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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 24

Why are we unhappy? – Parable: The Unkept Field – Awaken your self by your self – The burden of unceasing want – There is no fire which burns like passion – A weigher of weighty matters – The good man: what he is like – Putting away your anger – “Live you happily then” – On personal discipline – A sin greater than sin – On fears and superstitions


1  These are the words which Yeshua spoke upon the way, while yet he rested by the waters of the sea; and there spoke unto him a disciple, saying:

2  “Tell us, Lord, by what means we shall remove from us the things which wound and make heavy the heart of man; for in this life are we ever weighed down with many sorrows.

3  Behold, O Lord, how the children of men are made to suffer, being oppressed by a multitude of care.”

4  And the Master taught them, saying: “If you would that you should not dwell in the house of sorrow, then give heed and be wise.

5  For there was a certain man which had a field which brought forth neither profit nor beauty, for he tilled and dressed it not, neither would he plant any good thing therein.

6  And there sprung up all manner of noxious weeds, and there came and dwelt in the wild grasses of the field, all manner of serpents and scorpions.

7  Thus it was that unto whatsoever person who should happen upon the field, even they would find to the eye no pleasant thing to see or to taste;

8  But unto them would come forth all manner of deadly things which would imperil the soul of man.

9  In like manner shall you become even as this field, if you take no care to till and dress the soul wherein you should plant all manner of goodly things, both to see and to taste.

10  Beware, therefore, of weeds which creep in unawares, for even as weeds will make of no value the field without;

11  Even so shall hate and envy, fear and folly make of no worth the soul within, being filled with impurities of every kind.

12  For you are all become as a withered leaf which even the wind would carry unto death.

13  Behold, then how you shake and tremble all about because of some adversity, for you have made for the soul no refuge within, neither have you taken to yourself any provision.

14  For you delight always in the things of this world, ever moving between that which is good and that which is less.

15  If then you would set free the soul from sorrow and secure for yourself the happiness of life, then awaken yourself by your Self, examine yourself by your Self.

16  Thus guarded by your self and ever attentive, you will dwell in the house of happiness.

17  For the self is lord of the self always, and the self is the refuge of the self; therefore, tame yourself even as the charioteer would tame for the race a fine horse.

18  For consider by what strange powers you are driven about; for men which are driven by a multitude of wanting are become as the hunted hare.

19  Being chased about on every side, they suffer continually without relief, going always from one want to another, seeking therein some refuge.

20  Who then bears the greater burden, he which is slave only to some other, or he that is rich and filled with wanting?

21  For the slave, when he dies, is set at liberty again. But he which is ever grasping for things of which he has no need, wherein shall he be free?

22  Seeing that in death he is fettered still, being filled again and again with wanting.

23  Whosoever shall lay aside the burden of wanting, from him shall sorrow fall quickly away; and the end of all his days shall be as peace and happiness.

24  For the undoing of all want conquers a multitude of sorrow; for want is the child of envy, filling the soul with all manner of corruption and impurity.

25  Whosoever, therefore, would secure happiness by inflicting suffering upon some other, unto them shall no happiness be given, but misery upon misery only.

26  For such as these are wrapped round about with bitter gall, being bound securely by all manner of hate and envy, ever fearful and filled with folly.

27  For greediness is the worst of diseases; and unrestraint leads to the greatest of sorrows; for out of desire and want are come all manner of grief and fear.

28  Therefore, if you would be happy still, beware of envy, beware of want; for if you envy not, wherein shall you grieve; if you want not, of what shall you be afraid?

29  For he in whom envy is destroyed, being plucked out by the very root, he it is who, day by day, increaseth happiness.

30  For there is no fire which burns like passion, no capturer of the self like hatred, no snare to the soul like delusion, and no torrent like unceasing want, carrying away upon the flood all tranquility.

31  Be you, therefore, as a refiner of fine silver, removing by the fire all impurities within, one by one, here a little there a little, and from time to time purifying always the soul within.

32  Be you also like unto a weigher of weighty matters, both prudent and wise; who, holding as it were the scales of good and evil, takes only what is good.

33  For whosoever kills another, who speaks falsehood continually, who takes from another what is not his own, who gives himself wantonly to passion, even this one is destroyed already, having dug himself up by the roots altogether.

34  But where unto shall we find the goodly man, who, having subdued the self within, is made all happy without?

35  In him has virtue and joy embraced together, being established forever in the bosom of the Father which comes from above;

36  For all his ways are founded in goodness, tending always the affairs of his own soul; this then is the one whom God holds dear.

37  For in him is the mystery revealed, who, being rooted in the richness of his own soul, is free of envy and want, fear and hate;

38  This is he who, ascending the stream and the flood, returneth unto God to dwell above the earth.

39  And when he is returned, behold, how the Heavens shout together and leap for joy at his coming; for that which was lost is found again, and that which was gone far away is returned.

40  Therefore, if you would be happy, seek not the company of fools; neither go you into the way of those which are ever grasping, but who are never able to lay hold.

41  Let each man put away his anger, let him renounce a multitude of wanting. For they which are free of envy and strife shall become happy altogether.

42  Give heed, therefore, and be you wise; that you may know of a surety that all anger is overcome by gentleness only, that all evil is overcome by goodness, that miserliness is overcome by liberality, and that falsehood is overcome by the truth.

43  For one should speak rightly always and not yield to anger, even if you be asked for a little. By these means shall you enter into happiness, being made one with God who is your Father.

44  Live you happily then, hating no one; that you may dwell free of hate even among those which hate.

45  Live you happily then, being free of such diseases as afflict others; for health is the greatest of gifts, contentment is the greatest wealth, and trust in God the surest deliverance.

46  Live you happily then, being free from care in the midst of those which are overburdened with care already; be you free of want among those which are filled with much wanting.

47  Live you happily then, even though you possess but little. Dwell richly always, feeding upon such happiness as God shall give; for, behold, he cares for you.

48  Give not yourself to reviling, neither injure others beside; but be you disciplined in all things pertaining to both body and spirit;

49  Eating moderately and not given to drunkenness; dwelling oft in some solitary place that you may offer unto God the prayers and meditations of the heart;

50  Turning always the mind unto some higher thought that you may become as noble and purified within; being ever awakened by the light which comes from above.

51  For there are many which slumber in the light, and when they are awakened, behold, it is all dark within, and fear creepeth in all about.

52  For I tell you truly that there is a sin greater than sin, a darkness greater than darkness, and an impurity greater than impurity.

53  Know, therefore, that ignorance is greater than all these things, making dull and dim witted the soul within.

54  Unto such as these arise all manner of vain thoughts and superstitions, filling the hearts of men with despair and fear continually.

55  For such men, ever fleeing and seeking refuge will run in haste to mountain and forest, to sacred groves and to temple shrines;

56  Yet when they are arrived, behold, fear greeteth them at the very door, and darkness descends all about to make sleep again.

57  Beware of others who would but distract, but turn your soul unto prayer and meditation, for therein alone shall God reveal the hidden portion which makes rich the happy life.

58  And seek not the welfare of the body only, for it is the soul within that leads to happiness.”

59  These then are the words which Yeshua taught by the sea. And rising from his place he journeyed unto Sidon.