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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 2

The One, from which all Heaven comes – The Teacher beholds the glory of The One – The Councils of the Seven Lights – The voice of The One – Ahman speaks to The One, gives an account on behalf of First Man: Dispensations of God established – First Man was without spirit – Demiurge conspire to corrupt the birthseed of God – Michael is sent to establish the first dispensation – Shaemdiel prevents the destruction of Man – The works of Jehovah-Yahweh and Shaemdiel – The dark days of Ariel – Evil multiplies: dispensations go from greater to lesser – Elohim gathers to consider the sixth dispensation – Calling upon the Mighty One – The Mighty One is released from the Councils of Elohim – “Let the Mighty One come forth”


1  Open now the soul within, make glad the steadfast heart, for even I would make known to you the glories of that One from which all Heaven comes, that you may see in the soul and feel in the heart the wonder beyond all wonder;

2  That there might spring up within you a sure knowledge concerning the ways of God, that knowing for yourselves the realness of some greater glory you might become as the light which shines in the darkness, filling the hearts of all who see with a joyful hope and a new expectation.

3  For I tell you truly that even I did behold the very fullness of God, being caught up in the glory of many lights; for the brightness of The One did I behold, and all the light which I had before ever seen did seem as dim beside the brightness of his glory.

4  For I beheld The One from whose bosom all things glorious are made to flow, and there was stretched out before him, in all holy array, the Councils of the Seven Lights, which Councils are: the Council of Elohim, the Council of Elolam, the Council of Elkashie, the Council of Shem El Koreem, the Council of El Ramadee, the Council of El Kolobree, and the Council of El Jor El also.

5  And around the Councils of the Light were gathered the very beginnings of some endless creation, even an endless multitude of galaxies did I see, filled with stars of every color and size, moving and turning and dancing before the gathered light.

6  These are the things which I clearly saw, and there came from the midst of the light a voice made rich in pure and somber melody; even the voice of The One did I hear, and as he spoke, the Light within the light did pulse brighter still upon every word.

7  And The One spoke from the midst of the Light, saying: “Who will speak for that world which lies beyond all beginnings? Who will give account on behalf of First Man?”

8  When, therefore, The One had spoken, Ahman did take his hand from off my shoulder, and stepping forth he walked before the councils gathered there, and standing before the very presence of The One, he spoke, saying:

9  “Most Sovereign Lord, Greatest and Most Holy, in whom the endless creations with worship adore; if you will give consent, even I would stand forth to answer.”

10  And within the light did the greater Light move, and The One spoke, saying: “Speak on, my son, and I will hear. Stand forth and give account, for even I did elect that you should be as Ahman above all the Lords and Gods of Elohim. Tell me truly of those dispensations which you have set upon the world of my beginnings. How fare they still?”

11  And Ahman did bow before The One with great reverence, and rising up again, he spoke before the whole assembly, saying: “Hear then, Most Holy Father, concerning that world which lies beyond all beginnings.

12  For when it was decided among the very Elohim that the dispensations of God should be established, then did we appoint over each, the greatest of our brethren, that the children of men might come to a knowledge of hidden things.

13  For we know rightly that in the first movement of yonder world did the children of men take no thought concerning the things of God;

14  For in that time were the children of men without spirit, being intelligent beasts filled with lustful cunning, seeking only the means by which they might gain power over their fellow beings.

15  Yet did the Demiurge, in timely fashion, find for themselves the very birthseed of God; and with great cunning did conspire to corrupt it every whit; filling the heart of First Man with a deep fear of some evil thing.

16  Evensomuch that there went before the children of men, Jehovah-Yahweh, who by harsh command did proclaim himself the only true god upon the earth; and he did lay upon the heart of man a great and trembling fear filled with wrath and indignation.

17  Which thing caused that First Man should seek for some deliverance against the bitter judgments of the Demiurge; and in the time appointed, we did send unto the earth even Michael that he might establish the first of many dispensations.

18  And he did walk upon the earth to dwell among the children of men, and there was with him his own Beloved, and Adam and Eve prospered upon the earth throughout all the days of their sojourn, teaching unto the children of men an abundance of goodly things.

19  But when the Demiurge beheld the coming of the first of many dispensations, he grew angry and filled with bitterness against the coming forth of the Arch-Angels of God, and in his terrible pride he swore to destroy even all the children of men whereby he might frustrate the plans of Heaven.

20  Yet did Shaemdiel, through some greater cunning, speak unto Jehovah-Yahweh, saying: ‘Why will you destroy the whole of man, seeing that in their passing there will be none left who will fear or worship you according to your will?

21  Rush not, therefore, in bitter haste to judge the children of men; for they know not the purposes of God; being in their minds both weak and ignorant of those greater designs which even the very Gods would place upon this world.

22  But look you still with greater eye at those who would move about the children of men, for it is the very Adaam which are deserving of wrath and judgment; for they have come only to meddle and to make uncertain the whole of our estate.

23  Therefore, if you are willing, restrain now the wrathful hand, and even I will go forth among the Adaam and sow such bitter seed that they must soon relent and go again to their own place.

24  For I tell you truly that of their designs am I made all aware, seeing that even I was once numbered among their brethren, being Chief Archon of the heavenly hosts.’

25  By such cunning words, Most Holy Father, did Shaemdiel save from destruction the children of men, while yet he set forth his hand to trouble and confuse the very soul of God.

26  And throughout each succeeding dispensation did Jehovah-Yahweh twist and bend the words of God whereby he might establish a great confusion while yet our Shaemdiel continued to seek out the children of God, to fill them with all manner of weariness.

27  Evensomuch that in the days of Ariel did the darkness some greater hold take, for the heart of Joseph was filled with pride, and had it not been by some greater effort, even Joseph would have fallen away into Jehovah’s keeping forever.

28  Yet did Joseph, in the last days of his sojourn, remember well the days of his instruction and by some noble effort plant deep in the heart of all his following the seed that leads to exaltation.

29  Thus, Most Holy Father, did the dispensations of our design go from greater to lesser; for that which Michael established in strength did even Joseph barely achieve through weariness; for evil did multiply and grow more heavy upon the children of God, evensomuch that many did fall away, being exhausted in both mind and spirit.

30  For the power and influence of the Demiurge did grow stronger with each succeeding dispensation; and even the Elohim in some despair did greatly sigh; for never have we encountered so great an evil as does exist upon the world of your beginning.

31  And in a gathering, most holy and serene, did the Elohim consider what should be done in the sixth dispensation of God: For we knew full well even from the very beginning that the darkness of the Demiurge and the cunning of the Fallen One would some greater toll take upon the whole of our design.

32  Therefore did the Elohim think it expedient to take some greater measure against the darkness, and knowing full well the desires of your heart, Most Holy Father, it was determined that we would take from the very Keep, the Great and Mighty One of God; knowing with all certainty that such a one as he would not falter or turn aside in doing the things of God.

33  And going to the Keep, I stood outside the very gates thereof, and before the angels gathered there I did call forth with a mighty shout, and behold, there stirred within the Keep the moving of the Mighty One, and coming forth we did entreat that he should aid us in bringing forth that greater glory which you, alone, could fully see.

34  When, therefore, the Mighty One stepped forth to come unto us, even we did take him unto Jeruel and there, with all holy affection, did I adopt that he should be even as a son unto me throughout all the days of his sojourn upon the earth.

35  And in that day when the Mighty One should accomplish the whole of our design, then would we restore him unto you, until that time when you should grant unto him his rightful place in the regions of The One.

36  Behold now, Most Holy Father, the shadow of your likeness which even now is made to stand among the Councils of Elohim, for in his strength have we some greater hope taken; for that Darkness which did shake the whole of our design in the world of First Man, could by no means cause to tremble this Mighty One of God.

37  For in the days of his sojourn did evil press hard against him; yet would he not turn aside from the things of God, but continued faithfully on, trusting each day that God would deliver.

38  Even until that day when we did go forth unto him upon the mount, to make known in him the fullness of heavenly things whereby he might usher upon the earth the greatest dispensation of all.

39  For we were ever confident that those things which we would give into his keeping could no other power corrupt, seeing that he was diligent and fierce in keeping pure the knowledge of heavenly things wherein the children of men might take unto themselves some greater glory.

40  Now, Most Sovereign Lord, behold with all tender affection the shadow of your likeness; that you may, even now, reveal unto him the fullness of your design; for all our knowledge have we placed in him, but of your glory, and the fullness of your many wonders are you, alone, able to make known to him.

41  Therefore, Most Holy Father, would I release from the Councils of Elohim, this Mighty One of God; for the dispensations of God has he restored again upon the world of your beginnings, that darkness and evil might no longer corrupt the designs of all our efforts.”

42  Thus spoke Ahman unto The One, and when he was concluded, there moved within the light still some greater Light; and there came out of the Light the voice of The One, saying: “Let then the Mighty One come forth.”