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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 27

Judas attempts to kill Yeshua – Joseph of Arimathea seeks Yeshua – Gaining wealth at the expense of wisdom – Joseph: “Riches are a blessing from God” – Yeshua: God does not give wealth as a blessing – “What must I do to have eternal life?” – The Great Commandment – Joseph’s letter to Nicodemus – Yeshua returns to Judea – The blessed ones – Godly power given – “He that is not against us is for us”


1  To Caesarea did Judas of Kerioth come seeking, and when it was evening tide, he found the Lord sitting alone in a garden which was by the sea; for thereunto did he go forth to pray daily.

2  And seeing that no man was about, he crept in unawares, and drawing forth from his tunic a dagger, Judas raised his hand against the Lord to kill him.

3  But in the very moment when he would strike, the Lord spoke unto him, saying: “Judas, Judas, why are you come forth to kill me?”

4  And hearing the voice of the Lord speaking, Judas trembled in his soul, and dropping the dagger to the ground, he knelt before the Lord weeping, and he spoke unto the Lord, saying:

5  “Of a truth you are the very Anointed One, even he which was promised.” And Judas told the Lord all which Caiaphas had conspired against him.

6  And when it was morning, the disciples returned unto the garden to be with the Lord, and they found beside him praying, Judas of Kerioth, weeping many tears.

7  Now when the first day of the week was come, Yeshua took ship unto Joppa that he might return again unto Jerusalem.

8  And coming to the port beside the sea, he traveled unto Judea, and he met upon the way, Joseph of Arimathea who was a merchant possessing great wealth and power.

9  And when he heard that Yeshua was among the caravan, he came seeking him, and finding the Lord among the disciples, he approached near unto him.

10  And Yeshua, seeing Joseph, spoke unto him, saying: “What came you seeking?” And Joseph answered him, saying: “I seek wisdom and understanding, my Lord.”

11  Yeshua answered him, saying: “How shall a man gain wisdom whose speech is always of merchandise and profits?

12  For you keep guard over purse and riches till you are all consumed, and the care thereof driveth away a multitude of peace.”

13  Now when Joseph heard these words, he sat himself down upon the ground and gathering his robes about him, he spoke unto the Lord, saying:

14  “Surely riches are the blessings of the Lord, for by my faithfulness unto the Law am I rewarded continually.

15  Did not God give unto our fathers all manner of riches whensoever they were faithful unto him? And when they trespassed against the Lord, did he not take away the goodly thing?”

16  And Yeshua answered him, saying: “Have you not read of Solomon, how that above all the riches of the earth he asked God for wisdom only?

17  Which, therefore, is the greater gift: riches or wisdom? And from whence comes the greater gift: from God or some other?

18  I tell you truly that the Father above grants riches unto no man for righteousness sake; but wisdom and joy, faith and hope, peace and love exceeding, these things does the Father grant unto the righteous.

19  For such wealth and prosperity as you would claim the blessings of God, draw from the soul of man all manner of corruptions;

20  For gold and silver make dull the soul within, and as a canker does it corrupt the whole man every whit, bringing forth only envy, greed, and covetousness.

21  Consider how that by such treasures are there come unto the children of men all manner of sin and sorrow, being bounded on every side by a multitude of evil.

22  For you guard night and day lest thieves break in and steal, and when you are dead, then do others come and take away all your treasures.

23  Desire for yourself good gifts only which no man can take away, for it is written that naked came you from your mother’s womb and naked shall you return.

24  Why, therefore, will you say that riches are the blessings which are come from God seeing that in death you can by no means secure them unto yourself?

25  Shall that which is given of God be subject unto death? Shall the blessings of the Lord bring from the heart of man only evil?

26  For when a man sees the riches of another, behold, how he envies; and for covetousness sake will he kill and steal and bear false witness, that he might obtain for himself the riches of another.

27  But the true blessings which are come from above can no man steal away, neither can death carry away the good thing to give unto another.

28  Why then are you made over-proud for riches sake, seeing that the riches of this world are filled with deceit?

29  And for what cause will you think yourself righteous for riches sake, seeing that in your soul you are filled with darkness and corruption?

30  Make certain, therefore, the blessing of God and trust not in uncertain riches which today are, but in death are all gone away.

31  Seek not for riches only, but after eternal life instead; for whosoever has eternal life is rich already.”

32  Now when Joseph heard these words, he marveled, and he spoke unto the Lord, saying:

33  “Good Master, what good thing shall I do that I might have eternal life?”

34  And the Lord answered him, saying: “Why will you call me good seeing that there is one only which is good and he is God?

35  But if you would enter into life and not death, then keep you the commandments.”

36  And Joseph spoke again, saying: “Which commandments shall I keep above all the rest?”

37  Yeshua answered: “Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shalt not bear false witness. Honor thy father and thy mother.”

38  And Joseph said: “My Lord, all these have I kept from youth till now. What good thing lack I yet?”

39  And Yeshua, being filled with love for Joseph, spoke unto him, saying: “If you would be perfect, then love your neighbor as yourself.”

40  Now when Joseph heard these things he pondered deeply, and he spoke unto the Lord, saying: “By what means shall I love my neighbor as myself?”

41  And Yeshua said unto him, “If you would love your neighbor unto eternal life, then go and sell all which you have and give it freely unto the poor, and you shall have treasures in Heaven;

42  And come follow me, then shall your Heavenly Father give unto you the true blessings which are come from above.”

43  And hearing this Joseph was filled with grief, for he had great possessions and, rising up, he went unto his own house; and day and night did he weigh continually all which Yeshua spoke.

44  And when he was decided, he sat himself down and taking up a parchment, he wrote unto Nicodemus who was foremost above all the Pharisees which were of the Sanhedrin, saying:

45  ‘To Nicodemus Hyrcanus, prince of Israel, from Joseph Ben Matthias: greetings and peace be upon you and your house for ever.

46  Seeing that all Israel is filled with expectations concerning that one of whom John spake in the wilderness, I thought it seemly that I should write unto you a word concerning him.

47  For when I journeyed upon the way from Joppa unto Arimathea I heard how this Yeshua of Galilee was come among us;

48  And being learned in both the Law and the prophets, I went seeking him that perchance I might know from whence he was come, whether he was come from God or some other.

49  What then shall I say concerning him, for by his word alone am I all undone, and the wealth and fame of all my house are become as chaff which the wind does carry away.

50  For when I see the works of his hand, and hear the words of his mouth, I am filled with wonder.

51  Surely some great prophet is come again unto Israel. Take care among those which rule in Jerusalem concerning him. Lest by contending against him, you fight against God also.’

52  And Nicodemus, when he read these things, went and told many which were of the Sanhedrin concerning all which Joseph reported concerning Yeshua.

53  And there were many which believed the words which Joseph wrote, and together did they elect that Nicodemus should go and speak privily with the Master, lest they which ruled in the temple take some measure against them.

54  Now Yeshua came again unto Judea, and when he was come to the town of Emmaus, the word of his coming spread throughout all Judea, Samaria, and Perea.

55  And there gathered unto the Lord the twelve apostles, and with them were Cephas, James and John.

56  And there gathered also unto the Lord they which were of the Seventy, and together did they rejoice to see again the Master.

57  And they told him all which they did throughout the land, teaching and declaring the coming of the Promised One, and in his name healing all manner of infirmities.

58  When Yeshua heard these things he rejoiced with them, and he spoke unto them, saying:

59  “Surely I have seen Satan fall as lightning unto the earth, and there was found for him neither room nor place in the hearts of men.

60  Blessed are you which hunger and thirst after righteousness, for you shall be filled to overflowing.

61  Blessed are you which are filled with mercy towards all men, for you shall receive an abundance of mercy for love’s sake.

62  Blessed are you which are pure in heart, laying offenses against no man, for you shall see God and in the midst of his glory dwell forever.

63  Blessed are you which publish peace throughout the land, and who make reconcile the children of men one with another, for you shall be called the children of God, and the end of all your ways shall he establish in peace and blessing.

64  Behold, I give unto you power which is come from above whereby you might tread down the serpents and scorpions which are come upon the children of men.

65  And over all the power of the enemy shall you establish the ways of God upon the earth, and no man shall by any means prevent you.

66  For whosoever hears you shall hear me also, and whosoever rejects you shall reject me also; and whosoever rejects me shall reject the one which sent me.

67  Yet, notwithstanding these things, rejoice not in such powers as you are given, but rejoice because your names are written in the heart of the Father which is come from above.”

68  And John, hearing these things, drew near unto the Lord and spoke unto him, saying:

69  “Good Master, we which were appointed saw some other casting out devils in your name, yet would he not follow after us.

70  And when we forbid him this thing, yet would he pay no heed, but continued as before.”

71  But Yeshua rebuked John, saying: “Why are you offended, for who are you that you should forbid another the doing of some good in my name?

72  Forbid him not: for there is no man which can do a miracle in my name which can lightly speak evil of me.

73  For he that is not against us is for us, and he that is not with me is against me; and whosoever gathers not, the same scattereth abroad. Come now, and let us go from here.”

74  And Yeshua, gathering about him even all his disciples, journeyed unto Jerusalem; and the word of his going and coming went before him.