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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 8

The councils of Heaven gather – Ahman speaks on the Law of Dispensation and world of the First Power – frustrating the designs of Yaldabaoth – Adam and Eve go forth unto the world of First Man – Lucifer walks upon the earth – Lucifer reports to Yaldabaoth – Jehovah-Yahweh accuses Lucifer of treason – Yaldabaoth and Lucifer discuss purpose of dispensations – A plan to disturb the designs of God – Jehovah-Yahweh wishes to destroy Lucifer – The birth of Cain and Abel – Heaven’s reaction to Abel’s death – Heaven’s plan to set things right – Calling forth Azraella Ahgendai


1  But in the kingdom of God did there gather unto Salem of Merigoth, the Council of Elohim from all Jeruel, and unto that exalted council were gathered also from all the celestial worlds of Kolob the quorums of Korimash, Terrigai, Lorridoth, Borgolie, Marridon, Yoshliheim, Sarrijah, Xandori, Vangeleia, Shemhora, Shimbeth, and Kimjaroo.

2  And the quorums which gathered were great in number, and filling up the whole city, there spilled out unto the plains below Salem, and in the airs above the plain and in the heavens above the city the very Lords and Gods of Kolob, each according to their house and order.

3  For even unto the beautiful city would the heavens gather from afar to hear for themselves the words which Ahman would speak unto them; for of Shaemdiel and the Demiurge were all made aware.

4  And there fell upon the congregations of Heaven a deep stillness, and a mighty hush did fall upon the whole earth, for Ahman did rise forth in all his majesty to speak, and there stood beside him in stately array, Galendriel the Beautiful, dressed in robes of purest white trimmed in silver; and upon her bodice was there placed an ephod of blue sapphire, and upon her head was there also a blue and shimmering telephim.

5  And raising up the hand to speak, Ahman opened unto the whole assembly the mind of Tael, deep and wondrous, penetrating unto the very soul, the powers of all Heaven, and with measured word did Ahman speak, saying:

6  “My Lords and Gods of this greater Light, give forth now a ready ear, that we might with some firm resolve, set right again the heavenly abode; for you know yourselves of Shaemdiel’s fall and of his great descent unto the world of the First Power.

7  For this cause have we determined rightly to set forth the Law of Dispensation whereby we might bring forth unto this heavenly place a glory which lies beyond all measure; for in the dreaming of all our hearts is there not room enough for that glory which The One has ordained for our benefit.

8  Grieve not therefore at the fall of Shaemdiel, neither be you fearful of that Demiurge which did shake with violent fury the whole of our estate, for I will make known in your hearing the fullness of my design, that we might establish again in confidence, this kingdom of the greater Light.

9  Consider, therefore, the purposes of those dispensations which I shall set forth in yonder world, for unto the angels have I ordained the seven dispensations whereby we might establish in the world of First Man the notion of heavenly things, whereby all those who dwell there upon might take unto themselves a knowledge of God, that by their efforts in reaching forth, they might create for themselves some beginning of endless soul.

10  And of those dispensations do you know full well the workings thereof, for in all the worlds which we have fashioned have we set to preside over them the dispensations of God.

11  For in the working of our dispensations did we set forth to guide carefully and wisely the spirit children of God; that entering into the fiery furnace of mortality, they might see clearly plain the way of holiness.

12  For unto the seed of all our lineage would we give some constant reminder of an endless progression; that perceiving subtly the designs of God in the mortal life, they might choose rightly between the lesser and greater portion.

13  Let us therefore with all certainty give unto the world of First Man the Law of Dispensation; for you know full well that in yonder world the Demiurge have even now set forth to rule;

14  That by taking to themselves the very place of God’s beginning they might subvert completely the very kingdom of God, for even they would make as rubble this heavenly abode, and all the glory which we have made shall be as broken ruin about our feet, to be consumed forever in darkness.

15  Seeing therefore the urgency of our need, let us act wisely regarding the purposes of those dispensations which we would set rightly over that distant world; for by our subtle designs shall we make as naught the full designs of Yaldabaoth, to steal from out of the darkness, the very seed of God.

16  Giving to that distant world, goodness in place of evil, light in place of darkness, hope in place of despair, joy in place of sorrow, peace in place of war and life in place of death.

17  Let us therefore make certain the whole of our intent, for even we would make war most subtly against the designs of Yaldabaoth; that where he would establish in the minds of men the rule of evil, even we shall establish in the heart the goodness of God;

18  That where he would make corrupt the fallen angels of light, even we would set forth in power to redeem the whole of them from darkness, to set their feet again in glory; that in the midst of joyful weeping, even all might sing and dance again in the heavenly light.

19  Be you therefore firmly resolved to withstand this Yaldabaoth to the face, never yielding or relenting; for even though the Demiurge would seek out the very seed of God to corrupt him, to turn him aside, even we, through the dispensation of angels, would hide him up until the day of his coming forth.”

20  Such were the words which Ahman spoke unto the heavenly hosts, and of many other things also did he speak, yet there is not room enough to contain herein; and when the Lords and Gods were in agreement, they set in place the Law of Dispensation; and there went forth to walk upon the world of First Man both Adam and Eve.

21  Now on a certain day did Lucifer go forth to walk upon the earth, and he saw the sons and daughters of Enosh gathered upon the plain, and in the midst of them did he see Adam and Eve, and behold, they were teaching unto those gathered there the beginnings of knowledge and deep wisdom.

22  And perceiving rightly the intent of their design, he went unto the Darkness to give account of all which he saw; for of the working of the dispensations of God did the Demiurge possess no knowledge.

23  And there was gathered in the darkness Yaldabaoth, and beside him moved Jehovah-Yahweh, who did look with evil intent upon the countenance of the Fallen One; and round about the Chief Demiurgos did Lucifer behold the legions of the Demiurge; and Yaldabaoth spoke softly unto Lucifer, saying:

24  “Hail fair Prince, Lord of Light and Glory; come you closer still and tell me for what purpose would you come so suddenly upon me; for I perceive in your countenance a troubling demeanor filled with foreboding. Come now and speak plainly. What is there in yonder world that would trouble the Prince of Salem so?”

25  And Lucifer, speaking calmly in the midst of the Demiurge answered, saying: “It is no small thing Dread Lord; for behold, the Gods of Heaven have descended unto the earth, and even now have they taken charge over the children of men.”

26  When therefore, the legions of the Demiurge heard the words of Lucifer, they recoiled in dismay; but Jehovah-Yahweh did not fear, but instead he did erupt with violent fury against the Fallen One. And in a cold and chilling hiss, he exclaimed aloud against him, saying:

27  “Traitor! It was you which brought this calamity upon us! See now, Dread Lord, how this ally has proven himself false. Give me leave, therefore, and I shall destroy this beguiling prince.”

28  But Yaldabaoth sat calmly by, and in a voice made deep and rumbling, he spoke unto Lucifer, saying: “Tell me, fair Prince, why should the Gods of Heaven come to this world so far beyond?”

29  And Lucifer answered, saying: “I know not fully their intent, Dread Lord, seeing that yonder world was made uncreated of God; and if this be so, then I know not for what cause the Elohim would seek to lay claim upon it.

30  But this I know full well, Dread Lord, for even now would they establish most subtly, the dispensations of God, whereby they might lay the foundations of godliness among the children of men;

31  Ever building, ever adding, here a little, there a little; precept built upon precept, line placed upon line; adding by small degrees the foundations of something greater still; always building by careful measure the hope of exaltation and glory, even worlds without end.

32  For this cause alone would they come forth to yonder world, that mingling themselves among the children of men, they might bring forth the spirit children of God to inhabit mortal tabernacles of flesh.

33  By such means would the very Gods of Heaven hold sway upon yonder world; for when the spirit children of God, having clothed themselves in the tabernacles of men, should be made to hear the voice of their Fathers, then do their spirits leap forth within.

34  And even they, living as men among men, would establish in the midst of men the ways of godliness. Thus through the passing of the generations are the ways of God made firm and sure; passing always from lesser to greater; moving on and pressing onward even until the whole earth is made anew by the very presence of God.

35  By such means would the Gods of Heaven reach forth unto this distant place to vex me sorely, and to hinder me in the accomplishment of my designs among the children of men.

36  Yet, Dread Lord, be not troubled because of these things, for I have power sufficient to disturb the whole of their design. For have I not spirit children of my own which even now are made to serve, evensomuch that they would follow me most faithfully into this darkness, where the Demiurge are made to rule?

37  Let therefore the Gods work according to their will upon the earth; for whensoever they should think to give seed to bring forth children of their own, then shall I send forth spirits of my own to inhabit the tabernacles of their flesh.

38  Thus by small degrees shall I make corrupt the designs of God upon the earth, and in weariness shall they relent and go again unto their own place.”

39  Such were the words which Lucifer spoke unto the Demiurge; and Yaldabaoth, being well contented, gave leave that Lucifer should go forth unto the earth whereby he might trouble sorely the designs of God.

40  But Jehovah-Yahweh, when he saw that the Fallen One was gone again unto the world of men, petitioned Yaldabaoth, saying: “Dread Lord, give me leave also and I will destroy forever this beguiling prince, for I see in him the whole of our undoing.

41  Give therefore of these legions unto me and I will destroy him utterly; then shall I go unto the earth to battle, and I shall cause to perish forever the hope of God and man.”

42  But Yaldabaoth, drawing near spoke softly unto Jehovah-Yahweh, saying: “Let him go and fight the Gods for us. If he should win, then are we benefited. But if not, then shall his struggle against the Gods cause him to grow weak and weary. In that moment shall we destroy him, for he shall prove unable to withstand us.”

43  Now Adam and Eve dwelt joyfully among the children of men, and in the third year of their sojourn, Eve took seed of Adam and in the season thereof, brought forth a son.

44  And Adam, seeing the child being drawn from the womb, grew deeply troubled, for when the child drew forth its first breath there entered into him a dark and troubling spirit.

45  When therefore Adam saw this, he spoke tenderly unto Eve, saying, “I shall call him Cain, for I perceive in him a disquieted spirit.

46  Let us therefore love him as we might, perhaps to turn him unto goodness; but watch him closely, for in his countenance do I perceive the beginning of sorrow.”

47  Now in the seventh year of their sojourn, Adam and Eve brought forth a second son, and they called him Abel; and the child brought laughter and delight unto the whole house; but Cain, being the eldest son, hated Abel from his birth, and with constant disdain would not so much as walk beside him.

48  And Cain and Abel grew up together side by side, being loved equally by Adam and Eve; yet was the one filled with songs and laughter, while yet the other was filled with sullen reproaches and bitter speech.

49  And of their life together you know full well, how that Cain slew Abel, which thing caused that the very heavens should shudder with apprehension; for they perceived rightly a coming doom which would make of no effect the dispensations of God in the world of the First Power.

50  For at no time previous, in all the worlds which God had made did one Adaam rise up in anger to kill another; and the Gods, being made witness to so great an evil, spoke among themselves, saying:

51  “What evil is this that can so quickly corrupt the dispensations of God, to turn unto despair the whole of our design? Behold, except we act quickly and in wisdom, the dispensations of God shall avail us nothing; and we shall stand defeated at last before the wiles of the Fallen One.”

52  But Ahman spoke unto the congregations, saying: “Be not troubled over this thing, neither be dismayed by the evil which has arrayed itself against us; for the harshness of yonder world is The One made all aware.

53  For The One has made known unto me of that one which is greater still than all our might. Surely he shall put forth his hand to set right again the whole of our design, if it so be that The One should grant release.”

54  So spoke Ahman unto the congregations of the heavenly hosts; and putting forth his petition, The One did grant a full release. And taking unto the very Keep the whole of Heaven’s glory, there gathered before the gates thereof all the houses, orders, and councils of Kolob, being made all anxious within and without.

55  And there stood before the gates of the Keep two full companies of the greater Seraphim; and Ahman, drawing near to the very threshold, spoke in a loud voice throughout the Tael, saying: “Azraella Ahgendai, come you forth unto us; for all Heaven has need of you. Come forth great Ahgendai and help us.”

56  And in the depths of the Keep was there heard a great and mighty stirring like the sound of thunder piercing deeply, and there did move unto the very gates a great and penetrating light, and behold the greater Seraphim did slightly tremble and in their gathered might gave way.