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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 12

Lucifer meets a young man by the Nile River – The fruit of the knowledge of good and evil – The young man is fearful and runs away – A young woman meets Lucifer – “Knowledge is greater than all other things” – The Fallen One revealed – Knowledge versus ignorance, light in place of darkness – The woman ignores the warnings of Jehovah – Lucifer filled with tenderness – Woman receives gifts and given the name: Enosh


1  So Lucifer went down to the earth and he saw on the banks of the river Nile, a young man eating the fruits which grew on the trees nearby; and he went and spoke to him, saying:

2  “Good greetings, fair son.” And turning quickly about, the young man beheld, in wondrous awe, the Son of the Morning Light, made all bright and glorious.

3  And being overwrought by the beauty of him, the young man stepped back away, lest there fall upon him some calamity.

4  But Lucifer spoke again unto him in a voice made smooth and gentle, saying: “Be not fearful but rejoice instead, for I have come to bless and not injure.

5  For if you be but a little willing, I shall give, as meat for the belly, that fruit which never perishes but increases forever and ever; and if it so be that you partake thereof, you shall become most wise and all men will have regard for you.”

6  And the young man, when he heard these things, stepped nearer still; and he spoke, saying: “What is this fruit that I might partake?”

7  Lucifer answered, saying: “It is the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.” Now when the young man heard this, he grew terribly frightened and filled with sudden dread.

8  And stepping back again, he spoke unto Lucifer, saying: “Would you have me to perish? For god has decreed already that if any man should partake of this fruit, even on that very day would the man surely die.”

9  But Lucifer answered, saying: “Not so, fair son; for in the moment that you eat of this fruit, even in the very day shall you become as the Gods, to know good and evil.

10  For in the fruit which I would give shall you find that seed which continues forever, and if it so be that you shall eat thereof, even then shall you, likewise, live forever.

11  For this cause alone has Jehovah-Yahweh commanded that you partake not of the knowledge of good and evil, lest by your own hand you become greater than all his might.”

12  Yet would the young man not give heed, being ever fearful of that god which so commanded; and in haste did he give way before the presence of Lucifer, fleeing with all his might the Tempter’s snare.

13  But in the regions of the Darkness was there heard the sound of some great rumbling and a mighty hissing sound, for Jehovah-Yahweh did laugh aloud throughout the breadth of his domain.

14  And though the man in terror fled, and in the Deep the Demiurge made mocking jest, yet would Lucifer not relent; but plied still with some greater cunning the working of his will.

15  Now it so happened that in the cool of the day a young woman came searching for her mate, even that man which had run fearfully away from the presence of Lucifer.

16  And when she had drawn near to the banks of the river Nile, she heard a singing upon the wind, and the voice thereof was most pleasant and filled with delight.

17  And being drawn forth by some great curiosity within, she went closer still; and she saw in the distance the Son of the Morning Light sitting in the shadow of the trees;

18  And there was at his feet a small fire curiously made, and there reached out to entice the woman the savory smell of cooking meat.

19  When, therefore, Lucifer saw that the woman would yet come closer, he called out to her, saying: “Come, fair daughter, and of this meat partake; for the song have I made for your hearing, and the meat have I made for your hunger.

20  Come, then, and draw closer still, that you may partake of such blessings as I would freely give unto you for the benefit of all your tribe.”

21  And the woman came and sat beside the fire which Lucifer made, being naked and filled with wanting; and in the presence of his beauty did she fairly swoon for the love of him.

22  Now Lucifer gave unto the woman meat to eat, and she marveled at the taste thereof, for it was delicious and pleasing above all other things.

23  And the woman, being astonished by so great a marvel asked by what power the fire was tamed, to be made suitable for the benefit of man, for all men feared the flames which burned; being of themselves unable to bring it forth or subdue its fury.

24  And Lucifer answered, saying: “Know full well, fair daughter, that it is through the power of a sure knowledge that I make tame the fire which burns and gives forth brightness.

25  For knowledge is greater than all other things, for behold, how the fire has made for your tasting a delicious meat, sweet and savory.

26  See then that with a little knowledge, even these flames will yield for your comfort a pleasing light and a soothing warmth; yet further still would these flames prove their goodness unto you, for even this little fire will hold at bay the wildest beast.

27  For you know yourself how that all living things do fear the flames which burn, and if it so be that you should make tame the fire which rages, then shall you become greater than all other creatures which live upon the earth.

28  If then you would be greatly benefited, then seek you knowledge; for whosoever shall find knowledge, to take it unto themselves, even that one shall the Gods envy, and the end of that one shall be found in greatness.”

29  When the woman heard this, she was filled with wonder and longing, and she spoke unto Lucifer, saying: “What is this knowledge which gives forth so great a power, for even I would partake of it?”

30  Lucifer answered, saying: “It is the knowledge of good and evil.”

31  And hearing this the woman was astonished beyond measure, and looking all the more earnestly with a keening eye into the face of Lucifer, she exclaimed aloud, saying:

32  “Are you that Fallen One whom the great god, Jehovah-Yahweh has called Lucifer, even that one which would tempt the whole of man to some great sin?”

33  But Lucifer replied, saying: “I came forth to do no evil unto you, fair daughter, but rather to give into your keeping that knowledge which is greater than any other.

34  For consider the knowledge by which this fire is made ready for the use of man, that you may prove yourselves greater than the beasts of the fields.

35  But if you choose ignorance above knowledge, if you prefer the darkness rather than the light, then are you made most lowly, and in you shall the Gods find no greater worth.

36  For in ignorance does fear find a ready soil which would yield up within you all manner of dreadful thoughts and vile superstitions; and if you be thus ignorant, then shall the flames surely gather and flash all about you to destroy.

37  Yet in the knowledge of good and evil is there given a greatness and a power which even the gods do envy.

38  And in such knowledge is there revealed in you a greater marvel than you have ever before known, and in you shall the knowledge of still greater things leap continually forth, adding wonder to wonder and making most delightful the life of every man.

39  Come now, fair daughter, and answer truly: Have you not seen for yourself the beauty of the day; have you not considered with what splendor the earth is surely made?

40  Have you found any joy in the living of this mortal life, or dreamed for yourself the coming forth of something greater?”

41  And the woman answered him, saying: “Of beauty and joy I know nothing at all, neither can I perceive the splendor of which you speak; but pleasure and pain, hunger and fullness, fear and safety, these things do I know full well.”

42  But Lucifer spoke again unto her with all tenderness, saying: “What then will you say for yourself; do not even the wild beasts know of these things?

43  Come now, fair daughter, and all my words most carefully weigh, for I tell you truly that in the ways of knowledge shall you find that fullness of joy which is far greater than the pleasures of the body only.

44  And if you would take to yourself that joy which endures forever, then must you, of necessity, partake of the knowledge of good and evil.”

45  And the woman, taking thoughtful pause, spoke again unto the Son of the Morning Light, saying: “How passing strange this thing should be, for of you did god most frightfully speak;

46  Telling even all the people that you were some great and cunning serpent filled with constant deceit, ever seeking continually the flesh of men whereby you might devour them in the midst of some great sin.

47  Yet have you, instead, fed me with a goodly meat, sweet and savory; and spoken such gentle words of kind persuasion that even I would take your side against that fearsome god which has proven himself most jealous indeed.

48  Give me, therefore, this knowledge of good and evil whereby I might prove of some benefit unto the children of men; for even I would give unto the people of every tribe that joy which perishes not.”

49  Now Lucifer, when he heard these things, was filled with tenderness towards the woman; and he spoke graciously unto her, saying:

50  “Surely will I give into your keeping this knowledge of good and evil; but first, fair daughter, tell me that name by which the people call you.”

51  And she answered him, saying: “I have no name given me, for I am but a woman and yonder god has taken some sore displeasure in all my kind.”

52  So Lucifer took two sticks finely made and taught to her the beginning of knowledge; and seeing that she was naked, he took the skins of animals and fashioned for her beauty a garment of curious workmanship, finely made.

53  And stooping down he reached into the bowels of the earth, and he brought forth twelve stones of azure blue and did fashion of them a necklace to put about her neck.

54  And her hair did he gently comb and make most beautiful, and he placed therein a single flower both delightful and rare;

55  And upon her feet did he fashion slippers of the softest skins; and when he was completed he looked and saw that it was good; and he spoke unto her, saying:

56  “Behold, fair daughter, how that this day I have made you anew; and if the children of men should ask of you, then shall you tell them that even I have sent you among them, that you may give into their keeping the beginning of knowledge.

57  For this day shall I establish you above all the people, and your name shall be called Enosh, for this day have you found great favor in my sight.

58  Go now and multiply your seed upon the earth, and throughout all your generations shall I pour out a continual blessing, whereby the children of men might subdue the earth altogether.”

59  So Enosh went again unto her people and they were filled with amazement at the sight of her; and from group to group and tribe to tribe the children of men took to themselves the beginning of knowledge.

60  And all men thereafter claimed for themselves the lineage of Enosh, for all men had great regard for her.

61  And throughout many generations did the knowledge continually grow, here a little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept; even till that day when there should descend from Heaven the Ancient of Days.