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Pronunciation:  JA-fee-uh / juh-FAI-uh

Occurrences:  8

First Reference:  Beginnings 17:38


Therefore, go forth unto Japhia and speak to her the words which the Spirit of God shall cause to come upon you. For I desire that the priesthood of the Heavenly Mother continue upon the earth.



See:  Methuselah I, Zion


Summary:  Japhia was the wife of Methuselah and a citizen of the holy city of Zion. Prior to the deliverance of Zion, it was determined by the Heavenly Mother, Sher-el, that Japhia remain on the earth so as to keep the Matriarchal Priesthood intact. In addition, it was deemed important and appropriate for Japhia to stay with her husband, who had also been appointed to remain (B:17:31-41).


Having received this instruction from Heavenly Mother, the High Priestess Bashia, along with her counselors, brought Japhia to the gates of Zion where the armies of Sumer prepared to lay siege to the city. Bashia petitioned Yasher-Baal, the king of Sumer, that Japhia be allowed safe passage through the army encampment and spared from the coming onslaught, that she might serve as a remembrance of Zion and properly grieve for the inhabitants of the city of peace (B:18:1-46). Yasher-Baal granted Bashia’s request, yet would come to regret his decision. For three days later, the armies of Sumer entered Zion to discover all the inhabitants of the city had mysteriously vanished. After days of searching, the exasperated king sent troops to retrieve Japhia, hoping she had information regarding the whereabouts of Zion. Japhia was never found by Yasher-Baal’s men (B:19:70-73).


Methuselah and Japhia came to dwell and raise a family in the lands of Shittim, located in the surrounding area of the Sea of Galilee (B:20:1-4).



Adamic lineage traced through Enoch       Beginnings 20:4-25


Enoch + Larisha

 Methuselah + Japhia   (birth of Methuselah: c. 8,850 BCE)








            Eleazar + Mishka

              Zanosh, Maciah + Jotham




                       Resha + Sheba




                               Ramsha + Haziel

                                 Methuselah (Bozdra) + Ziphia

                                   Lamech, Phiniah (brothers)

                                      Noah + Suzanne (cousins)    (birth of Noah: c. 5,000 BCE)

                                               Shem, Japheth, Ham, Cimbri





But consider even now, my daughters, how that Methuselah is alone upon the land, for the wife whom God gave that she might be as a wife unto him is made to dwell in Zion.

Is it good that she should flee away, that Methuselah might dwell alone upon the earth? Shall I be made to rejoice, seeing that the priesthood of the great Mother is no longer among the daughters of men.

Therefore, go forth unto Japhia and speak to her the words which the Spirit of God shall cause to come upon you. For I desire that the priesthood of the Heavenly Mother continue upon the earth.

And I shall give unto her this promise, that I shall cause her to be fruitful and she shall be blessed of many for I shall give her great understanding in the ways of men, and I shall grant her a fullness of heavenly powers, that she might offer unto God, all the hopes, prayers, and longings of the daughters of men.

And whomsoever the sons of her womb shall take to wife, even unto these shall she teach the ways of godliness, that she might ordain them unto this priesthood forever.

Thus shall the priesthood of God remain among the children of men, that they might find unto themselves every good thing which God desires to give.

Beginnings 17:36-41


And Bashia answered, saying: “My lord, for myself I plead not, neither for Hypatia nor Adora’s sake do I beseech you, only that you will assure safe passage for the woman Japhia, for we desire that the remembrance of Zion be not blotted out from before the children of men.

Wherefore, O king, let her pass safely through the midst of your armies unhindered, that she might go throughout the lands round about, and weep for the city of peace. For if you slay all the inhabitants of the city, who shall there be to lament our passing?”

So Yasher-Baal consented unto Bashia, and he commanded that a company of soldiers attend Japhia that no harm should come to her, for it was his desire that Japhia be taken beyond the lands of Sumer in safety.

Beginnings 18:39-41