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Pronunciation:  tehr-ruh-LEE

Occurrences:  23  (direct references)

First Reference:  4th Endowment 6:1


Warm blew the winds of Terralee, the earth which God did make at the edge of distant Heaven; and on that earth did there come forth the first of mortal men through Mother Earth and Father Time, according to the will of God;



See:  Dispensationalism, El-Kai-Terra, Festivals (Terralee)


Summary:  Terralee was the name of the first mortal world implemented by the First God (represented by Areta and The One) as a schooling environment for the progression of their spirit children (4:6:1). The planet was located on the outer rim of a vast accumulation of galaxies referred to as the great Eternal Round. The planet of Terralee was  located far opposite to where Areta and The One had established their domain (4:5:1-2), which domain later developed into the first realm of Heaven, eventually recognized as the Telestial Kingdom.


Unlike the birthplace of God, referred to as the world of the First Power, the world of Terralee was created by God and governed by laws established for the benefit and well-being of their spirit children. The world of the First Power was not created by God and was host to all manner of chaos and suffering resulting from natural disasters. The God-created world of Terralee differed in that the elements and forces of the planet were governed by an earth spirit commissioned by God to protect human life from any harm arising from the natural forces of the planet (4:5:3-11; El-Kai-Terra).


With the assistance of the Cherubim, First God devised a system wherein consenting spirit children would live a specific number of mortal lives throughout seven distinct dispensations (4:9:21-34). This process is one aspect of what God calls the Hodos Alea: the pathway of eternal progression. Each dispensation was intended to offer specific teachings that would accommodate the advancement of human societies and the maturation of God’s spirit children (4:6:13-57). Every two thousand years, God would incarnate as a mortal human to initiate a new dispensation and provide teachings that would both clarify and add upon the guidance of past dispensational leaders (4:6:55-57). The dispensations would commence only after “tabernacles of the natural man” had been brought forth through the processes of evolution (4:5:11-12; 4:6:1-5). Once humans reached a certain degree of evolutionary maturity, God would descend to the mortal world and initiate the first of seven dispensations.


Scripture portrays the inaugural application of this process in the 4th Endowment, which relates how God descended to the world of Terralee as Adamilus and Evelah (4:6:58-60; 4:7:1-65).


The objectives and methods described in the 4th Endowment offer a general perspective regarding the aims and designs of dispensationalism, and the structure underlying the first Offices of the House of Mithron and the Houses of El Shalon and El Shaloah (4:9:1-63). The scriptural account of dispensationalism on the world of Terralee presents the template for one of the primary processes of eternal progression. Scriptural study will reveal that the process has been adapted to accommodate the challenging circumstances unique to our world, the world of the First Power.



Calendar Year of Terralee

A year on the world of Terralee was comprised of exactly four hundred and twenty days. Mother Evelah established a calendar for the Enoshahim (modern evolutionary humans), organizing the year into twelve months of five weeks of seven days (4:7:46-47). Evelah and Adamilus also appointed festivals for the solstices and equinoxes of the year (4:6:48-65).



Dispensational Leaders of Terralee

The First God, as represented by Areta and The One, lived mortal lives on the world of Terralee to teach and guide their spirit children. They established the template of dispensationalism and served as the “archetype for all the offices found in the Houses of El Shalon and El Shaloah”, including the offices of the Holy Spirit and the Emmanuelite (AZC — House of El Shalon/El Shaloah).




















“It is during the mortal life of the Emmanuel that the Heavenly Mother, in her role as the Holy Spirit, whispers into the hearts of mortal children, bearing witness to them of the divine nature of the Emmanuel. This practice was first begun by The One and Areta on the world of Terralee. (In point of fact, they were the archetype for all the offices found in the Houses of El Shalon and El Shaloah.) In some instances a Heavenly Mother might choose to enter a specific mortality, just to be with her Beloved and to aid him as he sets about fulfilling his divine commission. This tradition first began with Abbahdon and Gaia, and continued in the lives of Yeshua and Mary.”

Azrael’s Commentary — House of El Shalon/El Shaloah: 4. Emmanuelite/Holy Spirit


[...] “In its earliest days, the Adamic language had no name for itself. Areta never thought to give a name to the collection of sounds which constituted her language. Neither did God think to name the language which was spoken between The One and Areta, or even between themselves and the Cherubim. It is always the ‘outsider’ who gives a name to someone else’s language. The Adamic language received its name from the first mortal world ever to be created by God: Terralee. It was the Enoshahim on Terralee who first named the language of Adamilus and Evelah; and throughout the endless halls of eternity, the name has stuck.”

Azrael’s Commentary — Adamic Language; para. 7


So God did leave the world of the First Heaven, and together did The One and Areta appear as a man and a woman most beautiful and rare; and in the world of Terralee did they walk upon the earth, being themselves husband and wife. And the children of men did come from afar to see them, and seeing the form and goodness of God among them, they were filled with deep and reverent awe at the greatness of their grace and beauty.

4th Endowment 6:58

Dispensational Leader
Virtue / Pillar
4:6:58 — 4:8:62
Noaeya (The One)
4:10:1 — 4:12:66
Sariah (Areta)
4:16:16 — 4:20:5
Moshe + Dedrah (The One + Areta)
4:20:6 — 4:22:62
Abbahdon + Gaia (The One + Areta)
4:23:1 — 4:25:68
Laecontes (The One)
4:26:2 — 4:29:4
Kaseah (Areta)
4:29:5 — 4:31:47
Terra Borah
Terrestrial Kingdom