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Pronunciation:  EE-nuhk

Occurrences:  115

First Reference:  Beginnings 6:5  


Now in the beginning, the Ancient of Days came forth unto the land of Ur in a mighty vision, and he spoke unto a certain man named Enoch, saying: “Come, O son of man, and attend your ear unto the words which I shall speak unto you. For I shall send you forth among the sons and daughters of men. [....]



See:  Adaam, Ancient of Days, Bashia, Jubal, Larisha, Methuselah I, Sethian Empire, Zion


Refer to:  Beginnings 6–19


Summary:  (c. 8,900 – c. 8,780 BCE) A prominent figure in the book of Beginnings, Enoch was a great prophet and founder of the holy city of Zion. After the fall of the Sethian Empire, Enoch was commissioned by the Ancient of Days (Adam) to gather the righteous and establish Zion.


Enoch journeyed throughout the land of Ur (southern Iraq), and eventually south toward the land of Nod and the great city of Sumer, which was ruled by Cain, the son of Adam (B:6:5-15). Hearing that Enoch and his followers were approaching the city, Cain and a cohort of military men set out to meet the unexpected party. Enoch told Cain of his divine commission to gather the righteous, and asked to purchase water for the weary group of travelers. Despite the three-year drought and famine, Cain agreed to give water to Enoch and his followers. As a result of Cain’s expression of mercy, Enoch promised that after three days God would send forth rain to heal and refresh the land (B:6:16-44). The rain came and the drought ended. Cain allowed Enoch and his followers to settle near the borders of Lake Ishan, not far from the walls of Sumer. It was there that the city of Zion was built (B:7:1-16).


While Enoch served as the High Priest of Zion, he appointed the woman Bashia to be the High Priestess (B:8:4). The city of peace came to host some 30,000 people (B:10:2), and prospered for several decades. When Cain was murdered by his son Yasher-Baal, relations between Sumer and Zion began to deteriorate, as Yasher-Baal sought to destroy the City of Peace and its inhabitants (B:7:17-67).


One day while Enoch was praying, the Ancient of Days appeared and asked that Enoch and his son Methuselah journey throughout the lands of Sumer to teach and heal the people, and speak out against the wickedness of Yasher-Baal and his regime (B:13:1-45). Enoch’s mission lasted for seven years before he returned to Zion. He ordained that his son, Methuselah, stay among the people and continue to teach them the things of God (B:14:61).


At the onset of Yasher-Baal’s second siege against the city of Zion, the Ancient of Days came to Enoch in the temple and informed him of God’s plan to deliver inhabitants of Zion from evil (B:17:1-19). Bashia and her counselors were also visited by the Heavenly Mother, Sher-el of House Valhaladea. During this divine event, it was confirmed that the hosts of Zion would be taken up, but that it was imperative for Methuselah and his wife Japhia stay, so that the priesthood of the Heavenly Mother and Father remain intact upon the earth (B:17:26-41). As God had promised, Enoch and the inhabitants of Zion were miraculously delivered from the clutches of Yasher-Baal (B:19:1-27).



Azrael’s Commentary — Bashia; para. 3


[...] As the empire was collapsing into ruin, one day Bashia had a dream in which God told her to gather as many of the faithful as possible and flee the city. She was to go eastward to the Nile River and there she would meet Enoch. Telling Adami of her dream, they set about gathering the remnants of the empire. At the establishment of Zion, Enoch appointed Bashia to be the first High Priestess.



Adamic lineage traced through Enoch       Beginnings 20:4-25


Enoch + Larisha

 Methuselah + Japhia   (birth of Methuselah: c. 8,850 BCE)








            Eleazar + Mishka

              Zanosh, Maciah + Jotham




                       Resha + Sheba




                               Ramsha + Haziel

                                 Methuselah (Bozdra) + Ziphia

                                   Lamech, Phiniah (brothers)

                                      Noah + Suzanne (cousins)    (birth of Noah: c. 5,000 BCE)

                                               Shem, Japheth, Ham, Cimbri





Yet...did the evil press hard against the kingdom of Seth through subtlety and sly deceit, even until the children of light were seduced and led astray by songs of war and empire, and in the passing of the years did the kingdom perish little by little midst bitter tears and weeping.

But notwithstanding so great a sorrow, the Spirit of God did reach out among the desolate to call forth that remnant which still clung to the priesthood of God, and these did we cause to rise up and go eastward unto Enoch.

And Enoch built a city, even Zion the Beautiful, and for a season it did prosper greatly upon the land; yet did evil rush forth quickly to destroy, evensomuch that God did descend to save his people, and Zion fled the earth unto glory and was no more.

1st Endowment 3:28-30

Eno Adaam