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Pronunciation:  ee-NO-shuh-him

Occurrences:  50

First Reference:  Beginnings 23:5


And he [Noah] commanded them straightly to travel forth unto every distant land, that wherever they should find the Enoshahim they might teach unto them the words of God, that they might not be made to fear concerning the coming forth of the spirits of God unto them.



See:  Adaam, Enosh


Summary:  (Adapted from Azrael’s Commentary — Enoshahim) Meaning “drawn from the earth”, the term “Enoshahim” refers to evolutionary humans who exhibited the first stages of behavioral modernity. The term is derived from the name “Enosh”, which name is typically used by the Heavenly Parents to designate individuals who, by means of spiritual communion and divine revelation, become the first shamans among evolutionary modern human clans.


There is an important distinction between the Enoshahim and those who are referred to as the ‘Adaam’. Meaning “high man” or “those who from Heaven came”, the Adaam are the descendants of Adamilus and Evelah, the initiators of the first dispensation. On this world, Adam and Eve (the mortal manifestations of Michael and Sher-el) arrived from Heaven to mingle with the Enoshahim in the Fertile Crescent (c. 12,775 BCE).
















On this world, it was Shaemdiel (Lucifer) and his fallen lineage that initiated the rise of the Enoshahim (E:12:1-61; 6:4:1-82). Throughout the dispensations, Shaemdiel has exerted efforts to sow enmity between the Enoshahim and the Adaam (B:2:1, B:21:5,51). This bitterness in Shaemdiel (born long ago midst his rebellion against and subsequent eviction from  the Elohim) was re-ignited when his younger brother, Michael and his Beloved Sher-el unexpectedly arrived (as Adam and Eve) to establish the dispensations of Elohim among the Enoshahim (6:6:43; 6:8:1-7).


It was God’s intent from the beginning to uplift the Enoshahim (B:1:5), and provide a means whereby evolutionary humans could create for themselves the epiphenomenon of soul (E:14:1-6).






•  There are two different groups of Enoshahim spoken of in the scriptures: the Enoshahim that evolved on this world (the world of the First Power) and the Enoshahim that evolved on the world of Terralee, the first mortal world established by God (4th Endowment).


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57. And the Lord spoke to Noah, saying: “Gabriel, my son, why are you made to despair over the children of men?

58. Did you not know that they are in my hands and that I will not forsake them, neither shall I let evil devour them?

59. For I have heard the pleas of the righteous and have prepared a way whereby the children of men shall receive a great and mighty blessing, such as never before has been given unto the children of men.

60. Now, therefore, take heart and be comforted, for I shall send to the house of Enosh the spirit of adoption, whereby I shall cause that the house of Enosh and the house of Adam should be made as one house in my hand.

61. For I shall send forth the spirit children of Emmanuel in abundance to the earth, even as the rain shall they descend unto the house of Enosh, both male and female.

62. And all who dwell upon the earth shall be made the seed of Adam, that all might come to a sure knowledge of good and evil, that even all men, both male and female, might receive the hope of exaltation in the kingdom of God.

Beginnings 22:57-62


For Adam and Eve proved gentle and filled with goodness, possessing in their likeness bodies of flesh and bone, being themselves content to live among the Enoshahim whereby they might reveal to the Enoshahim the goodness of the Enoshahim; adding to their customs a new and higher knowledge filled with subtle wisdom.

6th Endowment 8:6


But God beheld the natural man and was pleased, for they possessed a similitude of his image. Wherefore unto these did God take thought, for he desired to send forth the children of his soul unto the sons and daughters of lower man, that they might receive unto themselves the promise of every good thing and the hope of everlasting life in the kingdom of God.

Wisdom 25:33


1. Warm blew the winds of Terralee, the earth which God did make at the edge of distant Heaven; and on that earth did there come forth the first of mortal men through Mother Earth and Father Time, according to the will of God;

2. Being themselves fashioned of their environment through the process of evolution, possessing bodies of flesh and bone, but having no spirit within, being themselves as natural men filled with promise, ever moving upon the land, perchance that they might find that certain thing which would add some purpose to their life.

3. For like earthen vessels they did await the coming of their God, whereby they might receive in their bosoms the breath of the spirit which would come and in them dwell, to make every man and every woman most full complete and filled with expectation.

4. For men are that they might have joy and nothing less beside, being themselves made filled with dreams and dressed with hopeful yearnings, reaching forth with hungry hearts to touch the soul of God, and in the touching but fair embrace the sum of who they are.

5. For the natural man is filled with wonder and made rich as well, being fashioned both male and female in the likeness of their God; having in themselves a depth and height which dreams alone can fathom, possessing within the boundaries of their flesh that which is boundless and immeasurable, filled with glory.

4th Endowment 6:1-5


Thus did the children of Enosh gather, to see for themselves both Adamilus and Evelah, being in their flesh unlike the natural man; and the children of Enosh did gasp in wonder before such grace and beauty as God did bear, causing that every man and every woman should desire to be even as Adamilus and Evelah.

4th Endowment 7:8





Adaam:  "high man; those who from Heaven came"

    Synonymous phrases:

          • children of Adam  (4)

          • seed of Adam  (8)

          • sons / daughters of Adam  (11)

          • house of Adam  (11)


Enoshahim: "drawn from the earth"

Synonymous phrases:

           • children / sons / daughters of men  (643)

           • children / sons / daughters of Enosh  (28)

           • house of Enosh  (10)

           • seed / birthseed of God  (22)

           • house of Enosh  (10)

           • tabernacles of Enosh  (1)  W:19:14

           • natural man  (19)