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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 7

Class Begins - - Wisdom (part I)

God walks with man – The first dispensation is proclaimed – Adamilus and Evelah serve as an example – Adamilus and Evelah unite tribes – The children of Adamilus and Evelah – The prayer of greeting – Adamilus teaches the Enoshahim: farming, husbandry, mathematics and astronomy – Evelah teaches the Enoshahim: marriage, family, fishing, herbs and medicine – The calendar year of Terralee and festivals of God


1  And the word went forth on anxious breath of the coming forth of God, moving swiftly o’er the plain and beyond the mountain fast, spreading quickly through the land to fall on every ear, that God had come to walk with man and with the children dwell, to chase away the many fears, to fill with joy instead.

2  Now the children of Enosh came from afar to see the coming of their God, being themselves soft compelled through dreams of sweet enchantment, being drawn by constant yearnings, that they, themselves, might know; to see and hear and touch and feel the glory and the wonder.

3  For the marvels of nature did all men know, being found in earth and sky and sea, seeing among such natural elements a power and movement far greater than themselves; causing that the natural man should fear the raging of the tempest, feeling themselves as small and puny before the rule of nature;

4  Causing that every man and every woman should yield themselves in reverence before the changing of the seasons, to gaze in awe at growing things in the midst of rich abundance.

5  To know, themselves, through calm or dread, of balmy days or stormy nights the roar and clash of rolling thunder and the trembling of the earth, of lightning flashing in the dark, and the raging winds besides; all these things did all men know, to be in them accepted in the measuring of their days.

6  But in the coming forth of God did man find hope at last, to see in Adamilus and Evelah the perfection of themselves, whereby they might rise above such ignorance as did push and goad; but become, themselves, as dreams made real in the living of some greater life.

7  For in God was life made sweet perfected, to fill with deeper knowing, making new the life of man, to fill it up with joy, causing that all who would partake themselves might fully be as children of God both wise and good, and filled with happy light.

8  Thus did the children of Enosh gather, to see for themselves both Adamilus and Evelah, being in their flesh unlike the natural man; and the children of Enosh did gasp in wonder before such grace and beauty as God did bear, causing that every man and every woman should desire to be even as Adamilus and Evelah.

9  And coming to a broad and pleasing valley made richly green and filled with flowers, the Enoshahim did gather round about Adamilus and Evelah, to hear for themselves such pleasing words as God might speak into the minds of all.

10  Now on the first day did Adamilus and Evelah proclaim before the children of men the first dispensation of God the Father and the Mother; and God walked naked among the house of Enosh; and there were many which did reach forth to touch the flesh of Adamilus and Evelah, and in the touching were they most full astonished to feel themselves as blessed.

11  For the tabernacles of Adamilus and Evelah were pleasing smooth and greatly fair, being themselves beautiful and filled with grace; and all those which did reach forth to gently touch, even these, though mortal men, did find in God that gentle approbation which would uplift the hearts of all.

12  Thus began the first dispensation which God alone did make, being both as Father and Mother most content to live the lives of mortal men, being in their flesh susceptible to such natural elements as did press hard against the very Enoshahim.

13  Yet did Adamilus and Evelah prove themselves without complaint, but did with joy take up the great adventure, being in their persons most continually happy and filled with brightness, having trimmed their souls with a good and holy expectation.

14  For God thought it wise to set aside such powers and glories as did but dwell within, permitting that Adamilus and Evelah should know in every fashion such trials and hardships as did afflict the nature of man.

15  That being in themselves both The One and Areta together, as mortal themselves, being in the flesh of Adamilus and Evelah most firmly fashioned, they might know full well the fears and hurt of every man and every woman;

16  Causing that they should show in the living of their life the way by which all might live most happily, becoming in themselves some great example which all might follow, to lift the children of men even closer unto God.

17  Giving hope to all that even as Adamilus and Evelah did live their life in excellence, being in their daily actions filled with grace and honor and wisdom also; even so might every man and woman likewise be.

18  To become in their persons a people of honor and integrity and deeper knowing, making their lives far richer than they had ever known, possessing in themselves a meaning and purpose far greater than the sum of all their dreaming, having become holy even as God is holy.

19  For this cause did God think it not unseemly to become as mortal man, to walk upon the earth; for God thought themselves blessed in the very doing, being in their inmost part filled with joy at living the mortal life, being in their soul most happy to touch the lives of common man;

20  Being always hopeful that in the moving of the dispensations might all receive some greater purpose filled with joy; for into the tabernacles of mortal men would God send forth the children of Heaven whereby they might attain unto a wisdom and holiness all their own, being made to know for themselves the Oneness and balance of all things together.

21  Thus did the Enoshahim have regard for Adamilus and Evelah, for by their grace were even all uplifted and filled with dreams, to see in the lowest of men the shadow of some greater thing yet unborn, but ever moving within the man or the woman, being itself between the heavens and the earth.

22  Now Adamilus and Evelah gathered all the tribes of man into one, and taking the men of one tribe who were without mates, they gave them as husbands unto the women of another tribe, causing that they should grow in love together, to bring forth children.

23  And taking the women of still another tribe, who were themselves unmarried and without mates, even these, likewise, did Adamilus and Evelah give to the men of yet some other tribe, to be to them as wives, causing that they should likewise grow in love together to bring forth children.

24  Thus did God mix and mingle the tribes together, to forge into oneness, the tribes of every man and every woman, causing that they should become as one tribe, one house, one people; and upon the gathering and union of all these people did God give a name and place, calling them the House of Adamilus and Evelah.

25  Now in the third year of their sojourn upon the world of Terralee, Adamilus and Evelah began to bring forth children of their own; and unto each son and daughter did they teach a deep and loving regard for all who dwelt within the house which God had made;

26  Causing that as the children of Adamilus and Evelah should mature and full develop, even then would the sons of Adamilus seek a mate from among the daughters of men, to grow together as husband and wife through constant love and full devotion.

27  Likewise did the daughters of Evelah, in the days of their maturity, seek from among the sons of men, one who would be to them as a husband and happy mate, to bring forth children in love and kind regard.

28  Now the children of Enosh loved Adamilus and Evelah, for they taught the beginning of many things, causing that every man and every woman, and children also should daily gather at the rising of the sun to speak the prayer of greeting.

29  And opening wide their arms with hands uplifted, they would speak with grateful voices, saying: “This is a day which God has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it.”

30  Then would the children of men turn themselves eagerly to the labors of the day, being themselves anxious to learn such things as Adamilus and Evelah might teach; gathering to themselves all manner of wise and goodly things which would prove a benefit filled with blessings.

31  For Adamilus taught to men the skills of farming and husbandry, placing into their hands the flocks of the field, of sheep and goats and horses too; and even the wild dog did Adamilus teach men to tame, that they might work in the fields beside them.

32  And the Enoshahim planted all manner of grains and food which they might eat; and there grew in abundance: wheat, oats, barley, flax, corn, beans, melons and squashes of every kind; and in their orchards did they bring forth a great variety of apples, plums, apricots and cherries.

33  And there began to fill the valleys far and near, the gardens and orchards of the Enoshahim, and the seasons turned and there was soon the abundant harvest, a season of thanksgiving and rejoicing, of feasting and making merry with every man and every woman their neighbor.

34  Thus did the Enoshahim become a joyful people, being bound within their families by chords of love, being in their very person filled with light, for even God did walk beside them upon the path of mortal life, to lay by careful means the beginnings of that civilization which must surely follow upon the doings of Adamilus and Evelah.

35  For it was given that Father Adamilus should teach the beginnings of mathematics, which math was most easily revealed in the laying forth of fields and boundaries, being themselves most perfectly squared.

36  And in the building of their homes and granaries and silos did the Enoshahim take to themselves the mysteries and wonders of math whereby they might be benefited in the living of their lives.

37  But in the night did Adamilus teach to both men and women the movement of the stars throughout the seasons of the year; and the phases of the moon did he likewise teach; and to the greater stars did Adamilus give names, and with his finger did Adamilus trace the constellations through the dark and twinkling skies.

38  For Adamilus used the constellations to tell the stories of God and Heaven and Hodos Alea, of Kronus and Yoshibeth, of Eidos and Areta, and the mysteries of Janmoleah;

39  To fill the minds of all which heard with dreams and wonders beyond the mortal man, yet being themselves within his reach if he would reach forth beyond himself to touch them.

40  Now Mother Evelah taught to the daughters of Enosh, the laws of marriage and family, teaching to them the workings and labors of the home, to make it bright and happy and filled with small and pleasing comforts.

41  And Evelah taught to every woman the making and coloring of fabrics, which fabrics were made of wool and flax, whereby the children of Enosh might no longer clothe themselves in the skins of mammals, but in garments of cloth instead, being brightly colored by dyes and stains of every kind.

42  Now in the days before Adamilus and Evelah did the Enoshahim eat the flesh of mammals, but in the coming of God was it forbidden; for Evelah taught the eating of fish instead, being themselves abundant in every sea and river and lake;

43  Causing that all little girls should become most proficient in the ways of catching fish or gathering clams; which good and tasty things their mothers cooked with pleasing herbs and spices of every kind.

44  And to this did Mother Evelah teach a great many other things, for she taught to the young women of Enosh a knowledge of herbs and medicines;

45  Causing that they should become as healers and physicians within their homes and families, which very knowledge they did pass down to their own daughters, and even some sons also; becoming, themselves, proficient in the making of such teas and potions and tinctures as would benefit the sick or dying.

46  And not this only, for Mother Evelah gave to the Enoshahim a calendar which did reveal the days and seasons of the year and the phases of the moon; for the world of Terralee was given a year which comprised exactly four hundred and twenty days.

47  Now Evelah gave to the year twelve months, and to each month did she give five weeks, and to each week did she give seven days; thus in the calendar which Evelah made was there found no variation or confusion regarding the days, the months, or the seasons of the year.

48  And in the calendar of the year did Adamilus and Evelah appoint unto each season a festival of joy and great delight, which festival continued for three days without surcease, causing that all should gather with families and neighbors to share the goodness of their life, and to sing and dance and feast together, each as they desired.

49  Thus in the days of the autumnal equinox was there appointed the Festival of Harvest and Thanksgiving; and for three days did every man cease his labors, to work beside his wife in preparing the food for feasting; and there was great rejoicing at such bounty as the earth and God did give for the benefit of all.

50  For there was gathered into the barns and silos food sufficient for the winter months when chilling winds should press hard against every man, causing that all should prove anxious to receive in joy the last days of summer, to fill them with a rich communion full of merriment.

51  Yet in the days of the winter solstice was there set aside the Festival of Children, causing that every child should be honored by loving parents; and to this festival did Adamilus and Evelah appoint the playing of games and the telling of stories.

52  And to each child, whether young or yet full grown, was there given a small but timely gift, and in the home was there prepared a small and happy feast filled with sweet delight; and in the home was there given three days of song and merriment, causing that the whole house should shake with the laughter of children.

53  But in the days of the vernal equinox was there appointed the Festival of Planting, when life and love and hope sprang forth anew; for in the day when the planting was made complete in every field, then did the whole community gather for celebration.

54  For in the Festival of Planting were there appointed the days when every man might love his wife and every wife her husband in an open and joyful communion before the gathering of their neighbors, being themselves filled with a sweet and wild abandon.

55  And not this only, for it was permitted that any man might play sexually with any woman, if it so be that she prove anxious herself and happy willing; for the Festival of Planting was the celebration of love and life and human sexuality.

56  Thus was it appointed that every man should love any woman, and that the woman should play sexually with whomsoever she chose, being free of guilt or hurtful shame, to chase each other through fields of green and in the shadows lie;

57  Being bound together by a soft embrace filled with loving rhythms; and every man did sing to every woman songs of love and sweet communion, while the women danced midst joy and pure delight.

58  For in the open loving of each the other was there found that good acceptance where every man and every woman might feel themselves a part of every other, to open wide the borders of their heart with a soft and kind regard; yet in the loving be themselves without sin or condemnation.

59  Neither was it feared that any woman should become pregnant from any man except her husband; for when God gave shape in the forming of mortal men, he caused, through evolution, that the woman should prove herself fertile but one month in every other year.

60  Thus in the coldest month of winter could any woman conceive a child, when in the shelter of her home she would take seed from her own husband.

61  Neither was there found in the tabernacles of any man or woman any sexual sickness or disease; for God would not permit that sex prove itself a low or shameful thing, but rather a thing of joy and open light, to be celebrated midst play and sweet devotion.

62  For this cause did every man strive throughout the year to be good and sweetly charming, lest during the days of festival no woman should choose to lay with him; and the women did likewise strive to be most kind and pleasing to all, lest during the festival a man should refuse her.

63  Now in the days of the summer solstice was there given the Festival of the Family, causing that every father and every mother should picnic out in the fields of God, to camp themselves in high and pleasing meadows, or by the waters of the sea.

64  And there did they rejoice in each the other, between the heavens and the earth, being a time when every father and every mother should sing and dance with the children they loved, to bind together through calm rejoicing the souls of all together.

65  These things did Adamilus and Evelah teach to the children of Enosh, and many other things besides, teaching through the flow of many generations, such things as would prove a blessing, teaching here a little and there a little, precept built on precept, and line placed on line.