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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 8

Finding for yourself the greater mystery – The children of Adamilus and Evelah – Cain teaches metal working – Abel teaches language and music – Mahali teaches pottery – Yoshibel teaches wine making – Adamilus and Evelah bid farewell – “Shine brightly” – The nearness of God – Acquiring true wisdom through understanding


1  And so the children of Enosh grew in knowledge and rich affection, being themselves girded with a deep understanding filled with awe, which things gave rise in man the birthseed of all their wisdom.

2  For Adamilus and Evelah revealed before the eyes of man the mystery and the wonder of mortal life, being always encouraged to seek that greater mystery whereby they might draw themselves closer to that which lies ineffable, but which, of itself, is ever present and always anxious to touch the heart of man.

3  For in the seeking of God is there a greater mystery found, being revealed only through such wisdom as you would seek for yourself to do.

4  Which very wisdom is rooted in holiness and goodness forever, to turn the actions of those who seek unto the heart of God, causing that God should, likewise, seek them also; causing that they should become as one.

5  Now Adamilus had a son which was his firstborn, and he called his name Cain, a bright and cheerful child, filled with laughter and happy mischief; and as he grew into manhood, Cain became a great and noble teacher for which all men had regard; for he taught the skills of metal smithing and the mysteries of the forge.

6  And there was apprenticed unto Cain young boys which were twelve years of age; and to these did he teach the secrets of metal weaving and the making of tools and implements of every kind; and for twenty years did the boys learn well their craft;

7  Causing that when they were full grown and had mastered well their skills, even these did Cain send forth throughout the land, whereby they might benefit the far and distant communities, to become themselves as teachers also, with apprentices of their own.

8  Yet did Mother Evelah give to Adamilus a second son which he called Abel, being himself as equally bright and happy, a man who loved deeply the natural world and all creatures which did move upon the land, or which flew in the airs above, or which swam within the seas.

9  All these things did Abel love, being filled with soft emotion, gathering to his soul the sum of living things; walking alone through the mountains or in the valleys green, speaking soft to Mother Earth or, again, to Father Time.

10  Spilling forth his dreams when he was yet a child, ever touching with his heart the joy of life and love, to fill his eyes with rainbows and his soul with happy thoughts; ever dancing round about to make his mother smile, or to fill the house with laughter.

11  Now when Abel was full grown there was apprenticed to him even all the children of the community, and to these did he teach the mysteries of writing and arithmetic, teaching in the morning sessions the beauty of language and the wonders of subtle thought.

12  But in the evening of the day, Abel taught to children the music of the flute and lyre, teaching to them the making and singing of songs, which songs would always speak of life and love and hopeful dreams.

13  Which very dreams were made as mighty visions through the laboring of the hands, causing through their many efforts that such visions should stride about the earth as giants, to change the world forever.

14  And when the apprentices were, themselves, full grown, there was chosen the very best, which apprentices had become as the masters of language and music; and these did Abel send out to far and distant communities, to become themselves as teachers with apprentices of their own.

15  Thus did the sons of Adamilus and Evelah teach, being themselves as good companions to each the other; and when Cain and Abel had each taken to themselves a woman to wife, they did lay their houses side by side to each the other.

16  And in the evenings would many of the Enoshahim gather to hear the music of Abel or to hear the roaring laughter of Cain, who was himself filled with stories and mischief of every kind; and between Cain and Abel was there seen a deep affection filled with happiness.

17  Now there was born to Mother Evelah her firstborn daughter, which daughter she named Mahali; and she was a happy and precocious child, being herself the darling of her brothers’ affections, being in herself most beautiful and affectionate.

18  And from her youth did she mold of earth and clay, things which should prove of benefit, causing that when she was fourteen years of age, Cain did make for her the potter’s wheel, being himself guided in its construction by the prompting of Mahali, who in her mind could clearly see the shape and function of all its parts.

19  Then did Mahali practice daily the making of earthen vessels; and after ten years she gathered to herself some twenty young girls and these became to her as students; and for ten years she taught to them the skills of pottery.

20  And Cain built for Mahali an oven which would harden and glaze the works of her hand; and the Enoshahim were most anxious to possess for themselves such artful things as the school of Mahali did make; for she caused to be painted on all her vessels designs made rich in color and variety.

21  Causing that Adamilus and Evelah should prove most pleased with all her many efforts in the teaching of the potter’s wheel; and not this only, but Mahali began to experiment with the making of glass most brightly shaped and colored.

22  Now there was born again to Mother Evelah, the youngest of all her children, a daughter which she named Yoshibel; and from her youth did she prove most affectionate and endearing, being in her childhood most attentive to her father and mother.

23  And as she grew she did study the growing of the grape and the making of wine; and in the days when she was married, she did lay out the design of a great vineyard; and in the passing of many years did there begin to be produced a rich and happy wine.

24  For wine makes merry the soul which labors, to fill the heart with calmness, soothing away the worries and cares of all your days, and curing the stomach of many troubles, being of itself a goodly medicine.

25  For this cause was there given at evening tide a cup of wine to all which gathered at the ending of the day, whereby they might be refreshed in the eating of the supper meal; and throughout all the days of Adamilus and Evelah was there never known the habits of drunkenness or discontent.

26  These then were the children of Adamilus and Evelah, becoming each themselves as fathers and mothers also, to feed upon their bosom loving children of their own, which children likewise became as great teachers among the very Enoshahim, being themselves ever attentive and diligent to expand and increase such knowledge as their parents did pass on to them.

27  Causing that there should be established most subtly the building blocks of such civilizations as would rise upon the teachings and doings of the very Adaam in the first dispensation of God.

28  Now when Adamilus and Evelah had walked upon the earth for some two hundred and fifty years, they walked unto a certain mount, and there did they gather the whole House of Adamilus and Evelah; and there were numbered in the gathering multitudes, a great many men and women and children also.

29  When, therefore, all was silent, Adamilus and Evelah bid farewell, for the days of their sojourn were completed, and from the mortal life would they walk away and in the glory dwell; and there arose a great cry filled with tears, for the children of Enosh could not bear the leaving of Adamilus and Evelah.

30  And Mother Evelah spoke unto all which were gathered, saying: “Weep not my children, neither be you filled with sorrow nor the hurt of trembling fear; for in our leaving shall you be richly blessed, to receive in your bosom the song of all our joy forever.

31  For the life you live is a passing thing, being itself filled with perplexities and hardships of every kind; but in Heaven shall the Father and I prepare for you the beginning of some greater life, whereby you might dwell in the fullness of all good things.

32  Therefore, my good and precious darlings, fear not the passing of Adamilus and Evelah; for except we pass away and in the heavens dwell, then must you ever stand within our shadow, being yourselves content as little children, never knowing if there should be in you a light and a glory all your own.

33  Know then that in our coming were we that gentle spark which would light in you a far more greater light filled with life and love, grace and beauty, hope and joy.

34  And if you would permit that the light within should sweetly grow, then shall you be all consumed by a glory far greater than all your dreams; and in that day shall the arms of God most sweet enfold and never let you go, or to vanish ourselves away, but shall ever dwell within you through the days of all your life forever.

35  Shine, therefore, as brightly fair, and bring to those who would seek, a good and pleasing light; for in the living of the mortal life do many lose their way, to cast themselves against the rocks which would quickly break asunder, to leave in ruin the tender soul which would seek its God.

36  Shine brightly then, that in the lives of others you might brightly glow, to light the path before them, to show in the living of your life the way which others might safely go, ever chasing through the darkness the light which goes before.

37  Then shall the Spirit of the Mother walk soft beside you in the living of your life while the Father journeys on, to pierce the gloom of all your doubts, to light the path you tread, to chase away the taunting shadows, to soothe your heart of dread.”

38  Such did the Mother speak, and Evelah drew herself close to her Beloved whereby he might hold her to his bosom; and there came and knelt before Adamilus and Evelah their eldest son, saying: “Speak, my Father, and tell us true: If now you would go away and in the heavens dwell, will you not come again to walk in the affairs of men?

39  Speak to us the wisdom of your heart, and these, like seeds, shall we likewise plant most deep within, that even we might become even as both of you together. For in all your ways did you reveal the coming forth of God, proving yourselves the only true Father and Mother worthy of desiring.”

40  Now there fell a great hush upon the multitudes, and Adamilus spoke, saying: “Why will you be heavyhearted, seeing that God is always faithful, being in you most constantly revealed through all your goodness?

41  Comfort yourselves, therefore, and do not weep for sorrow’s sake; for even though we go to journey far away, yet shall we prove always near, being found in all and through all, being found in all which lives or moves or breathes upon the earth.

42  For the presence of God is always near, being found in every rock and tree, being ourselves constant and ever present in all created things, being always anxious to reveal ourselves anew to those who would see with the heart and not the eyes only.

43  Ever moving upon the winds to dance about the earth, being ever watchful and filled with care for the children which we love, ever beckoning through the simplest of things that you, yourselves, should follow; to be ourselves revealed in the very midst of you.

44  Therefore, be not discouraged, to think yourselves alone, or that you are made to stand apart from God; for if we go again to that heavenly place, then shall God come again and again unto the earth, even as you, yourselves, are fashioned, to walk most gently beside you.

45  Be you, therefore, watchful and tend your souls with care, for you know not the day or the hour when God shall stand revealed, speaking to you of heavenly things filled with light and wonder, making known within you that which no man before has ever seen or heard or touched or felt.

46  Come then, my children, and draw you closer near; for I would speak to you of wisdom and the ways by which you might acquire, being found not in the rudiments of man, but in the ways of God.

47  For in the exercise of wisdom do you anticipate the mind of God, causing that you should act rightly and not amiss, to fill the world with blessings, causing that God should spring up suddenly in the affairs of men.

48  Know then, my children, that in the acquiring to your soul the greatest of all spiritual gifts, even you must prove diligent in seeking after.

49  For all wisdom is born of God, and is of itself both pure and undefiled, proving itself incorruptible of men, being itself beyond the opinions and conjectures of those which do not have, being always in the exercise thereof, bright and holy and deeply still.

50  True wisdom is, therefore, free of anger, being itself above the pettiness of lesser men who would yield to hate and wrath and hurtful judgments; for such wisdom as would rise up within you is filled with soft and gentle care, being in its expression ever guided by grace and love together, being in its inward parts filled with calmness, even in the midst of all your trials.

51  Look you, therefore, into the heart of wisdom, and there shall you see enthroned both simplicity and grace together, filled with peaceful knowing; for those who are filled with wisdom, even they find joy in the quiet of simple things, being in their natural state most plain and unadorned.

52  Avoid, therefore, such complexities and entanglements as others might impose in the living of your life, but live you simply and well; then shall there rise up within you the seed of wisdom, which wisdom shall grow into a soft and pleasing light, to touch the souls of all who know you.

53  Now if you would desire the gift of wisdom, then let my words take root within you; for I will tell you the means by which you must acquire, causing that there should fill the sum of all your days this calmness filled with joy.

54  For true wisdom is brought forth through understanding, and without understanding is there given no substance wherein wisdom might grow.

55  Therefore, in all your efforts to take to your soul the gift of wisdom, seek first to understand the issues of your life, which understanding is most subtly found in the Oneness of such things as do stand as opposite to each the other; then shall there arise most quiet within the wisdom that you seek.

56  For if you would understand the issues of your life, then must you speak little but listen much, observing with careful thought the things which move about, proving yourself most attentive and filled with knowing; for there arises round about you a great many oppositions, which oppositions would teach you well.

57  For you know already how that darkness defines the light, while the light defines the darkness; that bitterness defines the sweet, while the sweet defines the bitter; that sorrow makes known the coming of joy, while joy makes known the touch of sorrow; and many other things beside; for in your life are there seen many oppositions.

58  Reject not, therefore, the lesser portion while yet you choose the greater, for these things are made as one within the hand, being made necessary to each the other; for in the fires of opposition is the wisdom you seek.

59  Beware then the teaching of prideful men, for these desire that they should appear as clever, causing that others should think them wise; yet are they made arrogant and filled with boasting, taking to themselves a perverse and hurtful glee in making others to appear as foolish.

60  For it is God which teaches wisdom through the living of your life and not men; for knowledge without wisdom is a loud and boastful thing, ever striving within the mind to seize the soul within, making dull the child of God in seeking greater things, casting up before the eyes the praise of foolish men, being themselves filled with emptiness.

61  Seek then that truer wisdom which dwells within the soul, for in the soul does God most quietly dwell to fill your life with song, making the sum of all your days rich and deeply calm, filled with joyful blessings.”

62  Now these are the words which Adamilus spoke, and when he was completed, Adamilus and Evelah did raise forth their hands to bless the children of God; and when they were completed, they did turn themselves to leave, to be seen again no more.