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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 32

Zacchaeus in Jericho – Love erases sin – Parable: The Prodigal Son – Zacchaeus becomes a disciple – “If your son ask for bread, will you give him a stone?” – Parable: The Unjust Judge – Herod Antipas rushes to Jericho to see Yeshua


1  There lived in Jericho a tax collector which was chief above all others, whose name was Zacchaeus, the son of Jambri, a minister in Herod’s court.

2  And hearing that Yeshua was come unto the city, he went to see, but he could by no means draw near unto the Lord for the press of the crowd was great;

3  Neither could he so much as see above the people, for he was small in stature; and seeing by the way a sycamore tree, he climbed above the multitudes that perchance he might see the Lord passing by.

4  Now it so happened that when the Lord came near, he looked upward into the tree, and seeing the man sitting there, he spoke joyfully unto him, saying:

5  “Come down Zacchaeus and make haste, for this day would I abide in your house.” And Zacchaeus, hearing this, came down and received him gladly.

6  But the scribes and Pharisees, when they saw this, they accused the Lord, saying: “Why will you make yourself unclean? Behold, this man is a sinner.”

7  And Yeshua answered them, saying: “Whosoever would love another, to have compassion on him, even he is made clean every whit, and there is no sin in him.

8  But come now and hear this parable: For the kingdom of Heaven is like unto a certain man which had two sons.

9  And the youngest of them came unto his father and said: ‘Father, give unto me my inheritance whereby I might make a living.’ And the father divided unto the son his portion.

10  And the son, gathering unto himself all his substance, journeyed unto a far country and there wasted all his wealth in riotous living.

11  And when he had squandered all which he had, there came upon the whole land a great famine; and all which feasted with him aforetime turned their face against him, for he was poor and he began to be in want.

12  So he went and labored for another which lived in that country, and he went into the fields to feed the swine.

13  And of the husk and acorns which the swine did eat would he seek also to fill his belly lest he perish from hunger.

14  But when it was evening time and the labors of the day were all completed, he sat himself down and spoke thus, saying:

15  ‘How many hired servants of my father have bread enough to eat and to spare while yet I perish from hunger? For this cause shall I go unto my father and say:

16  Father I have sinned against you and against Heaven, and am no more worthy to be your son. Make me, therefore, as one of your servants and I shall serve you well.’

17  And he arose and went unto the house of his father. But while he was yet some distance away, his father beheld him walking, and being filled with joy, he ran forth and fell upon his son’s neck to kiss him.

18  And the son said: ‘Father, I have sinned against you and against Heaven and am no more worthy to be your son.’

19  But the father would not hear him, and calling unto a servant he commanded him, saying:

20  ‘Bring forth my finest robe and put it on him, and put a ring upon his finger, and costly shoes upon his feet;

21  And run you forth quickly and kill the fatted calf that even all my house might eat and rejoice altogether.

22  For this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, but now he is found.’

23  And the whole house did feast and make merry because of the son which was turned again unto the father.

24  But unto what shall I liken the eldest son? Behold, he is like the scribes and Pharisees which guard jealously against you, lest you also enter into the kingdom of Heaven.

25  For when the eldest was come from the field, he saw the whole house making merry, singing and dancing with great joy.

26  And calling forth a servant, he asked him concerning what all these things meant.

27  And the servant answered him, saying: ‘Behold, your brother has come home again, and your father has prepared a great feast to receive him.’

28  But the eldest son grew angry because of it and he would not enter into the feast; and the father, when he was made aware, went out to speak with him privily.

29  And the eldest spoke unto his father, saying: ‘These many years have I served you, and at no time have I transgressed against you.

30  Yet when have you ever killed for me the fatted calf, or caused that I should feast and make merry like unto this?

31  But when this your youngest came home again, even he which devoured whole his inheritance amidst whores and gluttony, you have killed for him the fatted calf.’

32  And the father answered him, saying: ‘My son, be not angry because of this thing, for all which I have will I give unto you.

33  Yet was it needful that we rejoice and be glad: for this your brother was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, but now is found.’”

34  And Yeshua, turning unto all the people spoke concerning Zacchaeus, saying:

35  “For as much as this man is a son of Abraham, even he shall receive from the Father the blessings which come from above.

36  For I came to seek and to save that which was lost, and to restore unto life that which has perished away.”

37  And Zacchaeus, when he heard this, fell before the Lord, saying: “Behold, my Lord, how that from this day forth I will follow after you only.

38  For I shall give unto the poor up to half my goods; and if I have taken from any man falsely, even that shall I restore unto him fourfold.”

39  So spoke Zacchaeus unto the Lord, and the Lord went unto the house of Zacchaeus and all that day did he teach unto the people the coming forth of the kingdom of Heaven.

40  And all them which were sick did the Master comfort, giving unto all which asked both life and joy; and all the people gathered quietly round about to hear him.

41  And the Lord spoke unto the people, saying: “Ask and it shall be given you; seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.

42  For whosoever shall ask shall receive in abundance; and whosoever shall seek, even they shall find;

43  And whosoever would but knock, even unto them shall the door be opened, and you shall not have room enough to receive.

44  For which of you, if your son ask for bread will give him a stone? Or, if he ask for a fish will give him a serpent instead?

45  If you then, being but men only, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in Heaven give unto them which ask?

46  And again, which of you having a friend would go to him in the night, saying: ‘Friend, lend me both bread and wine;

47  For there has come unto my house a certain friend which has traveled a great journey, and I have nothing to set before him?’

48  Shall the friend of whom you ask, say: ‘Why will you trouble me, seeing that it is midnight already? Behold, the door is shut and all my children are yet in bed.’

49  I tell you truly that though he would not rise for another, yet for the sake of a friend would he rise and give unto you all which you ask.”

50  And the Lord, desiring to teach the people to pray always and not lose heart, spoke unto them a parable, saying:

51  “There was in a certain city a judge which had regard for neither God nor man.

52  And there came before him a widow which said: ‘My lord, avenge me; for my neighbor has broken into my house to rob me. Avenge me, therefore, against my enemy.’

53  But at the first the judge would not, but little by little he relented, saying:

54  ‘Though I fear neither God nor man, yet because this woman has troubled me constantly, I will avenge her; lest by her continual coming she weary me.’”

55  And the Lord spoke unto the people, saying: “Have you not heard yourselves what the unjust judge has said?

56  If, therefore, the unjust would give answer, how much more shall he which dwells above give answer, seeing that he is altogether just and filled with righteousness?

57  Shall not God answer even his own elect, even you which cry night and day unto him?

58  I tell you truly, that though he suffer long for your sake, yet will he come forth speedily unto you, that you perish not.”

59  Now there went from Jericho unto Jerusalem a servant of the king, for thereunto had Herod Antipas gone forth to offer sacrifice at the Passover.

60  And hearing that Yeshua was even now near unto the palace teaching, he left his offering upon the altar and rushed again unto Jericho, both he and his guard;

61  For Herod desired above all things to see for himself the Nazarene that he might perchance speak privately with him.

62  And coming unto the city, he rushed unto the house of Zacchaeus, demanding that the Lord be brought unto him.

63  But they which were of the house spoke unto Herod, saying: “My lord, he is not here.

64  For while he was teaching there came upon him a deep stillness; and gathering his disciples about him, he went forth into the wilderness down by the sea.”

65  And Herod, hearing this, went again unto the palace heavyhearted, and throughout all Judea and Perea did he send forth certain spies, seeking by some means to see for himself the one of whom John spoke.