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Ancient of Days


Occurrences:  25
First Reference:
 Beginnings 1:1


And it came about that on a certain day while the Teacher was walking in a lonely place that the Ancient of Days descended from above to speak unto him, saying:



See:  Adam, Adamilus, Michael


Summary:  The Ancient of Days is a title used to designate the Adamilus, the Archon ordained to initiate the first dispensation on a mortal world. In our case, the Ancient of Days refers to Michael, who, with his beloved Sher-el, established the first dispensation as Adam and Eve.


The title likely originated during the first dispensation ever to be established on a mortal world. This occurred on the world of Terralee, when The One descended into mortality as the Adamilus. It was Noaeya, the founder of the second dispensation, who first used this title in reference to his greater self as the reincarnated spirit of Adamilus, the Ancient of Days (4:10:39; 4:24:10) [1].





[1]  (in reference to Adamilus / The One)

But if you answer not rightly, and in my speaking the people should find agreement, then must you consent that I am Adamilus come forth again unto the children of men, being myself the Ancient of Days.

4th Endowment 10:39


If then you do truly believe that I am even as the Ancient of Days, being myself in similitude of Father Adamilus, then hear me and in your heart do ponder well: For there is a time and a season appointed to all things.

4th Endowment 24:10


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(in reference to Adamilus (Adam) / Michael)


And throughout many generations did the knowledge continually grow, here a little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept; even till that day when there should descend from Heaven the Ancient of Days.

Enlightenment 12:61


And Lucifer caused that he should see how that God had chosen his younger brother, even the Ancient of Days, over Lucifer, which thing caused great sorrow in Heaven.

Beginnings 2:17


Now in the last days, before Adam and Eve should leave the children of men, they gathered unto themselves the fruit of their loins and also many of the children of men as would give heed unto their words. And Adam spoke unto them, saying:

“Come, my children, and give ear, for the day of parting has come, the day of separation is upon me. Therefore give ear unto the voice of your father, even the Ancient of Days, that you might receive unto your soul the promise of election, whereby you shall become the sons and daughters of God.

Beginnings 5:22-23


And before the children of men did Adam and Eve ascend into Heaven. Thus was the dispensation of First Man wrought by the Ancient of Days and his Beloved. And in dreams and songs did it spread over all the inhabitants of the earth.

Beginnings 5:31


Now in the beginning, the Ancient of Days came forth unto the land of Ur in a mighty vision, and he spoke unto a certain man named Enoch, saying: “Come, O son of man, and attend your ear unto the words which I shall speak unto you. For I shall send you forth among the sons and daughters of men.

Beginnings 6:5


And Cain laughed greatly, but Enoch answered him, saying: “Behold, my lord, the Ancient of Days has commanded me; even he who was your father, Adam, has anointed me from above...

Beginnings 6:25


But Enoch, upon seeing the armies of Sumer, went into the temple, and there in the Holy of Holies the Ancient of Days appeared unto him above the altar. And he spoke to Enoch, saying:

Beginnings 17:2


Behold now the Beloved of Michael, even the Ancient of Days, and doubt not. For I am Sher-el of Valhaladea, even Eve the mother of all living.

Beginnings 17:33


Now on a certain day the Ancient of Days walked upon the earth and there came nigh unto him the Fallen One. And Lucifer spoke unto Michael, saying:

Beginnings 21:3


For God, even the Ancient of Days, desired that there should be but one Lord and one shepherd over all the earth.

Beginnings 23:9


And Michael, even the Ancient of Days, spoke to the Father of All, saying:

Beginnings 24:8


Behold the House of the Archons, over which shall preside even the very King of Heaven, even Ahman, the Father of All; and on his right hand shall stand the Ancient of Days even Michael, who shall stand forth as Chief Archon before all the great and mighty.

Wisdom 24:20


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Andrew Bar Jonas