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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 14

Yeshua teaches throughout Galilee – Leaders in Jerusalem grow fearful – On violating the traditions of the fathers – Tradition versus the law of Moses – The mercy of God towards those who repent – Right speech: Not what goes into the mouth, but what comes out – Parable: The Tares and Wheat – Who is worthy to know the mysteries? – Ask and it shall be given


1  Now the seasons passed, both the spring and the summer, and Yeshua, the Beloved, taught in all Galilee the coming forth of the kingdom unto the children of men.

2  For by his grace were they which were fallen lifted up again, and by his goodness were many brought out of the darkness into the light.

3  And with the touch of his hand were they which were sick restored again unto life, and through the power of his word were many made to understand the hidden things of God.

4  For his wisdom was above that of other men, and of his understanding there was no end.

5  But they which were in Jerusalem grew all the more fearful of him, lest all Israel follow after him and make of no effect the rulers of the people.

6  For when they heard how that in Galilee certain rulers of the synagogue were numbered among his disciples, they were filled with dismay and they plotted all the more against him.

7  And they caused that there should spring up against him all manner of rumor and evil speaking, and some which were in Galilee believed, but they which knew for themselves the Master, cleaved more closely unto him.

8  Now on a certain day was Yeshua teaching by the waters of the sea, and there came to him scribes and Pharisees which were come up from Jerusalem desiring to make against him some accusation.

9  And they said unto him: “Why will you permit that your disciples should violate the traditions of our fathers? For we have seen for ourselves that when your disciples eat bread, they wash not their hands as we do.”

10  And the Lord spoke unto them, saying: “If you be truly the children unto whom the law is given, why then will you transgress the word which Moses gave for the sake of your traditions only?”

11  And they answered him, saying: “How can this thing be seeing that by our traditions we make secure even the whole law?”

12  But the Lord spoke again unto them, saying: “You brood of serpents, ever deceiving others, but always deceived yourselves.

13  How can you, being evil, speak good things? Did you not know that out of the treasury of the heart does the mouth speak?

14  For a good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth all manner of goodly things. But an evil man out of an evil treasure brings forth only evil.

15  Hear then and be wise yourselves, for nothing which goes into the mouth can make a man unclean of itself; but rather, that which comes out of the mouth only, this defiles the man.

16  But to eat with unwashed hands maketh no man unclean, neither will washed hands make pure the evil heart.

17  Why then will you violate the law for the sake of your traditions?

18  For Moses commanded that you should honor both father and mother, and he that honors not his father or mother, even he, should be put to death.

19  But you say: ‘Whosoever says to his father or his mother: Whatsoever profit or benefit you would receive from me have I given unto the temple.’

20  This then is the one you would release from honoring both his father and his mother.

21  By such means have you made of no effect the law which Moses gave unto your fathers.

22  Thus by your traditions are you become disobedient and unwise, being wayward and filled with corruption.

23  Be not as your fathers and brethren which aforetime trespassed against the word of God which is, even now, come forth to dwell among you, that you may not be left wanting in the day when desolation is come upon you.

24  Neither be you stiffnecked and troublesome as your fathers before you;

25  But yield yourselves unto the Lord, that you may enter into the sanctuary of the Most High, being purged of all uncleanliness.

26  For if you will turn again unto the Father, both you and your children, then shall you receive in abundance from God;

27  For the Lord is gracious and merciful, and even he shall not turn away his face from you.

28  Let the wicked man forsake his ways, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; make clean your hearts within, and be you filled with all manner of goodly things.

29  Return unto the Lord that he may show forth the greatness of his mercy, for he will pardon abundantly if it so be that you will turn again unto him.

30  But be you wise, therefore, concerning what you shall speak. For I tell you truly that for every idle word which men shall speak, they shall be brought to account.

31  For by the words which you speak shall you be justified or condemned, for out of the mouth are the hidden things revealed, whether they be good or evil.

32  Wherefore, I say unto you that all manner of sin and blasphemy shall the Father which is in Heaven forgive of men; but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit shall he not forgive while you are yet in this life.

33  And whosoever shall speak a word falsely against the Son of Man, it shall be forgiven him;

34  But whosoever shall speak against the witness of the Holy Spirit which testifies of me, even that one shall be brought to account in the day of visitation.”

35  And when the Lord had said these things, the scribes and Pharisees went again unto the city, and turning to his disciples he taught them saying:

36  “Come now and hear, for I tell you truly that whatsoever enters into the mouth, even this, will go into the belly, and if there be anything unclean, behold, it is cast out from the body unto the waste places.

37  But those things which come out of the mouth are come from the heart of the man; and these are they which defile.

38  For out of the heart come forth all manner of evil thoughts, even murders, blasphemies, fornications, adulteries, thefts, false witness, and many others also.

39  These then are they which defile a man to make him unclean; but to eat with unwashed hands, this defiles not the man.”

40  And hearing this, the disciples spoke unto the Master, saying: “Lord, why will you continue to speak harshly unto the scribes and Pharisees, seeing that they are appointed to rule over the people? For, behold, they are offended because of you.”

41  But Yeshua answered them, saying: “Did you not know that every plant which my Heavenly Father has not planted shall be uprooted and cast again unto the earth, being unworthy of harvest?

42  Come now and hear this parable: For the kingdom of Heaven is like unto a certain man which went forth to sow in his fields good seed.

43  And when he was completed, he went unto his own house; but in the night there came an enemy who sowed tares among the wheat, and when he was done he went away.

44  And when the wheat which was planted sprung up in the fields there appeared among them the tares also.

45  Now when the servants saw this they went unto the lord of the field and said unto him: ‘My lord, did you not sow good seed in your fields? From whence then came these tares?’

46  And the lord of the field said: ‘Surely an enemy has done this.’ And the servants said: ‘Shall we then go and gather out the tares from among the wheat?’

47  But the man answered, saying: ‘Nay; leave now the tares alone lest while you pull them up you uproot the wheat also. Let both the tares and the wheat together grow until the time of harvest;

48  Then shall I send forth one to reap, and he shall gather into my barns the wheat which is good, but the tares shall he uproot and cast again unto the earth.’”

49  Now when Yeshua had said this thing, he asked his disciples, saying: “Do you understand what this parable means?” And they said: “No, my Lord.”

50  And the Master taught them, saying: “Come then and hear what this parable means, for he who went out to sow good seed is the Father which is in Heaven, and the field is the earth whereupon you dwell.

51  And the good seed are the children of the kingdom unto whom the promise is given.

52  But the enemy which came in the night to sow tares is that wicked one which fell from Heaven, and the tares are the children of darkness who would steal away your hope and your joy.

53  And he that is sent forth to reap is the Son of Man which is even now come among you.

54  And the righteous shall I gather unto glory, and they shall shine forth even as the sun in the kingdom of the Father, being made heir to all things.

55  But they which are the tares shall I gather and cast again unto the earth, that they might be purged of all unrighteousness.

56  Will you even now understand this parable which I have spoken unto you?” And the disciples answered him, saying: “Yes, Lord, we understand.”

57  And Yeshua rose from his place that he might go again unto the city, and turning unto his disciples, he spoke, saying:

58  “See then, how that every teacher unto whom the kingdom of Heaven is revealed brings forth from his treasury things both new and old.

59  For it is expedient that you should know the mysteries of God, but unto them which dwell in darkness is it not given.

60  Guard you, therefore, the things of God with all diligence, that you might prove worthy to receive.

61  Give not that which is holy unto dogs which would but turn again to their own vomit;

62  Neither cast your pearls before swine, lest they turn and tear you to pieces.

63  Ask, and it shall be given you; seek and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

64  For every one that asks in faith, believing that they shall receive, are given in abundance; and every one that seeks shall find; and unto every one that knocks shall the door be opened.”

65  And when he had said this, he turned his soul homeward, and his disciples did follow after him.