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Chapter 14

Soliloquy of The One – The birth of immortality – The power of divine knowledge – A new Heaven and earth – The ascension of many souls – In tabernacles of everlasting spirit – The borders of Heaven increased – Shall a father forget the child he loves? – “Eternal Mind have I become” – “My thoughts like sparks from the furnace do fly” – The birth of endless soul – An inward peace and an outward hope


1  And within the light did the greater Light shine, and from the inward glory did the greatest glory move through endless majesty; and there came from the light the voice of The One, saying:

2  “It has begun, this knowledge of good and evil in the world far beyond; upon the seed of my beginning have I cast the shadow of my likeness, to give life in place of death, to establish in the void of man the seed of endless life.

3  For I shall call from the measurable the immeasurable, I shall draw from the bounded the boundless and eternal; and the finite shall give birth to the infinite, and the mortal shall give way to immortality, and this in the heart and mind of man.

4  Then shall weakness give way to strength; the feeble shall I cause to stand forth in power, for the dimness which is in the mind of man shall give birth to light, and there shall descend upon all men a sure knowledge of heavenly things.

5  And the heart of fear shall grow thinly pale, to lose its hold over the minds of men; and little by little it shall vanish all away, and there shall spring up in the place thereof the only true joy, being girded on every side by a multitude of blessing.

6  For, behold, all things shall I make new again, for I shall establish a new Heaven and a new earth, and this through the rolling forth of the dispensations which I have appointed; that there might be set before the eyes of man the only sure hope of immortality and eternal life.

7  And that world which first gave rise to me shall I redeem through continual replication, even until there shall ascend unto me a multitude of souls, which souls shall first find birth deep in the heart of man.

8  These shall I instruct well altogether and cause that they should dwell in tabernacles of everlasting spirit, and in the kingdom of God shall they come to a perfect understanding of all things temporal and all things eternal, being perfected themselves every whit.

9  In that day shall the kingdom of Heaven stretch wide her borders, being increased beyond all measure because of those things which I have set forth in the world of First Man, to establish upon the earth the knowledge of good and evil.

10  Yet shall I forget not the Fallen which came from the midst of me, to abandon forever the children of light; for how shall a father forsake the son of his loins; or again, how shall a mother forget the suckling child?

11  For from my hand have I caused to shine the greatest power of all, even the power of redemption; for I am he who drew from the darkness light, who brought forth out of chaos order and purpose.

12  Eternal Mind have I become, unmoved yet ever moving, constant and unchanging, even the greatest of them all; and in all creation am I ever found, being in all, through all, and before all.

13  Holding in my hand the power beyond all power, and the glory beyond all glory; for I am Mystery, deep and hidden, revealing always the greater portion.

14  Endless Soul have I become, for the realm of Eidos have I placed as a footstool beneath my feet, while the Areta I have set as a crown upon my head.

15  My thoughts like sparks from the furnace do fly, reaching out and ever seeking, that throughout the realms of my creation I might make certain the exaltation and eternal life of man.

16  Seeing, therefore, that I shall make place in man the birth of endless soul, consider by what means I shall draw from the heart so great a hope.

17  For the way of the soul shall I establish through the going forth of dispensations, that in the day appointed I might send forth the greatest of all.

18  And he shall set before the eyes of man the hidden mystery of all my wonders, to reveal in man the greatness of heavenly things.”

19  So spoke The One from the midst of the light, and in its brightness burned still a greater brightness, and in the turning still another turning.

20  Now these are the things I dreamed in a dream, and in a vision saw clearly plain, the coming forth of good and evil unto the children of men.

21  And though the way prove hard and steep, this living the mortal life, yet has God made way for the greatest joy of all; that all who should seek thereafter might take to themselves an inward peace and an outward hope filled with promise.




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Pearl 1