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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 9

Receiving adversity  – Opposition and the soul – God fashions the House of Mithron – The office of Mortality and Reincarnation – Reincarnation explained – Anamnesis – The Office of Guardian Angels and the Cherubim of God – Angels offer a single touch every day – Angels guide at the time of death – The Office of Covenants – Three witnesses to things eternal – The Office of the Teraphim


1  So the children of God began to journey through the veils of mortal time, being made subject to all manner of oppositions, being pressed continually between the greater and lesser portion, being themselves guided and instructed daily in the things of God through such teachings as Adamilus and Evelah did appoint unto the first dispensation.

2  And in the mortal life did the children of God move between the greater and the lesser portion, to find therein a great many oppositions, which oppositions were found as one in the hands of the wise, being themselves joined with God in the living of their life.

3  These, then, did find revealed in life and death, good and evil, light and darkness, love and hate, joy and sorrow, hope and despair, and many more besides; even in all these things did the wise take to their soul the peace of God, which peace is beyond the comprehension of lesser men who do but yield their souls to trouble.

4  For those who see with bitterness the oppositions in their life, even these are always pressed by hurtful woes, being always caught in mortal life between advantage and disadvantage, fortune and misfortune, good times and bad times.

5  Such as these do always wail against the whims of daily circumstance, to fill their days with complaints and sorrows of every kind, being themselves as never content or fully satisfied, but ever grasping midst anxious breath for the things which have no life, becoming themselves as small and petty and filled with gloom.

6  Know then, my children, that it is in adversity that the depth of the soul is made revealed for all to see, disclosing before the eye, the true goodness that dwells within; for in the days of ease and happy fortune do many stand deceived, being themselves deluded by the pretenses of the self.

7  But in the day when sorrow comes to beat upon the doors, then does the truer self come forth to answer, to unveil before the eye the worth of who we are.

8  For adversity does strip away the facades which we do make, to leave as bare and unadorned the heart and soul together, causing that we might know, if we would just see, the things of greatest worth.

9  If then you would know joy, to keep it forever within the heart, then receive with calmness such sorrows as may spring upon you.

10  For this I tell you for your own learning: that in that day when you would dance with joy, being yourselves filled with song and happy light, even in that selfsame hour does sorrow walk upon the way to catch you unawares.

11  Prove yourselves calm then in the day of testing; for even though all your joy be consumed midst sudden trials, yet in the heart of God is there found the sum of all good things.

12  Cast, therefore, your soul and heart and mind into the very midst of God, and there shall descend upon you a great and pleasing calm; causing that even in the midst of some outward sorrow, still shall there well up within you a fount of endless blessings, taking from the onward rush of many sorrows, the sting of all their hurt.

13  Now God returned to Heaven’s glory, and there did God set aside the tabernacles of Adamilus and Evelah; for such pleasing bodies were immortal yet not eternal, therefore, God did keep them within the light even till there be need of them again.

14  And The One and Areta did call together the Cherubim, and together did they take counsel, for God desired to further organize the world of the First Heaven, whereby even all might be benefited and filled with purpose; and when all stood in agreement, there came a great hush filled with expectations.

15  Then did God call forth the very elements, and there beside the great amphitheater, near the shores of the Crystal Sea, was there constructed a great temple, being itself most beautifully and exquisitely made;

16  For on each of its sides was there fashioned twelve great pillars, being themselves cut and fashioned of the purest diamond, while yet the walls of the temple were cut and fashioned of the purest sapphire.

17  Now the roof of the temple did God also fashion of diamond, most rare and beautifully cut; and there was found in the outer walls of the temple no door which would permit into the sanctuaries within. For this temple did God enclose within the mysteries of five dimensions, for in each dimension was there given two primes; and within each prime was there found three fractals.

18  Therefore, if any should desire entrance within the temple, even they did pass through the second portal of the third dimension, and this only because of their righteousness before God; for the keys which would open wide the dimensions of God are forged only through the fires of wisdom and holiness and no other.

19  Thus did God build the temple of the First Heaven, and when they were complete, both The One and Areta together, they saw that it was good, and they called it the House of Mithron; and therein did they appoint the first four offices.

20  And Areta placed around the temple and the great amphitheater a large and spacious garden which measured some seven miles on each its borders; and there grew therein all manner of flowering plants and trees; and there was assigned to live in the gardens of the temple the rarest and most beautiful of creatures.

21  Now God appointed as the first office of the House of Mithron the Office of Mortality and Reincarnation; for God appointed that each spirit child should move through all the dispensations whereby they might receive, each according to their own desires, a full knowledge of wisdom, benevolence, faith, justice, fortitude, beauty, and harmony;

22  Causing that in the years of the first dispensation should every child live just one mortal life, while in the second dispensation was it appointed that each child should live two mortal lives; and in the third dispensation was there given three mortal lives.

23  But unto the fourth dispensation did God give to each child five mortal lives, while in the fifth dispensation was there appointed seven lives; and in the sixth dispensation was there given to each child some eleven mortal lives, while yet in the seventh dispensation there was appointed thirteen mortal lives.

24  Thus did the children of God move most eagerly through the dispensations, each according to their several appointments, which appointments would refine the spirit and soul of the child within;

25  Being themselves carried from one life into the next through the rebirth of the soul again and again, going themselves from grace to grace, here a little, there a little, line placed on line, and precept built on precept, even until they should touch for themselves a fullness of goodly things.

26  For this cause did God establish by law the principles of reincarnation, to place between the living of each successive life you live a veil of forgetfulness and renewal, which veil is woven through the senses of the flesh.

27  Gathering from the days of youth, through old age, even more and more perceptions of the present life, which very perceptions, feelings, and emotions do become the fabric which would cover the lives of ages past; for in the living of our daily life do we but weave the veil, causing that we, ourselves, should stand as blind, being made to know this life only.

28  For God perceived rightly that in a sure knowledge of reincarnation might many seek to escape the hardship of their present life to kill themselves perchance to gain again some other life which might prove to their advantage.

29  Thus did God permit that the veil should cover the eyes of those which live, causing that they themselves should prove uncertain in the taking of their lives, being themselves ever fearful of death and the darkness of the grave;

30  Causing that we should live our lives and in such fiery trials as we might face prove ourselves the victor, taking to our soul some greater prize filled with glory.

31  Know then that in the living of many lives do we add to our soul the wealth of many things, being together bound through the experiences of one life and then another, revealing in their subtle touch, a strength and knowing beyond the years which we can see;

32  To be seen by us, in a sudden flash, as inspiration from above, but which does most often come from the treasury of our soul, which soul does hold within its depths the sum of who we are, having contained therein the wisdom gleaned from every life which we have lived.

33  For there is given to every child the spirit which comes from God, which spirit is born of God through love and gentle breath; but in the living of the mortal life do we build within our spirit the soul of deeper knowing, being itself beyond the confines of the spirit, but which does itself reach out forever.

34  Thus through reincarnation do the children of God build by careful measure the depth and height and width of all their soul, to place within the spirit of their truer self a treasury filled with wisdom and subtle knowing, being ever anxious to reveal itself within us, to fill our heart with wonder.

35  Know then that if you will seek daily the joy of eternal things, then shall the soul within you reveal the lives of ages past, here a little, there a little, being in yourselves dressed in wisdom to touch the heart of God.

36  All these things did God establish deeply well in the House of Mithron, being found in the Office of Mortality and Reincarnation; but in the second office did God set forth the laws and principles which would govern well the guardian angels of God.

37  For it was decided by all that throughout the flow of mortal life should even all the children of God be continually directed and watched over by the very Cherubim, which Cherubim were appointed by God to be as the guardian angels, to walk unseen beside the children of God throughout the days of all their life, being themselves hidden within the veil, yet always near.

38  For there stood in the hearts of the Cherubim the laws of Heaven concerning the children of God, and the mortal life which they must live, proving in such laws the benefit of all whereby every child might achieve for themselves the highest of which they are able.

39  Being in such mortal lives, encouraged daily by the very angels, which angels would whisper into the heart, the teachings of their God; to touch in unexpected moments the soul of the child they watched, to fill the child with mysteries soft and bright, full of wonder and ineffable.

40  Thus in the councils of Heaven did God appoint that each child should receive to themselves one of the Cherubim, which cherub did stay beside the child throughout the sum of mortal life, first one life and then another;

41  Being in themselves always present and ever attentive in the life of the child they watched, following here and going there, wheresoever the child should turn, intruding through the softest touch, to fill the child with yearning.

42  Yet did God restrain the angels in the things which they should do for the sake of the child they watched; for the mortal life is a school filled with constant learning, causing that each child should know for themselves the weight of many oppositions.

43  Thus did God restrain the angels from intruding much too far, but did permit that they should touch the life of the child they watched just once on every day; and in that touch bless or instruct, protect or enlighten the child for which they cared;

44  Watching with a constant eye the child within their charge, guiding softly through the veil in ways both wise and deep to bring from God the gifts of Heaven, to place before the heart; being themselves perceived by the child through the moving of their soul, to see as moving shadows the very angels which would watch and gently shepherd, to make as thin the veil between, through the love of spiritual things.

45  And in that moment when the child should die, to pass away from mortal life to rise again in Heaven, even then did their guardian angels escort them through the veils of time, to bring them home again midst joy and sweet reunion.

46  And in the House of Mithron did the child study deep and well the life which they had lived, to place beside the others, being always guided and instructed by the angels which watched over them;

47  Causing that in another journey, in their passing through the veil, still did the selfsame cherub go with them into the mortal life to walk again the path of stones; gently moving quiet beside them to whisper in the ear, of things immortal and filled with light within the heart of God.

48  But in the beginning of the sixth dispensation, whenever the righteous themselves should die, to close their eyes in peaceful sleep, having kept most faithfully the covenants made;

49  Then would their guardian angel call forth unto the Father, and in his arms would he lift up the soul and the spirit before the coming of the shade, to take again to Heaven’s glory the child which proved so good in the living of their mortal life.

50  And ushering the child through the veils of mortal time, even God the Father would bring the child unto the Mother, and together would all rejoice; and in the world of the First Heaven would the Father and the Mother sweet embrace the child which fully blossomed, giving birth within themselves a goodness all their own.

51  Thus were the laws and principles which gave guidance within the Office of the Guardian Angels within the House of Mithron. Yet in the Office of Covenants did God determine that at the beginning of the sixth dispensation should even all the spirit children of God make such covenants as would set them on the paths of exaltation, to follow forever in the steps of the Father and the Mother.

52  But only if they be willing, for God would force no child to reach further than they were able, causing that The One and Areta should prove most willing to attend the needs of each and separate child.

53  Now in the Office of Covenants was there found the Spirit of the Great Mother; and whichsoever child should place their covenants upon the altar, even to these children did the Heavenly Mother promise the power of the third witness.

54  For in the living of the mortal life were all the spirit children of God given the first and second witness to all things eternal; for the power of the first witness is found in the whisperings of the guardian angels which do walk beside every child.

55  While the power of the second witness is found in the treasury of the soul, ever speaking itself of things divine, to whisper in the heart, of glory days found long ago in a kingdom of joy and light.

56  Yet in the witness of the Great Mother Spirit was there found the greatest power of all, filled with holiness and wisdom eternal; to open in the heart of every child the gift of many wonders, revealing within the soul of those which covenant, the workings of many mysteries.

57  Thus was every child encouraged to covenant before the altar, and to each which made that sacred vow was there given the promise of exaltation, if they would prove themselves as faithful in the keeping of the covenant.

58  Which very covenant did commit the child in all future lives upon the mortal world so far away, to become themselves as holy teachers, good and wise, to place above their own lives, the lives of every other, whereby they might come to see God in the very midst of them.

59  Thus did those which did covenant before the altar, cause themselves to stand most faithfully in the place of God, to teach well the ways of Heaven, not by words alone, but by good and gentle deeds graced by wisdom and love together;

60  To go forth throughout the sixth and seventh dispensations of mortal life, to become themselves as holy teachers, good and wise and filled with grace, teaching with steadfast care a love for God and life and sweet communion.

61  For these then did God ordain the fourth office of the House of Mithron, being called the Office of the Teraphim; for unto whichsoever child should keep most faithfully the covenants made, even these did God permit to sit in council with the Father and the Mother, becoming in themselves the first of the ministering angels.

62  Thus would God, at the closing of the seventh dispensation, fulfill the promises given whereby any child who should desire themselves to follow, even these might become as the very God of Heaven;

63  Becoming in themselves the first of many ministering angels, which very ministering angels do move between the Heavens and the earth, whereby they might bless and instruct every man and every woman which would draw near the heart of God.