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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 28

“What shall be the end of Man, in the fullness of their time?” – Man will reach beyond this world – Do not fear the future – The sacred garden and temple of Ondi-Ahman – Elohim to convene at the end of the age – Establishing the Tabernacle of God’s Peace – One temple, many tabernacles – “Do not grieve when I must leave you, neither think yourself abandoned” – The Song of God and the Sanctuary of the home – God is first made manifest in the Sanctuary – “I am always with you in the living of your life”


1  What shall be the end of Man, in the fullness of their time? What will be within their power, in a future undetermined? Shall there come some Armageddon where blood like rivers flow? Does there wait some final judgment where hell consumes, in lakes of fire, the seed of God’s beginning?

2  Come now and let us reason, both you and I together, for I would not have you fearful of ages yet to come; but would instead reveal the dream where God and Man are one, for hope is the gift which I would give you, to fill your days with joy.

3  For in a future yet unmade shall Man reach beyond this world, to touch and know of strange new worlds within the starry deep; to find therein a place of life where Man might take dominion; to build and grow throughout the ages, an alliance among the stars.

4  Why then should you dread a future which God would happy give you? Why fear a future yet undreamed, a future filled with challenge? For future times call to the past, and dares you to fulfill; leading gently through the ages to take its life from you, to grow and blossom and stand full grown in a reality still to come.

5  So let us look with hopeful hearts, and never miss a step, but face with courage the years to come while holding on to God; facing down with minds made calm, the prophets of doom and dread, seeing beyond each present trouble that place where dreams await; waiting quietly far ahead, for us to come along.

6  Hear me now and I will tell you of what must come to be; accept in faith with all your heart and place your hand in mine, and we will change the world of Man, and forge a brighter future.

7  Where shall we start, both you and I, to shape a good tomorrow; where dreams do walk as mighty visions which touch the life of Man? In what place shall we begin? How make the dream come true?

8  Consider then an ancient promise given long ago, when Adam spoke of sacred gardens in a place called Ondi-Ahman; a sacred garden with a temple, where the Gods come forth to bless, and write within the sacred book the names of those exalted.

9  Seek therefore, to build the garden, a great and sacred place, which garden place even I would cause to be designated, and in the midst of the garden shall there be most well-constructed, a temple of great beauty, to be known forever after as the Temple of the Living Endowment.

10  And in this temple shall the Song of God take living form, to fill the eyes with wonder, forging through both form and music, a depth of vision which will inspire the mind with all the dreams of God.

11  And from generation to generation shall the children of men find peace and hope in the Gardens of Ondi-Ahman, and from the temple shall the knowledge of God go forth to cover even all the world, till the ending of the age.

12  For the end of Man shall not come with fire, neither shall Man most slowly fade; but the end of the age shall come with a shout, the sound of joy and wonder, for the Gods of Heaven shall descend from Xion, to stand upon the earth, and in the Gardens of Ondi-Ahman shall the children of men be gathered.

13  Thus shall there convene the Council of Elohim, being led by Azraella, and beside him shall there stand the Daughter which he loves; and in that day shall every man and every woman receive their own inheritance, to ascend again to God;

14  Each and all most well endowed, each and all most blessed, to receive from God the fulfillment of every promise, rich with great reward.

15  And for twelve full days shall the Heavens convene, to stand before the temple, and on the morning of the thirteenth day, at the rising of the sun shall the temple and all its gardens be whisked away to dwell in glory upon the seventh moon which moves around Mahaliel; and around this temple and all its gardens shall there be built a great and mighty city, the first of Seven Steps.

16  This shall be the end of times, this and nothing less, when Heaven and earth but fair embrace, to see in each fulfillment; the day when Man and God are one within the great eternal.

17  Consider now this present moment, this age in which you live, for it is expedient that we establish among the faithful, the Tabernacle of God’s Peace, to be in each community a beacon of light and hope.

18  Thus in each community shall there be fashioned, a garden of exquisite beauty, and this garden shall be called: The Gardens of Shem Torath; and in the center place shall there be built a tabernacle where even all believers might be gathered into one, to take to themselves both healing and instruction regarding the things of God.

19  Thus is there given unto this world just one temple only, to be found in the Gardens of Ondi-Ahman; while of the Tabernacle of God’s Peace there shall be many, each one found within a garden, called the Gardens of Shem Torath.

20  Take heart therefore, and do not fear tomorrow, but attend with all diligence the present moment in which you live; let the dreams of God guide all your labors, planting in each present moment the seeds of what shall be; and day by day shall you draw all future Man to the Gardens of Ondi-Ahman, to see for themselves the very Gods of Heaven.

21  So do not grieve when I must leave you, neither think yourself abandoned, for I must go before you, to prepare for you a place of glory;

22  Yet in my absence shall I be with you, to be for you a guiding star which brightly goes before, leading quietly through the years till you come home to me.

23  And in this song which God would sing shall you always feel my presence, speaking softly in your mind this dream which comes from God; always seeking to touch your heart, to give to you the keys, keys of wisdom which would reveal the treasures in your soul.

24  Thus in the Song of God shall you always find me, and in another also; for in the Sanctuary of your home shall I come and there abide, if it so be that the Sanctuary be made most holy. For the holiest place in all the world is the Sanctuary of the home, and this do you alone create.

25  For in your hand is found a power: to create on earth a bit of Heaven where God might be revealed, a place within your very home where the holy and sacred meet, to bind on earth the things of God through the living of your life.

26  Build therefore a Sanctuary in your home, to be for you and all your house a Holy of Holies, having in itself both the altar and mercy seat, and let this prove the sacred place where you and God confer through the moving of the Spirit.

27  For all that is holy and come from God is first made manifest in the Sanctuary of the home, and from there shall the Spirit of God move into the life of the family, which Spirit is carried into the Tabernacle of God’s Peace to bless the community in which you live.

28  Let then the Sanctuary of your home be that very fount from which all good things do flow forth into the world; flowing from the life you live to touch and empower both the Tabernacle and Temple together, creating within the garden places, the hush of sacred things filled with joy and hope and peace.

29  Come now and sit you by and rest your mind in me, and even I will whisper into your heart a wonder filled with glory; and in the telling and the hearing shall you become enlightened; to prove yourself in the doing as one who stands empowered.

30  Know you then and do not doubt, for I am always with you in the living of your life; to build in you the sacred fire of all God’s wisdom, to inspire in you the touch of holy things.

31  Between you and me are no ‘good-byes’, for I shall go before you to light the distant dawn; to make for you a happy home among the stars of God; so come along and do not linger, but take a lively step; and day by day we’ll live this Song which God would happy sing, till you and I are one forever in a Heaven far away.