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Pronunciation:  dzhah-HO-vuh + YAH-way

Occurrences:  245

First Reference:  Yeshua 52:36


And unto this did Yeshua add the truth of dread Jehovah, being himself a Demiurge of wrath and fearful judgment; having himself, since ancient times, corrupted the teachings which came from Heaven; to make himself through great perversions, the god of priests and prophets.



See:  Demiurge, Yaldabaoth


Summary:  Jehovah-Yahweh was the first of ten emanations brought forth by the Chief Demiurge, Yaldabaoth. The name Jehovah-Yahweh translated from the language of the Demiurge means: “Great Pretender and Blasphemer” (E:1:8). He is also referred to by Sophiel as “Shecklas”, the “Father of Ignorance and vain deceit, [and] the Blinded One which fear and hate have filled with strong delusion” (E:7:19). While Jehovah-Yahweh is neither God nor creator of this world, he has made efforts to established himself as such through corrupt and distorted religious teachings and traditions.


The oldest and most powerful of the dark princes, Jehovah-Yahweh is a cruel and vicious entity, always seeking some means to increase his power and influence, even to the extent of destroying his father (1:4:34). Since the rise of modern humans, Jehovah-Yahweh has worked through wrathful threats and sly corruptions (E:7:38-47), to establish himself as god and creator of this world, seeking to cast into fear and servitude those who would be compelled or seduced through dark emotions and bitter thoughts. More esoteric interpretations of Jehovah-Yahweh may establish him as a symbol or archetype of the human ego or ignorance.




In accordance with the intentions of The One, Yaldabaoth was subtly compelled not only to fashion a son (Jehovah-Yahweh), but also to leave the realms of Heaven and relocate to a time and place not created by God. The designated domain for Yaldabaoth and the Demiurge is referred to as the “cosmos of the First Creation” or the “First Cosmos” (6:1:31-32). Yaldabaoth, with son in tow, was conveniently successful in his efforts to discover not only this unique cosmos, but also a most special planet known as the “world of the First Power”—the birthplace of the first human to develop soul. The world of the First Power is identified as this very earth whereupon we currently dwell.


Having traveled back in time, the Demiurgos intended to identify the species from which God first evolved and establish dominion over them. In addition, Yaldabaoth hoped to find the very individual that evolved to become the First God and subvert his will, thereby destroying the present realms of Heaven by changing the far distant past (1:4:35; 1:6:37-42; 1:8:13-15). This plan, however, was based in a faulty understanding of timeline dynamics, for (according to teachings of the author (source needed)) when the Demiurge began meddling in the First Cosmos, an alternate timeline (or perhaps a new fractal) was created, that existed separate from (?) and unique to the original time/space continuum. Whether or not this detail remains unknown to the Demiurgos, the agenda of Jehovah-Yahweh has not changed from the onset: establish dominion over all living things and maintain a fearful control over humankind.


Upon discovering the world of the First Power, Yaldabaoth commanded Jehovah-Yahweh to establish dominion throughout the earth. Filled with hatred against all humankind, Jehovah-Yahweh has since worked to subject all of life to the rule of fear, pretending himself to stand as god and creator, filled with wrath and indignation (6:3:12). Jehovah’s self-proclaimed godhood was contested when Shaemdiel and his lineage suddenly arrived in the world of the First Power. When first meeting the Fallen host, Jehovah gave to Shaemdiel the name ‘Lucifer’ (E:10:32-35), and demanded servitude of the former Chief Archon and his lineage. For millennia, Jehovah-Yahweh and the Fallen battled over dominion on the world of the First Power and the worship of evolutionary humans. Unbeknownst to both Shaemdiel and Jehovah-Yahweh, the two were serving the greater agendas of both Yaldabaoth and The One. If not for the influence of Yaldabaoth and Lucifer, Jehovah-Yahweh would likely have destroyed all of humankind (1:4:33-36).



Nature of Jehovah-Yahweh and the Demiurge

All Demiurgos are parasitical in nature. While they can create things within the confines of that which defines their species (6:1:46), they are more likely to destroy (E:1:17) or attempt to take control of that which has already been created (1:11:18-19, 39). Jehovah-Yahweh has evolved to possess command over nineteen dimensions, compared to the twelve dimensions controlled by the Arch-Angels of the Celestial Kingdom (5:13:57).


Little is known about the physical attributes of Jehovah. According to literal interpretations of scripture, Jehovah-Yahweh’s presence is announced by “a cold and chilling mist, and a dark and loathsome vapor which does hover above the ground, being girded on every side by a great and rushing wind” (E:7:9). At the onset of the confrontation between Azrael and Jehovah, the Demiurge is described as having “a dark and loathsome form”, having in his eyes “a red and piercing flame” (1:12:34; 2:1:13). During the confrontation with Mahaleenah, Jehovah’s presence is described as a cloud of fire and darkness, billowing forth from out of the waters of the sea to block out the light of the sun (6:6:50-60).


While there seems to be limitations to how Jehovah can manifest his power, his influence arises from multi-dimensional powers, dominions and principalities that are perhaps, supra-physical, non-local, subconscious, and beyond our present abilities to define. Scripture indicates Jehovah’s influence can range from the exploitation of base emotions to that of large-scale manipulation of the earth’s natural elements and cosmic objects like asteroids and meteorites (E:1:56-60; 2:1:44-51; 6:5:53). There are several references to Jehovah establishing threats among primitive humans (E:7:30; E:11:28-29). How such threats were communicated is unknown.


According to scripture, Jehovah is capable of perverting and corrupting gnosis through ego-driven individuals, which corruptions have manifested in religious scripture and teachings throughout the world (1:11:43-49; 1:12:17-18; 2:11:16-25). Jehovah-Yahweh has created (or emanated) dark minions to help him in fighting against the Light (6:1:46), “being in their likeness reflected by such traditions as would retard the step in going forth, speaking out through false teachers and false scriptures the doctrine of the Demiurge” (6:1:54).





• desires most earnestly the fear and worship of all humankind      1:11:39

• fears most violently the coming together of men and women      2:5:32

• cannot create anew the things which he destroys        1:11:18-19, 39

• “that little god of hate and fear”          2:4:7

• “that Dread Lord before whom all religion is made to bow”       2:1:11

• has created and commands a host of lesser demons/emanations (see: Kezan, Douds, Anchillicus)     6:1:46

• is jealous, wrathful, vengeful, hateful—filled with fear, loathing, malice, indignation, cruelty, cunning, judgment—reflected through teachings and traditions of violence, despair, division, shame, fear, hostility, pride, and self-denial



Significant Chapters


Enlightenment 6                      Jehovah establishes dominion in the world of the First Power

Enlightenment 7                      Sophiel confronts Jehovah-Yahweh

Enlightenment 11                    Lucifer challenges Jehovah-Yahweh

1st Endowment 11                   Jehovah-Yahweh confronts Adam and Eve

1st Endowment 12                   The One discusses the agenda of the Demiurge

2nd Endowment  (All)               Azraella Ahgendai stands before Jehovah and puts forth a defense of humankind

6th Endowment 6:50—7:1-44    Mahaleenah defends the daughters of Shaemdiel against Jehovah-Yahweh



Other Designations for Jehovah-Yahweh


Great Pretender / Blasphemer  (3 / 4)                     E:1:8                2:11:36        5:17:55          E:10:28

Dread Lord / dread Lord  (5)                                   2:1:11, 55         2:9:21          E:11:32, 42

Shecklas  (2)                                  E:7:19-21

Father of Ignorance  (1)                 E:7:19

Blinded One  (1)                             E:7:19

father of lies  (2)                             B:13:16            B:27:57



Doctrines, Corruptions & Manifestations of Jehovah-Yahweh


• celibacy, sex for procreation only      2:3:16-31, 44-52       2:4:3-20

• subjugation and oppression of women, misogyny, polygamy      E:7:48-53         E:13:26       1:11:6-16         2:3:16-31, 44-52          2:10:24

• doctrine of original sin (natural man inherently evil)       1:11:6-16         2:2:1-4

• homophobia         2:4:3-20

• dark, toxic traditions            6:1:54              W:27:9

• blood sacrifice       B:14:32-39

• distorted scripture / religious doctrines     1:2:26       1:11:39-50       1:12:17-18       2:11:16-25       6:1:44-45

• single life doctrine       2:9:15-44

• doctrine of judgment and eternal hell     2:11:1-9     

• priestcraft         B:14:32-39       1:11:40-50       1:12:17-18       2:11:16-25        6:1:44-45

• burdens of fear, guilt, shame, despair      1:11:6-16, 40-50         2:11:16-27        6:1:45-47

• ways of war, destruction and death of enemies       2:10:9-20     




Chronological Review of Significant Events Involving Jehovah-Yahweh


Birth of Jehovah-Yahweh        E:1:4-8       1:6:13-23       5:17:51-65        6:1:42

The birth of Jehovah-Yahweh occurred sometime after the conclusion of Yaldabaoth’s first attack against the realms of Heaven. It was during his confrontation with the Azraella that Yaldabaoth first considered the possibility of creating a dark army to assist him in destroying Heaven (5:17:29-33). Having recovered from battling the Azraella, Yaldabaoth set about creating from his own soul, a shadow of himself, a dark emanation that was the first of its kind. Moments after his birth, the seedling child attacked his father. However, the mighty and dreadful Yaldabaoth violently subdued the child with ease and quickly established a ‘grudging obeisance’ from his son, whom he named: Jehovah-Yahweh (E:1:7-8; 5:17:51-65).



Demiurgos establish dominion in the First Cosmos and world of the First Power

E:1:56-60         E:6:1-35            1:2:15-17          1:7:30-44          6:4:3-4           6:1:42-49 (overview)


Acting upon the subtle influence of the Azraella, Yaldabaoth and Jehovah-Yahweh travel back through time and space to the regions of the First Cosmos, intent on finding the beginning birthplace of God. Discovering the world of the First Power, Yaldabaoth commands his son to establish dominion over the earth and all living things. As a note of interest, it was Jehovah-Yahweh who first initiated ‘god-thought’ among primitive humans (1:10:9-10).



Jehovah-Yahweh is confronted by Sophiel      E:7:1-56      

The Council of Elohim commissions Sophiel, of the House of El Shaloah, to establish a pathway to the world of the First Power. Finding the world of First Man under the harsh dominion of Jehovah-Yahweh, she confronts the Demiurge and withstands his violent attacks. Before ascending to the realms of the Elohim, Sophiel heals the earth and proclaims the promise “that God had set forth his seal upon the children of men” (E:7:32-35). An envious Jehovah goes throughout the earth seeking to reinforce his supremacy over the children of men, establishing a heavy servility from all, raging against all of mankind with a renewed hatred for women (E:7:47-53).



Shaemdiel and the Fallen are evicted from Heaven to the cosmos of the First Creation       E:10:1-40

Once arriving in the First Cosmos, the former Chief Archon and his lineage are soon subjected to the ominous reign of the Demiurge. Jehovah-Yahweh meets the Fallen angels and gives Shaemdiel the name ‘Lucifer’ (E:10:24-35).



Jehovah-Yahweh vs Shaemdiel conflict intensifies; battle ensues for dominion over First Man

E:7:41-43        E:11:28-53         E:12:45-46        E:13:1-8        6:3:2        6:4:3-34, 55        6:5:38-56


Jehovah-Yahweh struggles to maintain his dominance among the native evolutionary humans as Shaemdiel and his lineage work to establish their own dispensation among First Man. The conflict erupts into battle between Jehovah and the Fallen, but Yaldabaoth eventually grows weary of the squabble and establishes a troubled truce (6:5:44-56).



Jehovah-Yahweh threatens the daughters of Shaemdiel, but Mahaleenah comes to their rescue

6:6:47-61 — 6:7:1-45


Intent on establishing his dominance over the women, Jehovah-Yahweh demands obeisance. When Shaemdiel’s daughters refuse, Jehovah becomes more aggressive. Secretly observing from the hidden folds of time, Mahaleenah descends to confront Jehovah-Yahweh and defend the helpless daughters. Once again, the demiurge is made to acquiesce to the powers of the divine feminine.



Jehovah-Yahweh confronts Adam and Eve after they initiate the first dispensation



Infuriated by Adam and Eve in their efforts to uplift evolutionary humans and empower women, Jehovah-Yahweh confronts the beloved couple, demanding fealty and shame for their naked state. Adam and Eve withstand the fury of Jehovah and announce their intent to battle the Demiurge on behalf of the children of men.



Jehovah-Yahweh commands a massive dark army during the Second War against Heaven

6th Endowment 96th Endowment 13


During the Second War, Jehovah-Yahweh played a significant role in leading his dark legions against Mahaleenah and the hosts of Heaven at the battle of Gilliahmas.






“We do not believe in Jehovah. We do however, accept that the biblical Jehovah is a demiurge, an evil monster who would present himself as God in order to confuse mankind with regard to what is truly right and wrong.”

Basic Beliefs: What True Gnostics Do Not Believe – #7


But in the world of the First Creation did Jehovah-Yahweh rule harshly, boasting always in the midst of his pride, and in the exercise of his power did he establish dominion over all the earth.

Evensomuch that the fish in the sea, and the birds of the air, and the animals which moved upon the land did seek to devour one another.

For in strength only, and in war, and in death did Jehovah-Yahweh take great delight; for against all living things did he constantly revile, being filled with loathing and reproach;

Ever moving upon the land in the midst of his power, lashing with unalterable fury the earth, and sea, and sky; and all which lived, in madness turned, and with great ferocity did consume one another in the midst of their torment.

Enlightenment 6:1-4


Yet are the religions of man filled with great confusions born of fear, having been perverted through the many minions of Jehovah, who in the name of many gods did mislead and misdirect the children which were born of God, being themselves most anxious to steal away the children that we love.

By this means did Jehovah place before the minds of men, the teachings of lesser men which were not of God, but which sought instead to appease their dreadful master lest they themselves should perish in a hell of their devising.

7th Endowment 2:58-59


“I am god, and beside me there is no other! If you are Man, then bow before me, for I alone am both creator and destroyer of all living things. Bend therefore the knee in humble reverence and I shall let you live!”

2nd Endowment 1:22


15. Hear then and be you wise, cease yourself from such foolish prattling as would fill the heart with dark delusions; for I will tell you truly the nature of that god which all men fear most greatly; to break in pieces the soul of man, crushing through most dreadful threats the will and mind together.

16. For even I am god and beside me there is no other found; neither will I permit that any should prove my equal; for I alone am the creator and destroyer of all living things, holding in my awful sway the seeds of wrath and sure destruction.

17. Let therefore even every man be guarded round about to obey me always, and seek not after the ways of another; for there is found in my hand both judgment and death, which thing no man can by any means escape.

18. Thus for the sake of man did I give forth a multitude of laws and commandments whereby I might weigh down the pride of man, to save him from destruction;

19. Being ever hopeful that I might fill the mind of man with servitude and bondage; that being constrained through endless guilt, he might give obeisance unto me.

20. For in the religions of man have I set forth that mindless form which would make most dull and weary the soul of man, to preserve him from such folly as would make havoc the whole of all his life.

21. By such means would I compel all men to seek after me in fear and trembling; giving forth to their good all manner of ritual and blind formality; binding down through the dogmas and precepts of men, the soul within; lest man think to rise above me, deceiving their own selves.

22. For man is a loathsome and despicable creature, being in his nature both crass and vulgar, being pushed and goaded by passion and pride into sin and degradation; being deceived and most constantly led about by foolish dreams and yearnings, even to his own destruction.

23. Yet from the greatness of my power would I take pity upon the sons of men, to draw from the midst of them those that would serve me always, being in themselves ever grateful and filled with delight to escape such torments as I have prepared for the wicked.

24. Thus would I, by some strong and vengeful nature, deliver man from judgment and death; establishing for his good such religions as would constrain a man to seek the favor of my hand through a constant and servile repentance.

25. For even in such scriptures as men would cherish have I placed most subtly, the shadow of my likeness; causing all who believe therein to tremble and shake within the soul, to fill them with fear and deep foreboding.

26. These then are the means which would make a god worthy of consideration and worship; for that which men do fear the most, even this would they seek to appease through reverence and prayer;

27. That through such sacrifices as they would give forth unto me while in this life, they might make sure the way of escape in the life to come.

2nd Endowment 11:15-27


40. And [Jehovah-Yahweh] spoke unto Adam, saying: “Let it be agreed between us then. Yet be not deceived, for there is a power greater than all your goodness.

41. For wheresoever you sow forth light, I shall sow forth darkness; where you would bring hope, I shall bring despair; where you would establish joy, I will plant deep in the heart of man a great and dreadful fear; and what you build in love, I shall lay waste through hate and malice.

42. For I know full well already the workings of those dispensations which you would establish in the world of man; being made aware most fully through the words of that Lucifer which fell from the very midst of you.

43. Know therefore that all those which you would send forth unto the children of men will I search out to destroy; for even I will call forth a great many false prophets and priests of my own design, and these will I cause to persecute and kill all those who would bring forth the light;

44. Corrupting through some sly deceit and subtle word, the words of that God whom I know not of; mocking and jesting with fearsome ridicule all those who would seek to follow.

45. For through the mouth of my servants will I speak most harshly of sin and death, binding upon the minds of all which hear, a dreadful expectation concerning the wrath and judgment to come, being of themselves consumed in torment forever and ever.

46. And all those who would seek the greater Light will I cause to be persecuted and chased about, even till they are made weary of you and they will curse you forever, being made to seem foolish in the eyes of all men.

47. And I shall bind the souls of men in guilt and shame, that in themselves there might exist all manner of contempt and dread, making dark and fearful the heart within;

48. Binding and constraining with all manner of doctrine, the hope of glory and exaltation in the kingdom of God; filling the minds of men with an ever increasing scorn against themselves whereby they might make small the seed of greatness.

49. By such means will I frustrate forever the hope of light and glory; making great in every man and in every woman the fear of that god who awaits them after death.”

50. Such were the words of Jehovah-Yahweh, and the Demiurge did laugh out loud with a dreadful hiss, and he spoke again, saying: “It is agreed between us. Let us see then which is greater: love or hate, joy or fear.”

2nd Endowment 11:40-50