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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 20

Healing a madman in Caesarea Philippi – Who is clean and who is unclean? – Yeshua meets the King, Herod Philip – Why Herod Philip fears to die – Life is a bridge over a chasm wide and deep – The foolishness of fame – Herod Philip is comforted


1  Now the Lord Yeshua came into Caesarea Philippi, both he and his disciples. And it was noised about the whole city concerning him; how that he which was spoken of by John was even now come up from Galilee.

2  And as the Lord went walking about in the market place, there arose a great disturbance and a commotion; for a certain young man which was distressed in the mind went forth casting down the stalls and tables of the merchants.

3  But when the soldiers, standing near, saw this thing they pursued with much diligence to seize him, but they could not; for he was like a wild man filled with rage.

4  But there came rushing into the market the young man’s mother, and seeing in the crowd the Galilean, she knelt before him, saying:

5  “Lord, have mercy on my son for he is a lunatic and sorely troubled in body and soul, for he charges wheresoever he wills and oftentimes he has cast himself into the fire, or into the water to be covered up.

6  Have mercy, O Lord, and hold not back from me. For I have brought before many rabbis and physicians the son which I love, and they could by no means heal him, saying instead that he is mad and possessed of demons.”

7  And Yeshua, hearing this, was filled with compassion for the mother’s sake, and approaching near unto the youth, he called unto him;

8  And all they which were in the market place were filled with expectation; and the soldiers, seeing that the Master approached, withdrew themselves from the youth, that they might see for themselves the thing which he should do.

9  Wherefore, when the Lord called unto the youth, he grew still and approaching near unto the Lord, he fell upon his knees weeping and trembling.

10  And the Lord, laying his hand upon the youth, drew unto himself the troubled soul which was broken, being overwrought and deeply troubled, and there descended upon the youth a great calm.

11  And all which saw were filled with amazement, seeing that the Lord had healed the youth with but the touch of his hand. And taking the youth by the hand he brought him again unto his mother.

12  And many published throughout all the city concerning the prophet which was come up from Galilee, saying:

13  “Behold what power and grace this man does speak, that even demons and madness should flee from before him.”

14  And all they which were of John’s disciples aforetime went forth to hear, and as many as heard the words of the Master, even they did believe and forsake all to follow after him.

15  Now when Yeshua was come to the house of Porcius and Salome, certain scribes and Pharisees which were among the multitude, seeing that the Lord would enter in, rebuked him, saying:

16  “Why will you make yourself unclean by entering the house of Gentiles and sinners? For which of the prophets that came before you have behaved so unseemly as this?”

17  And Yeshua answered, saying: “To which of the prophets will you compare me; or again, in which of the prophets will you find my likeness?

18  For all they which were of the prophets aforetime did your fathers kill, thinking the prophets unseemly and full of pretenses.

19  And why will you gather your robes about you lest the very shadow of Gentiles and sinners come upon you?

20  Was not Abraham called of God to dwell in the midst of strangers when first he left the land of the Chaldeans to come unto Canaan? Was he first born a Jew like unto you, or a Gentile like unto these?

21  Have you not read how that Joseph was made to serve in Pharaoh’s court, being made second only to the king?

22  Was not Pharaoh’s house the house of Gentiles also? Which among you, therefore, would think Joseph unclean because he dwelt in the house of Gentiles?

23  Did not Moses, which gave unto your fathers the law, also serve in Pharaoh’s house forty years, being like a son unto him? Will you say that he was made unclean because of this thing?

24  Will you not remember how that the harlot Rahab, though she was chief among sinners, put forth the hand to save the men which Joshua sent to spy out the land whereby he might give unto your fathers an inheritance?

25  Was she not saved from destruction, both her and her whole house because of this thing?

26  Come now and before the people answer, unto whom was the prophet Jonah sent: Israel or Ninevah?

27  And when he had completed all which God had sent him to do, unto whom did God show forth great mercy: Israel or Ninevah?

28  Did not Elijah, by God’s word, go up unto Sarepta that he might find refuge in the house of a Sidonian widow? Will you say that Elijah sinned because he entered also the house of a Gentile?

29  Why, therefore, will you yourselves behave unseemly before God because of Gentiles and sinners?

30  For it is faith alone unto good works which maketh a man righteous, and not circumcision only.

31  For many have received in their flesh the circumcision of Abraham, yet are they unclean because of pride.

32  And again are there yet many of whom you have no knowledge, which, having no circumcision of the flesh, have yet received of God the circumcision of the heart, which thing is greater than all others.

33  Therefore, take care among yourselves that you call not unclean the one which God has cleaned every whit.

34  Neither reject you the one which God has accepted unto himself; lest you yourselves be made unclean and filled with all manner of pretenses.”

35  Thus spoke the Master unto the scribes and Pharisees, and all which heard were pierced to the heart because of it; some unto peace and joy, and others unto bitterness and anger.

36  And there came unto Yeshua the disciples of John seeking from the Lord a blessing; and there was added to these a great many Gentiles and sinners which would be numbered among his disciples.

37  So Yeshua dwelt many days in the house of Porcius and Salome, and they which were in the city brought unto the Lord many of the sick and the infirm.

38  And many did he comfort with all gentle affection, speaking and singing unto them the songs of life and joy.

39  And others did he heal by the speaking of the word only, or by the touching of the hand.

40  Now on a certain day Yeshua rested himself beneath a fig tree in the market place.

41  And seeing that he was alone, there came unto him a stranger which would hide himself in the robes of a merchant;

42  And sitting himself down beside the Master, he spoke, saying: “Why are you alone in the market place; are you not he which is come up from Galilee?”

43  Yeshua answered him, saying: “I am he. And in this place have I come to wait patiently the one which would receive from my hand a blessing from above.”

44  And the man spoke again, saying: “Come then and tell me truly: who is this man which you say shall come seeking? Perhaps I might know of him?”

45  And the Lord looking into the face of the man, spoke, saying: “I wait for you, O king!” And the man, hearing this, was filled with wonder, and he said: “Of a truth, you are indeed a prophet of God.”

46  And the man which was come as a stranger unto Yeshua, let down the covering from off his head; and behold, there sat before the Lord, Herod Philip, tetrarch of all Batanea, Trachonitis, Auranitis, and Panias.

47  Now Herod Philip was a good man which desired to rule wisely over the people, and all those which were of Caesarea Philippi had regard for him; for between the Jews and the Gentiles had he established the rule of peace.

48  But Philip was without any child to succeed him and he oftentimes grew weak of heart because of fever, and many feared for him lest he die and Herod Antipas lay claim before Caesar against all the land.

49  Now Yeshua, looking upon the king which was old with age, had compassion on him, and he spoke unto him, saying:

50  “For what purpose would the son of Herod come seeking after me? Have you not heard already how that they which are of Galilee have rejected me altogether? What thing, therefore, would you have from my hand?”

51  And Philip answered him, saying: “My Lord, I know that you are come from God unto the house of Israel; for of all your doings and sayings am I made aware.

52  For upon the lips has all Israel carried forth the name of Yeshua the Galilean, and in the heart of many righteous has there come a wisdom which is born of God and not of man.

53  Therefore, I pray you, speak unto me words of counsel and of wisdom. For you know yourself how that I am near unto death.

54  For death is a fearful thing, being filled with darkness and uncertainty. And in the grave are all men made common, whether king or slave, even all are become as food for the worm.

55  Whereunto shall the name of Herod Philip find both place and honor, seeing that I am without child to carry forth?

56  Still am I the son of Herod and in dying am I made fearful lest God should visit upon me the sins of my father.

57  Come, therefore, O Yeshua, and tell me truly by what means I might set aside the wrath of God lest his punishment prove greater than I can bear?”

58  These are the words which Philip spoke unto the Lord when he was come unto Caesarea Philippi.

59  And Yeshua answered the king, saying: “Fear not the going of the soul unto God; for in his hand shall there spring forth a multitude of affection.

60  And grieve not the passing of this life which is of the body only; for I tell you truly that life is but a bridge passing over a chasm wide and deep.

61  Let us cross over quickly lest we be overwrought by many sorrows. For you know yourself, even as the poet spoke, saying:

62  ‘What gain shall a man take unto his soul, seeing that all his labors under the sun are but a vanity filled with shadows?’

63  Therefore, why will you mourn seeing that you have no child to rule after you?

64  And why take you thought for fame’s sake, seeing that it is but a slow decay which perverts the mind unto a multitude of foolishness?

65  Unto what good shall such fame as men would seek, secure for the soul a place with God?

66  For whose glory would your father, even Herod, build a temple in Jerusalem? For the glory of God, or for the glory of Herod?

67  I tell you truly, that there shall not be left of that temple even one stone which shall stand upon another; for even all shall God cast unto the ground as a thing defiled.

68  Which is better, therefore, to be remembered in the minds of men, or to find place in the heart of God?

69  For what profit unto the soul shall there be if the whole world should remember the name of Herod, if it so be that God has forgotten thee?”

70  These are the words which Yeshua spoke unto Philip in the market place, and when evening was come, the Master rose to leave and placing his hands upon the king, he blessed him.

71  And Philip found rest unto his soul, and he went unto his place rejoicing and giving thanks. For he feared not any longer the passing away of this life, but turned his heart unto God instead.