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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 3

God finds a dying world – The Cherubim of Xandalea – A dying race – Areta speaks to the Cherubim – The Cherubim are rescued – The Cherubim give praise – “This world we give to you, that you might live in joy” – The Cherubim are taken to the streams of intelligence – The first angels of the heavenly hosts – New homes are granted – Houses, Congregations, and Choruses


1  And God rushed into the darkness midst trailing streams of light, to bend both space and time, perchance to find some noble race of sentient beings which would consent to dwell in Heaven, being themselves as good and wise and filled with sweet delight.

2  Thus did God appear suddenly in the cosmos of the First Creation, reaching through the veils of time to gaze upon one world and then another; watching with a knowing heart the doings of every species.

3  And for a thousand years God did gaze in wonder, both The One and Areta together, viewing with their eyes the doings of many species, which proved themselves both cunning and filled with violence.

4  But on a certain day, as God drew near to a far and distant world, Areta was pierced to the heart; for she felt at once the nearness of many gentle minds filled with terror, reaching out midst words of songs to find some great deliverance.

5  And Areta spoke an urgent plea to her Beloved, saying: “Come, my Love, in hurried haste and let us quick draw near; for on that world where now we gaze, I hear a dreadful cry; for now I feel the trembling hearts of many gentle minds, reaching out with eager hands midst fear and awful rumblings.”

6  Thus was God compelled to rush into the dreadful fray, and coming into a world called Xandalea they found a sweet and gentle race of pleasing and wondrous form, being themselves filled with fear and constant fright.

7  For the world on which they dwelled was filled with great upheavals and dreadful rumblings, being itself broken and cast into broken heaps through the constant convulsions of the natural elements.

8  And God beheld the race of cherubs clinging to each the other, seeking in some soft embrace a place of refuge and comfort; for death and destruction did lurk on every side, seeking through their nearness to shield each other from harm.

9  Now the cherubs of Xandalea were beautiful and greatly rare, being themselves in the form and likeness of women, having wings with which to fly, being themselves divided into three loving and gentle tribes.

10  For there were numbered among the cherubs those which had wings like unto the butterfly, permitting that they should fly above the forest and in the valleys, to race with graceful speed being called among themselves the Goieye.

11  While yet another tribe among the cherubs had wings like unto an eagle, which wings permitted that they should soar above the highest mountains, to chase each other midst joyful glee midst sunlight and shadow, being themselves called the Shulieye.

12  Still unto these two was there added the tribe of the Pensieye, having wings which were like great billowing sheets of gossamer; causing that they should glide above the airs of Xandalea, being pushed at great speed by the solar winds beyond, being themselves filled with music, which as songs they sweetly sang to earth and sun and stars.

13  Thus were the tribes of the cherubs formed in the world of Xandalea; yet among themselves was there never known the darkness of envy or hurtful pride; for between the tribes were they as sisters filled with love and kind regard, ever singing to each the other; always laughing midst gentle mirth, ever playing in winsome fashion between the heavens and the earth.

14  Yet in the day that the earth began to convulse and break apart were their numbers greatly diminished, and there perished in the rumblings and shakings of the earth almost all the cherubs together, being consumed by ash and fire and deadly vapors.

15  For the world of Xandalea became itself unstable, and for three years did it convulse and shudder in the midst of innumerable earthquakes and erupting volcanoes, causing that one disaster and another should fall upon all living things, to cast into oblivion one species after another;

16  Causing that there should remain only seven hundred which still lived, which remaining few God did see and of their beauty marvel; and The One and Areta did vow to rescue the cherubs from certain death and extinction.

17  Thus, beside the cherubs of Xandalea did there appear a bright and shimmering veil of light; and instantly the veil parted and there was seen standing on a pavement of glimmering and sparkling blue both The One and Areta together.

18  And the cherubs were full astonished and filled with joyful awe, for God did stand above the earth, being together a man and a woman bound in love and deep devotion; and Areta spoke into the minds of the cherubs, saying:

19  “Peace, my children and do not fear; for even we have come forth to rescue you from danger, to give you life in place of death, and joy in place of sorrow, for in this dreadful place are your lives made nearly forfeit, to be consumed in sudden peril.

20  Come, my children, and take deliverance, and in the safety of our bosom find peace and joy again; for why will you tarry to linger here, seeing that destruction and death lurk all about?”

21  Now as Areta spoke, the cherubs were filled with wonder, for the beauty of Areta was deeply pleasing, and in her speech was there found a wellspring of hope and sweet delight; and of The One did they greatly marvel, having themselves never seen a man made separate from the woman.

22  For among the cherubs of Xandalea were the male and female parts born in one, for every cherub at birth was fully male, being themselves without wings; but in the year of their puberty did the male part within impregnate the female part, causing that there should follow seven years of gestation.

23  Thus in the years of their gestation did the cherub pass completely from male to female only, becoming in their form and likeness even as a woman which you see, having breasts with which to nurture, being full bellied and ready to deliver;

24  Causing that on the day when there should come from the womb two small and loving infants, even then would the mother cherub develop for herself, the wings of her tribe, permitting that she might fly and soar midst joy and sweet delight, ever singing midst the clouds of love and happy life.

25  Now when Areta was finished speaking, the earth shook violently and the valley wherein the cherubs sheltered did tear itself apart midst deep and dreadful rumblings; and there leaped out of the rift a boiling smoke and a hissing fire, causing that the cherubs should leap aside in terror.

26  And seeing that the cherubs were imperiled, God did cause that even all should be taken within the veil, causing that they should stand with God upon the blue pavement; and in an instant were they taken away into the realms of Heaven, beyond the world of Xandalea.

27  And there appeared before the eyes of the cherubs, a bright and bluing haze, for space and time did fold together to be as one; and in an instant the veil did part and they saw with suddenness the world of the First Heaven.

28  Seeing, therefore, so wondrous a sight, there flew into the airs above some five hundred of the cherubs, which cherubs did soar and spin and quickly rush midst songs and happy smiles;

29  While those which were young and without wings did dance and leap upon the ground, being each but greatly awed and filled with pleasing wonder, being themselves, all in all, enraptured by beauty and glory and joy together.

30  And seeing so bright a happy company, God did smile and stand content, causing that The One and Areta should fiercely hug the soul of each the other, being themselves most delighted to see the cherubs fly.

31  Now when it was the evening of the day, the cherubs quickly gathered before God, and there came forth one to speak, saying: “Most good and gracious beings, from our hearts do we give thanks; for we were frightful dying midst fire and quaking earth, to be ourselves but all consumed in the thunder and roar.

32  Tell us, then, but who you are, for we would give you thanks, to weave for you through words of love a song of fairest worth and with our lips some homage give and with our hearts full sing.

33  And if you permit and give consent, even we would serve you always in joy and grateful praise; for we ourselves were near to death and you did give us life, to bring us to this happy world where we might fly and sing.

34  Thus would we serve you in grateful adoration, and through the passing generations bind all our seed to thee; for in our deliverance did you restore to us joy in place of sorrow, hope in place of fear, and life in place of death.”

35  And Areta spoke unto the cherubs, saying: “Come, my children, with us abide, and in this Heaven dwell, to be for us as dear companions and not as servants only.

36  For all this world give we to you, that you might live in joy beside us, to share such glory as we shall build from dreams and deeper knowing; for in this place shall we make a Heaven for all our seed together, to be that home where we might rest midst kiss and tender sigh.

37  See this, my Love, which stands beside me and this most fully know, that together are we made as God forever, being to each as gentle lovers and fairest friends.

38  And though we appear as separate and in ourselves complete in every fashion, yet together do we stand as one only, being forged through fiery passions and kind regard to give as gifts to each the other the sum of who we are, I in him and he in me in love forever bound.”

39  Thus did Areta speak, and the cherubs did gather around The One and did most sweetly gaze to examine, each themselves the sum of all his parts, being themselves most curious and filled with awe at the makings of a man.

40  And The One spoke unto the cherubs, saying: “Come, my children, and do not fear, for we would show you another wonder; and if you be willing, even you, yourselves, might partake, causing that you should pass from your mortal state into immortality; becoming yourselves most filled with light.”

41  Now when the cherubs heard The One speak, they marveled and among themselves took counsel; and when they were decided, there spoke for all a certain cherub, saying: “Wherever you would take us, even there shall we go, for out of your hand have we seen goodness only.

42  If then you be as God together, then lead us where you will, and we will follow after, to do as you desire.” And so saying, even all the cherubs did leap upon the blue pavement and in the twinkling of an eye were they all gone away.

43  What marvels then the cherubs saw; for when the veil was opened they beheld a vast and golden stream which flowed out of the First Cosmos into the realms of Heaven, being itself firmly made of particles of living intelligence, which as a light did brightly glow in passing wonder midst the darkness of the Deep.

44  Then did God step from the pavement, to walk into the stream; and the cherubs likewise followed, being anxious and filled with laughing, flying above the stream then plunging deeply in, to rise again beyond the stream midst trailing threads of light.

45  And even those cherubs which were young in tender years, being themselves without wings, even these did leap for joy, to plunge in wild abandon beneath the golden flood, swimming and laughing midst joyful frolic while their mothers flew above.

46  Thus was there washed away the seeds of death, to make forever young the cherubs of Xandalea, causing that their very flesh should appear as bronze and deeply tanned, being made themselves of still some greater beauty filled with life and joy together.

47  And the Deep was filled with singing as the cherubs sweetly flew, flying high above the

tide or plunging deep within, spinning and twirling with wings outstretched among the glittering light, chasing and racing above the stream within the fields of God.

48  Watching, therefore, all these things, God was greatly pleased, for the cherubs in their nature were ever joyful and deeply bright, possessing in themselves a happy countenance filled with songs and gentle laughter, being among themselves ever gracious and filled with sweet accord.

49  Now the cherubs gathered among themselves and did sweet conspire, and seeing God within the stream, they made a sudden rush to seize with gentle hands both The One and Areta together, to carry them through the flood.

50  And Areta was filled with laughter, while The One roared in great delight, for the cherubs did each anoint them with kiss and gentle touch, causing that each among the cherubs should reach into the stream, to fill their hands with liquid light, which light they did pour upon the head and shoulders of The One and Areta together.

51  Thus did the cherubs play with God, to make a happy moment, being themselves most fully anxious to give their hearts complete, to show to God the depth and joy of all their gratitude, being themselves content and most resolved to serve God throughout all their generations midst songs of life filled with rich thanksgiving.

52  Now when all things were made complete and full accomplished, God did gather the cherubs to speak to them, saying: “Now, my children, are you made eternal even as we are strongly fashioned; causing that from this moment shall you be forever called the Cherubim of God, becoming yourselves the first angels of the heavenly hosts.

53  Let us then quickly return to that bright and happy place, for I would give into your keeping the earth and moon and stars together, whereby you might make for yourselves and seed hereafter a good and happy home, causing that in our presence you shall most sweet abide.”

54  Thus spoke the God of Heaven and in an instant did they return, and God gave to the tribe of Shulieye the world of the First Heaven; and unto the tribe of the Goieye was there given the world of Paradise, even that moon which traveled round and round the throne of God.

55  But unto the Pensieye did God give the very stars and all the realms between, placing into their watchful care the streams of intelligence whereby they might guard with careful eyes, the source of Heaven’s glory.

56  And the Cherubim rejoiced to receive their grand commissions; and each tribe did bow before God midst humble adoration and with their lips did sing; and the world was filled with music; and seeing all these things God was greatly pleased, for the things which God had done proved good and filled with joy.

57  Now the seasons passed and the years moved round and round, and in the passing thereof did the Cherubim multiply and increase upon the land; and when there was numbered some ten thousand in each tribe, God gathered even all the Cherubim into a single place.

58  And God decided that each tribe be called a House, and over each House did God appoint a cherub to preside gently and with care; and within each House was there made ten companies of the Cherubim, which companies God called a Congregation; and over each did God appoint a cherub which would also gently lead, to give, herself, an accounting unto the chief cherub of the House.

59  And God took each Congregation of a thousand, and these did likewise divide into ten Choruses; and over each Chorus did God appoint a cherub who would give account to the presiding cherub of her Congregation.

60  Thus in the passing of the millennium did God organize the Cherubim into a great and mighty host, to give into their gentle keeping even greater and greater power; for in the Cherubim did God place a deep and knowing confidence.