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Chapter 26

The healing of Arius in Caesarea – Physicians make inquiry – Arius takes the physicians to see Yeshua – Physicians question Yeshua – Yeshua rebukes the physicians – It is God alone who heals – The intelligence of body and spirit – “Whosoever would heal another”  – Holiness is the medicine of the soul – Disease and the lack of balance and harmony – All things pass away by and by – The power to heal and believe


1  There lived in Caesarea a certain steward which commanded all of Pilate’s house whose name was Arius, who went daily to the house of Asclepius to be healed;

2  And notwithstanding wealth or faith, incantations or herbs, the physicians could by no means heal him of affliction.

3  Now on a certain day as he was going about the city, he saw Yeshua sitting beneath the palms teaching and, drawing near, he heard all his words and believed.

4  And kneeling, he beseeched the Lord, saying: “Master, help me, for I am perishing.” And the Lord spoke unto him, saying: “I will, be you healed.”

5  And the man was healed in the very moment and running throughout the streets of the city, he rejoiced and leaped for joy because of it.

6  And the physicians of Asclepius, when they heard of it, inquired of Arius by what means he was healed, and by whose command was he made whole again.

7  And Arius spoke unto them all, saying: “I know not by what means, for he but spoke the word and I was delivered of all my infirmity.”

8  And the physicians said: “Tell us then what manner of man did this thing. For which of us, by speaking the word only, can heal another? Surely this man is some great one, from whence then does he come?”

9  And he which was healed answered them, saying: “I know not what manner of man he is, yet when he speaks there are found miracles enough in his word alone.”

10  And the physicians, counseling among themselves, turned to Arius and spoke unto him, saying: “Take us then unto him, that we may hear and see for ourselves what manner of man is come among us.”

11  So Arius took from the house of Asclepius a great many physicians who would see for themselves the one which was come from Galilee.

12  And there went unto the Lord, Hippolytus of Samos, being foremost above all physicians which were in Caesarea, even he which tended unto Claudia Procula, which was Pilate’s wife.

13  And with him also were Polybius of Salinus, Ptolemy who was come from Alexandria, Basilides and Leondidas which were both come from the city of Brundisium in Italy.

14  And they found the Master teaching beneath the palms, and all the crowd, when they saw that the physicians would draw near unto Yeshua, parted the way before them.

15  And Hippolytus spoke, saying: “Good Master, we would have a word concerning this man which you have healed by the speaking of the word only. For we according to our learning were unable to restore him.

16  Tell us, therefore, the hidden mystery of your power and we will pay you well, for surely you are some great physician sent by the gods to instruct.

17  Come, good Master, and if you would teach, then teach in the house of Asclepius and your fame shall spread as a flame throughout all the land.

18  For why should you teach in this public place where no man payeth, when we would honor you in the temple of our gods?”

19  And Yeshua, looking upon the man, said: “You reason amiss and for a pretense would honor me. Go, therefore, to your own place, for I am no physician like unto you.”

20  And Hippolytus, drawing aside with the others took counsel among themselves, and turning to the Lord, said:

21  “What then, are you a sorcerer which is come among us? Tell us secretly by what power you are made to heal another and we will give you whatsoever you should ask.”

22  And Yeshua, rising from his place, rebuked them, saying: “Get you again unto your own place, for what communion has light with darkness?

23  For you are become as thieves and robbers which for a pretense would heal another for money’s sake.

24  Consider then what manner of physician you are become: for you make as merchandise the sufferings of the afflicted which come unto you, that you might take unto yourselves even all their wealth.

25  For you are ever administering unto the sick all manner of herbs and potions of which you know but little, that you may cure a disease of which you know but less;

26  That you may make as whole the bodies of men; yet of the body you have no knowledge at all, being filled only with pretenses.

27  Come now and to the truth give ear, for you heal not because you will not.

28  For what profit is there in healing another, to restore again the body unto life?

29  For you have reasoned among yourselves, saying: ‘It is sickness and affliction which bring forth all our fortunes;

30  Let us, therefore, heal but few that we might have some advantage over all others which would come unto us.’

31  Go then unto your own place and come not unto me except that you repent first; for what communion has the light with the darkness?”

32  And the physicians, hearing this, were angry and going again unto the temple, they conspired against him, lest the whole city should go unto the Lord to be healed of all afflictions.

33  Now when the physicians were gone away, the Lord turned again unto the people, saying: “There is but one which heals and he is God.

34  Therefore, whosoever would heal another, let him first place his hand in the hand of the Father which is come from above, that together you might restore again the one which is afflicted. For without God you can do nothing.

35  Whosoever has ears to hear, let them hear; for in the image and likeness of God are you fearfully and wonderfully made.

36  Consider then with what intelligence both body and spirit are bound together, for there is no part within a man which is not wrapped round about by that intelligence which is come from the Father above.

37  For there is an intelligence within the spirit of man which is greater than the knowledge of learned men, being bounded on every side by powers, dominions, and wonders.

38  Whosoever among you would be wise concerning these things, stand you forth and ponder.

39  For the intelligence with which you are fashioned is greater than the substances of the body altogether.

40  For without the intelligence of the spirit is the body left formless and filled with all manner of chaos and darkness, being undirected by the power which is come from God above.

41  Consider with wonder the power of the intelligence within you, for it gives shape to the whole body without and builds of you a temple unto God.

42  And except there be some intelligence within, consider what form the body is become.

43  Behold, I tell you truly, that it is become as a pile of brick and stone only, being neither built up nor laid down.

44  For the intelligence by which you are made is ever alive and filled with an abundance of goodly things, quickening and restoring the whole body together.

45  Know, therefore, that such healing as is come among you is found not in the knowledge which is come from man alone, but from the wisdom which is come from the Father above does it descend upon you.

46  Whosoever would heal another, let him be girded round about in the knowledge of God, being himself all whole within;

47  Having both body and spirit rooted firmly in that peace which is come from above, being made holy within and without.”

48  So spoke Yeshua unto those which were gathered there, and one asked him, saying: “What means this holiness, my Lord?”

49  And the Lord answered him, saying: “This then is holiness, that you should love you every man his neighbor, and keep him even as the apple of your eye.

50  For what purpose shall one man heal another of affliction except that he should make whole within both the body and the spirit together?

51  And from whence comes the power to heal another except that it be rooted deeply in the holiness which is born within you already?

52  What medicine shall you give to restore again the soul of another, and with what potion would you heal the body also?

53  I tell you truly that holiness is the medicine of the soul, and unto the soul is there given power sufficient to heal the whole body without, if it so be that the spirit should rule over the flesh.

54  For the health of the body is not the absence of some disease only, but in the wholeness of both body and spirit is it made manifest.

55  From whence then come the afflictions of the body except that there should be found some great conflict between the spirit of a man and his flesh?

56  Behold now this world in which you live, for all things which are naturally ordained are balanced one upon another;

57  Even so, let the spirit and the body be balanced and in harmony together within; then shall the days of your life be long and filled with joy.

58  For the spirit and the body of man are the temple of God, and if there exist neither wholeness, nor harmony, nor holiness, behold, afflictions rush in unto the house of the body to corrupt the whole sanctuary within.

59  Did you not know that the law is given whereby all things are made to pass away? So it is with the afflictions of the body, even they do pass away by and by.

60  Therefore, whosoever would heal another, even he shall cause to pass away the afflictions of both body and spirit together.

61  For if you heal the body only but not the spirit also, what good have you, seeing that illness shall rush in unawares to make sick again the whole body without?

62  For the power to heal is in every man, and he that healeth another, he it is that causes the sick to come unto the power within by faith alone.

63  And when he believes, behold, there springs up within the man a great and healing balm which brings life anew to both body and spirit.

64  Consider also the power by which a man believes, for if they which are sick believe that you are able, then, by and by, they are healed; for they believe unto life and not death.

65  But if they which are sick believe not, then shall they perish in great affliction; and notwithstanding the desires of your heart, you are given no power to save.

66  Let him, therefore, who would heal another remove from the afflicted all fear and doubt, establishing in peace the one which would be healed.

67  Then shall he which heals remove the affliction within, to restore both body and spirit unto wholeness, making clean the whole temple within.

68  And peace and joy shall clap their hands together within, and there shall descend upon that soul a great calm, making all still within the clamorings of many troubles.”