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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 19

The transfiguration of Yeshua – Moses and Elijah – A voice from Heaven – Yeshua speaks of John the Baptizer – Teaching the Twelve Apostles – Be you transformed by the renewing of your mind –
Parable: The Given Talents – “I call you no more servants, but friends” – The Father which is come from above – Yeshua weeps over the cities of Galilee


1  Now the Master, raising his hands unto the Seventy, blessed them and sent them on their way; that into whatsoever city or place they should enter, whether in Judea, Samaria, or Perea, they might prepare the people for the coming of the Lord.

2  And when they had gone, Yeshua took the twelve with Peter, James, and John, and with them also did he take Miriam his mother and the seven which she appointed, and certain others also, and together they ascended the mount.

3  And the Lord, drawing himself away some little distance, was transfigured before their eyes: and his face did shine as a light, and his raiment was made bright like the sun.

4  And all which saw trembled at the sight thereof, and when they were knelt down, there appeared beside the Lord both Moses and Elijah.

5  And James and John seeing the face of Elijah, cried aloud together, saying: “Rabboni!” And turning to the others they said: “It is the Baptizer!”

6  And as the disciples spoke among themselves concerning this thing, there came a bright cloud which overshadowed all things, and behold, a voice from the cloud spoke, saying:

7  “This is my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, for he is ever faithful unto me. Hear him and be you wise.”

8  Now when the disciples heard this, they bowed their faces to the ground, being fearful lest God appear also and they be all consumed.

9  And there came before the disciples, Yeshua; and touching them he said: “Arise and be not fearful of God; for he which called you is even as a loving Father. Come now and let us go hence.”

10  Now when the disciples had lifted up their eyes, they beheld no man save the Master only.

11  And when they were come down from the mount, the Lord commanded that they should tell no man of the vision till he was gone again unto the Father.

12  And John spoke unto the Lord, saying: “Why do the scribes and Pharisees teach that Elijah must first come to prepare the way of the Lord?”

13  And this spoke John because he knew not whom John the Baptizer was.

14  And Yeshua answered him, saying: “I tell you truly that Elijah is come already and they knew him not, but did unto him whatsoever they willed.”

15  When he had said this, the disciples knew in their hearts that he spake of none other save the Essene which was come up from Khirbet Qumran.

16  Now Yeshua sent forth the twelve, and with them did he send Peter, James, and John. And he commanded them, saying:

17  “Behold how the kings of the earth lord it over all which serve them, bringing into subjugation a multitude of nations whereby they might exercise authority over them, thinking themselves as some great benefactor.

18  But among you it shall not be so. Let him which is greatest be like unto him which is least, and the one which rules like him that serves.

19  For in this world which is the greater: the one who eats at the table, or the one which serves him?”

20  And Cephas answered him, saying: “He which sits at the table to feast, even he is greater than the one which serves.”

21  And the Lord spoke again, saying: “Yet have I not come among you as one that serves? For, behold, you have I called out of this world unto one which is greater, having been established forever in the bosom of God.

22  For you are they which have continued with me in my suffering, and unto you shall I grant the kingdom which my Father has given unto me;

23  That you may sit at my table in the midst of my kingdom, eating and drinking, being filled with all manner of goodly things.

24  Be you not, therefore, conformed to this world; but be you transformed by the renewing of your mind; that you may prove yourselves acceptable unto the one which called you.”

25  Now when the apostles heard these words, Cephas spoke again unto the Lord, saying: “Master, are there not twelve apostles?

26  Grant then that these twelve might sit over the twelve tribes of Israel in that day when you are come again into your glory.”

27  And Yeshua answered him, saying: “Simon, Simon, why will you not understand? For I tell you truly that the sons of darkness shall come seeking power over you; that they might sift you as wheat in the hand.

28  Yet shall I pray for your sake, that your faith might not depart. And in that day when the Spirit shall make you strong in me, then strengthen your brethren also.

29  For you know not what thing you ask: Are you also able to suffer the things which I suffer?

30  I tell you truly that whatsoever thing men shall do unto me, even so shall they do unto you likewise.

31  But to grant unto you the thing which you ask is not mine to do, but the Father only.”

32  And the Lord, speaking unto the whole twelve, said: “Consider now unto what you are called.

33  For the kingdom of Heaven is like unto a certain man which would travel unto a far country, and calling forth his servants, he delivered up all his goods unto them.

34  And to one servant did he give five talents of silver, and to another two talents, and to another one talent; for each received from the master according to their abilities.

35  And he commanded that each should magnify again that portion which was given him, and when the master had completed all his instructions, he journeyed unto a far country.

36  So he that received the five talents went unto the market place, and after a while he received yet again five more talents which he added unto the first.

37  And likewise he that received two talents went unto the market place also, and he received of his yet two more talents which also he added to the first.

38  But he that received of his master but one talent only, having no faith in himself but fear only, went and hid his talent in the ground where none could find.

39  And after a season the master came again unto his own that he might receive of his servants an accounting.

40  So he that received of the master five talents, came and spoke, saying: ‘Good master, all which you gave did I magnify even as you willed. Here then is this other five also.’

41  And the master having received the ten talents was much pleased, and he spoke unto the servant, saying: ‘Well done my good and faithful servant;

42  For you were faithful over these few things, therefore, I shall make you ruler over many things. Enter now into the joy of your lord, that you might no longer be as a servant only, but as a friend instead.’

43  And he which received of his master two talents, came likewise and said: ‘My lord, of the two talents which you gave unto me have I added also two others beside.’

44  When the master heard this he rejoiced greatly, saying: ‘Well done my good and faithful servant; for seeing also that you were faithful over these few things, I will make you ruler over many.

45  Enter, therefore, into the joy of your lord.’ And likewise, he that was second received again even as the first.

46  Then came he that received but one talent only, and he spoke, saying: ‘Lord, I knew that you would demand of me an accounting, and being fearful lest I fail, I went and hid your talent in the ground where none could find.

47  Here then is that talent which you gave unto me.’ And the master seeing that the servant had not magnified that portion which was given him, spoke, saying:

48  ‘You foolish servant, for what cause were you made fearful of me? Did I not give into your keeping that which was my own?

49   If, therefore, you were fearful, having no faith of yourself, why then did you not lend the talent unto the bankers? Then should I receive again my own with interest.

50  Take you therefore the talent from him and give it unto the first.

51  For unto him which magnifieth shall more be given, and he will have in abundance; but he that magnifieth not, even that portion which was given him shall be taken away and given yet unto another.’”

52  Thus spoke the Lord unto the twelve which he would send forth unto all Judea, Samaria, and Perea, that they might testify of him.

53  And opening wide his arms unto all which were standing there, he said: “You are my friends if it so be that you will do according to that which is given unto you.

54  Henceforth I call you no more servants but friends instead; for what servant knows what it is the master does?

55  But all things which I have both heard and received of my Father have I made known unto you, that you might be as friends and not servants only.

56  Because you have loved me and believed that I am come from God, even so shall the Father love you also.

57  I am the Father which is come from above that I might receive unto my bosom even the whole world; and when I have completed the task which is set before me, then shall I ascend also unto my Father, even as you shall ascend unto me.

58  These things have I spoken unto you that you might have peace in me.

59  For I tell you truly, that in the world are there come many tribulations; but be of good cheer; I shall overcome the world.”

60  And when he had finished speaking, the Lord sent forth the twelve as a testimony unto all Israel.

61  And gathering about him his mother and the seven which she had appointed, as well as certain others also, he went unto Chinnereth and crossing over, he came unto Bethsaida-Julius.

62  And journeying northward he came unto a high mountain which overlooked all Galilee;

63  And Yeshua, looking back over all the region, was filled with sorrow; and he wept in his soul for those cities wherein all his works were done, saying:

64  “Weep Chorazin and cry aloud Bethsaida, for if the works which were done in you had been done in Tyre and Sidon, they would have repented long ago in sackcloth and ashes.

65  For I tell you truly that it shall prove more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon in that day than for you, for you are made blind for pride sake; thinking yourselves righteous above all others.

66  And you Capernaum, though you be as white and delightsome as some young maiden, yet are you filled with old men’s bones, being withered and filled with all manner of corruption and deceit.

67  For though you would exalt yourself even unto Heaven, yet shall you be brought down into a heap; for if the works which had been done in you had been done in Sodom and Gomorrah, they would have believed long ago.

68  I tell you truly, that it shall prove more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah in that day than for you; for you believed not in the Son of Man when he came to dwell among you.”

69  So spoke the Master amidst many tears, and turning his face northward, he went unto Caesarea Philippi.