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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 6


The Abyss, the Eidos and the Antipode – The Eidos fashions the Lord of Darkness –Yaldabaoth attacks the Eidos – Jehovah-Yahweh, the son of darkness, is brought forth – Jehovah-Yahweh trembles before Yaldabaoth – Yaldabaoth ponders the mysteries: perceives the power of The One, seeks God’s beginning – “I go yonder, to the birthplace of time”


1  Come, my children, and be you all ready within, for even I would make known fully the hidden mysteries and unspeakable wonders which no man knows save God alone.

2  For by the power of The One was I made to see the great Abyss from whose blackened womb there is made to spew in endless streams, the very matter from which all things visible are made.

3  And there dwelt in the Abyss the very Eidos which stirred and moved about; being of itself both blind and thoughtless, creator and destroyer, being also cold and harsh, indifferent and callous, both unthinking and unpredictable, even the mindless purposer of all things which move throughout the immensity of space.

4  And that which was of the Abyss, even the very Eidos of creation, being ever dark and brooding, felt moving within its regions that very Antipode which The One had sent forth into it.

5  Seeing, therefore, the very Antipode, the Eidos did arouse and taking thought it mused darkly within, saying: “Behold this darkened seed, this weak and feeble shadow which the very One has cast off as being unworthy of his greatness.

6  This small and paltry being shall I take unto myself whereby I might forge for myself some mighty ally; surely I shall draw from my own depths, one to rule the darkness.

7  Him shall I fashion from the very Depth of me; the Lord of Darkness shall he ever be, great and mighty shall he become; and he shall serve me well against that One which even now would bend me to his will; for even as I am made to serve The One, even so shall the Lord of Darkness do service unto me.

8  For this dreadful Lord shall I make mighty beyond all reckoning, a destroyer and shatterer of worlds shall he become, and he shall prove the whole undoing of that One from which all glory is made to flow.”

9  So took thought of the Eidos within itself, and throughout the passing of the aeons did he add strength to strength and power to power unto the Antipode; even until there was fashioned of him the greatest of all the Demiurge, even Yaldabaoth, the Chief Demiurgos.

10  Yet for all his power and strength, despite his cunning and depth, Yaldabaoth was without shape or form, having taken unto himself the very likeness and essence of that Eidos which had made him.

11  And Yaldabaoth finding himself complete, desired to establish for himself a dominion where he alone might rule; and being made contemptuous of the Eidos, (for Eidos was indeed mindless while Yaldabaoth possessed the very shadow of an endless mind) he did think to seize control.

12  And with a great and sudden violence he did rush upon the Eidos to destroy, and there perished in the darkness a thousand lifeless worlds; yet for all his power Yaldabaoth could not overcome the Eidos which The One had taken unto himself.

13  For this cause did Yaldabaoth cast himself from out of the Abyss, and beholding fully the dreadful presence of his own likeness, he spoke, saying:

14  “Behold, how great and mighty I am become, for what power can stay my hand seeing that I am the destroyer and shatterer of worlds?”

15  And Yaldabaoth reached deeply into the darkness of his soul, and there was caused to leap out of him the first and foremost of all the Demiurge, being filled always with a twisted conceit and a perverted lust, being made most dreadful and filled with falseness.

16  When, therefore, Yaldabaoth first beheld the brutal bastard of his own likeness, he spoke within himself, saying: “I have brought out of my soul a son like unto me, his name shall I call Jehovah-Yahweh.”

17  But the Demiurge, seeing for the first time the dark presence of his father hovering before him, did rush speedily upon him to either subjugate or destroy, but Yaldabaoth roared with great and terrible fury against him.

18  And Jehovah-Yahweh, hearing for the first time the deep and dreadful voice of Chaos, was made to tremble in his soul, and he spoke unto the fearful presence, saying: “Who are you that I may know you rightly?”

19  And Yaldabaoth answered, saying: “Father of Chaos, Lord of Darkness am I, even the Chief Demiurgos of the matter unformed; for I alone am the Self-Created One, for by my own power did I draw myself from the Abyss which you see gathered about you.

20  Behold, I am he whose name is unspeakable, whose countenance unknowable, possessing unto myself the only true power which is greater than any other; for Darkness and Depth have I created, whereby I might rule supreme throughout the halls of endless night.

21  For I am Dominion, dark and dreadful to behold, making subject unto my greater will the strongest of all the mighty; for I alone am made Father unto thee. Serve me therefore, and live or else I shall destroy you altogether.”

22  And Jehovah-Yahweh, hearing again the dreadful voice, quaked and trembled before Yaldabaoth, and in the darkness of the Deep he spoke, saying: “Father! I serve!”

23  Now it came about that Yaldabaoth saw in the distance the bright and burning lights of Olaha Shinehah, and he commanded that Jehovah-Yahweh set watch over the Deep until he should come again unto him.

24  And of his doings in the kingdoms of the greater and lesser Light you know full well already; and after a season, Yaldabaoth returned unto the very gates of the Abyss, having set in disarray the kingdom of God.

25  And Yaldabaoth did pause upon the way and in the darkness of his soul did he muse thus to himself, saying: “Surely have I rightly proved that evil is greater than goodness altogether.

26  For the kingdom of the greater Light have I disturbed on every side; the kingdom of God have I caused to tremble, the heavenly place have I shaken hard through sly and cunning deceit, evensomuch that the very Son of the Morning Light should give ready heed and by his fury undo the whole of all his glory.

27  What power then shall stay my hand or bring to naught my dark designs? For the Lord of Kolob have I caused to stumble about in the light, the greatness of God have I made less through dark design.”

28  Such were the musings of Yaldabaoth in the darkness of his soul, and there leaped from out of the midst of him a deep and piercing roar which caused that even the very Abyss should tremble and shake all about; and in the far distance did the Demiurge hear the sudden sound thereof, and Jehovah-Yahweh shook with fear before the dark and haunting power.

29  And again Yaldabaoth spoke within himself saying: “Yet, notwithstanding all these things, I perceive still some greater power beyond the distant light, for I feel the moving of that One from whose sacred bosom all things glorious are made to move.

30  Yet is there still that greater mystery which I perceive; for I discern that behind The One is there yet some greater truth of subtle design; for in the kingdoms of the greater and the lesser Light did I see the progression of many souls moving from the lesser to the greater degrees of glory and light.

31  And if this thing be true, then is it not true also of The One? For when I weigh in the balance both Eidos and The One, it is The One which progresses onward, adding eternity to eternity and glory to still some greater glory while still the Eidos remains the same forever.

32  And though The One should constrain the Eidos through the working of his will, that it should act no more with wanton abandon, still is it constant and unchanging in its nature; while The One himself is ever moving, passing on and on from lesser to greater, adding glory to glory in unending succession.

33  Seeing, therefore, that in all things which do progress there exists a place of certain beginning, then shall I go forever seeking, that perchance I might find that world which first gave rise to God.

34  For in all the creations which God has made is there seen some subtle pattern, some first design from which he has established the whole of all his many wonders; for this one thing did I discern as I swept through the worlds of the lesser light.

35  That there in the beginning of Olaha Shinehah did there exist a world of perfect balance and harmony, being made most beautiful and rare.

36  This world did I clearly see, and I knew full well that it was made the copy of some other far beyond the realms of light, even the world of God’s beginning did I perceive rightly in the kingdoms of the lesser light.

37  Thus shall I go seeking that I might find for myself this very pattern, even the very prototype; and in the finding of that world shall I take swift dominion, that in the day of The One’s beginning I might declare myself unto him as the only true God, and by my own power cause that he should serve me always.

38  Then shall the kingdoms of the greater and lesser Light begin to dwindle and fade away through the moving of time and space, and I alone shall rule from eternity to eternity, bending and shaping all things in accordance to my will, which shall stand supreme forever.

39  And this Eidos which even now does not yield before me shall I make subject unto me also; for if I should find the world from which The One first took seed, then shall I go beyond that time when the Eidos first knew of me.

40  That seeing upon it the sudden appearance of my dreadful power, I might declare through a sly and subtle deceit that I, alone, did fashion the Eidos whereby it might serve me according to my pleasure.

41  By such means shall I take unto myself the Eidos which creates, and the birthseed of that One from whom all things glorious are made to flow, and I shall be victorious and rule supreme throughout the halls of endless night.

42  Thus by my cunning shall I cause that light should be swallowed up in darkness, and life shall I cause to tremble before the gates of death; and there shall vanish away forever, the hope of glory and increase in the kingdom of God.”

43  So reasoned Yaldabaoth within, and going forth he came again unto the Demiurge, and Jehovah-Yahweh spoke, saying: “Where, Dread Lord, would you have us to go? Unto what place shall we go whereby we might establish the whole of your dominion?”

44  And Yaldabaoth, gathering his son unto himself, looked deeply into the darkened night, and he spoke, saying: “I go yonder, back forever beyond all beginnings, to the very birthplace of space and time.”