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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 51

“Be as wanderers upon the earth” – The value of scriptures – How to live in wisdom and joy –
Parable: The Spiritual Farmer – What the body is like unto – The spirit of man – The path of true wisdom


1  There sat beside the Lord, Mary his Beloved, and Miriam his mother; and at his feet sat Jude whom he loved.

2  And looking upon all the disciples which were gathered there, his soul was filled with tenderness because of them, and he spoke, saying:

3  “Be you, therefore, as wanderers upon the earth, and if any man should ask of you, saying: ‘What is the sign of your Father?’ Then shall you answer them, saying: ‘It is a movement and a rest.’

4  Seek you then after spiritual things; press on diligently towards the mark which is set before you, and you shall obtain richly; being established in eternal truth, having your foundations made secure by a fullness of goodly things.

5  Study diligently the scriptures always, for they do but lead unto me; for as a reservoir gives the life of many waters unto a parched and weary land, so do the scriptures give life unto the soul in the midst of famine.

6  But just as a reservoir is of little use in the midst of the flood, so are the scriptures of little use to the one who dwells always in the mind of God; for, behold, they do see the Lord in all things, dancing and moving about in the midst of his glory.

7  For you live in wisdom and joy always when you see yourself in all things, and all things in you; having turned aside from selfish cravings which torment the heart.

8  You live in wisdom and peace when you have subdued the passions of the body to keep your mind founded in God.

9  By this shall you dwell richly in the wisdom of your soul, having been made free of all hatred, envy, anger, and greed.

10  For such things do blind the soul, to fill the mind with darkness; and the errors of your life shall follow hard after you, making your life an utter waste.

11  But if you would free your soul of hatred, and anger, and envy, and greed, then shall that peace descend upon you wherein all sorrows end; and you shall be filled with joy.

12  Unto whom then shall I, the Lord, draw near to make my abode? Only unto that one which is incapable of ill will, who is friendly and compassionate to all;

13  Living always beyond the taint of ‘I’ or ‘mine’, being patient, contented, self-controlled, firm in the faith, with all his heart and all his mind given in sacrifice unto me; such a one is become most precious.

14  Seek not for goodness beyond yourself, for it is given you already; for in the pathways of the soul shall you find a fount of unending love, and mercy, and compassion, and hope, and faith exceeding.

15  Come now and hear this parable that you may be wise and not fearful, for there was a certain wise man which sat daily in the market place according to his custom.

16  And as he sat he did naught but speak unto the people and smile upon those which passed by; and on a certain day one asked him, saying: “Sir, what is your employment?”

17  And the wise man answered him, saying: “I am a farmer.” He asked him again, saying: “Then sir, where is your field?”

18  And the wise man answered him, saying: “This body of mine is my field; for I sow every day an abundance of good thoughts and actions, that in my soul I might bring forth a goodly harvest in plenty.”

19  Unto what then shall I compare the body in which you dwell? Behold, it is like unto a field made ready to both plant and harvest.

20  And I, which am come again from the dead to walk among you, am the knower of the field in every man.

21  Come then and I will tell you the nature of the field, what it is like unto: for unto the field is there given the five senses of the body, which senses are: hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, and smelling.

22  Through these arise the perceptions of the body, revealing in you a great many oppositions;

23  For in this life are you made to know both pleasure and pain, sickness and health, joy and sorrow, life and death, knowledge and ignorance, peace and anger, love and hate, hope and despair, and many others beside.

24  But there dwells within and without the field, the spirit which is come from God, which spirit all men possess; and unto this spirit is there given a power which is greater than any other.

25  For the spirit dwells in all and through all, being in every hand, and foot, and eye, and ear, and tongue.

26  Being born of God, it shines through the senses of the body; being both near and far, both within and without, it moves and is unmoving.

27  In its subtlety it is beyond comprehension, being indivisible and eternal it is become in all men the creator, the preserver, and the destroyer.

28  Dwelling in every heart, it is beyond darkness; being called the light of lights, it is the object and goal of all spiritual wisdom.

29  For even as the sun cast down its light upon the whole world, even so does the spirit within cast forth its light upon the whole field, revealing always the light and shadow of the greater and lesser portions.

30  Thus have I revealed unto you the true nature of the field and the meaning and object of all true wisdom.

31  Those which are devoted unto me, knowing these things, are united with me always; and in the kingdom of God shall they dwell and not depart.

32  Those, therefore, who know true wisdom, are free of pride and envy; being in their persons, gentle, and forgiving, upright, and pure, filled with inner strength, and self-control;

33  Not deluded by the senses of the body, but seeking always beyond to the things which are born of spirit, they follow faithfully the Lord which called them.

34  Being free of selfish cravings, they entangle not themselves in the rudiments of men; being tranquil through good fortunes and bad, they waver not in following after me.

35  Enjoying communion and solitude with the Lord, they follow not after the crowds of men, but seek me always in prayer and meditation; revealing their devotions in good works always.

36  For whosoever shall see the Lord as living in all things, who sees the eternal in all which dies, seeing the same Lord in all, through all, and above all, such a one harms not himself or others.

37  This then is the wisdom which is preferred above every other, to see the soul as the only true wisdom which is come from God.

38  But they which seek after the things of this life only, behold, how they are bound in the darkness still, being ignorant and ever despairing;

39  Being ever subject unto envyings and strivings, being consumed always with selfish cravings of which there is no end.”