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Chapter 16

The healing of two blind men – “Are you greater than Moses?” – Sermon: The Manna of Moses and the Bread of Life – Disciples are offended a second time – Healing the deaf and dumb youth – A house divided against itself cannot stand – Creating the demons which haunt you – Simon professes devotion – Parable: The Forgotten Seed


1  There came to Yeshua two men which were blind, and they cried out to the Master, saying: “Son of David, have mercy on us and restore again our sight.”

2  And the Lord spoke unto them, saying: “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” And they answered him, saying: “Yes, Lord, we believe.”

3  When the Lord heard this he stretched out his hand unto them, and touching them both on the eyes, he said: “Then according to your faith receive again your sight.”

4  Both men, therefore, when they received again their sight, leaped for joy. And Yeshua commanded that they should tell no man what he had done unto them.

5  For many had turned their hearts against him and many grew angry with him because he would love even all men, none excepting.

6  Wherefore, he spoke unto them which were blind, saying: “Tell no man what I have done for your sakes, lest they turn and contend against you because of me.”

7  But when they were gone away from him, they went throughout all Galilee telling all which they met concerning this thing.

8  Now on the Sabbath, Yeshua entered into the synagogue, and a Pharisee spoke unto him, saying:

9  “Why pretend you to be as someone great or mighty? Are you greater than Moses which gave unto all Israel the Law, and who fed our fathers with manna while yet they wandered in the wilderness forty years?”

10  And Yeshua, knowing that all eyes were upon him, said: “I tell you truly that Moses gave not unto your fathers that bread which is come from above;

11  For all they which partook in the wilderness of the manna which Moses gave, even they, did perish long ago.

12  For notwithstanding the signs and wonders which God revealed before all Israel through Moses, yet were your fathers stiffnecked and unbelieving.

13  And though Moses led all Israel out of Egypt unto the promised land, and although he gave unto you the law also, yet were your fathers delivered into captivity;

14  First unto the Assyrians, and then unto the Babylonians, for you were ever disobedient and filled with mischief.

15  But now would the Father give unto you the true bread which is come from Heaven, and whosoever shall eat of it, even they shall never die.

16  For the true manna which God would give is he which cometh from above, and he gives life unto the whole world.”

17  Now when Yeshua had said these things, there arose a great tumult; for the scribes and Pharisees were filled with anger against him, being astonished at his words.

18  But certain disciples spoke unto him, saying: “Lord, give us this bread that we might not perish.”

19  And the Master spoke aloud unto them, saying: “I am the bread of life which is come from above: all they which come unto me shall never hunger; and all they which believe in me shall never thirst.

20  But I tell you truly, that many among you which have seen me, believe not; for you are filled with corruption and bitterness.

21  Whosoever has ears to hear, let them hear. All which the Father has given me shall come to me; and whosoever shall come unto me I will never cast aside.

22  For I came not from Heaven to do my own will, but the will of my Father came I to do.

23  And this is the Father’s will, that all who believe in me unto good works might have everlasting life; for I shall establish their feet in glory, and there shall descend upon their heads the crown of life, and they shall be made heir to all things.”

24  Now after the Lord had said these things, they which were of the scribes and Pharisees did murmur against him all the more because he said: “I am the bread of life which comes from above.”

25  And the Lord, knowing their hearts, said: “Why will you murmur among yourselves because of these things?

26  For no man can come unto me except the Father first draw him nigh; and unto him shall I reveal the hidden powers which come from above.

27  For the Father which dwells above shall prove which among you are his, seeing that they are holy. These shall the Father draw near unto me.

28  Is it not written in the prophets this saying: ‘And they shall be taught of God.’

29  Whosoever among you, therefore, would cleave unto God, let him come unto me in faith, believing, and I shall give unto him eternal life.

30  For I am the true bread which comes from above. Your fathers, in truth, did eat manna in the wilderness, and they are dead.

31  But I am the living bread which came down from Heaven, that whosoever would partake of me might live and not die.

32  Labor not, therefore, for the bread which perishes, but for the bread which endures unto life everlasting, which bread give I unto you; for on the Son of Man has the Father set his seal.

33  Take to your souls the living bread which comes from above; for whosoever shall eat of this bread, even that one shall live forever: for the bread which I give is the life of my flesh.”

34  When all which were gathered in the synagogue heard this, they contended among themselves because of it.

35  And certain of the disciples said: “What does this mean? For how will the Master give us of his flesh to eat?”

36  And Yeshua, when he heard this, said: “How long will you be without understanding?

37  For whosoever shall partake of me will never die; and whosoever shall drink from my mouth the words of life, from their bellies shall spring forth streams of living water.

38  For whosoever shall partake of my life, and drink from my mouth, even that one shall dwell in me, and I in him.

39  For in the Father am I made alive. Therefore, whosoever shall partake of me, even that one, shall be made alive also.

40  This then is that bread which is come down from Heaven: not as your fathers did eat manna and are dead. But whosoever shall eat of this bread, even he shall live forever in me, and I in him.”

41  These things spoke Yeshua in the synagogue, and many which were of his disciples, when they heard this, said: “This is a hard thing to understand. Who can bear it?”

42  But Yeshua spoke unto them, saying: “Will you be offended a second time also? What if you should see the Son of Man ascending again unto God, will you believe then?

43  Behold, how faithless and perverse you are become; for except you see signs and wonders you will not believe.

44  And if there should come before you a worker of signs and miracles, you clap your hands for joy, thinking that you are justified already; then will you go your own way that you might continue as before.

45  Whosoever has ears to hear, let them hear; for no man, having put his hand to the plow, and then looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”

46  Thus spoke the Master in Capernaum, and from that time did many of his disciples walk no more after him. For by his words were they offended.

47  Now when Yeshua was come out of the synagogue, there was brought unto him a certain youth which was both deaf and dumb.

48  And the Lord, being filled with mercy, healed him, and immediately the youth both heard and spake.

49  And they which saw exclaimed aloud, saying: “Surely this is the Son of David which was promised of old. For see how he has cast out of the youth the demons which held him bound.”

50  But when the Pharisees heard the manner of their speech, they said: “Surely this fellow has cast out demons by the power of Beelzebub, the prince of devils. Why, therefore, will you hear him?”

51  When the Lord heard this, he lifted his voice unto the people, saying: “Did you not know that every kingdom which is divided against itself is made desolate and fallen?

52  If Satan, therefore, cast out Satan, how then shall his kingdom stand, seeing that he is divided against himself?

53  And if I cast out devils by the power of Beelzebub, then by whom do your children cast them out?

54  I tell you truly, that in the presence of God shall the children of this generation rise up in condemnation against you.

55  For if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then is the kingdom of God come already among you, and you will not believe.

56  For how can one enter into a strong man’s house to plunder, except that he first bind up the strong man?

57  Know you then among yourselves, that every city and house which is divided against itself, even that one shall fall; being bound up and without effect.

58  For I would not that you should be ignorant concerning this thing: For such devils as you would believe in, even those have you created after your own image and likeness.

59  Thus would you have such devils as these, though unreal of themselves, possess the innocent and the unsuspecting.

60  Be you wise, therefore, and consider deeply: for the power is given unto all men whereby they might do much good.

61  But to do evil in the Father’s name, this is not given. For such evil as you are made to suffer is come from those which rule over you, and no other.”

62  Now Yeshua, when he was completed, went walking by the sea. And there followed after him certain disciples.

63  And the Lord, seeing that some would still follow after him, said: “Why will you follow after me? Will you not also go away?”

64  And Simon Bar Jonas, kneeling before the Lord, said: “To whom then shall we go? For in your word alone have we found eternal life.

65  For we know of a surety and do believe that you are the very Anointed One which is come from God.”

66  And the Master, when he heard this, said: “Come then and follow after me.” But Simon said: “What, my Lord, shall become of all Galilee, seeing that many which followed after you are fallen away?”

67  And the Lord answered, saying: “Fear not Simon, neither fear you for my sake; for that which is established in the will of the Father is no man able to bring to naught.

68  For the kingdom of Heaven is like unto a man which cast seed into the ground, and going his own way, he straightway forgot wherein he had sown.

69  And though in the night he slept, and in the day wandered about, yet did the seed sprout and grow, though the man of himself knew not how.

70  For the earth of itself brings forth crop ready for harvest: first the blade, then the stalk, after that the full head of corn.

71  And when it is ripened, then come forth the harvesters and thrusting in their sickles, they gather into barns the whole harvest.”

72  So spoke Yeshua unto his disciples, and when it was night, they gathered themselves beside the waters, and rested till morning.