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Chapter 17

Yeshua returns to Nazareth – Teaching in the synagogue, the elders are offended again – Yeshua seized and taken to a precipice – Rufinius saves Yeshua – Yeshua takes counsel from his mother


1  Yeshua, gathering about him his disciples, would that he should go unto his own city, and when he drew near unto the Horns of Hattin, he commanded that his disciples should go alone to Mount Tabor and there wait for him.

2  And when they had gone their way, Yeshua journeyed unto Nazareth, both he and his mother.

3  And coming into the town he went straightway into his mother’s house, and all his brethren rejoiced to see him;

4  And they, bringing unto him their children, caused that he should bless them and when it was evening, the house was filled with song and merriment.

5  But when it was Sabbath he entered into the synagogue, according to his custom, to teach; and they which heard were astonished at his word, and they spoke among themselves, saying:

6  “From whence comes this man his learning? From what source is all his wisdom come? Is this not Joseph’s son come home again? Do not his mother and brethren live here among us?”

7  When, therefore, the Lord heard the manner of their murmuring, he spoke unto them, saying: “Did I not tell you from the beginning that a prophet is not without honor except in his own country?

8  Surely you will say to me this saying: ‘Physician, heal yourself: and whatsoever we have heard done by you in Capernaum, do now even in Nazareth.’”

9  And a certain elder, hearing this said: “Why will you go among the heathen showing forth all manner of signs and wonders, but in Nazareth you bring forth only reproach and condemnation?

10  Are we not more righteous than they, seeing that we are a chosen people which God has preferred above all others?”

11  And the Lord answered them, saying: “If you were righteous, you would hear my voice and follow after me.

12  And if I should grant unto you a sign from above, even then would you not hear to follow after me, but in your hearts would say: ‘This he does by the power of Beelzebub.’

13  See now how you have made your traditions to become as God unto you, for you are ever careful to abide with diligence the rulings of the rabbis;

14  But to abide the coming forth of the Promised One, this you will not do; having made of no effect the promises which God gave unto Abraham for your sake.”

15  So spoke the Master unto those who were gathered in the synagogue to hear him, and they which heard were filled with wrath and indignation, evensomuch that they rose up of one accord against him.

16  And his brethren standing near, seeing that the people would do some harm unto Yeshua, rushed forth to save him, but they being greatly outnumbered were subdued by the rulers of the people.

17  So the scribes and Pharisees, being overzealous for tradition’s sake, did seize the Master and taking him to the edge of the city thought to cast him headlong from the precipice whereupon the city was built.

18  But there arose a contention between the rulers of the people concerning what should be done with him;

19  For some would that he might perish, but certain others were made fearful because of him, lest they provoke God to anger against them. And they said that he should be cast from the synagogue only.

20  And one of the elders, being a man of some renown, spoke unto the multitude, saying: “You teachers of the Law give heed, for in the law is it forbidden that we should kill a Jew on the Sabbath.”

21  And there arose a great contention over what should be done unto Yeshua, and in the midst of their confusion there rode upon them Rufinius, the centurion, whose servant the Master healed.

22  Now Rufinius commanded a troop of horses numbering twenty soldiers dressed for war, and seeing that Yeshua was held captive by the elders of the people, he commanded that he should be released.

23  But a certain scribe, having hold of the Master, spoke contemptuously unto the Roman, saying: “This is a matter for us Jews. What concern, therefore, have you for this deceiver?”

24  And Rufinius, when he heard this, was filled with rage, and leaping from his horse he approached near unto Yeshua, and seizing the scribe by the beard, cast him headlong into the dust, saying:

25  “You stiffnecked and troublesome people: Did you not know that I am under authority to make secure the peace of Rome?”

26  And the Jews, fearing for their lives, released Yeshua into his keeping; and every man fled straightway unto his own house.

27  And Yeshua, being grieved because of their unbelief, sorrowed for Nazareth’s sake.

28  But Rufinius, drawing near, said: “Grieve not, my Lord, over this thing, for even though all men should forsake you, yet would I forsake all else to follow after.

29  For this witness have I from God, that you are the very Anointed One which is come to lift all men unto the Father which dwelleth above, having been made holy even as he that sent you is holy.

30  For it came about that as I was on the road between Ptolemais and the cities of Decapolis, having been sent by Galerius to guard the way against thieves and robbers, that at the noon hour an angel of the Lord appeared unto me, saying:

31  ‘Get you up unto Nazareth, for there have many conspired to lay hold of Yeshua of Galilee to kill him.’

32  Therefore, I came in great haste to rescue. Tell me, my Lord, by what means shall I follow after you more perfectly.”

33  And Yeshua, hearing these things, said: “O Israel, if your faith was even as this Gentile’s, how God would stretch forth the hand to bless and redeem even all your house.”

34  And the Lord spoke unto the Roman, saying: “If you would follow after me more perfectly, then set aside the anger of your ways and lift no more the sword of war against another to slay, then shall you be accepted of God.”

35  So spoke the Lord unto Rufinius, and when it was night the Master went again unto his mother’s house and, going in, all they which were within leaped for joy to see him.

36  For it was reported that the Romans had come to take captive Yeshua the son of Joseph and Miriam.

37  And there came unto Yeshua his mother and sisters and brethren, and they did comfort him, seeing that he was made heavy of heart.

38  And in the deep of the night when all they which were in the house slept peacefully upon their beds, Yeshua withdrew himself unto a certain garden nearby;

39  And when he was come to the palms of Asherod, he lifted his voice unto the Father in prayer and supplication, and when he was completed, there came to stand beside him his mother Miriam.

40  And they did counsel one with another concerning what thing Yeshua should do, seeing that many which were of his disciples aforetime would no longer follow after him.

41  And when it was early morning, there came to him his brethren, and seeing that the mother slept beside the Master, having rested her head upon his lap, they came and asked him, saying:

42  “Where go you, my Lord, seeing that all Nazareth has rejected you?” And the Lord, seeing that his mother was awakened, answered his brethren, saying: “I go to Lebanon.”

43  And rising from their place, Yeshua and Miriam bid farewell unto the whole house, and they journeyed unto Mount Tabor.