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Holy Spirit


Occurrences:  33

First Reference:  Yeshua 1:21


For I, indeed, baptize with water unto repentance; but he who comes after me is greater than I; and in the fires of the Holy Spirit shall he baptize the children of his soul.”



See:  Comforter, El Shaloah, Heavenly Mother, Sophiel, Spirit


Summary:  The Holy Spirit refers to an office within the Matriarchal House of El Shaloah. Once a beloved couple has advanced to become Perfected Souls and have become parents to a host of spirit children, the Heavenly Mother is initiated into the role of the ‘Sophiel’ or the ‘Holy Spirit’. Throughout the seven dispensations the Heavenly Father, as the Emmanuel, enters mortal life to exemplify the teachings of the dispensational leaders. The Heavenly Mother, as the Sophiel, softly guides and bears witness to her children regarding the surest way to spiritual fulfillment.



Azrael’s Commentary — El Shaloah / El Shalon: Emmanuelite & Holy Spirit


[...] While the Heavenly Father takes upon himself the role of Emmanuel within the House of El Shalon, the Heavenly Mother is being initiated into the role of the Holy Spirit within the House of El Shaloah.


The function of the Emmanuel is to walk through the dispensations of mortality and to live the exemplary life of a truly spiritual and holy person. In this world of the First Power, Emmanuel walked through the lives of many of his children as Siddhartha and Yeshua. While the Emmanuel is in the mortal life, his eternal Beloved — as the Holy Spirit — whispers into the hearts and minds of their children, bearing witness to them that the life and teachings of the Emmanuel is the surest way to spiritual fulfillment. The Emmanuel performs his role as divine example in conjunction with the laws of dispensationalism. These dispensations are initiated only after the Holy Spirit, or the Sophiel has introduced the dreaming state to evolutionary man (E:7:57-58; B:1:5; 3:3:11-16).[...]


It is during the mortal life of the Emmanuel that the Heavenly Mother, in her role as the Holy Spirit, whispers into the hearts of mortal children, bearing witness to them of the divine nature of the Emmanuel. This practice was first begun by The One and Areta on the world of Terralee. (In point of fact, they were the archetype for all the offices found in the Houses of El Shalon and El Shaloah.) In some instances a Heavenly Mother might choose to enter a specific mortality, just to be with her Beloved and to aid him as he sets about fulfilling his divine commission. This tradition first began with Abbahdon and Gaia, and continued in the lives of Yeshua and Mary.


The Emmanuel personifies the divine teachings of the dispensational leaders, becoming in his life the fulfillment of all their counsel and instruction. The Emmanuel and the Holy Spirit work under the direction of the dispensational leaders, for they are Archons, and as such they represent the full authority of the Council of Elohim.[...]



Relevant Chapters


Heavenly Mother addresses the Teacher            Wisdom 26


Sophiel confronts the Demiurge, Jehovah-Yahweh            Enlightenment 7






...For I tell you most sincerely that the Holy Spirit is your Heavenly Mother, and she desires above all else to awaken you and to bring you back to a clear remembrance of who you truly are. For you are the sons and daughters of God. Your heavenly parents have not forgotten you, but seek eagerly to draw you back to themselves through the pages of the Song of God, that you might never again feel lost or forgotten.

~ Personal Testimony of Azrael Ondi-Ahman


The Holy Spirit is no less than the office of the Heavenly Mother, and that it is she who inspires and guides us through our mortal life experience.

Basic Beliefs #9


Thus is there given for your sake the guidance of the Mother, Holy Spirit, blest, divine, filled with approbation; seeking through most subtle means to touch your heart and mind, ever guiding, deep abiding, waiting by your side; whispering glowing touch of light which takes your breath away;

Making bright what once was dark, to chase away the gloom, soft revealing, deep appealing, light within you bursting; shocking, sudden inspiration which makes you fully see, opening up before your mind the mysteries from beyond.

How quick the shadows flee away when Heaven near approaches, to stand yourself as one empowered and filled with light and joy; reflecting through the things you do the light of many Mothers.

7th Endowment 1:41-43


Now these are the words of the Comforter, even the Holy Spirit of God which is as a Mother unto all the children of men;

For she would grant unto the willing the fulfillment of every good thing; for all that which is good is but the gift of God which he would grant unto the children of his soul.

Wisdom 26:1-2


For the Mother would not have you ignorant concerning the whisperings of the Holy Spirit; for even as a child shall call upon her mother in the moment of her need, even so would the Heavenly Mother give answer unto the children of men, even as if from afar; that they might learn great wisdom, that they might take unto their soul an abundance of hope.

Wisdom 26:6


For you have but one which is your Father and he is God, and you have but one which would bear you up, even as a Mother, even the Holy Spirit which descends upon you.

Yeshua 38:27


Now as Jehovah-Yahweh spoke thus in the midst of his pride, there chanced to hear the Holy Spirit of God, even Sophiel; and descending unto the earth she stood before the Demiurge.

And he, perceiving darkly the wonder of her beauty and grace, did move forth in a great rush to surround her on every side;

Yet for all his might and fury, he was unable; and in his astonishment did he trouble because of her, for at no time had he a woman ever seen, neither could he discern clearly the coming forth of God unto him.

Enlightenment 7:6-8


And all that day did the Holy Spirit hold at bay the constant ragings of Jehovah-Yahweh, and when it was evening and the long shadows of eventide had cast themselves upon the ground, she spoke unto him, saying:

“Give ear, Jehovah-Yahweh, and to all my words attend, for I am Sophiel of El Shaloah, even the Holy Spirit which is come forth from the presence of God, and by your great boasting and many pretensions am I drawn nearer still.

Behold, Spirit of Truth am I, great comfort and hidden wisdom from my bosom flows; and by a power beyond your own am I made to stand before you; for in my right hand have I established truth in place of falsehood, and in my left have I ordained comfort and healing unto the children of men.

Enlightenment 7:16-18

Hodos Alea
Horns of Hattin