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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 7

Yaldabaoth travels to the cosmos of the First Creation – Yaldabaoth attempts to wake the Eidos by destruction – Two galaxies are destroyed – Yaldabaoth declares himself ruler of all – The Eidos yields before Yaldabaoth – Areta takes notice within the Eidos – The nature and hopes of Areta – Finding the world of the First Power – Yaldabaoth causes three comets to strike the earth – The Eidos and Areta heal the land – The beginnings of Man – Jehovah-Yahweh is brought forth to rule over the earth – Jehovah-Yahweh: “How shall I discern the children of men?” – Jehovah-Yahweh declares himself god unto the earth


1  So Yaldabaoth flung himself forever and anon away from the realms of God’s domain seeking most earnestly to find for himself the beginning birthplace of light and glory; and piercing the boundaries of space and time, he came at last to the very cosmos of the First Creation.

2  And perceiving the hidden presence of the Eidos throughout the endless halls of space, Yaldabaoth thought to bestir him; and seeing that there was a sun nearby he did breathe upon it, and behold, it did burst asunder amidst fire and heat; and all the worlds which moved about the sun did likewise perish.

3  When, therefore, Yaldabaoth saw that the sun and planets were destroyed because of him, he did boast within himself, saying: “Now has the day of my power come alive within me.”

4  But regardless of the great destruction wrought, still did the Eidos remain undisturbed and unaware of the dreadful presence of the Demiurge; and Yaldabaoth did muse within himself, saying:

5  “Behold, how the Eidos does sleep peacefully on, even in the midst of my power. Still shall I some greater doom bring within it, perchance to awaken it.”

6  And passing onward into the Deep, Yaldabaoth espied in the darkness the swirling together of two great galaxies; and Yaldabaoth, gathering himself into a mighty rush, did pass with thundering speed between the two.

7  And behold, the galaxies which were established in perfect balance and harmony, did begin to fall in upon each the other, and there died in the cataclysm five hundred billion suns; and of the number of moons and planets which also died can no man number.

8  Such was the dreadful power of the Chief Demiurgos in the midst of the First Creation; and there stirred suddenly about, the very Eidos, and seeing within it the presence of that Dark Dominion, it shuddered and trembled greatly.

9  And with a mighty and terrible roar, Yaldabaoth declared throughout the fartherest reaches of the cosmos, saying: “I am Yaldabaoth, Chief Demiurgos of the matter unformed; being forever in all, through out, and before all, even the Father of Chaos am I.

10  Holding in my hand the only true power; being in my soul both dark and dreadful, both swift and sudden, destroying utterly the hope of all creation; for I am Dominion, the only terror, possessing neither visage nor countenance, having neither shape nor form, being ever boundless and immeasurable.

11  Why therefore, O Eidos, have you designed to sin against me, seeing that I alone have brought you forth whereby you might serve me according to my will?

12  For in this one thing only have you sinned, for you have not known me, neither have you thought to seek me out. For this cause would I destroy you utterly; yet if you would still continue in your purpose, then serve me faithfully and I will spare you.”

13  Such were the words which Yaldabaoth spake, and there welled up throughout the whole of Eidos, a deep and terrifying fear; and the Eidos did yield before that dread Dominion, and all creation did surrender itself unto the awesome power of the Chief Demiurgos.

14  Yet within the Eidos did there bestir the ineffable wonder of Areta, who lay hidden and serene within the very folds of the mindless creator, being unknown by him, yet did she move most subtly within; always guiding, ever seeking the presence of some equal mind.

15  Thus it came about that when Yaldabaoth came forth to proclaim himself, this very Areta took great notice, and perceiving readily the evil of his intent, she resolved firmly to fight against him through the workings of that Eidos which the Demiurge sought to command.

16  Consider therefore the wonder of this Areta, for she, being both feminine and wise, did inhabit the deepest regions of the Eidos; and throughout the endless processions of creation did she ever hold sway, bringing into place such laws as would engender life.

17  For she did hope constantly that in the creation of all the numberless worlds there might develop some being who would possess a similar mind like unto her own, being of itself both masculine and wise, rich and pure, both subtle and deep;

18  Knowing full well that if such a being should come about as a result of her workings within the Eidos, she might some communion take of him; and if he should prove worthy of her, then would she establish for the good of both, an inseparable union filled with glory and increase.

19  Yet of the Areta was Yaldabaoth unaware, being unlike her in every thought and passion; and though he possessed in himself the shadow of an endless mind, he could by no means perceive her presence, neither could he hope to know of her, for he was evil and dark while the Areta was good and filled with light.

20  Seeing therefore that the Demiurge had subdued the Eidos altogether, Yaldabaoth went seeking, perchance to find for himself that one world from which the glory of Heaven was come forth.

21  And going into the furtherest reaches of the cosmos, he came at last to a galaxy in the distant far away, and there in the fringes of the spiraling light did he see the world of the First Power.

22  And going forth he passed over the waters of the deep, and he beheld great serpents moving and swimming about, and he saw a multitude of fishes and other great beasts moving about in the waters of the sea.

23  And Yaldabaoth exclaimed aloud, saying: “I have discovered for myself, the world of the First Power; now shall I make as nothing the designs of God, that I might take to myself the greatest power of all.”

24  Thus did the Chief Demiurgos rejoice; but when he went forth to spy out the land, he saw upon it no man, but great and mighty beasts only; and being well displeased, Yaldabaoth caused that there should strike upon the land three great comets which did destroy completely the great beasts which did dwell upon the land.

25  And there perished in short season the rule of the dinosaur, which same beasts had held dominion upon the land for many millions of years.

26  Seeing then that the land was made desolate and harsh, Yaldabaoth called unto the Eidos, and commanded that it should again bring forth life.

27  But the Eidos, of itself, could by no means engender life; nevertheless it did move over the land, even as the rain; and the very Areta, whose light lay hidden in the dark folds of the Eidos’ power, did breathe greatly upon the land.

28  And behold, through the passing of the millennia did the land heal quickly, and there began to spring up from out of the seas a great many new life forms, and through the passing of the epochs, life took hold upon the land.

29  And there evolved from the midst of life, the beginnings of man, and man began to walk upon the earth, ever changing and evolving from generation to generation.

30  When therefore Yaldabaoth beheld the coming forth of First Man, he rejoiced greatly in his soul; exclaiming throughout the reaches of space, saying: “I have seen for myself the beginning of God.”

31  Now Yaldabaoth, reaching into the depths of his soul, brought forth out of the darkness, Jehovah-Yahweh, and set him to rule over the earth, saying:

32  “Go you down unto the earth and make subject unto yourself the seed of God and subdue it altogether, that you may have dominion and power over all living things, for I would have established in this world forever, the fullness of my power.

33  But take you care regarding the life of man, that you destroy them not altogether, for I have some need of them.

34  Rule therefore harshly over them as you will, that they might come to fear the shadow of unknown things; for in their fear shall they give forth a ready obedience unto me.

35  Take you, therefore, a swift dominion over all that you shall see in the world beyond; proclaiming unto the children of man that you alone are god; and if they will obey, then shall they live, but if not then shall you break them in pieces under the weight of you.

36  Measure, therefore, such terrors as you would heap upon them, for into your keeping shall I give dark counsel; remember always that dominion is greater than full destruction; and servitude more preferred than dark oblivion.”

37  So spoke Yaldabaoth unto Jehovah-Yahweh, and the Demiurge spoke, saying: “My Lord, Terrible and Most Dreadful, what mean you by this seed of God, how shall I discern the children of men seeing that there are many creatures upon the earth?”

38  And Yaldabaoth answered him, saying: “Do not trouble yourself overmuch concerning this thing, for in time shall man make himself known unto you.

39  For I have seen the end of man, and in that day when they shall begin to take dominion over the creatures of the earth to hunt them and subdue them according to their will, then shall they make themselves known unto you because of their greatness.

40  For though they be in their natural state weak and trembling, still do they possess what no other creature can boast, for in man shall you find the beginnings of that intelligence which shall give birth to God;

41  And if it so be that I should establish over man the rule of the Demiurge, to subdue them and bind them unto my will altogether, then shall I take the seed of God captive whereby I might establish the fullness of my glory in the world of the First Power.”

42  So spoke Yaldabaoth, and Jehovah-Yahweh did descend unto the earth, proclaiming over the waters of the deep and unto all living things which moved upon the land, or flew in the airs above, saying: “I alone am god and beside me there is no other!”

43  And at his voice did the land tremble greatly and the waters heaved themselves all about in great distress, and the mountains fell into valleys, and the low places of the earth did cast themselves up into a heap, and the wind blew fiercely all around.

44  And storm and tempest raged against all living things, and the earth in sorrow groaned for deliverance, for in the day that Jehovah-Yahweh ruled did fiercesome beasts begin to seek the flesh of men to devour them.