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Occurrences:  1 (23 common occurrences)

First Reference:  Wisdom 29:9


Yet regardless of all these things, still did God continue faithful to reveal, and in the time appointed there came into the world of men the Teacher of Righteousness, being known among men as John the Baptizer, being in himself alone, the very father of the Essenes and the Gnosis.



See:  Eroel                                                                                  Refer to:  Yeshua 52; Wisdom 29


Summary:  Gnosis represents the mysteries and knowledge of the Divine; it is the hidden wisdom of God revealed to or experienced by the one to whom it is dispensed.


There is a single, curious case in which the proper term “Gnosis” occurs, making reference to John the Baptizer being the “father of the Essenes and the Gnosis” (W:29:9). The lower case “gnosis” is used several times throughout scripture.


The Song of God is presented as a true restoration of gnosis (W:29:20-25), as well as the “Living Gnosis of the Ahgendai” (subtitle). As stated in the Basic Beliefs of the True Gnostic Church (#12):


[We believe] The “Song of God”, as written by Azrael Ondi-Ahman, contains the true thoughts and feelings of our Heavenly Parents, and that these scriptures are the cornerstone of our faith. As true Gnostics, God has provided us with our own original book of scripture, which scriptures contain the true and living gnosis of our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.





But between the earth, wherein the tree was planted, and the Heavens where angels sing, moved the gnosis which came from God to refresh and quick enlighten, breathing soft upon the winds; to cast in doubt the lesser portion and set the spirit free, that by the touch of hidden wisdom, the light of God might grow.

Yeshua 52:44


And though you have the gift of gnosis, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge; and though you have faith sufficient to remove the mountains from their place, and have not love, you shall profit nothing.

Yeshua 52:50


Beware therefore, the house of Christ, beware the house of Joseph; for they know not God or the ways of Heaven, being ignorant of the gnosis; being in their inward heart uncertain and afraid, while yet they boast and proudly speak of things they do not know.

Wisdom 27:6


For even I have been commissioned to speak to all God’s children, to reveal in them the Light of lights which leads to transformation; for in this light a pathway glows which would lead to great transcendence, that in the gnosis born of God they might ascend into the Fullness, and in the doing leave behind this world of many shadows.

Wisdom 29:3


For when the gnosis of God is revealed, even then may those which believe transcend beyond the world of mortal men, and in the very presence of the angels, become themselves the anthem which God would sing, becoming themselves the very light of God which in the darkness shines.

Wisdom 29:15


God / Goddess