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Pronunciation:  EE-nahsh

Occurrences:  66 - Enosh       1 - tabernacles of (W:19:14)        1 -  ‘Enosh’ (6:4:27)

First Reference:  Enlightenment 12:57


For this day shall I establish you above all the people, and your name shall be called Enosh, for this day have you found great favor in my sight.



See:  Enoshahim, Jehovah-Yahweh, Lucifer, screelings, Shaemdiel


Summary:  The name “Enosh” is used by Heavenly Parents to designate individuals who, by means of spiritual communion and divine revelation, become the first shaman-type figures among native human clans on a mortal world. Powerful knowledge, such as the mastery of fire and the use of superior weapon systems, is shared with the Enosh, who then shares the knowledge with the clan. The term “Enoshahim”, which means ‘drawn from the earth’ (AZC — Enoshahim), refers to evolutionary modern humans (eg: Homo sapiens sapiens) who were uplifted and empowered through the knowledge and mysteries shared by the men and women designated as ‘Enosh’.


The earliest use of the term “Enosh” occurred during the advent of dispensations on the first mortal world created by God, referred to as the world of Terralee (4:7:1-65).


At the onset of Shaemdiel’s (Lucifer’s) dispensations on this world (c. 50,000 BCE), he and his lineage used the name “Enosh” to designate individuals who agreed to became allies with Shaemdiel, and give heed to his counsel (E:12:1-61; 6:4:1-82). The recipient of this appellation would be given knowledge and skills that would set the man or woman apart from the other members of the clan. Such knowledge and skills included: the mastery of fire-making, the use of the sling, atlatl, and boomerang, as well as the art of catching fish, and making clothing and shelters from animal skins. The knowledge and skills taught by Shaemdiel and his lineage were disseminated via the Enosh, who was often appointed as the shaman of the clan (6:4:58). While Shaemdiel’s interaction with the first Enosh took place along the river Nile (E:12:1), the process of finding and designating the Enosh among human clans (Homo sapiens sapiens) became a world-wide effort (6:4:26-27).


There came to arise a schism between those who were empowered with the knowledge and skills shared by the spirits of Shaemdiel, and those that refused out of fear of Jehovah-Yahweh’s wrath (6:4:28). Those that followed in the ways of Enosh became known as the “Enoshahim”, or the children of Enosh. Those that remained ignorant and fearful became known as “screelings”.



The First Enosh of this world         Enlightenment 12        6th Endowment 4


One day (c. 50,000 BCE) a woman went looking for her mate, who had not returned from wandering along the banks of the Nile River (E:12:1-14). The woman suddenly heard a ‘voice most sweetly singing’, and curious, went forth to see who it was. She was surprised to find a beautiful man sitting next to a fire, with which he was cooking a rich and savory meat. The kind man fed the woman, and explained how he intended to share with her a special knowledge, the knowledge of good and evil. The woman was hesitant to converse further, as she rightly suspected this man was the cunning Lucifer whom the frightful demiurge Jehovah-Yahweh had warned against. However, the man’s gentle words and kind persuasion made the woman feel at ease, and she agreed to learn all the man would share with her.


Lucifer (the name given to Shaemdiel by the Demiurge) gave to the woman the name Enosh, and began the process of setting her apart from the others of her kind. Using the skins of animals, he made clothes and slippers for Enosh to wear. He also fashioned for her a special necklace made of blue stones (E:12:52-57). Over time, Lucifer taught Enosh many mysteries, including the mastery of fire-making, the use of the atlatl, and a knowledge of tribal law and custom (6:4:35-42).


Enosh told her clan about the ‘good and kindly spirit’, and how he gave to her a name and revealed to her the mystery of the fire. The clan came to respect Enosh and hold her in high regard as the mysteries she shared empowered the clan and allowed them to flourish and prosper. Enosh, guided by the teachings of Shaemdiel, soon began to forge the clans together to form a tribe united by law, custom, language and belief (6:5:1-30).


For twenty years, Enosh served as the shaman of her tribe. During this time she gave birth to a daughter whom, throughout the years, she would include when meeting and conversing with Shaemdiel. When Enosh fell ill she gathered the tribe, and passing to her daughter the necklace and staff which Shaemdiel had made, Enosh appointed her as the new shaman of the tribe. All members of the tribe were made to swear an oath to heed the daughter’s counsel, for she would take the mother’s place in communing with the spirit. When Enosh died, the daughter buried her with willow baskets filled with flowers (6:5:31-36).





Now in the beginning did Jehovah-Yahweh seek to rule, proclaiming himself to be as god before the frightened clans of man; which men did tremble before the dark and billowing presence which boiled and raged before them; demanding of them a quick and servile obedience filled with many burdens.

For this Jehovah-Yahweh is a boastful lad, filled with great pretensions, ever grasping and filled with harsh demands; and going throughout the valley and delta of the river Nile, he did cause all men to bow before him lest he should kill them upon a whim.

But there followed after Jehovah-Yahweh, Shaemdiel the Fallen, and seeing for himself the plight of man he did take pity, and quietly did he go forth to succor and ennoble; and finding the woman Enosh, he began through most subtle means to uplift the heart of man;

Finding in the primitive clans of man the seed from which civilization might begin to grow; being enticed through utmost care to flourish and take hold upon the banks of the river Nile, giving to Shaemdiel an opportunity filled with challenge.

Thus did Shaemdiel seize for himself the opportunity found in the woman Enosh, becoming to her and all her clan even as a wise and caring benefactor, proving himself diligent in overseeing the passing of their days; shielding them constantly from such harm as Jehovah-Yahweh would think to heap upon them.

6th Endowment 4:3-7


And when all was concluded, Shaemdiel sent away even all his following to search throughout the lands of the earth; each looking for the clans of man, to find, each to themselves, that one person who would take counsel, whether man or woman.

And finding those who would desire to be an ally unto Shaemdiel, even unto that one would they give the name ‘Enosh’, regardless of their gender; causing that they should be set apart and made distinct above all others within their clan.

Thus did there begin to evolve a great division among the primitive clans of early man, causing that those who gave heed to the teachings of the spirits should be called Enoshahim, while all those who would not give heed for fear of Jehovah-Yahweh, even these became known as the ‘screelings’, being themselves wild and ignorant and filled with brutish thoughts.

For Shaemdiel commanded that the Enoshahim should be advanced above the other clans of man, commanding to each his sons and daughters that they teach unto the Enoshahim the mastery of fire; and to this was given the use of the atlatl, sling, boomerang and the arts of catching fish.

Yet even above all these things, Shaemdiel commanded that the Enoshahim be clothed in the skins of animals, that they might no longer walk naked upon the earth; causing that they should be protected from the wind and rain and bitter cold.

6th Endowment 4:26-30


“Behold, fair daughter, how that this day I have made you anew; and if the children of men should ask of you, then shall you tell them that even I have sent you among them, that you may give into their keeping the beginning of knowledge.

For this day shall I establish you above all the people, and your name shall be called Enosh, for this day have you found great favor in my sight.

Go now and multiply your seed upon the earth, and throughout all your generations shall I pour out a continual blessing, whereby the children of men might subdue the earth altogether.”

So Enosh went again unto her people and they were filled with amazement at the sight of her; and from group to group and tribe to tribe the children of men took to themselves the beginning of knowledge.

And all men thereafter claimed for themselves the lineage of Enosh, for all men had great regard for her.

And throughout many generations did the knowledge continually grow, here a little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept; even till that day when there should descend from Heaven the Ancient of Days.

Enlightenment 12:56-61