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Chapter 5

The One’s capacity to do both good and evil – The One speaks: free choice and the progression of First God – “Yet did I always choose the greater portion” – The joining of Areta and The One and the separation of the darker shade – A perfect opposite is made; a foundation for greater glory is established – Danger found not in opposition of evil, but mediocrity – The One empowers the darker shade – Yaldabaoth, the enemy of God, is born – The One still must choose – Mediocrity is the only danger – Fear not defeat – Yaldabaoth and the world of First Man – The greatest of angels are sent – The battlefield found in the heart and mind of Man – Hidden wonders are revealed through Azrael – The endowments of life and exaltation – Protecting the knowledge of God from mockery and scorn – Book of Endowments written for God’s children


1  And I spoke to The One, saying: “Most Holy Father, in all that you say have I found wisdom greater than any other. Yet in this one thing only do I trouble.

2  For when I behold the greatness of your glory, I feel a purity most sublime; for I discern in you no shadow or degree of turning, being in your very nature the most holy and glorious of all these assembled.

3  Tell me, therefore, if this capacity to do good and evil exists also in you; for even I would know fully the nature of that epiphenomenon which you have established upon yonder world for the good of all.”

4  These then are the words which I spoke to The One, and The One answered me, saying: “Consider, my son, the benefit to be gained in the midst of all our glory by that struggle which exists in the bosom of all the Lords and Gods of this greater Light.

5  For out of this struggle between the greater and the lesser portion is there made to exist a wellspring of strength; and in the winning of good over evil is the goodness of our hands made strong and filled with power.

6  Be wise therefore, and know of a surety that the conditions of all our estate and glory are made all secure by that strength which we would gather through the continual victory of good over evil.

7  Yet, notwithstanding these things, still have you rightly perceived that in the very soul of me is there no choosing of that lesser portion, seeing that in me all goodness and glory are made to flow as an unending stream of life and holiness.

8  For there came a time, which even now lies near forgotten, when the Areta desired strongly to become as one with me, and as she entered into the soul of me, the shadow of my lesser self did leap out from the very center of me.

9  Ponder therefore, my son, this greater mystery; for in the long ago had I created the Celestial Kingdom of Glory, and there existed in me still this very capacity to do both good and evil, for like the Lords and Gods assembled here I was free to choose.

10  Yet did I always choose the greater portion, adding to my glory still some greater glory; laying against one eternity another eternity until at last I came to dwell in the greatest of the kingdoms which I had made.

11  But in that moment when the Areta became one with me, to dwell in harmony forever, there leaped out of me this darker shade which stood as distinct and alone unto itself; and I perceived still some greater opportunity which, if acted upon boldly and with wisdom, would lead still to a glory far beyond all things glorious.

12  Thus did I begin to lay the foundations for the greatest glory of all; for I determined that I would make for myself a perfect opposite, an antipode which would press hard against me at every turn, that perchance he might destroy me altogether.

13  Therefore, my son, did I reason rightly to make for myself this great and unyielding foe, this relentless Nemesis which would come forth as Yaldabaoth, to strike hard and battle against me, to destroy forever the kingdoms of God.

14  For I would guard well the kingdoms of the greater Light against that stale complacency which would lay waste to the whole of all our glory, to destroy forever Hodos Alea;

15  For the true danger which would prove the ruin and desolation of this heavenly light was never found in the opposition of evil as some might suppose, but rather in the mediocrity and the shadows of those vain imaginings which would make as ruin the very soul of all our glory.

16  Consider therefore, my son, the beginning nature of that darker shade which was caused to leap forth from out of the very soul of me by the coming together of Areta into the heart of me.

17  For my capacity to do good was greater than all others which are made to dwell in this heavenly abode; while that portion which would do evil was small and frail, having to itself little substance or strength, causing that this darker shade of my lesser self should likewise be small and frail also.

18  Seeing, therefore, that this darker shade was lost and confused by reason of its separation from the soul of me; and seeing also how it drifted and hovered about, having neither purpose nor meaning, I did take pity and resolved that I should make stronger still the darker shade.

19  For this cause alone did I determine to cast the shade of my lesser self into the very heart of the great Abyss where the Eidos is made to dwell, knowing full well that in the time appointed there would leap from the darkness this very Yaldabaoth which I would use to further the whole of my design.

20  Thus would I create from the Antipode, the very enemy of God, possessing unto himself a purpose and identity peculiar to himself, being made forever the Chief Demiurgos, Lord of Darkness, Father of Chaos; having in his soul an endless thirst for that darker glory which he alone can see.

21  For he shall prefer darkness to light, and power to glory; he will prefer death to life, evil instead of good, hate and war instead of love and harmony; being in his soul the only evil which is absolute and undiluted;

22  Hating with perfect zeal, the glories and wonders of the greater Light; striving with all his might to find those means by which he would destroy forever the kingdom of God, taking to his darkened soul that revenge which he would have against me.

23  Thus would I make for myself this perfect enemy, this relentless foe; knowing full well that if I should prove less in my resolve to continue in the paths of glory, then would I stand as defeated before the darkness of the Demiurge.

24  Now, my son, would the struggle between good and evil cease to exist within the soul of me, but would rage constant war without; knowing full well that the prize to be won is not the single soul only, but the whole of all our glory would I place in constant risk; for in the endless reaches of my soul have I established the fullness of Heaven’s glory.

25  See, then, how there is placed on me this necessity to choose strength and vigor over mild complacency; electing always the pursuit of some greater excellence which would contend constantly against that dull mediocrity which, of itself, would cause to vanish away the very soul of us.

26  For I would not have you ignorant of this one thing, my son; for I perceive that a sudden death is preferable to a slow and lingering demise which would cause to fade away, little by little, the greatness of all this glory which you see now before you.

27  For there is a danger greater than Yaldabaoth, an enemy greater to be feared than all his might; know therefore, my son, that mediocrity is the only danger that can cause to dwindle the whole of our estate.

28  For this cause have I elected that Yaldabaoth should rage against me in constant battle, that I might be awakened to the dangers within by the war that rages without.

29  Fear not, my son, the shadows of defeat, for I know in truth that there is no power which can, by any means, overcome the greatness of my soul; and though the angels themselves should fall, yet have I power sufficient to redeem them subtly and altogether.

30  Yet, notwithstanding all these things, even I did know that there was neither room nor place throughout all the realms of my creation where the Demiurge might dwell, to give forth battle in the kingdoms of the greater Light.

31  For that cause have I decided that Yaldabaoth should dwell in the world of First Man, that he might take to himself a dominion of his own, filled with all manner of principalities and powers.

32  And there unto shall I send forth the greatest of the angels, that they might battle in holiness against the dark and dreadful designs of Yaldabaoth, struggling there midst the very lives of First Man.

33  For the battlefield which I have chosen is found in the very heart and mind of man; knowing that if they should be awakened by that battle which surges round about, even they might take thought to choose the good and thereby lay for themselves the foundation of a living soul.

34  See then, how that the designs of my hand are most subtle indeed, being unseen and well hidden by the shadows of the mortal life; evensomuch that of all the spirits and angels which did go to dwell upon the earth, there were none which could pierce the veil of their mortality whereby they might see fully the hidden wonders of my design.

35  For you alone, my son, have both seen and understood the whole of my design; revealing unto the children of God the hidden marvels and wonders of heavenly things, revealing by most delicate words the very mind of God in the world of First Man, even line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, there a little.

36  Know therefore, O Mighty One, that into your keeping will I give forth the whole of my design and hold not back; that you may give unto the children of God the very endowments of life and exaltation.

37  For the epiphenomenon of good and evil have I established for the children of men, whereby they might make for themselves a living soul; but through your hands shall I set forth the endowments of hidden knowledge whereby the children of God may receive unto themselves glory upon glory, even worlds without end.

38  Only let those who are appointed to receive be girded round about with all manner of care and wisdom, lest the knowledge of God be made a mockery and a jest through the sophistries and manipulations of foolish men who would treat with scorn the things which come from God.

39  Come now and all attention give, for I will make known in you the mysteries of this Yaldabaoth, and of his going forth unto the very Abyss where the Eidos is made to dwell; that you may know fully the powers, dominions and principalities of that Antipode which I set to fight against the very soul of me.

40  And whatsoever I shall reveal unto you, even that shall you write faithfully in the Book of Endowments, that the children of God might take hope against the day of trouble;

41  Being filled with all manner of confidence and joy concerning the designs of God regarding that world upon which they dwell; knowing full well that they are made partakers with Me and Thee in bringing forth the greatest joy of all.”