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Chapter 13

“Are you the Anointed One, or look we for another?” –Prayer and fasting – Raising the dead youth in Nain – Healing the nobleman’s son – Yeshua’s family comes for him in Cana –
Parable: The Foolish Son and the Good Servant – Miriam becomes a disciple – Jairus seeks the help of Yeshua – Healing the woman who had an issue of blood – Jairus’ daughter is healed


1  There came to Yeshua certain of John’s disciples which were come up from Jerusalem to hear him, and they spoke to him, saying:

2  “Are you, in truth, the Anointed One which was prophesied to come; or look we for another?”

3  And he answered them, saying: “Have I not spoken unto you the words of life from the beginning? Have I not done many mighty works?

4  Behold how the blind receive again their sight, and the lame walk. Witness among yourselves, therefore, how the leper is made clean and the deaf are made to hear again.

5  Why then will you doubt, seeing that I am come to walk among you? For if you believe not the works which I do, will you believe my words?”

6  When the Master had said these things, they spoke unto him again, saying:

7  “If you be the very Anointed One of God, why do you and your disciples not fast as we and the disciples of the Pharisees do? For we fast often unto God, yet these others fast not at all.”

8  And he answered them, saying: “Will the friends of the bridegroom fast while he is yet among them?

9  Leave them which are mine alone, for I tell you truly that the time comes when the bridegroom shall go again unto his own place, then shall these fast even as you do, and in prayer make supplication unto God.”

10  So spoke the Lord unto those which were come up from Jerusalem, and it came about that on the next day the Lord went into a village of Galilee called Nain; and there went with him many of his disciples.

11  And when he came unto the gate of the city, there was a certain youth which was thought dead, being carried out - the only son of a widow. And there wept with her a great many people.

12  Now when the widow heard that Yeshua of Nazareth approached near unto her, she ran and fell at his feet weeping.

13  And the Lord, seeing her, was filled with tenderness and he spoke to her, saying: “Weep not, my daughter, for even I shall restore unto you the son which is lost.”

14  And going forth unto the funeral bier, Yeshua touched it and they which carried it, set it upon the ground; and all the people drew near to see what would happen.

15  Then did the Master, stooping down over the youth, kiss him upon the lips to breathe into him the breath of his own life; and, behold, the youth which was thought dead sat up to look round about him.

16  And Yeshua, seeing that he was revived, spoke to him, saying: “Arise, and go to your mother.” And the youth went to his mother to comfort her.

17  And all which saw were filled with fear and wonder, and they glorified God among themselves, saying: “Behold, how God has come forth to visit his people, for surely this is a great prophet which has risen among us.”

18  And throughout all Galilee and Judea did the word go forth concerning the words and deeds of Yeshua, how that he had brought the dead back to life.

19  Now after certain days Yeshua left the village of Nain and came unto Cana, and there came up from Capernaum a nobleman who served in Herod’s court.

20  And when he heard of the miracles of the Master, he came and beseeched him that he should come and heal his son which was sick.

21  And all which heard were filled with expectation, and Yeshua, turning round about, spoke unto the people, saying:

22  “Except you see signs and wonders you will not believe. Well was it said of this people that you are a wicked and adulterous generation, ever seeking after signs but never believing.”

23  When the nobleman heard these things, he pressed more earnestly, saying: “Please Master, heal my son lest he perish.”

24  And the Lord spoke to him, saying: “Go your way in peace and give thanks unto God, for behold, your son is healed.”

25  And the nobleman went unto his own house, and as he journeyed upon the way there came from Capernaum certain of his servants, and they told him of his son, how that he was healed of all his sickness.

26  And from that moment on the nobleman believed that Yeshua was indeed the very Anointed One sent from God unto the people, and he and his whole house did worship him.

27  Now in Cana did the Master teach beside the well of Issachar; in the shadow of the fig tree did he instruct all the people concerning the kingdom of Heaven.

28  And there came from Nazareth nearby, the mother of Yeshua and with her were many of his brethren; for they had heard it rumored among the scribes and Pharisees how that the son which she loved was made mad by seducing spirits.

29  And certain disciples seeing that the brethren of the Lord approached desiring to speak, came to him, saying: “Master, your mother and your brethren are come desiring to speak with you.”

30  But Yeshua said unto them, “Who is my mother and who are my brethren? Come now and hear this parable:

31  For the kingdom of Heaven is like unto a certain rich man who had an only son which was filled with mischief continually, being disobedient and unwise.

32  And when the father would say unto him: ‘Do such and such’, the son would answer: ‘I cannot’.

33  And when the father would say: ‘Come here’, or, ‘go there’, the son would answer disdainfully: ‘I will not’.

34  Such was the son’s disobedience and scorn for the father which loved him, and the father grieved continually because of him.

35  But it so happened that there was in the house a certain youth which was a servant; and unto the father was he ever gracious and obedient.

36  And by and by the father delighted in the servant above the son, and on a certain day he determined that the servant should be made heir to even all his house;

37  For he was faithful and obedient while the son was yet filled with loathing only, being disobedient and troublesome.

38  And when the father died: behold, the servant was made master of the whole house, and the son became even as the servant, being disinherited and without means.

39  Thus shall the first become as the last in the kingdom of Heaven, and they which are last shall become even as the first for righteousness sake.

40  He that has ears to hear let them hear. For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in Heaven, the same is become even as my brother, and my sister, and my mother; and they shall be made heir to all things.”

41  And Yeshua, having said these things, went unto his mother and his brethren; and drawing them aside, he comforted them.

42  And they, having faith in those things which God had called him to do, went again unto Nazareth.

43  But Miriam, his mother, would not leave from following after him but cleaved unto him instead;

44  And she took unto herself those women which were the disciples of the Lord, and together, they did minister unto him.

45  Now when the Lord had completed all which he had set out to do in both Nain and Cana, he went again unto Capernaum, and all the people received him with gladness, having waited for him many days.

46  And there came and knelt before him the chief rabbi of the synagogue, whose name was Jairus. And he spoke unto him, saying:

47  “Lord, have mercy, for my little daughter is near unto death. I pray, therefore, come and lay your hands upon her that she might live and not die.”

48  And the Lord said: “Show me the girl.” And he immediately went with Jairus unto his house.

49  And there followed after him a great multitude of people, being pressed about on every side, for all had heard how that this Nazarene had raised even the very dead to bring them back to life again.

50  But a certain woman, when she heard that Yeshua came nigh, pushed herself nearer unto him, saying: “If I might but touch the hem of his garment, I shall be healed of affliction.”

51  For she had suffered an issue of blood twelve years, being tormented of many physicians which took from her all her substance; yet was she not healed.

52  And touching his robe she was healed suddenly of her suffering. And Yeshua being made aware of this thing, stopped and turning about the crowd, said: “Who has touched me, for I feel that some power is gone out of me?”

53  When his disciples heard this they were astonished and they spoke unto him, saying: “My Lord, can you not see the press of the crowd from every side? How then will you say: ‘Who touched me?’”

54  And Yeshua, looking round about him saw the woman which touched him; and she, seeing him also, was immediately filled with fear and trembling. And coming forth she knelt before him, telling him all which she had done.

55  And when he heard these things, he took her by the hand, and standing her upon her feet, said:

56  “Daughter, your faith has made you whole; go now in peace and rejoice, for this day are you healed of all affliction.”

57  Now while the Lord spoke unto the woman, there came unto Jairus, the servants of his household, weeping.

58  And they said unto him: “Trouble not the Master any longer for your daughter’s sake, for she has died already.”

59  But Yeshua, when he heard this, said: “Do not weep Jairus, neither be afraid but believe only; for with God are all things possible.”

60  And coming unto the house, there began to gather those who would lament and weep aloud over the girl’s passing; and there came from the house physicians wagging their heads.

61  When Yeshua saw this he spoke unto the mourners, saying: “Why will you weep and lament aloud? Behold, I tell you truly, the child is not dead but is sleeping only.”

62  And they which were physicians, when they heard this they laughed aloud against the Lord, and with much derision spoke, saying:

63  “Are you a physician also? Go away miracle worker, for they which are dead will not hear you.”

64  But entering the house instead, the Master took both the father and the mother, and going into the room wherein the girl was sleeping, he commanded, saying:

65  “Remove from the girl those amulets and poultices which the physicians have placed upon her, and open yonder window.”

66  And when these things were done, he took the child by the hand and said unto her: “Little girl, daughter of light, arise.”

67  And immediately the girl opened her eyes and spoke; and they which were in the house rejoiced at the sight of her; and kneeling before the Lord, they worshipped him.

68  But the Lord, turning to the mother, commanded softly that she should give the girl something to eat.

69  And Jairus followed the Lord from that day forth, giving unto him all reverence and obedience.

70  But they which were physicians in Capernaum, were filled with bitterness against Yeshua, and they sent word unto Jerusalem against him.