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Song of God


Occurrences:  16 - “Song of God”      7 - “Song”       17 - “this book”

First Reference:  Wisdom 28:10


And in this temple shall the “Song of God” take living form, to fill the eyes with wonder, forging through both form and music, a depth of vision which will inspire the mind with all the dreams of God.



See:  Archie D. Wood Sr, Azrael, Book of Endowments, Five Radical Propositions, Kai-Shahm’l-Kai      


Summary:  The Song of God – Living Gnosis of the Ahgendai, is a new book of scripture brought forth by Archie D. Wood, Sr. (aka Azrael Ondi-Ahman). Comprised of twelve independent yet interrelated books and more than a half a million words, the first edition of the Song of God was published in its entirety in June of 2008. A second edition was published in 2015. It is claimed by the author that the Song of God represents the advent of the sixth dispensation and the restoration of gnosis for all humankind.


The scripture is presented as a gift from God (7:2:36) — which God is described as a Supreme Human Collective which has traveled from the future to redeem the seed of Their beginning in the far distant past. The Song of God is put forth as a collection and restoration of previously revealed gnosis, as well as an advancement and revelation of new and sacred knowledge (W:29:24-25). The Song of God claims to reveal the true heart and mind of God so that the reader may be liberated and empowered to know and experience their greater self. Near the conclusion of the scripture, the Supreme Mother of Heaven invites her children to partake in the wisdom and mystery of the Song of God:


44. So come my child and be you wise and walk a while with me, and I will guide you through this life which swirls and rushes by, to open up before your eyes the mysteries of your soul and there within the deepest deep reveal the thing you are.

45. For here upon these very pages is wisdom finely gathered, a book of light and secret turnings, a book of joy and hope; this the book which I would give — this book of the Heavenly Mother.

46. So come my child and hear my counsel, let us wend our way, and through the spirit of many Mothers shall I most quick enlighten, to make most bright what now seems dark and fill you up with healing.

7th Endowment 1:44-46



First Theophany (See Wood’s Personal Testimony)

At the age of thirty-one, having become desperate to know and commune with God, Wood journeyed deep into the Uinta Wilderness of Utah where on the morning of June 19, 1979, he witnessed the appearance of highly evolved, glorified human beings who identified themselves as God. After seven years of continued visitations, Wood was commissioned to begin writing a new book of scripture that would accurately reflect the heart and mind of God and serve as a restoration of gnosis for all of humanity.


Wood claimed that one of the reasons he was chosen by God to write a new book of scripture was because he had previously developed five propositions which accurately described the nature of God and this universe. These “Five Radical Propositions” became the framework for the ontology presented in the Song of God:


1.  God did not create this world or the cosmos in which we live.

2.  God did not create the universe because at the time of its creation, God did not exist.

3.  This world we call Earth is the place where God began. Furthermore, God is and must be human.

4.  God traveled back through time, bringing some of their children with them in an effort to save the world on which God began.

5.  Without death, eternal life is not worth having.



Writing Process

According to Wood, the seven years of initial instruction that preceded the writing of scripture (1979-1986) consisted of learning a special type of mathematics that was to be implemented in the scripture writing process. In 1986, Wood began fulfilling his commission with work on what would become the first book of the Song of God, called the Book of Beginnings. After twenty-one years, in November of 2007, the Song of God was completed.


The entire Song of God was originally written in longhand. The author did most of his writing in public establishments located in Pocatello, Idaho. Wood never used a typewriter or computer to do any of his writing, nor did he ever dictate scripture to a secretary or scribe. The original documents or photo-copies of the hand-written documents were provided to a trusted disciple to be transcribed using a word processor.


According to Wood, throughout the twenty-one year writing process, he was provided with gradual increments of information and gnosis via direct communion with members of the Elohim. He would then determine how best to portray and communicate the information he received. With the exception of the 6th and 7th Endowment, all content in the Song of God was written by Wood under the whispering influence of Heavenly Mother. This should not imply in any way that these books are less sacred than the 6th and 7th Endowment, which, according to the author, were dictated to him directly by the Supreme Father and Mother of Heaven, referred to in scripture as The One and Areta.



Content and Chronology of Authorship

The scripture portion of the Song of God (2008, 2015) is comprised of twelve books. Non-scriptural portions include the author’s Personal Testimony, a Credo of basic beliefs, and a supplemental Commentary written by author and included at the end of the scriptures. A limited Index is also included in the back of the book.


Book of Beginnings  (1986) Through a series of historically based parables, this book reveals details concerning the Great Leap Forward: a time when the children of God first came to dwell among the native evolutionary modern humans (the “children of men”) to establish the promise of eternal life. This book traces the genetic line and influence of both the Adaam and the Fallen during the first two dispensations. Insights are offered pertaining to the agenda of the Elohim, the Fallen, the Demiurge, and the rise and fall of ancient yet advanced civilizations.

Book of Wisdom  (1987-2007) According to Azrael, this book was the most difficult to write. It was also the last of the twelve books to be completed. The book of Wisdom is comprised of three sections:
The Indictment   (chapters 1-13)
Gnosis Revealed   (chapters 14-26)
Last Words of Azrael   (chapters 27-29)

Book of Yeshua  (1989-91) Contains the historical teachings of Yeshua Ben Joseph, the man commonly referred to as Jesus of Nazareth. This material provides a detailed account of Yeshua’s ministry and transcendence. From the sermons of John the Baptizer, to Yeshua’s post-resurrectional teachings, this book gives contextual insight for all who would become as the Only Begotten.

Book of Enlightenment  (1992) Introduces the Demiurge and reveals the part Yaldabaoth played in the First War of Heaven and the rebellion of Shaemdiel (Lucifer). Discover the hidden designs of The One pertaining to the Fallen and this world.

Book of Pearls  (2000 / 2004) Meditations for spiritual mastery. The first seven Pearls (“Great I Ams”) were written in 2004 and placed at the beginning of the book.

1st Endowment  (1995-97) Follow the author as he is taken on a journey through time and space to the celestial realms of Elohim, where questions are answered and mysteries revealed.

2nd Endowment  (1996-97) God’s defense of humankind against the Demiurge, Jehovah-Yahweh. Major themes include: the nature of man, human sexuality, true worship, reincarnation, liberation, and redemption.

3rd Endowment  (1997-98) Reveals the miracle surrounding the birth and evolution of God. An epic story of love, war and intrigue, this book provides historical context surrounding the first human to create soul and survive death with memory and personality intact.

4th Endowment  (1998-99) Follows the creation of the First Heaven, and progression of the first assembly of spirit children brought forth by God. This book reveals the founding principles of eternal progression and dispensationalism, offering practical wisdom that will empower any student along their path of transformation and transcendence.

5th Endowment  (2002-03) Reveals the circumstances and purposes behind the creation of the Chief Demiurge, Yaldabaoth, and the mystery brought forth as a counter-balance, known as the Ahgendai. Learn how the kingdoms of Heaven are protected from mediocrity and complacency, and gain new perspective regarding concepts such as: creation, duality, opposition, balance, and renewal.

6th Endowment  (2004) Dictated by the Supreme Father of Heaven in the Adamic language, which Wood translated into English, this book reveals a detailed account of the Second War against the Demiurge, and why it relates to us here and now.

7th Endowment  (2005) Dictated to Wood in English by the Supreme Mother of Heaven on December 24, 2005, this book is Heavenly Mother’s personal address to her children.


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For the Song of God is made the gift which we from Heaven give, to be for you a place of learning filled with sacred wisdom; a place where you and God might meet and there but sweet embrace, a place of refuge from the storm where you might find deliverance.

7th Endowment 2:36


To all those who would take to their souls the mind of God, I set forth my hand to reveal the hidden wonders of all his mysteries, that you might find herein the shadow of your greater selves.

Give forth, therefore, of a ready mind and an eager heart; be you determined with a great resolve, and I shall make known in you what no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no hand has touched, or has ever entered the mind of any man from the beginning of the world till now.

That you may stand before the congregations of the faithful being girded on every side with deep wisdom and holiness, that you may become even as the Heavenly Father or the Heavenly Mother before all the children of men, that they may find in you the beginning of many blessings.

Attend therefore with all diligence and patience the reading of this book; cling you dearly to that faith which is born in you already, and give not your voice to doubt lest the way upon which you tread be made perilous and dark, troubling the soul with an endless debate.

For that which leads to exaltation cannot be cheaply had; for the things which come from God are become as the greatest of all costly pearls, for which, when a man finds, he will sell all that he has that he might possess it for himself.

Let therefore the words of this book dwell richly in you; for the words which I would place in the heart of man have I drawn from the soul, and they are life.

1st Endowment 1:1-6


Let therefore all those who should read the words of this book, put away all envy and hate; being made all still and quiet with joyful expectation; for into your keeping would the Father give an abundance of heavenly things, if it so be that you would turn loose from the soul the shadows of endless doubting.

For herein would I grant unto you that certain knowledge whereby you might give before the adversary a ready defense of the children of men; for in so small a seed as man has there come forth that heavenly glory from which you have sprung; being filled in your souls already with all manner of goodness and joy exceeding.

Therefore is it required of you also, that having taken to your souls the mysteries of God, that even you should go forth to bless the children of men with all manner of goodly grace;

Teaching unto them always the peaceable things of Heaven; giving unto all who seek, tender words of life and joy, that they may be endowed from above with strength and wisdom; being ennobled within and without by the only true knowledge which is come from God;

Becoming in their very persons even as their Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, which even now do wait most anxiously the coming forth of many children into that glory which leads to exaltation in the kingdom of God, even worlds without end.

Let all those therefore who would read herein the words of this book put away all pettiness of heart and mind, being made free of such entanglements as would make small and lowly the soul within; for into your very heart and soul would I pour forth still the greater portion; that there might spring up within the mind the only true wisdom which is come from God.

Adding by some measured word the power beyond all power, and the glory beyond all glory; that you, being made fixed and firm within by some holy resolve, might know more fully the mysteries of eternity.

2nd Endowment 1:3-9


For the scriptures which come from God are the guide and blueprint of all your life, giving to your mind a map which you can trust; directing and encouraging the energies of the self, to fill you up with a purpose far beyond yourselves.

Thus into your keeping would the scriptures give the understanding of many things, causing that you should be delivered from such things as would make your life an utter waste, making way within your soul a place where all things beautiful might firm take root.

4th Endowment 27:56-57


For in this Song of God is found the way you ought to go, proving for you a path of light which guides you through the darkness, showing forth within its pages a life of greater worth, holding up before your eyes the likeness of God and Heaven.

7th Endowment 6:21


If then you would awaken the priesthood of your soul then take you now this Song of God and learn it deeply well, committing to your memory the words of life and joy, becoming yourself as one made holy by seizing hold of God.

Let the Song of God be for you as daily bread and the breath of all your life, to fill you up with holy counsel, to light the way before, to lift you up above the storms which often rage about, placing you safe upon that shore where the light of God does shine.

Let it prove itself a mighty river which flows within your soul, till you yourself become the river filled with life abundant, rushing on and ever flowing within the ocean of my dreams, to become yourself as one with God in the living of your life.

Prove yourself as one most wise and in my words find strength, for the clouded mind does not see, neither can it know that the things of God are born of spirit and are made by God most subtle, requiring from those who would partake an eager and joyful faith, opening up before your eyes the wonder beyond all wonders.

Embrace therefore with hopeful heart this Song which Heaven sings, and make your life become the song which moves the heart of God; and song to Song the Heavens move like lovers in a dance, you in God and God in you forever and anon.

7th Endowment 7:12-16


For the Song of God is like a house, filled with many mansions, each to each an endless realm filled with many kingdoms; possessing within this book of books, an endless horizon filled with God; always reaching beyond your dreams, to take you further still.

Wisdom 29:31

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6th Endowment
7th Endowment
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