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Chapter 34

Yeshua blesses the beasts of the wilderness – Yeshua in Arimathea discusses the law of love – Parable: The Good Samaritan – Yeshua enters a dispute on mercy and judgment – Parable: The Forgiven Thief – Yeshua warned about Herod Antipas – Yeshua enters Samaria – The woman by the well – The true place of worship – The harvest is ready, but the laborers are few


1  Throughout all Judea did Yeshua the Beloved go teaching in the spring of the year; and unto whatsoever place he went the people gathered unto him, and many were healed.

2  And wheresoever he journeyed in the wilderness, there gathered unto him at eventide the wild beasts of the fields and the birds of the air;

3  And the disciples exclaimed among themselves, saying: “What manner of man is this that even all creatures would be blessed of him?”

4  Now when Yeshua was come unto the city of Arimathea, there came certain scribes which would test him; and they spoke unto him, saying: “Master, what shall we do that we might have eternal life?”

5  And the Lord said unto them: “What is written in the law? How do you read it?”

6  They answered him, saying: “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind.”

7  And the Lord answered them, saying: “You have answered rightly, but if you would live forever, then go and love your neighbor as yourself.

8  By this alone shall you make manifest the love of God which is in you. For how can you love God whom you have not seen, and hate your neighbor which you have seen?”

9  But the scribes, seeking to justify themselves before the Lord, said: “Who then is my neighbor?”

10  And Yeshua, speaking aloud, said: “There was a certain Jew which traveled from Jerusalem unto Jericho, and as he journeyed, there fell upon him thieves which beat him near unto death and stripped him of all his raiment.

11  And when it was morning there came upon the road a priest which would also go unto Jericho, and when he saw the man wounded and bleeding, he gathered his robes about him and passed by contemptuously.

12  And when it was noon there came also a Levite and, likewise, when he saw the man, he cursed him and, going to the other side of the road, journeyed unto Jericho.

13  But when it was evening, there came passing by a Samaritan; and when he saw the man wounded and near unto death, he was filled with compassion.

14  And taking up the man in his arms, he bound up all his wounds, pouring in his flesh most costly wine, and anointing his body with oil.

15  And when he was completed, he laid the man upon his own beast and brought him to an inn beside the road and there took care of him.

16  And when it was morning, he called forth the innkeeper, and giving him two pieces of silver, he said:

17  ‘Take care of the man which I brought hither; and whatsoever you spend above this, even that will I repay when I am come again.’

18  Tell me, therefore, truly: Which of the three proved himself a neighbor unto him which was fallen?”

19  And the scribes answered of one accord, saying: “He that showed forth mercy.”

20  When the Lord heard this, he said: “Go then and do likewise.”

21  Now when Yeshua went in unto the house of Joseph, straightway he heard certain Pharisees disputing among themselves;

22  For many claimed that mercy had no claim against the judgments of God, but others, when they saw that Yeshua was come among them, entreated him concerning this thing.

23  And he spoke unto them this parable, saying: “There lived in a certain village a goodly man which all people loved;

24  But there came in the night a thief which stole from him a small lamb which he killed and ate, for he was hungry.

25  And by and by the good man died and the thief also, and finding themselves before the throne of God, the thief trembled with fear because of his sin against the good man.

26  And the good man, being filled with mercy, when he saw the thief trembling and weeping because of sin, had compassion on him and he frankly forgave him his offense.

27  And placing his hand upon the thief to quiet him, he spoke unto him, saying: ‘Do not weep, neither be you fearful of the judgments of God, for even I shall plead your cause before him.’

28  Tell me, therefore, which is the greater: the mercies of man or the mercies of God?

29  For if the good man, being but a man only, shall forgive the one which transgressed against him, how then shall God judge the transgressor? Shall the mercies of God prove less than the goodly man?

30  Hear then and be wise, lest disputations make dark the way before you. For the mercies of man have claim against the judgments of God.

31  And in like manner have the mercies of God laid claim against the judgments of men. Take care, therefore, with what measure you judge another, lest you offend God altogether.”

32  Now the Lord dwelt in the house of Joseph many days, teaching in the synagogue and in the streets, and all which were sick did he heal by the speaking of the word.

33  And on a certain day there came the Pharisees, saying: “Master, take care for yourself, for Herod seeks to lay hold of you.”

34  But the Lord answered them, saying: “Go and tell that fox: Behold, today have I healed in your streets, and tomorrow shall I preach from your rooftops. Why, therefore, do you seek me?”

35  And gathering about him his disciples, he journeyed unto Samaria. But Cephas, when he saw this, spoke unto the Lord, saying:

36  “Lord, go not into Samaria, for they rejected our ministry unto them.” And the Lord answered him, saying: “Are you offended for my sake, Cephas?”

37  So the Lord came unto the lands of Samaria, unto the city which was called Sychar, and sending away the disciples that they might purchase food, he sat himself down beside Jacob’s well.

38  Now when it was about the sixth hour of the day, there came to the well a woman to draw water; and the Lord spoke unto her, saying: “Daughter, I pray thee, give me water to drink.”

39  And she, being astonished, answered him, saying: “Are you not a Jew? How is it then that you would ask drink of me, seeing that I am a Samaritan?”

40  Yeshua spoke again unto her, saying: “Daughter, if you knew the gift of God which has come forth asking: ‘Give me water to drink’, you would ask of me and I would give unto you the water which perishes not.”

41  When the woman heard this saying, she was astonished again, and she said unto the Lord: “Sir, where is the bucket with which you would draw water?

42  Behold, the well is deep and the waters far below, how then can you bring forth unto me the living water.

43  Are you greater than our father Jacob which gave us this well, and who drank from it also?”

44  The Lord answered her, saying: “Whosoever shall drink of Jacob’s well shall thirst again. But whosoever shall drink of the waters which I shall give shall never thirst again;

45  For the waters which I give are come from God, and I tell you truly that he is greater than Jacob.

46  And whosoever shall drink thereof, from their bosom shall flow living streams of water, springing up unto everlasting life.”

47  The woman, hearing this, said: “Sir, I pray thee, if you are willing, give me this living water that I might not thirst; neither need I come here to draw forth water any longer.”

48  Yeshua answered her, saying: “I am indeed willing, but first go and call your husband that together you might come unto me.”

49  And the woman said: “Sir, I have no husband.” Yeshua answered: “You have well said: ‘I have no husband.’ For you have had five husbands, and the man with whom you sleep is not your husband.”

50  When she heard these things, she fell before the Lord, saying: “Sir, I perceive that you are a prophet come from God, and he has revealed unto you the secrets of all my house.

51  Tell me truly, therefore, concerning the God which has called unto you: for our fathers have taught that in this mountain ought we to worship.

52  But they which are of the Jews say that in Jerusalem is found the place where men ought to worship and make sacrifice.”

53  And the Lord, when he heard this, laid his hand upon her and spoke, saying:

54  “Daughter, believe me, the hour comes when you shall neither in this mountain, nor again in Jerusalem, worship the Father; for you know not whom you worship at all.

55  But the hour cometh, and now is when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and truth: for the Father seeks after such to worship him.

56  I tell you truly that God is both the Father and the Spirit: and all which worship him must worship him in spirit and truth; for you are become as dear children unto him.”

57  And the woman spoke unto Yeshua, saying: “I know that one day the Anointed One of God shall come, even he which the Jews call Messiah; and when he is come, he will teach us all these things.”

58  Yeshua said unto her: “Daughter, I which speak unto you am he.”

59  Upon this came the disciples again unto the Lord, and seeing the Master conversing with the woman, they marveled.

60  Yet did no one of the disciples ask the woman: ‘What do you seek of the Master?’ Neither asked they of the Lord: ‘Why will you speak with her?’

61  And the woman, kneeling, kissed the Master’s hand and, leaving her water pot beside the well, went again unto the city and spoke unto all which she met, saying:

62  “Come and see a man which has revealed unto me the heart of God. Is this not the Anointed One of whom all the prophets spoke?” And the whole city came out to see him.

63  But while they were yet coming, the disciples of the Lord entreated him, saying: “Come, beloved Master, and eat that you might replenish yourself against the labors of the day.”

64  And the Lord answered them, saying: “I have food to eat which you know not of; for my food is to do the will of the Father which sent me, and to finish all his work.”

65  And the Lord, seeing the people of the city coming out to hear him, spoke, saying: “Are there not yet three months till harvest?

66  Behold, I say unto you: Lift up your eyes and look on the fields which even now draw near; for they are ready to harvest already.

67  And whosoever that reaps with me, the same receives unto himself a goodly wage; for he shall gather unto himself the fruits of eternal life: that both he that sows and he that reaps might rejoice together in the kingdom of God.

68  For you know yourselves how that one goes out to sow seed, while yet some other comes to reap.

69  Behold, I have sent you forth to harvest what you have not sown, for the Spirit soweth continually in the hearts of men, and you are entered altogether into the labors of the Lord.”

70  And Yeshua, seeing that the people of the city were come upon him, received them gladly and all that day he taught them.

71  And the whole city believed on the Lord, proclaiming among themselves, saying: “Surely this is the Anointed One.”

72  And they entreated the Lord that he might stay with them, and the Lord dwelt in the city of Sychar two days, and many which were of Samaria came forth to see him.