  But they scorned him altogether, saying: ‘What! Is this man not able to work? Be gone from us you lazy fellow, for only the laborer is worthy of his bread.’

56  And going to them which were ever religious, the poor man petitioned them for mercy’s sake to save him.

57  But they, gathering their robes round about them, rebuked him, saying: ‘What! Shall we give comfort unto sinners? Be gone from us and repent you quickly.

58  For these things which are befallen you are but the judgments of God which are risen up against you. Shall we, therefore, go against God for your sake?’

59  So the man went forth from the city weeping, and in a place made desolate and filled with refuse, he sat himself down in a heap.

60  But by and by he grew weary of weeping, and looking upon the ground, he saw a branch which was stout and strong.

61  And fashioning for himself a club, he spoke with much bitterness, saying: ‘For what just cause am I made to suffer so?

62  Did I not seek to labor with my own hands? Why then would no man hire me, seeing that I am strong and willing?

63  When I begged mercy of the self-righteous, behold, how they were filled with loathing against me.

64  Therefore, whatsoever I asked for mercy’s sake shall I take now by violence; and whatsoever man shall rise against me, even that one shall I cause to perish by the strength of my own arm.’

65  And from that day did the man take by force all which he willed, and many perished because of him.

66  Thus are the fallen turned upon you with much anger whensoever you reject the least from among you, thinking yourself better than all the rest.”

67  So spoke the Master in the synagogue, and there spoke unto the people a scribe which said:

68  “Well have I heard of this Yeshua, for he has taken unto himself all manner of sinners; evensomuch that the very harlots of Jerusalem would go following after him.”

69  But Yeshua rebuked him, saying: “I tell you that in the last day shall there ascend unto God a multitude of harlots and sinners from Jerusalem, being justified by a great many tears.

70  But of Jerusalem, who can speak? For you know yourselves how that Jerusalem was taken away captive in the days of Zedikiah, king of Judah.

71  For whose sake then were your fathers taken bound unto Babylon, for harlots or some other?

72  I tell you truly that Jerusalem was brought low not by harlots, but rather by hypocrites who saw not the sin of their own ways.

73  Whosoever has ears to hear, let them hear: Beware the righteousness of scribes and Pharisees who, like peacocks, strut and flutter all about but cannot fly.

74  You are the cup and I am the wine, fill you up to full measure the cup within and you shall have joy indeed; for you labor amiss whose labors bring forth neither joy nor happiness.”

75  So spoke Yeshua when he was come unto Sidon, and when the month of Shebat was past, he journeyed again unto Tyre and taking ship, he sailed with his disciples unto Caesarea by the sea.