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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 4

The One speaks:Fear not the evil of yonder world” – Goodness is made manifest by the presence of darkness – Celestial beings and the capacity to do both good and evil – Consequences of perfection – Slight but happy imperfections found in all celestial beings – The effects of Shaemdiel’s fall: Gods were made to cleave unto the good – A hidden designs revealed behind the fall of Shaemdiel and rise of the Demiurge – Shaemdiel, Jehovah-Yahweh, and the world of the First Power – Yaldabaoth believes in Shaemdiel, but errs concerning his nature – An undefeatable design


1  And The One, being filled with all gentle grace and wisdom, did reach out to surround me with tender embrace, and in a voice made compassionate and wise he spoke unto me, saying:

2  “Fear not, my son, the evil of yonder world, neither be dismayed at those hardships which would press you round about on every side; for such trials as you are made to endure have I ordained that you may be made strong for the sake of many children.

3  That they, seeing in you so firm a resolve regarding the things of God, might find hope in the midst of despair; for you have I set as a light in the darkness, that all who would look upon you to follow after, even they should find to their greater joy the very presence of God.

4  Consider, therefore, my son, the goodness of all who would dwell in this greater Light; look you all around and clearly see, for I would make known in you still some greater mystery; for the goodness of all our assembly have I made manifest by the presence of some darker shade, for the holiness of all our worlds would I make rich in joy and subtlety.

5  For even in this glory of the greater Light would you find still that darker shade, for it is necessary that the capacity to do evil exists in all the Lords and Gods of the greater Light, though it be seldom seen; for this cause alone did Shaemdiel fall from the midst of us.

6  For I have determined for the good of all, that this capacity must exist in all celestial beings; for it is the continual victory of good over evil that makes alive the whole of all our glory; for this singular cause have I determined for all our sakes that the victory and the glory of this greater Light be made real and not filled with hollow pretenses.

7  Upon this truth is the whole of our agency made sure whereby we can redeem the whole of our creations; placing before the eyes of all who see, the light which never fades and the glory which never dulls or passes away.

8  Come, my son, and in my wisdom some confidence take; for I would have you know that this capacity to do good and evil have the Lords and Gods established for the sake of all their lineage; finding therein that gentle grace which would give hope and comfort unto all those who would live the mortal life.

9  Consider, therefore, the consequences if the Lords and Gods of this greater Light were made incapable of doing evil, being made all perfect within and without; for if this were so, then would there cease to be any degree of compassion, or mercy, or forgiveness of any who should be overcome by the lesser portion.

10  And all which fall by way of some sin, be it great or small, would find in the Gods of glory no degree of understanding, being made incapable by way of perfection.

11  For this cause has it been decreed that unto all celestial beings should there be found some small vice, a slight but happy imperfection, harmless yet delightful to the senses.

12  For among the Gods is it rightly known that such small imperfections give birth to a greater wisdom regarding the issues of that mortal life wherein the children of God are made to live; and there springs up in the bosom of all a tender affection filled with wisdom and compassion and mercy.

13  For the Gods know full well that in the living of the mortal life is there found a time when kindness is greater than judgment, when compassion is more to be sought than piety;

14  This profound yet subtle wisdom do all the Lords and Gods of this greater Light tender gently among themselves whereby holiness is made altogether happy and filled with delight.

15  Let us consider, therefore, the fall of Shaemdiel; for the evil which he would do caused many Gods to cleave more strongly unto the good whereby they might not fall into the paths of darkness.

16  See then, my son, how the fall of Shaemdiel made it possible that others should not fall; for seeing the darkening gloom which fell upon Shaemdiel caused that they should seek refuge in the light of their glory, wherein they arose of one accord, to withstand the dark and troubled musings of Shaemdiel.

17  And when it came about that Shaemdiel would take by force the seed of his lineage from the very Keep, to make uncertain Hodos Alea, then did the hosts of Heaven rise up in their majesty, being girded round about by all manner of goodness and they did withstand him boldly to the face, and would not abide any longer the doing of evil in the kingdom of God.

18  Thus, on the plains of Kuristan, near the city of Mitanni, did all Heaven rise up with a holy zeal to frustrate the whole of Shaemdiel’s design; and Shaemdiel was cast from the heavenly place and unto the world beyond all beginnings was he made to dwell.

19  Consider therefore, my son, the means by which the Gods of glory were made to cleave unto the good and rebuke the evil of Shaemdiel’s doing altogether; for you know yourself how that in the kingdoms of the greater Light are all celestial beings made to dwell in harmony through the powers of the Tael.

20  For Shaemdiel in the midst of his dark musings did touch upon the minds of all those who dwelt in the kingdom of God, causing that even they should feel in their souls the realness of that darker shade.

21  And although it is given that even all the Lords and Gods of this greater Light should be capable in themselves to do evil, yet because of Shaemdiel did they cleave only to the good that was in them, while for Shaemdiel they were filled with compassion and a great resolve.

22  For when Shaemdiel was cast from the heavenly place, they did set about quickly to secure those means by which they might redeem him, to rescue him from evil and to set him again among the heavenly hosts.

23  But behind the turning of Shaemdiel unto evil was there still another turning; behind the designs of Shaemdiel’s hand was there still some greater design, for I alone caused that Shaemdiel should fall, that he should be cast unto that world which first gave rise to me.

24  Come, my son, and give to me a ready ear, and I will reveal in you the working of my will; for this Yaldabaoth which leaped forth from out of the Abyss did I, alone, bring forth.

25  For as he leaped forth from out of the darkness, I caused that he should see in the distance the glimmering lights of Olaha Shinehah; and being drawn unto the bosom of all my glory, I caused that he should sit himself down to wait beside that Chasm which separated the lesser light from the greater.

26  And reaching into the depths of my soul, I caused that Shaemdiel should go seeking; and going across the Chasm which separated the greater from the lesser portion, he beheld the dark and brooding presence of Yaldabaoth.

27  Thus, by my subtle design did I draw together both Shaemdiel and Yaldabaoth, and the Lord of Darkness did seduce the Son of the Morning Light through a sly and cunning speech filled with all manner of sophistry, which thing caused that there should be war in the kingdoms of the greater Light.

28  And Yaldabaoth, seeing for himself that there was no place for him in the creations which I had made, was filled with satisfaction concerning that mischief which he had placed deep in the heart of God.

29  And going into the distant regions of forever, he came at last to the world which lay hidden beyond all beginnings; and there did Yaldabaoth establish his dark dominions, bending to his frightful purpose the whole of that First Creation.

30  Consider now the subtlety by which I would bring into some greater glory the whole of all our creations; for Shaemdiel did war against the heavenly hosts whereby he might change forever Hodos Alea, and in his fall was he cast unto that region where the Demiurge rule.

31  And seeing for himself the fall of Shaemdiel and his angels, Yaldabaoth leaped for joy at the sight of him; for he supposes still that he can, by some deep and crafty means, cause to fall the whole of all our glory through the collusion of many fallen.

32  And he took as ally this very Shaemdiel, placing in his hands the powers, dominions, and principalities of that world which first gave birth to me; and he set beside Shaemdiel in equal sway Jehovah-Yahweh, believing as he might that together would they hold in constant check the ambitions of each the other.

33  For Yaldabaoth perceived rightly the cruel and cunning deceit of that son which he caused to leap from the very soul of him; for Jehovah-Yahweh, being filled with a continual malice against the whole of First Man, would seek constantly for that means by which he might destroy the seed of my beginnings.

34  For this Jehovah-Yahweh would be, himself, the only god above every other; evensomuch that when he has accomplished for himself the death of man, then would he turn himself against his own father also, that in the defeat and passing away of Yaldabaoth would he alone be Chief Demiurgos.

35  Yet would Yaldabaoth frustrate the Demiurge in the fulfillment of his dark intent, for Yaldabaoth has still some greater design for the birthseed of God; for even he would seek to find therein the one from which the whole of my estate was brought forth.

36  Thus would Yaldabaoth set against Jehovah-Yahweh this very Shaemdiel; believing rightly that the Fallen One would equally match cunning for cunning in the workings of the Demiurge.

37  For Yaldabaoth has supposed that he can turn to his advantage the heart and mind of Shaemdiel; for in the Fallen One can he discern neither deceit nor guile, believing fully within himself that Shaemdiel can be enticed to do evil continually against the Lords and Gods of Elohim.

38  Yet in this thing has Yaldabaoth gravely erred, not knowing the nature of which Shaemdiel is made; for there is a goodness in the heart of Shaemdiel which even the angels cannot escape.

39  And though Shaemdiel believed fully within himself that he has set hard his heart against us, yet is he made already within to bring to pass the subtleties of my will concerning that world which lies beyond all beginnings.

40  For through the eyes of Shaemdiel are we made to see continually the workings of the Demiurge, that in this epiphenomenon of good and evil there might arise the beginning of many new souls, which thing would cause to be added glory upon glory, even worlds without end.

41  Therefore, my son, fear not the evil which would press hard against the dispensations of God; for there is no evil which can by any means frustrate the whole of my design.”