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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 27

(Final words from Azrael:  ch 27-29)

Words of wisdom for those who would believe – Be wise and stand on guard – Beware the house of Christ and the house of Joseph – Bow not before Jehovah – The house of Joseph: illusions and lies – “An empty house cannot be robbed” – Parable: The Pink Marble – Knowledge grants possession – Fear not, be free, and dance within the light


1  These then are the words of wisdom which God would write in the heart of those who would believe, giving into your keeping a confidence filled with light and joy, against which the adversary might have no power over you.

2  Seek therefore with all your might to walk with God in the living of your life, being in yourself most well empowered by the virtues which you would live, having placed in God even all your trust, for in you is found the strength of angels.

3  Be you therefore wise and wary, and guard against deception; for there are many which would beguile, perchance to lead you away from God through clever speech and false logic; forging deep within your mind the yearning to accommodate, causing that you should abandon through small degrees, the knowledge of greater things, here an inch, there and inch, till you are left undone.

4  Watch therefore and stand on guard, and keep your treasures well; secure yourself with firm resolve, having your mind fixed on God and nothing less; withstanding with most calm demeanor the call to compromise, or to yield a little, or to negotiate away the things of greatest worth.

5  Know then that if you should yield before the lesser portion, to surrender yourself a little, then shall you prove yourself undone and most uncertain; having lost yourself for other’s sake by turning loose of God.

6  Beware therefore, the house of Christ, beware the house of Joseph; for they know not God or the ways of Heaven, being ignorant of the gnosis; being in their inward heart uncertain and afraid, while yet they boast and proudly speak of things they do not know.

7  For this I give you for your learning, that you might be preserved; be friendly and kind in all your speech, go happily upon the way; but resist with firmness and do not yield, neither seek to compromise: for what communion has light with darkness, or by what means shall wisdom and ignorance agree?

8  For the house of Christ is just a shadow and the Bible a dark illusion, each to each most strongly fashioned by men who knew not God; always babbling some foolish speech made of contradictions, foisting upon the minds of men one absurdity upon another, filling the world with hurtful dogmas which seem to have no end.

9  Be wise therefore and watch with care for those who would beguile, for the house of Christ is dark and subtle, having dressed itself in great traditions, to present itself as pure; but within the house move dark dominions which serve a hurtful master; for Jehovah would seek your utmost ruin to fill you with despair.

10  Beware of those who come to you with a Bible in their hands and a prayer upon their lips, seeking that you should pray with them and prove yourself as tolerant of the evil in their hands; beware I say, be most aware and do not give an inch.

11  Bow not your head before Jehovah, neither prove silent with those who would worship the Demiurge through fearful prayers, seeking thereby to draw you in for the sake of some agreement whereby you are made an accomplice to darkly hurtful schemes.

12  But stand you brightly calm and filled with kindness, speaking out that you decline, having decided for yourself to cleave to God the Father and the Mother, and not yield yourself to complications for the sake of some agreement.

13  Consider then the house of Joseph which would proclaim itself as most elect, having established both prophets and apostles which would make themselves as a barrier between God and man; yet are they just pretenders only, having in themselves no sacred knowledge, but illusions spun from lies.

14  Yet would they shout from the rooftops that they are the only true of everything, but in their hearts have they become as the scribes and Pharisees of old, having deceived themselves because of pride; presenting themselves before the world as an arrogant and self-righteous people in whom there can be found no wrong.

15  Beware then of such accusations as the house of Joseph would cast against you; for with haughtiness and condemnation would they accuse you, claiming that you have robbed them of so great a doctrine as eternal progression has become.

16  Yet of Hodos Alea they have no knowledge, neither would they dare to know; for those who sit in ignorance are fearful to understand lest they become undone; to find themselves a house of shadows, filled with great illusions.

17  For this I tell you for your learning, whereby you might have confidence before the false accuser; for an empty house cannot be robbed, neither can a hollow reed have substance; for in the absence of knowledge is nothing found.

18  Thus in the absence of knowledge is there found neither substance or value. For how can you rob another who possesses nothing but illusions only, or, how can others claim as treasure, that which they have thrown away and left unguarded?

19  Come now, my children, and hear this parable, and be you wise in knowing: for there was a certain boy which had a bag of marbles; and in the bag was there found a marble unlike all the rest, for it was large and pink and very pretty to look upon.

20  For the pink marble had passed from father to son, and then from father to son again for many generations, even until the boy came to possess it for himself; yet did the boy have in himself no understanding regarding its truer nature, for the fathers before him had no understanding to give.

21  Thus, into a bag of marbles the pink marble went; and the little boy was pleased to have it, for it was large and rare, possessing in itself a deep and pleasing luster, full of mystery.

22  Now on a certain day the little boy saw larger boys playing a game of marbles, and wanting to join in the game, the little boy went and showed to them his bag of marbles, requesting all the while that he be permitted to play and be included.

23  But when the larger boys saw inside the bag, they beheld the pink marble, and taking it out, they passed it among themselves to ridicule, saying: “What kind of marble would you bring among us? For this is pink and strange and most unworthy to be in play upon the field.”

24  And hearing this, the little boy protested, saying: “Surely you are mistaken. For this marble is exceedingly rare, having been given to me by my father, and all his fathers before him. Let me therefore play with you and you will see its value.”

25  Yet did all the older boys laugh to hear him, and so they did mock and ridicule the little boy; calling the pink marble a thing for girls and most unworthy; and with loud and taunting disdain they did shoo away the little boy, to fill his eyes with tears.

26  Yet did the little boy persist, day after day to petition the older boys to let him join with them to play; and day after day they refused him, saying: “Rid yourself of the pink marble and we will reconsider.”

27  Thus was the younger boy made disappointed and torn between desires, for on the one hand he desired to keep the pink marble which had passed from father to son, through many generations; while on the other hand he desired most of all to play with the older boys, to be found as someone worthy in their eyes.

28  Now as it so happened, the little boy was playing by himself in a park near his home, and as he played, he dropped his bag of marbles, and the bag did burst open to spill all his marbles upon the ground.

29  And seeing this, the little boy did rush to gather them all up to place in his bag; and he gathered into his possessions even all the marbles except one, and gazing at the pink marble which laid in the dust, he spoke to himself, saying:

30  “Of what value is this to me, what is its worth when compared to all the others in my purse? Why should I care if it be lost and gone forever? Will my father know that I have lost it, will he care? I will leave it here and go my way. For without this pink marble to trouble me, I shall be permitted to join the older boys in play.”

31  Thus spoke the little boy to himself, and rising up he left the pink marble in the dust, to be forgotten and unremembered; and immediately he went seeking the larger boys.

32  Now on the self-same day, at evening tide, there came to the park, a poor boy of lowly birth, greatly impoverished; and walking in the last rays of sunlight, he saw a flash of pink, shining from the ground ahead of him.

33  And going quickly to it, he saw the pink marble which had been left behind, and reaching down he seized it up with utter amazement, for its size and beauty were a wonder to him; and he spoke thusly to himself, saying:

34  “What a gift God has given! What a treasure in the dust I have found! Surely this is a pearl beyond price or measure. How can I be seen as poor with so great a treasure in my hand?”

35  Thus did one little boy let fall a marble, to lie forgotten in the dust; while yet another seized up a pearl to be a treasure throughout his life.

36  Consider now the house of Joseph, for into their keeping was there given a pearl beyond price or measure; yet of its value they had no knowledge or understanding, neither did their fathers before them.

37  Why then will you be troubled by those which have no claim? For it is knowledge only which grants possession. Seeing then that the house of Joseph claims neither knowledge nor understanding of Hodos Alea, why will you consider them, to harrow up the mind?

38  Prove yourself as one empowered, to stand as one who knows; having filled your mind with a wisdom born of God, having strengthened your own foundations through an understanding of eternal things; to be yourself most firmly fixed in the midst of every storm.

39  Let the ignorant boast and rage, and let the prideful strut, revealing themselves before the world as those who do pretend; for how can you prove yourself a great musician if you never play a note?

40  Fear not therefore such arguments as the house of Christ, or the house of Joseph might bring against you because of Hodos Alea, for it is in the struggle between light and shadow that we are mighty; and upon the battlefield of the soul does glory beckon from afar, singing out, through God’s own voice, that we should come and follow.

41  Set free then your mind from fear and be no longer troubled, and the chains will break asunder, and the prisons which hold you bound shall crumble in the dust; and in this freedom shall others find hope, to set themselves free of shadows, to come into the light.

42  For I have come to set you free, to dance within the light, to hear for yourself the song of God and fill your life with hope.