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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 5

A Sacred Purpose

A school is chosen – Children protected from natural elements – Preventing war and corruption: the nurturing man – God builds a place of gathering – The hosts of Heaven gather – Paths of Hodos Alea revealed – God’s sacred purpose – Innocence and opposition – Law of life (growth and evolution) – Multiple lives and the fairness of God – Overcoming the ego of the self – Guardian angels


1  Now in the cosmos which God had made did they espy a galaxy within the great Eternal Round, which galaxy was found far opposite from the first world of Heaven, being itself firmly stationed upon the outer rim.

2  And going forth to see, The One and Areta did find a world of exceptional beauty, having for itself both sun and moon, and the earth was filled with wonder, for within its seas did there swim a great variety of fishes and mammals, and in the airs above did there fly a great diversity of birds, while upon the land was there seen a great many beasts which moved about.

3  Seeing, therefore, all these things God was pleased and did ordain that this very earth, which lay itself so far away, should be that mortal place where the spirit children should be taught of the lesser and greater portion, being made themselves subject to a great many oppositions.

4  For this cause did God place within the earth, a young and tender spirit which sought for itself some exaltation, being drawn from the womb of the first great earth spirit of Heaven, and to this young earth spirit did God give charge over all the elements, saying:

5  “On this earth shall the spirit children of God be sent to learn for themselves both good and evil through a great many oppositions, which oppositions shall arise within themselves in the living of the mortal life.

6  Therefore, watch you closely over such elements as do move and surge upon the earth, for it is not good that the natural elements should prove themselves an evil in the living of the mortal life, to fill the minds of those who live with hurtful doubts of God.

7  Let then the elements move about their natural course upon this living earth, but guard well that they destroy not the life of any man or woman or child;

8  For if it should be that any should perish because of flood or storm or violent quake, if any be consumed by belching flames or noxious gas, or if famines and pestilence should haunt the children of my soul, then shall God receive the blame, to be seen by those who live as cruel with deep uncaring.

9  Be you, therefore, wise and deeply knowing in the moving of such natural elements as do flow and surge and gush about this living earth; restrain them not, neither hinder them in their natural course.

10  But if it should be that the natural elements would destroy the life of any man or woman or child, then shall you reach forth to change their natural course for but a moment in a wise and subtle way and thereby preserve the lives of all my children.”

11  Thus spoke God unto the earth spirit which God placed within the bosom of the earth, and God gave to her a soft command that the earth should bring forth the tabernacles of the natural man whereby the spirit children of God might inhabit them.

12  So was there caused to turn throughout the coming ages the wheels of evolution, being itself most ever guided by the sure designs of God; but on a certain day did Areta go walking beside her Beloved, and she spoke to him, saying:

13  “My Love, I am filled with deep forebodings, for if we send our children into this mortal place, then might the sons of men become seduced by war and cruel destruction, to suppress through manly passions the softness of the woman.

14  By what means then shall we insure that war not haunt the children of our soul, to fill their minds with madness? How shall we prevent so great a corruption as we ourselves did witness on that world so far away?”

15  Now when The One heard these words, he sat himself down beside a high mountain stream to ponder the thing which they should do, and as he contemplated, Areta did lie beside him to rest her head upon his lap causing that as he thought, he did but gently stroke her breasts, being himself comforted by their softness.

16  And then he smiled, and reaching down to kiss the nipples of her breasts, The One spoke to Areta, saying: “There is a way, my only Love, to save a man from war, being in itself more compelling than any commandment which we might give.

17  Let us, therefore, give to men such soft and pleasing breasts as even a woman has, causing that even the man in his maturity should nurture his wife and children together, even as the woman would suckle the man in his passions, or give again a needful suck to the child she loves, to nourish them with milk.

18  For you know already that in the womb of the woman is the embryo of a child made female first, and then by and by in the passing months are some made as male while others remain as female only, causing that in every male already is there given the nipple of the breasts, yet are they without function or purpose in themselves alone.

19  Seeing that this is so, my Love, let us give to man the need to nurture the one he loves upon his breasts, causing that in the day when his wife should first give suck to the child of his loins, even on that day shall his breasts bring forth a sweet and savory nectar, that from his breasts he might nourish the wife which feeds his child.

20  And not this only, for even the children of his loins shall he nurture side by side with the mother also, being both together the loving founts from which the children are strengthened in the living of their mortal lives.

21  Thus in nurturing his wife and children upon the breasts shall a man be saved from war and cruel destruction, to be instead most moved by gentle passions, being himself most manly in strength and courage, protecting and providing for those he loves, yet being in his actions most considerate of all who live.

22  For those who nurture are reluctant to war, being unwilling to send off their children to fight and die, seeing that from their own bosoms they did nurture even all their children unto life and not death.

23  Let us then permit that men should be as men in all things save one only, that unlike the beastly men of yonder world which were filled with war and constant madness, being themselves ever goaded by bitter passions filled with wrath and hate together fashioned;

24  Still our sons shall be filled instead with a need to nurture the ones they love with all their heart and soul together filled with gentle passions drawn from strength, to be seen in the doing thereof as a thing neither manly nor womanly, but as that common deed which befits the sons and daughters of God most equally.

25  For consider, my Love, the body of my spirit, which body you, yourself, did fashion. Did you not give me breasts most similar to your own, permitting that we should suckle and nurture each other midst quiet repose or fiery passions? And in the doing of this thing, are we both not equally benefited?”

26  Such did The One reason with his Beloved. And when they were decided, they set forth within the patterns of evolution, that men should have most pleasing breasts, even as a woman in the living of the mortal life, to be filled in their maturity with the desire to nurture, in fulfillment of themselves.

27  And when all these things were completed, God returned to the world of the First Heaven, and there did they call forth a council of the Cherubim; for God desired to share with all, their full intent for the children they loved so dearly.

28  Now God built a place of gathering, to fashion by the shores of the Crystal Sea seven great pillars which were themselves cut whole and made of deep blue sapphire, which very pillars God did mount upon a pavement of white marble, and over the seven great pillars did God fashion lintels of the purest marble also.

29  And God covered the seven pillars with a filigree of gold, being fashioned in the likeness of vines and leaves and flowers, and in the center of each flower did God place a large and precious diamond.

30  And walking beyond the pillars to the west, across the great white pavement, was there made a great amphitheater which was also fashioned of marble, being trimmed at the top of each tier with a border of deep blue sapphire.

31  In such a style and manner did God fashion a place of counsel for the sake of the Cherubim; for God loved the Cherubim which served so faithfully, and wished some small gift to give them, whereby the Father and the Mother might honor them.

32  Now when the Season of the Song drew near, God convened the presiding cherubim out of every House, and there gathered from the Goieye, the Shulieye and the Pensieye some twenty-one thousand of the Cherubim, gathering out of every Chorus, Congregation and House the ones which were appointed to preside.

33  When, therefore, all were gathered, there came to stand before them the very God of Heaven, both The One and Areta together; and immediately there fell over the whole assembly a great hush filled with expectation.

34  And God spoke to the Cherubim, saying: “Most fair and gentle angels, from all my soul sweet greetings; for here in this assemblage would we form that happy yet holy quorum wherein we might decide the things which we must do, being in all our deliberations one in heart and soul and mind.

35  For now are the children of God most fully ready to walk themselves Hodos Alea, and in a place most far away have we fashioned a world where they might live the mortal life, to learn for themselves the things most needed in following after God.

36  For it is not good that our children should remain as innocent forever, being themselves unable to discern between the greater and lesser portion, for such virtues as we would seek for our children are rooted firmly in strength and deep knowing.

37  Be it then our sacred purpose to increase the state of all our children, to send forth with firm resolve the children of my soul, that in the living of their mortal lives they might themselves determine the nature and disposition of what they choose to be.

38  Hear then, my gentle angels, of all my plans together, for you have likewise raised our children midst soft and kind regard, to tend them with a constant hand, having taken them as if your own to feed upon your breasts midst songs of love and happy life.

39  Know then and do not fear or prove yourselves most anxious; for we know well your love and bright devotion to even all the children of our soul, and are determined ourselves, that in their living of the mortal life, even you shall yet watch over them, to be to them as guardian angels filled with love and deepest knowing regarding the goal of our design.

40  Come then with eager hearts and I will speak forthrightly the fullness of my intentions; for you know already that in this bright and happy place are all things good and filled with purpose, being in all its appointments the glory which we call Heaven.

41  Yet are the children of my soul unable to perceive or full embrace with understanding the good which herein dwells; for in their brief but happy life have they known not this glory in which they live; for in all their life were they given no opposition by which to compare the things of greatest worth, being themselves as small and sweetly innocent;

42  Possessing in themselves no understanding of all our goodness for they know not evil, having themselves no deeper knowing of all our joy, for they know not sorrow, being unable to perceive such light as does surround them, for they know not the darkness which would consume the soul in bitter loss or deep despair.

43  For these our children are small and tender, being themselves most dependent as little babes upon the breasts, being themselves most constantly surrounded by wisdom and benevolence, faith and justice, fortitude and beauty and harmony besides; yet are they unknowing of all these things; neither do they perceive the holiness of all our soul, for they are innocent as befits little babes.

44  But now is the time when our children must become themselves full grown and fully knowing in the ways of their Father and Mother together. For what wise and goodly parent would firm demand that even all their children should remain as little babes forever?

45  For even though such innocence prove natural and good in the hearts of little children, still would it prove unseemly and hurtful in those which would stand full grown, causing that they should appear as dimwitted and ill prepared in the handling of greater issues.

46  For this law proves ever constant: that it is in the nature of all living things to grow and full mature, and that thing which should prove itself unable, even it shall quickly perish, to become itself no more.

47  Thus is it wise and fully needful that we prepare a place where even all our children might grow in strength and wisdom, to find within the fiery furnace a goodness all their own, to become themselves in every fashion, even as the Father and the Mother which brought them sweetly forth.

48  This then be the school where we shall send our children, being ourselves most diligent to guide them in the living of their mortal lives; for we will not permit that any should be lost or vanished away because of evil; neither shall we full permit that circumstances should prove too great a burden for the children of our soul.

49  Let this then be granted as a fair and happy compensation; for even we are fully knowing in the ways of mortal life, how that some are born most fully advantaged while others are born as low and heavy burdened with harsh and pressing cares, having to themselves no advantage given.

50  Thus, in this school so far away, shall we give to each child, whether male or female, a multiplicity of lives, causing that if one should be born disadvantaged in one life, then in the next shall they be born more advantaged still.

51  Not by way of reward for goodly actions, but rather to compensate for such harshness as did fall upon them in the living of their lives; for I would prove fair and just to all my children, giving to each some equal opportunity to rise above advantage or disadvantage altogether.

52  But yet is the test of the soul not found in the trials of this hardship or that adversity, for these do prove as teachers only, revealing in the moment of some outward struggle the inward condition of the heart and spirit together.

53  For there is a fire which burns most hotly in the hearts of all who live, being itself most filled with want and ever grasping, proving itself as most demanding and ever petty, being dressed in hurtful pride and ever strutting, striving through most desperate efforts to take captive the soul within, consuming through a steadfast hunger the joys of every man and every woman, to steal away all peace.

54  For the test which would prove the greatest burden in living the mortal life is not found in the trials which rage without, but within the heart instead; for within the heart there sits enthroned the ego of the self.

55  And whichsoever of all my children should make subdued the ego which rules within, even they shall continue onward in following after God, even till they shall receive a fullness of all our glory, to be made as Gods and Goddesses in the kingdoms of the greater Light, even worlds without end.

56  Know then that for all my children would I prove both true and ever faithful in walking quiet beside them to counsel them and guide them and always deeply strengthen, for I would not abandon my children to the whims of mortal life; but would instead but gently whisper words of hope and constant joy in chasing after God.”

57  Thus did God speak to the Cherubim which were quietly gathered; and hearing this, they were filled with full agreement, and did, themselves, petition that they should likewise walk beside the children of God in the living of the mortal life;

58  To prove themselves as guardian angels, to hide within the veil; being themselves as ever watchful, touching gently the soul of all who live, to bring as gifts a gentle blessing in the living of each day.

59  And for seven days did God reveal the workings of their intentions, speaking fully of those dispensations which would make real in man the things of God, revealing deeply the paths of Hodos Alea and the part which angels play.