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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 23

Finding joy – As a man thinketh – Making small the soul within – Take no thought for sins only – Achieving calmness – Guard well the thoughts of your soul – Conquering the self – Good gifts and wisdom – On multiple lives – Emptiness and the true value of the cup, window and doorway


1  These then are the words which Yeshua spoke when he journeyed upon the way unto Sidon;

2  For when it was asked him by what means a man might attain unto righteousness, he answered, saying:

3  “For what cause would you seek the righteousness which is come from above?”

4  And they answered the Lord, saying: “That we might take to our soul the joy which is above all other joy, and the peace which is beyond all other peace.”

5  And the Lord, resting himself beside the road, spoke unto them, saying:

6  “If you would be righteous unto peace and joy, then hear these words and forget them not;

7  Engrave them upon the tablets of your soul and in your heart let the word take root; that you might bear forth much fruit, that you may have an abundance of richness always.

8  For I tell you truly that whatsoever thing a man shall think, even that shall give shape and fashion unto his own soul.

9  Observe you then how that by some little thing are greater things made to turn, even according to your will.

10  For the horse, being strong and fleet of foot, turns and goes wheresoever you will; for the bit, though it be some small thing, yet would it make subject unto you the thing which is greater.

11  Consider then the ships which sail at sea, for though they be great and mighty of themselves, yet are they made subject unto their masters by way of some small rudder which gives steerage unto the whole ship.

12  In like manner are you become, for such thoughts as you shall think, whether they be small or great, even they give steerage unto the whole man; turning the soul unto happiness or misery, even according to your will.

13  Therefore, whosoever among you shall speak or act from an evil thought, even then shall you draw to your soul both sorrow and bitterness.

14  And whosoever among you shall speak or act from a goodness of thought, even unto you shall joy and peace descend to greet you, making sure the way before;

15  And like the shadow of the man, it shall never leave you but walk beside you always.

16  Whosoever among you has ears to hear, let them hear; for you make small and lowly even your own soul whensoever you think of another, saying:

17  ‘This man has struck me. Behold, this one has robbed me. And again, this other has abused me.’

18  I tell you truly that whosoever shall think these things of another, even he shall be swallowed up in bitterness, even as the grave would swallow the bones of dead men.

19  For the evil man grieves continually in this world and is afflicted always, because he sees only the evil in others.

20  Thus are the unrighteous made to suffer in this world and in the next also, thinking always unto himself, saying: ‘Behold, evil has been done unto me continually.’

21  But whosoever shall flee from such things, in them shall all bitterness cease, and the path of all their ways shall be established in peace.

22  Know then that no enmity is satisfied again through enmity, but rather through non-enmity only.

23  In this alone shall you find both peace and joy, having been made as one with the Father which comes from above.

24  So shall the righteous rejoice continually, being filled always with the wonders of this life; for they see clearly the good which others do.

25  And in this life and in the next also shall they dwell in peace and leap for joy, thinking always unto themselves, saying: ‘Surely, good has been done to me continually.’

26  Therefore, whosoever among you would seek after righteousness, be you cleansed of all impure thoughts and falsehoods, controlling always the lower passions within.

27  For as the rain breaks through the house which is poorly roofed, making ruin of all that lies within, even so will the lower passions make ruin of that soul which seeks not after righteousness.

28  Concern not yourself overmuch with the wrongdoings of others, neither take you thought for their sins only, whether they be great or small;

29  But turn your soul unto the affairs of your own heart, that you might walk no more in the ways of darkness, but unto the light which is now come among you.

30  For there is no fear to him whose thoughts are untroubled by his own faults and shortcomings;

31  Whose thoughts are still, having forsaken all evil thinking and speaking; but has turned his thoughts unto goodness only.

32  For except you look singly unto God and his goodness which is given unto you, you shall have neither peace nor joy, being troubled always; for in you is righteousness not perfected.

33  For even as deep waters are made all pure and clean without, even so are the righteous made peaceful within, having rooted themselves firmly in the depths of their own soul.

34  And as a tower of rock firm and fast, being neither shaken nor tossed about by several winds, so then are the righteous become; being neither bent nor moved amidst blame or praise.

35  For which of the gods made by men will not envy the man whose lower passions are made subdued like wild horses tamed by the charioteer, who is free of all self-pride and boastfulness?

36  In such a one as this are all thoughts made calm in the Lord; calm then are both his words and deeds, for he has attained righteousness through much wisdom.

37  Therefore, if you would be righteous unto joy and peace, guard well the thoughts of the soul; for a thought well guarded brings forth much joy.

38  For just as the fletcher makes straight the shaft of the arrow, even so will the wise man make straight the tremblings of his own mind.

39  Look you, therefore, round about you and learn wisdom, for the man which built the canal, by his own power, leadeth the waters wheresoever he wills.

40  And the carpenter, being both skilled and patient, fashions the wood according to his own liking.

41  In like manner do they which are wise fashion themselves unto righteousness, being tamed through discipline and patience.

42  I tell you truly that if one man should conquer in battle a thousand times a thousand, and another should conquer himself only, even he would be greater in the kingdom of God than he which conquered many.

43  For the evil which men do is harmful first to the one which doeth it; for you know yourself that it is easier to do evil than to do good.

44  If you would be wise then know of a surety that to conquer the thoughts of your own soul is greater than the conquest over many others.

45  For by oneself, alone, is evil done; by oneself is one injured. By oneself is evil left undone; by oneself is one purified.

46  Purity and impurity is found in the soul of oneself. You can by no means purify another.

47  Neglect not, therefore, the task which is set before you for the sake of some other; for unto this cause were you brought forth.

48  Let him which seeketh after righteousness labor at the task before him, devoting himself always in doing the good which is come from above.

49  For no deed which men shall do is well done which, when it is completed, brings to the doer some remorse; whose reward another receives with tears and weeping.

50  Therefore, if you would seek after righteousness, gird yourself round about with wisdom and understanding; for in these are no greater treasure found.

51  For wisdom is a crown of honor which makes noble even the lowest born, and understanding is become as a staff to bear you up in times of trouble.

52  Whosoever has ears to hear, let them hear. For the life of the body is a passing thing.

53  And like the sea foam it rides upon the waves of this life to cast itself upon the shore; and, behold, it is no more, being scattered upon the sands of time.

54  Yet do the waves come again and again unto the shore, bearing upon itself the foam of yet some greater sea.

55  And in like manner shall you come also again and again, even till you shall all come to a knowledge of that God which fashioned you and loved you, even from the beginning of the world.

56  Let not the heart despair in seeking after goodness always, neither be you weighed down and sorrowful because of sin.

57  For if you will direct with diligence the thoughts of the soul, then shall the Spirit of Righteousness descend and make its abode in you.

58  For unto whichsoever of you shall calm the troublings of your own soul, to become as still within, even unto you shall the mysteries of God surrender even the whole creation.

59  For you know yourselves how that muddy waters when they are stilled, become as clean again.

60  If you would then receive in abundance from God, then be you still and empty within, and he shall fill you up again unto righteousness.

61  For the value of the cup, the window, and the doorway is revealed in the part which is empty of itself.

62  For if like the cup you shall empty yourself before the Heavenly Father, then shall he fill you to overflowing.

63  And if you be empty as the window, then shall you see clearly the mysteries and wonders beyond.

64  And if you will become empty as the doorway, then shall you pass unhindered unto God, and receive from him the greater portion; having been made heir to all things.

65  For whosoever attains unto righteousness, being established forever in the depth of his own soul, from him shall flow forth living waters, giving life unto many others also.

66  For they which are righteous are without borders or limitations; for unto the righteous is the knowledge given that in all the world are all made to become as brothers and sisters unto God, being the Father which is above all others.”