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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 2

Laying the foundations of Heaven – A new dimension – The cosmic egg and a new eternity – The world of the First Heaven – A moon of Paradise – Mother Earth and Father Time – Creation of the Tael (A-Z particles) – Creation of the Eternal Round – Creation of the blue pavement – Searching the First Cosmos


1  And the heart of God grew great with yearning, and the soul most filled with love; and The One spoke unto Areta, saying: “How, my Love, shall we begin to make for us this happy place, this place that we call Heaven? For though you have made me equal in power to stand beside you, still in things eternal are you most fully knowing.

2  Teach me then the things which we must do to lay a sure foundation; for I would that Heaven should live forever in joy and happy life, being itself most filled with meaning and purpose, being dressed in sweet delight.”

3  Then did Areta speak to her Beloved, saying: “If then we would do rightly, let us first create beyond the cosmos a new and bright dimension where this Heaven we would hide, to keep it pure in joyful purpose, being filled with holiness and wisdom always;

4  To be for us and our children after that good and happy place where dreams and love forever mingle in sweet and soft embrace, to fill the soul and heart together with a kind and warm regard, being ourselves most gently guided by life and love, grace and beauty, hope and joy forever.

5  Yet, my Love, would I tell you truly, that of myself can I no longer bend the Eidos to my will; for as a gift most sweet and tender, even I did give you the half of all my strength and power, causing that if this Heaven we would build, then together we must act.”

6  Thus did Areta speak and together did the heart of God most swiftly rise to meet the happy challenge; and going into the cosmos, God did create a new dimension beyond the confines of space and time;

7  Which dimension was closely guarded by the streams of intelligence which flowed from out of the cosmos of the First Creation into the realm of God’s glory, becoming of itself that bright and happy highway which would lead from that which was less to that which was greater still.

8  And when God was full completed in the making of the new dimension, they called out into the Deep of the First Cosmos, to take to themselves the matter unformed and uncreated, and passing the matter through the living streams, it was itself enlivened;

9  To be changed itself from a low and common substance into an absolute and holy matter filled with purpose and design to bring into the new dimension.

10  Then did God take from the streams of intelligence threads of glowing light; and from their love of each the other, they did weave a great and shining fabric, which fabric they did use to gather into a single place the new and absolute matter which they had created, becoming in itself a cosmic egg within the swirling folds of its own singularity.

11  Thus did the countless millennia pass away into the aeons, and the aeons gave way unto the closing of the first eternity; and when God had accomplished all these things, they gently smiled; for in the creation of the cosmic egg there was made to begin a new and holy eternity made by God alone.

12  And gazing in wonder at the marvel of their design, God spoke unto the singularity which was itself held most firmly in the darkness of the newer Deep, saying: “Let there be light.”

13  What wonder then did God behold? For in an instant, swift and deeply sudden the singularity of the cosmic egg did erupt in a great explosion; and there moved out into the Deep the matter which God had made to become itself a new creation filled with swirling galaxies and nebulas filled with wonders and mysteries of every kind.

14  Thus did God place within the heart of a new dimension the cosmos of the First Heaven, and choosing for themselves a sun most similar to your own, God did set round about it a world of exquisite beauty, being fashioned itself of stardust and dreams together forged by love and deepest wisdom.

15  And The One moved across the face of the earth, being filled with deep delight, and did himself form the lands and seas and peaceful skies, to set in harmony and perfect balance the elements thereof; and in the movement of the aeons did the seasons pass sweetly by.

16  And there grew in the seas of the earth and upon the land also, a great variety of plants and trees and flowers, causing that the earth should appear as one great garden filled with richness and beauty and sweet perfumes.

17  Yet was the heavenly place made empty of life; and Areta, seeing the beauty which her Beloved did make, even she did reach forth into the waters of the seas, and with her hands did fashion the fish of the seas and the mammals thereof also, creating in joyful abandon a rich variety of swimming creatures which did move and frolic in the waters of the deep.

18  Then did Areta reach out upon the lands of the earth, and gathering into her hands the soil thereof, she did breathe upon it with a sigh, and there was fashioned all manner of living creatures, great and small, to walk and move upon the land.

19  And when she was completed, she gathered into her hands the winds which moved and stirred and danced about, to mingle with stardust; and with a kiss and gentle dream there leaped out into the airs above the earth all manner of birds and flying things, filled with songs and brightly colored.

20  And when all these things were accomplished, God smiled for the world of the First Heaven was filled with life and beauty; and God set in motion the cycles of life and death and life again, whereby the life and beauty of the earth might be constantly refreshed and invigorated.

21  Yet notwithstanding this thing, the birds of the air and the beasts of the earth, and the fish of the sea, even all these knew that in the moment of their death would they live again, to begin anew the games of life whereby they might know joy.

22  For all living things upon the earth possessed to themselves a spirit which God did fashion from the streams of intelligence; and in the cycle of life and death and life again did all living things increase to themselves the height and width and depth of their own souls, to become in themselves most confident and deeply knowing in the ways of their creator.

23  Seeing therefore, all these things, God was pleased and The One and Areta did command that all living things should multiply upon the earth, each according to their kind; for in the spirits which God did place in all living creatures was there given the power of love between the males of a species and the females thereof.

24  Thus when all these things were accomplished, God was deeply pleased and filled with smiles; and looking up into the depths of space above the earth, The One spoke unto Areta, saying:

25  “Let us, my Love, make a moon of exceeding beauty to move round about the earth; and let us place thereon a paradise where our children might come to a knowledge of all our love and devotion, to be filled themselves with deep desires and endless longings.”

26  And being in agreement, God did fashion a moon of exquisite beauty and light; and as he did unto the world of the First Heaven, even so did they in similar fashion create a paradise of peace and joy and rich abundance; and when all was made complete, Areta spoke unto The One, saying:

27  “See, my Love, these two worlds which we have made, and behold the richness of their creation; for all that we have made did we dress in beauty and wonder together, that we might establish for our greater joy the pathway to exaltation.

28  But consider how the earth and moon which we have made are themselves without a spirit of their own, to guide in knowing ways the elements of their making, to be herself to all living creatures as a kind and knowing mother who would watch most carefully over the seasons of the earth.

29  Let us then create a spirit mother for the world of the First Heaven, and give into her keeping the natural elements thereof; and let us also give to her that loving passion for living things, which very passion will permit that she might reproduce after her own kind, to receive from Father Time the seed of her own making.

30  Thus shall there gently guide, both Mother Earth and Father Time over the worlds which we have made; to be themselves as one forever in love and true devotion, causing that they should watch closely over all living things; and together shall they place in the coming forth of all new life, a kind and loving reverence.”

31  So spoke Areta, and being in agreement, God did reach into the world of the First Heaven and did gather into their hands the building elements of earth, wind, fire, and water together mingled in sweet accord;

32  And taking these he also took from each living thing a single element of a living cell; and all these things did they forge together into one; and then did they wrap the sum of all living things into the elements of God’s own soul, even the very intelligences which flow in the midst of the golden stream.

33  And when they were complete, God took the living seed and placed it in the heart of Father Time, causing that in the appointed season, there might be born the spirit of Mother Earth, which spirit God did place within the world of the First Heaven.

34  Then did God walk about the gardens of the earth, being pleased with deep rejoicing, for the world was rich in life and beauty; and gazing into the skies above, God beheld the moon of Paradise, and together did The One and Areta smile, for all which they had made was good and filled with light.

35  And in the fields of the earth did Areta fairly swoon, being captured in the arms of her Beloved, to sway in gentle passions in the midst of all their kisses; and the heavens danced in wonder, and the stars together sang, to touch the earth with endless glory midst the loving of God forever.

36  Then did The One speak to Areta midst kiss and fiery breath, saying: “Beloved, let us bind the whole of our creation with a deep and ready knowing, whereby they might make ready known their thoughts and feelings unto us.

37  Let us make that sweet communion where all living things might rightly speak to reveal in thoughts of single language the desires of all their heart.

38  Let us, therefore, make the Tael which like a river flows, to carry away upon the flood the songs of all creation; causing that in all living things there might be found a sweet and happy union, being all things bound in one, being itself in all, through all, and above all.

39  For this Tael shall we construct of living particles to cast into the airs of Heaven, being itself most subtly fashioned of the A-Z particles from out of the golden stream, which very particles are the smallest of things, being themselves smaller than neutrinos, yet possessing both mass and size.

40  Yet notwithstanding so small an element, still do these living particles possess the likeness of both our spirits together, being in each and separate particle the reflection of our mind, possessing fully the powers of communion and constant presence.

41  Thus shall we gather from the streams of intelligence, a small but tidy handful; and these shall we give full freedom to move throughout the worlds of our creation, whereby they might fashion themselves into a living network of moving and living threads which shall touch all living things at once together;

42  Causing that there should be given to all living things some access to their creator whereby they might commune with us as they might desire, or yet again cause that one species should commune with another in the living of their life.”

43  Such were the words which The One did speak, and when they were decided, they did make the Tael, permitting that all living things should rejoice and sing together, knowing the fullness of each other’s heart, being bound together in happy union throughout the sum of God’s creation.

44  And God was pleased and did rejoice throughout the realms of Heaven; and gazing into the night airs above, they beheld in the cosmos of Heaven the distant galaxies far away, each moving in outward fashion away from the center of their beginning, when there exploded at the dawn of all creation the cosmic egg in the midst of singularity.

45  Then did Areta speak to her Beloved, saying: “Consider, my Love, the billions of galaxies which move most swiftly in a hot and outward rush, being themselves scattered throughout a vast and endless Deep, to pull along in trailing fashion the threads of space and time.

46  Going forth in outward movement, one galaxy away from another, until at last they lose momentum, to surrender themselves in isolation to the call of singularity, which distant call will pull all matter back into another cosmic egg; and by such forces as strongly bind within the cosmic egg, put an end to space and time till it be born anew.

47  Let us then with firm resolve create the great Eternal Round, causing that all the galaxies within this cosmos should follow each the other in a great and circling round, causing that time itself prove endless within the realms of God.

48  Thus shall Heaven become eternal, beyond the touch of time, to prove itself the happy master of space and time together; giving hope of endless glory within Hodos Alea, causing that within the realms of all our glory shall never an end be found.”

49  And when The One heard this of his Beloved, he did consent and together they gave command; and all the billions of galaxies, with all their many wonders, did gather from afar, to follow in a circular fashion the great Eternal Round along a single plane; and the inner diameter of the Eternal Round did measure some five billion light years.

50  Thus in Heaven did time prove endless and young forever, being made to go round and round the throne of God; and seeing that the works of their hand were filled with beauty and glory together strongly bound, God smiled.

51  Then did Areta and The One go walking by the sea; and Areta spoke to her Beloved, saying: “See, my Love, how we have laid for ourselves and our seed hereafter the foundations of Heaven’s glory; for soon shall we enter again the golden stream and from our love’s embrace bring forth many children.

52  Yet one thing only would I do; for I desire to return to that cosmos where the Eidos darkly rules and there seek out such sentient beings as might gently dwell therein.

53  And if they be willing, I would rescue them from darkness, and here provide a home where they might live in joy beside us as fair companions upon this happy world.

54  Yet consider how far the distance, how great the journey proves, causing that in our swift and onward rushing, the rule of time would bind us, to hold us in its grip; for that first and violent cosmos is unmade by you and me.

55  Let us, therefore, make a pavement to place beneath our feet, which pavement shall quickly fold both space and time, to make them as one before us; for in this pavement shall we place a key which shall pierce in one even all dimensions.

56  By this means are we enabled to fold both space and time, causing that we should appear instantly and with deep suddenness wheresoever we desire, to span the greatest distance in the winking of an eye, bringing in some instant moment the presence of God and all our light, even in the midst of darkness.

57  And this shimmering pavement shall we give power to pierce such veils as do lie between the dimensions of the lower cosmos and the dimensions which guard well the works and wonders of all our hand.”

58  Thus did Areta speak by the waters of the sea; and when God was full determined and in agreement, they did fashion a blue and shimmering pavement of exceeding wonder and filled with marvel; and this did they place beneath their feet; and standing there above the waters of the sea, God beheld the sum of all their many creations, and in their soul proved pleased and fully happy.

59  And in an instant did they vanish away in the winking of an eye, to go themselves to the First Cosmos perchance to find some sentient species which might consent to live in Heaven’s glory beside the throne of God.