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Chapter 3

The Mighty One in mortal form – The One and Azrael – The One speaks concerning Azrael – Azrael speaks to The One: Jeruel establishes terms of adoption – Faithful will receive a full increase of glory – Azrael enters the war between good and evil – Seth is born – Adam and Eve leave the Earth, people become divided – The Sethian Empire is established – The Twelve cities of Seth – The ascension of Seth – The kingdom of Seth begins to perish – Enoch and Zion the Beautiful – Evil of yonder world far greater than other worlds – Gabriel descends as Noah; nurtured by Methuselah – Raphael comes as Moses; taught by Jethro – Children of Israel prove unworthy of higher laws – Uriel comes as Isaiah the prophet and is killed – Words of Isaiah corrupted – The days of Yeshua – The true teachings of Yeshua are restored – Opposition and the days of Ariel


1  There midst the gathering of many lights did the word go forth, and Galendriel the Beautiful taking me by the hand, walked forth unto Ahman, and together did they cause me to stand before the brightness of The One.

2  And there fell upon the Councils of the Seven Lights a great hush filled with awe; for they beheld the Mighty One in mortal form, even as a man and all which saw did smile.

3  And the Light within the light grew brighter still, and the voice of The One spoke most gently and serene, saying: “From me to thee, O Azrael, I give most holy greetings.”

4  And there leaped out from the Light, fingers of light, bright and radiant, and they did caress me about on every side; and the whole assembly of Lords many and Gods many did bow in holy reverence before the Mighty One of God.

5  Then did the voice of The One speak clearly unto the whole assembly, saying: “You Lords and Gods of the greater Light, stand firm and listen, that you may hear the words of that likeness which I have drawn from the bosom of my soul.

6  That you may see in so small a frame, the promise of still some greater thing; for you know yourselves that small things, if they have vision enough, give birth to far greater things; for I tell you truly that the fullness of all our glory did find birth in the shadow of my likeness, even this Mighty One which you see now before you.

7  And though he seem but small and frail, yet is there found in him a great and unyielding resolve which no power, or dominion, or even principality can turn; for in this one, alone, is there found the very seed which first gave rise to thee.

8  For this greater mystery have you well perceived, that the beginning of The One has the likeness touched, that the work of First Man might he dress round about in glory.”

9  These, therefore, are the words which The One spoke unto the whole of Heaven gathered there, and The One spoke from the midst of the light, saying:

10  “Speak now, my son, and I will hear; tell me of that world which lies beyond all beginning; for you have I set upon the earth whereby you might make right again the designs of all my heart.

11  How fares that world from which I came, seeing that I have set before the inhabitants thereof this epiphenomenon of good and evil? For I determined rightly that you should be as one of them, to live your life; that knowing fully for yourself the issues of that life which presses hard against them, you might set before them the hope of some greater glory.”

12  So spoke the voice of The One, and I did bow in reverence before the fullness of his glory; and gathering a great resolve, I spoke unto The One, saying:

13  “Most Holy Father, hear now and consider deeply the words which I would speak, for in the beginning did the very Elohim come forth unto me in the Keep, and by some noble persuasion did petition that even I might go forth unto the world of your beginning.

14  And knowing full well the conditions to be encountered, I went unto Jeruel to establish terms upon my adoption by this Ahman of all Elohim.

15  For I did determine rightly that in the days of my dispensation upon that distant world, even I would take to assist, those children of my soul which did serve as the angels of God; trusting that if they should prove faithful in the hearing and doing of all my word, then would they receive unto themselves a full increase of glory and honor in the kingdoms of the greater Light.

16  And placing the whole of my lineage under the most holy of covenants, I went forth unto the world of First Man whereby I might assist in planting those hidden seeds of glory throughout all the dispensations appointed.

17  Thus, when it was decided that I should go forth unto the earth to establish the fullness of my dispensations, even I did leap forth into the shadow with all joy and gladness; being all ready with great delight to engage in the war between good and evil, for I was filled with a great and unyielding resolve, being trimmed on every side for battle.

18  What then can I say which would make fully known that great evil which haunts and disturbs the children of men upon yonder world; for from the very first of many dispensations did the darkness press against us.

19  For in that day when Michael came forth as Adam upon the earth, there came Lucifer to disturb; and Cain, taking hold of his dark counsel, did rise up and kill his brother Abel.

20  Which thing caused the whole of Heaven to gasp in disbelief, filling the heart of Adam and Eve with the greatest of sorrows; and when it was decided what thing should be done, the Elohim did petition that I should go forth unto the earth to comfort and make right again the first dispensation.

21  And in the day appointed Eve took seed of her Beloved, and did give birth unto Seth; and in the days of my youth did I bring joy to the troubled soul, filling the heart of Eve with laughter and delight, and giving unto Adam a ready counsel in the ways of God.

22  Now it came about that in the time appointed, Adam and Eve left the earth to ascend again unto Heaven; and gathering the whole of their descendants I caused that there should be a great division among them.

23  For those who would seek some mastery over the children of men did proclaim that Cain should lead them; while yet all those who would continue in the ways of God did petition that I should watch over them to give them counsel; and Cain went east and I went west.

24  And going into the regions of the Nile, I established the people in a land of their own, teaching unto them the ways of peace and joy; and the children of light did dance and sing throughout the labors of the day, taking such joys as might lift the heavy burdens which pressed hard upon us from every side.

25  And the descendants of Adam increased from generation to generation, and I did cause that there should be built the twelve cities of Seth, and there was made to dwell upon the world of First Man a kingdom of joy and peace.

26  For throughout the lands of Seth could there be found no king to rule, for the people of the kingdom had established themselves in the priesthood of God, being both Patriarchs and Matriarchs unto all the children of men; for in each city did the quorums preside in holiness and joy, seeking through some greater wisdom the power which would make rich the life of every man and woman.

27  And on a certain day when I was old and bent with age, I did gather the quorums before me to bid farewell, believing in my soul that I had set right the first dispensation of God; and leaving the multitudes, I ascended a high mountain and parting the veil, I stepped forth into the very bosom of God.

28  Yet on my leaving did the evil press hard against the kingdom of Seth through subtlety and sly deceit, even until the children of light were seduced and led astray by songs of war and empire, and in the passing of the years did the kingdom perish little by little midst bitter tears and weeping.

29  But notwithstanding so great a sorrow, the Spirit of God did reach out among the desolate to call forth that remnant which still clung to the priesthood of God, and these did we cause to rise up and go eastward unto Enoch.

30  And Enoch built a city, even Zion the Beautiful, and for a season it did prosper greatly upon the land; yet did evil rush forth quickly to destroy, evensomuch that God did descend to save his people, and Zion fled the earth unto glory and was no more.

31  Such was the strength and presence of evil in the world of your beginnings, Most Holy Father. That throughout each succeeding dispensation there was made some great effort to ensure some small achievement, trusting always that in the replication of that distant world we might continue to add upon those things which we did establish at the first.

32  For the evil of yonder world is far greater than on the worlds which we have made; and except we take some extraordinary measure, even we would have failed from the very beginning to accomplish the greater part of your design.

33  Thus when the Arch-Angel Gabriel descended as Noah unto the earth, even I did go before him as Methuselah whereby I might nurture him and call him forth unto God; that having set his feet upon straight paths, he might not fall prey to the evil of his day.

34  And when the years of his dispensation were concluded, there went unto the earth the Arch-Angel Raphael who, as Moses, would establish a covenant people, a nation of priests upon the land; but the people were proud and stiff-necked and were quick to forget the promises of God.

35  Which very thing caused Moses to despair continually; and being filled with weariness he would come forth unto me for counsel concerning those things which he should do; for in his day did I walk as Jethro upon the land, and in the beginning of his ministry did I teach him straightly the things of God.

36  Yet, for all our efforts did the children of Israel prove unworthy of those higher laws which flow as the sweetest of waters from the heart of God, and in the end did Moses give unto them a lesser law filled with commandments and constraints.

37  Trusting that by so doing he might hide therein the birthseed of still some distant generation.

38  And Moses, being weary of evil, would not so much as enter the promised land but ascended unto God upon the mountain, being filled continually with a heavy heart.

39  Such was the evil, Most Holy Father, which pressed hard against the third dispensation of God; and in the fourth came Uriel, who as Isaiah the prophet, would foretell the coming of the Anointed One, but the evil grew darker still and Isaiah was killed.

40  And all which he taught and wrote concerning the coming of the Promised One did conspiring men corrupt every whit, which thing filled the heart of God with sorrow;

41  Causing that in the days of Yeshua should the minds of men be clouded with all manner of foolish expectations concerning this Anointed One; and with anger and malice did they crucify the very Father of their souls, whereby they might preserve themselves in power and forsake the good altogether.

42  Yet, notwithstanding so great a sin, there was hidden in the words of this Yeshua the only true path to holiness and wisdom; which if a man will pursue with diligence, even he would find for himself a joy greater than any other.

43  For the true teachings of Yeshua did I restore among the children of men, that I might redeem from evil conspirings the only true path to glory and exaltation in the kingdoms of the greater Light.

44  Thus did the children of men go from taking joy in the dispensations of God to that of murder and deceit, regardless of the coming forth of Ariel, conspiring and corrupting continually for the sake of their own power the very blessings of God.

45  Still, Most Holy Father, do I rightly know this need for opposition; for without the darkness, how would we know the light? Without evil, how could we discern the good? For in the comparing of one thing against another do we perceive most clearly those things which come from God.

46  Yet over this one thing do I greatly puzzle, for in the presumptions of Joseph was Joseph greatly tempted because of the delusions of this life, evensomuch that so great a prince as he was almost turned aside forever.

47  Tell me, therefore, how this could be, that evil should be so great as to cause this Joseph to stumble upon the way.”

48  Such did I speak unto The One concerning the evils which pressed hard against us in the world beyond all beginnings; and when I was concluded, the Light within the light grew strangely still, and all Heaven did anxiously wait the coming of the word.

Gnosis to be revealed)