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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 31

Nicodemus goes secretly to Yeshua – The baptism of John versus the anointing of God – Faith receiveth, hope worketh, love giveth – On multiple mortalities – They which are come from God speak what they know – Men who love darkness – Pontius Pilate goes to Jerusalem – Pilate plots the death of the Galilean


1  Now there came secretly in the night unto Bethany, a ruler of the Jews whose name was Nicodemus; and with him also came John, the son of Levi from the city of Emmaus.

2  And Nicodemus spoke unto the Lord, saying: “Rabbi, we know that you are a prophet sent by God; for no man can do as you have done except that God be with him first.

3  Tell me, therefore, by what means a man might be accepted of God; for John when he came baptizing, brought many unto repentance.

4  Yet is he now dead and there is no man which baptizes save a few which follow after him.

5  How then shall the faithful be accepted of God seeing that neither you nor your disciples baptize at all?”

6  And Yeshua answered him, saying: “Whosoever believes in me to follow after, the same have no need of baptism; for they which are purified by the Spirit are made clean every whit.

7  For the anointing which comes from above is greater than the baptism of men. For they which are anointed of God, having believed unto exaltation, even they receive from the Father the fire which purges away all unrighteousness.

8  Whosoever, therefore, shall receive unto their soul the anointing which comes from above, the same shall receive a fullness in faith, and in hope, and in love.

9  For in these things are there come forth an abundance of blessing; for faith receiveth, hope worketh, and love giveth.

10  For no man can have faith except that he receive from God; neither can you hope except that you first bring forth righteousness; and except you give unto another, wherein shall you be filled with love?

11  Whosoever, therefore, receives from God, unto them is all hope justified; and whosoever gives unto another, the same it is which loveth.

12  What shall it matter if a man say that he sees, if yet he dwells in darkness only? Shall he see more than they which are blind?

13  Come, therefore, unto the light that you might see, for in the light are hidden things revealed; and in you there shall be found neither darkness nor blindness, but light only.”

14  And Nicodemus spoke again unto the Lord, saying: “My Lord, I, too, would seek the kingdom of God.”

15  Yeshua answered him, saying: “I tell you truly that except you be born again, you cannot enter into the kingdom of God.”

16  Now when Nicodemus heard this, he grew troubled in his soul and he spoke, saying: “Lord, how can a man, when he is old, enter again into his mother’s womb to be born again?”

17  And Yeshua answered him, saying: “Except you be born of the flesh and of the Spirit, you cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

18  For that which is born of the flesh is at the first worldly; but that which is born of Spirit endures forever unto God.

19  Marvel not, therefore, that I say unto you: ‘You must be born again.’

20  Are not the glass and clay vessel both made in the fire? But if the glass vessel be broken, behold, it is gathered up and cast into the fire to be made again;

21  And when there is breathed into it the breath of life, behold, it is brought forth anew.

22  But with earthen vessels it is not so, for if they be broken, they are destroyed altogether, for they are created without breath.

23  Fear not, therefore, the flesh of the body neither love it overmuch. For if you will fear the flesh then shall it become your master;

24  And if you love it overmuch, behold, you are all consumed and swallowed up.

25  But they which are of the Spirit are like unto the wind which goes wheresoever it wills, for though you hear the sound thereof, you cannot tell from whence it comes, or unto what place it goes.”

26  And when Nicodemus heard these things, he spoke, saying: “What do these things mean?”

27  The Lord answered him, saying: “Are you not a master in Israel? How is it that you know not these things?

28  Have you not read in the scriptures this saying: Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return unto it?

29  Did not the prophet speak, saying: If a man die, shall he not live again? For all the days of my appointed time have I waited, even till my change come upon me.

30  I tell you truly that they which are come from God do speak but what they know, and testify of what they have seen. Why then will you not believe them?

31  And if it so be that I tell you earthly things and you believe not, how then shall you believe if I speak of heavenly things?

32  For no man has ascended up unto Heaven but he which came down from Heaven.

33  Whosoever, therefore, shall believe in the one which is come from above, even he shall not perish but unto him shall be given eternal life in the kingdom of the Father.

34  For this cause is judgment come upon you, for unto the world did the Father send forth the light; yet do men love the darkness more than the light, for their deeds are evil.

35  And everyone which brings forth evil shall hate the light, neither will they come in unto it, lest their deeds be made manifest unto all men.

36  But he which receives from God in faith unto good works, the same it is which comes to the light; and when it is shined upon him, then is the love of God made manifest abroad.”

37  These are the words which Yeshua spoke unto Nicodemus, and many other things did he speak unto him;

38  And Nicodemus, going again unto the city, gave forth all his heart unto the Lord from that day forth.

39  Now there came unto Jerusalem for the feast of the Passover, Pontius Pilate; for he desired to keep peace throughout all Judea, lest the Jews rebel against Rome.

40  And hearing that Yeshua was again in the city, he commanded that the High Priest and chief elders should come unto him that they might take counsel concerning the Galilean.

41  And when they were gathered he asked them, saying: “What will you do against this Yeshua? Why will you permit that he should trouble all of Israel?”

42  Caiaphas answered him, saying: “What would you have us do? For wheresoever he goes the people love him, and we can do nothing because of them.”

43  Pilate said: “Is this not the feast of Passover? Is he not a Jew like unto you? Why then will you not kill him when he is come unto the temple to worship?”

44  But when Caiaphas and the chief elders heard this, they were troubled in their hearts, and they spoke unto Pilate, saying:

45  “What! Would you destroy us also? Did you not know that all Israel believes that this man is a prophet sent from God?

46  If, therefore, we must kill him, then let us do it according to the law, lest all Israel be made to suffer because of it.”

47  But Pilate spoke scornfully unto them, saying: “What care have I for gods or prophets? This man stirs up the people, and I will not suffer because of him.”

48  And all that night did the elders of the Jews withstand Pilate to the face, lest he cause that they should defile the temple.

49  And when they were returned unto their own place, Pilate commanded that Marcus Galerius take certain of the Romans and, dressing them according to the custom of the Jews, go secretly unto the temple;

50  That whensoever a Galilean should be made known in the press of the crowd, they might kill him subtly.

51  But Yeshua, being warned of God, left Bethany and journeyed unto Jericho, both he and his disciples.