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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 4

The nature of the Cherubim – The Season of the Song – “What is this ‘forever’ worth without our little babes”– Areta and The One dance within the stream – The children of God – The Goieye nurture the infants of God – God goes to Paradise to teach their children – The nature of exaltation – The bridge of mortal life – Choosing to follow after God


1  Thus were the earth and moon of the First Heaven made most beautiful and exceedingly rare, being inhabited by all manner of strange and wondrous creatures which did fly in the airs above, or which swam about in sparkling seas, or which walked upon the land.

2  But of all things great and small, beyond the things which are seen, or heard, or touched, flew the angels of God, being themselves the very Cherubim which continued steadily to increase in numbers and in power and in dominion, establishing among themselves such principles of joy as would prove to the good of all.

3  For the Cherubim of Heaven bore not the burden of “I” or “me,” but were themselves communal in nature and disposition, becoming altogether as one among themselves, being beyond the taint of envy or jealousy or hurtful pride, seeing in the benefit of one the good of all.

4  To find in the loving of one another the truest fulfillment and joy, being ever anxious to uplift the heart of all living things through songs and gentle mirth, striving always to increase the good through some kind and tender humor, being themselves most deeply moved by some soft and rich emotion.

5  Now it came about that the presiding cherub of each House did gather among themselves, being desirous to establish for the good of all a great celebration; for they determined that there should be given, once a year, a great festival, to bring into one place even all the Cherubim together.

6  And so the Cherubim were made to gather by the waters of the sea, upon a broad and fertile plain, each according to their House and tribe, each according to their Congregation, causing that there should be numbered a greatly swelling host, being each in every bosom filled with soft emotions.

7  Thus did the cherubs rejoice together at the great festival, which festival was quickly called the Season of the Song; for the heavens were filled with singing, and there gathered among the cherubs a great many animals, being themselves desirous to mingle and rejoice among the angels of God.

8  And there came to the Cherubim from the seas and oceans round about, the dolphins and the whales; for hearing through the Tael of the Season of the Song, they were desirous to rejoice also; playing in the ocean deep, each among themselves, calling out above the waves in songs of joy for the cherubs to come and play.

9  So the Cherubim rejoiced for one hundred and twenty days without surcease, rejoicing among themselves and all creation also, going out upon the land to sing to the animals and to feed them a sweet ambrosia, flying also above the seas to touch and play with the creatures of the deep.

10  And the world of the First Heaven was made content through the rejoicing of the angels; and when the festival was made complete, then did the Cherubim return each to their own domains, being themselves content and filled with great resolve to labor at their many duties in bringing about the designs of God.

11  Thus was Heaven filled with peace and happy light, being itself made rich in purpose and design; and God increased in wisdom and power and holiness, becoming themselves most kind and gently tender to all which they had made.

12  Now on a certain day was the soul of Areta filled with yearnings, and she spoke to The One, saying: “Behold, Beloved, this Heaven which we have made and ponder well its many wonders.

13  For all living things, whether in the airs above, or upon the land or within the ocean deep, even these produced after their own kind through the gift of procreation, causing that all their offspring should inherit what we have made.

14  And so, my good and gentle Love, the time has come when we must likewise fashion and procreate, to draw from all our tender passions the children of our spirit, both sons and daughters filled with promise.

15  For what is this ‘Forever’ worth without our little babes, who will, themselves, most surely add to all our work and many wonders the fulfillment of all our purpose, to fashion of our living seed a world of Gods and Goddesses.

16  So come, my Love, into the stream and there seduce me sweet, and let us there bring forth our kind and make our world complete; for the greatest joy of heart and soul is to share with those you love the things of greatest worth.”

17  Now when The One heard these words of his Beloved, he drew her gently near; and with a kiss spoke softly sweet, saying: “Then, my Love, let us fly and in that golden stream give to each our many passions till the heavens fairly swoon, and by such powers as we might have bring forth a host of children;

18  Which like stars that brightly glitter will fill the heavens round about with full and joyful mirth; and in that moon called ‘Paradise’, teach them well of Heaven’s way, to build in them some strong desire to follow you and me.

19  So let us go and tarry not, for I am filled with passion, to hold you close within my soul while the golden stream pour through, to quicken well in life sublime such seeds as we engender.”

20  Thus did The One speak well his heart’s desire, and in an instant did God go forth into the Deep where the golden river flowed, being itself filled with life and moved by gentle yearnings, ever striving within its flood to touch the soul of God, and in that touch find sure release from the tide which gently bound.

21  For the particles which moved within were intelligent, ever seeking, themselves, to fly above the flood whereby they might find fulfillment, becoming themselves as the children of God whereby they might follow in their steps.

22  Yet were they unable themselves to do so great a thing; for the power which would uplift them was found in such elements as did comprise the spirit bodies of The One and Areta together, which elements were quick enlivened through the loving passions of both the Father and the Mother.

23  Now The One and Areta came themselves alone to the golden stream, to lay within the flood; and together did they move upon each the other in soft and loving passions, gasping midst kiss and fiery breath in the arms of each the other.

24  And as they loved and sweetly moved in rhythms soft and dear, the streams of intelligence did flow through the spirit of each together.

25  And in that fiery moment when The One and Areta did orgasm midst deep and clutching spasms, there erupted from out of the Peshkaleah the purest essence of The One in a hot and constant flow, to mingle in the waters of Zenoshalay, which waters contained the purest essence of Areta deep within the womb.

26  Then did the intelligence mix together with the essence of The One and Areta together, causing that in the very moment of their orgasm there should explode from out of their spirit tabernacles together a greatly bursting light;

27  Which light contained the very spirit children of God, being themselves as particles of gold mingled with particles of silver, being themselves of equal portion; for the particles of gold were male, while yet the particles which appeared as silver were most fully female;

28  Being themselves as small and helpless embryos filled with innocence and sweet delight, possessing neither cognizance nor deeper knowing, being themselves as pure and unaware of all things save the Father and the Mother only.

29  By such sweet and tender passions were the children of God brought forth; and God called unto the presiding cherub of all the Pensieye and did give them charge, saying: “Take these, my little ones, unto the world of Paradise and there place them among the Goieye; for these, our precious children, are without knowing and filled with innocence.

30  Thus is it expedient that we should teach them well, to build in them, through small degrees, a sense of who they are; showing here and teaching there, each upon the other, until at last they know full well the things most fully needed.

31  So take our babes into that Keep where the angels sweetly sing, and there most gently watch with care till we should come and teach them. Let the children be at ease upon that moon so fair, and in that day when they have need, even we shall come with full regard in answer to their prayer.”

32  Now when God had spoken all these things, the presiding cherub of the House of Pensieye did call out into the Deep, and there rushed forth a great many congregations; and with gentleness and care did the Pensieye take the children of God to the very doors of Paradise.

33  And there came forth to meet them the congregations of the Goieye, and the presiding cherub of the Pensieye spoke to the presiding cherub of the Goieye, saying: “Gracious sister, from me to thee fair greeting: Behold now this marvel and wonder which we bring this day before you.

34  For here are gathered the children of God in infant state, being themselves most precious and dear above all other things, being themselves unknowing and innocent and filled with need; for this cause did God entreat that we should bring these children unto Paradise, to place them in your care.”

35  Thus did the presiding cherub of the Pensieye speak; and the Goieye were filled with joy to receive so grand a charge; and with care were the spirit children of God received into Paradise midst songs of jubilation.

36  And entering in there was given to each cherub some twelve children each, which children they received even as their own, to suckle each upon their breasts throughout the day whereby they might awaken the children into awareness.

37  So the seasons passed and the children increased in knowing and in learning and throughout the airs of Paradise did the children of God play among the angels, being free of care or burden; for in Paradise were the children of God most deeply loved with all manner of kind affection.

38  Now every day did the Father go forth into Paradise, and at the rising of the sun would he sing unto his children, to arouse them from their rest; while at evening tide would come the Mother to sing her lullaby soft and sweet to soothe the little babes midst dreams and gentle sighs.

39  And the years did softly pass in Paradise, and in the twelfth year were all the children self-aware and fully eager, possessing in themselves the beginnings of their own likeness and manner.

40  Causing that the children which were male did play and frolic with the children which were female, each being strongly drawn to know the likeness of the other, being filled with a strong and needful curiosity.

41  For the children did watch most closely the doings and conduct of the Father and the Mother in the loving of each the other; and in their eagerness to know and touch the likeness of God, the children did imitate, which small and pleasing imitations caused that God should smile and shake with loving laughter.

42  Now at the beginning of the twelfth year did God come to dwell in Paradise beside their children, to walk and play among them, being themselves most attentive and ever diligent to teach the ways of Heaven; for among themselves did God decide to prepare the children well.

43  For they desired that their children should prove themselves most worthy in receiving a fullness of the Father and the Mother; to become as Gods and Goddesses, to dwell within the light.

44  Yet all these things according to the heart’s desire of the children only; for God would force no child to dwell beyond their own desires or limitations; for the glory of exaltation is not forced upon the weak, but is given only to the strong; to become themselves, in every fashion, even as the Father and the Mother which brought them sweetly forth.

45  And so God dwelt in Paradise, to be as truly Father and Mother to the children which leaped from out of all their love for each the other; and daily did the God of Heaven speak to the spirit children concerning the designs and purposes of God and of that path called Hodos Alea.

46  Now the years passed and after seven years God did gather all the children into one place together, both male and female and did bid farewell; pointing into the sky above, causing that each child should see for themselves the first world of Heaven, saying:

47  “Come, my children, and give us leave, for now we would depart; for it is given that you should stay and here ponder the things of greatest worth; while we ourselves must go to yonder world and prepare for us a home.

48  Rejoice, therefore, and do not grieve, for we shall be always near; to hear with anxious hearts the desire of all your prayers; to prove ourselves as ever constant and quick within the Tael.

49  For even we, a home will make, up there in yonder Heaven, where you might dwell within the light; having achieved for yourselves the first glory of Hodos Alea; to become yourselves mature and fully knowing of who and what you are, and the purpose for which you live.

50  Therefore, my children, do not grieve; for even God shall build a bridge between this paradise and yonder world; which bridge you must decide yourselves to journey, being yourselves most willing and fully eager to touch the distant shore, and there find a greater joy beside the throne of God.

51  For this bridge which we would build is called the mortal life, which mortal life you have no knowledge or understanding; for in this Paradise, alone, have you ever lived, being attended yourselves, by angels; having always the Father and the Mother to walk beside you.

52  Know then my children, that it is not good that you should remain as innocent forever, to remain yourselves as children only, possessing in yourselves no strength or perceptive virtue; having no wisdom for you are without understanding; having no righteousness to call your own, for of opposition you have no knowledge.

53  Therefore, is it decided that you, yourselves, should choose, to decide for yourselves if here to stay or to follow after the Father and the Mother which brought you forth; and if you would choose for yourselves to follow, then must you likewise become even as we are;

54  To embrace to yourselves with willing hearts a fullness of wisdom, benevolence, faith, justice, fortitude, beauty, and harmony; which very things are made the manifestations of holiness, which holiness is the spark from which all Heaven is made to come.

55  For we desire that you should go from glory to glory, even according as you, yourselves, decide; to grow in likeness and in image even as God himself did grow; to progress from one estate unto the next, even worlds without end.

56  And if it so be that you decide to follow, to walk across the bridge from here to yonder world, to become yourselves as mortal and filled with opposition, then shall we walk beside you through the crucible of trial and constant learning.

57  For this path shall be for you a school, providing always that you should choose between that which is less and that which is greater still; even until you should gain a fullness; here a little, there a little, line placed on line and precept added unto precept.

58  Becoming, even yourselves, through sure and subtle measures, the fulfillment of all your dreams, being enriched and ennobled in all things good and praiseworthy; having both your soul and countenance lifted up continually in joy and happy light.

59  So grieve not, my children, for if we go away, still shall we prepare a way whereby you might come again unto the Father and Mother of your spirit; that where we are, there might you be also, if it so be that you are willing.”

60  Thus did God speak unto the children, and in an instant were they gone, themselves, away unto the world of the First Heaven; and the children were filled with loss and within each bosom was there quickly felt a sudden ache filled with yearning.

61  Yet in the evening tide of each passing day did the Father and Mother sing together from Heaven’s portals, to fill the world of Paradise with song; beckoning through words of love that the children of God should follow; filling the hearts of all which heard with strong desires filled with dreams.