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Telestial Kingdom


Occurrences:  34

First Reference:  Wisdom 18:4


And before our God are all things forever present, for unto him is nothing lost or vanished away. For our God is surely the fount of great mercy, that even he should grant unto all who will, a kingdom of glory; whether Celestial, Terrestrial, or Telestial, according as they are able to bear. For these kingdoms did the Eternal One establish and ordain from the beginning.



See:  Celestial Kingdom, Eternal Round, First Heaven, Heaven, Olaha Shinehah, Surinatha, Terrestrial Kingdom


Summary:  The Telestial Kingdom of Glory was the first of four realms[*] to arise midst the progression and evolution of God. With the advent of First God, the Supreme Mother and Father (known as Areta and The One) set about creating a home which they called “Heaven” (3:32:23-46). Leaving the cosmos of the First Creation, God established a new dimension to bring forth a new cosmos, later designated as the “Surinatha” (4:1:21-33). Choosing a sun “most similar to [ours]”, God placed in its orbit a “world of exquisite beauty” (4:2:14). After establishing life on this new world, God fashioned a moon to serve as a paradise for their future children. God then organized the great Eternal Round, gathering the hundreds of billions galaxies rushing outward throughout the Deep and forming them into a “great and circling round, causing that time itself should prove endless within the realms of God” (4:2:44-50).


Having created spirit children of their own, God devised a mortal schooling system that would expose their children to opposition and struggle, that they might obtain a working knowledge of good and evil. This process is referred to as the “Hodos Alea”, an Adamic phrase referring to the pathways of eternal progression and exaltation (3:1:8; 4:32:13). This newly fashioned mortal environment would provide ideal conditions for spirit children to cultivate soul and develop strength and virtue. The first mortal world created for this purpose was called the world of Terralee.


Areta and The One organized a kingdom to serve as both an inheritance for their children and a pathway to greater progress and glory. This realm, designated as the “Telestial Kingdom”, was comprised of three distinct and segregated principalities or realities which could accommodate the diverse range of spiritual achievement exhibited by God’s children throughout their mortal lives. Each principality was separate from the other, yet all were bound together in a divine oneness. Spirit children would inherit one of three principalities depending on choices made throughout their mortal lives. Progression from a lower to a higher principality was both possible and encouraged, yet based solely upon the desire of the individual (4:13:24-36).


Since its initial creation, both the Telestial Kingdom (and Heaven in general) has expanded and evolved considerably. As God and Heaven continued to progress, two more sovereign kingdoms of glory were created, referred to as the Terrestrial Kingdom and the Celestial Kingdom. According to scripture, foundations for a fourth, more exalted kingdom of glory have been established, referred to as the kingdom of the Ahgendai.


The dominion and population of the First Heaven, the Telestial Kingdom, far exceeds that of the other kingdoms of Heaven, having within its domain hundreds of billions of galaxies, each containing millions of worlds. This vast realm makes up the center core of what came to be referred to as the “Olaha Shinehah”, an immense collection of galaxies that comprises the Telestial and the Terrestrial Kingdoms of Heaven (5:14:18; AZC — Eternal Round).


According to scripture, citizens of the Telestial realm are quite proud of their science and technology. Their cities rise high into the sky with buildings of chromed steel and glass. Intra-galactic trade and economy is prominently established. Contrast this with the more advanced yet less visible technology of the Terrestrial Kingdom, whose citizens prefer the simplicity of living in “quaint villages and hamlets” rather than bustling cities (5:14:16-17).




Principalities of the Telestial Kingdom    (Refer to: 4th Endowment 13—15)

The Telestial Kingdom was first organized into three distinct principalities designed to accommodate the varying degrees of achievement and ambition expressed by God’s spirit children during their mortal lives. The three principalities were created to provide a fair and just inheritance, and to serve as an optimal environment for the continued happiness, growth and evolution of the individual (4:13:24-36).


All Telestial citizens (spirits) would come to possess immortal, yet physical bodies of flesh and bone. To defend the individual against boredom and mediocrity, God established a protective measure called the “Day of Renewing” which process would release the spirit from the physical body, to be reborn into a new life (4:13:46-49; 4:14:14-20). The Cherubim of tribe Goieye dwell in the Telestial Kingdom, guiding and counseling God’s children on their path to greater glory (4:32:7-8).



First Principality — three dimensions       4:13:7-10, 38-45      

Governed by three dimensions (4:13:50), the first principality of the Telestial Kingdom was initially located on a Paradise moon. This estate was designated for those who “cared not for God and spiritual things while in the mortal life, thinking only of such things as would please the flesh of the body while the spirit and soul were left in want and deep despair” (4:13:38).



Second Principality — five dimensions, one prime, one fractal        4:13:11-16      4:14:1-57

The second principality was initially located on the world of Heaven, and was established in a reality governed by five dimensions, with each dimension possessing one prime, and each prime possessing one fractal (4:13:51). This principality was designed as an inheritance for “those who desired God, but who were themselves unable to prove constant or true devoted; Being themselves by outward appearance as those who would believe, but who, in the inward heart, did prove themselves as unconverted within the soul and mind together, being themselves ever haunted by fearsome shadows and the hurt of ceaseless want” (4:14:2-3).


God appointed the Cherubim to guide and serve as ministering angels to those inhabiting this realm (4:14:5-11). During the Day of Renewing, an individual of this principality is given the choice to remain as spirit for a season, to observe the workings of God midst the first and second principalities (4:14:14-18).


Through the powers of the fourth dimension, citizens of this principality have the power to journey in a linear fashion through time and space, to observe and feel events of the past. Through the powers of the fifth dimension, citizens are given opportunity to explore and inhabit a cosmos unseen by those of the first estate (4:14:47-57).



Third Principality — five dimensions, two primes, three fractals        4:13:17-23        4:15:6-31
This most exalted Telestial estate was established within the mysteries of the House of Mithron. Those who inherited this principality were referred to as the Teraphim, who through daily effort strove to follow after God during their mortal lives (4:15:6-13). The reality of this estate was governed by five dimensions, with each dimension possessing two primes, and each prime possessing three fractals (4:15:12-14). Those who inhabit this principality exist in a state beyond the ways of immortality, but rather, are eternal and everlasting like unto God. As such, citizens of this estate have no need for the Day of Renewal (4:15:20-24).




[*] Heaven has evolved and progressed to include four realms of glory: the Telestial Kingdom, the Terrestrial Kingdom, the Celestial Kingdom, and a new, more exalted realm called the Kingdom of the Ahgendai. A fifth kingdom — with unknown relevance — may also be included, being the Kingdom of the Azurgai.


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[...] “The written form of the Adamic language was almost entirely adopted by God from the written language of the Cherubim, and came to be called: Eno Adaam, or low Adamic, and proved very useful in conveying complex ideas while creating the Telestial Kingdom of Glory. This written language is represented by no less than 5,000 characters within a single alphabet. Those characters are called oracles. They are called oracles because they reveal the hidden mind of God.”

Azrael’s Commentary — Adamic Language, para. 4


“The first and oldest of all the Houses in the Celestial Kingdom, this House [of Mithron] was organized by God with the creation of the first Heaven (4:15:10-24), which first Heaven became later known as the Telestial Kingdom of Glory. The first temple ever fashioned by God is still in existence and is one of the most popular tourist sights in Heaven.”

Azrael’s Commentary — House of Mithron; para. 1


“Deep within the Surinatha is a ring of galaxies which revolve around the Celestial Kingdom of Heaven. The ring of galaxies which comprise the Olaha Shinehah contains within its mass several thousands of billions of galaxies. At the center core of this ring are the kingdoms, powers and dominions of the Telestial Kingdom. This Telestial Kingdom literally contains hundreds of billions of galaxies. And around this center core of the Olaha Shinehah are the kingdoms, powers and dominions of the Terrestrial Kingdom. The Terrestrial Kingdom is represented by millions of galaxies which move around the center core in a great spiraling movement. Thus, the Olaha Shinehah has the inner core of the Telestial Kingdom with the outer string of galaxies of the Terrestrial Kingdom.”

Azrael’s Commentary — Eternal Round: Olaha Shinehah, para. 1


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...for between the worlds of the telestial and terrestrial was there seen a great difference.

For the citizens of the telestial realm possessed great technologies, being proud of such accomplishments as were achieved through the knowing of many sciences; having in their worlds great shining cities of glass and chromed steel; being themselves starfarers which traded between all the distant worlds within their galaxy.

But in the terrestrial realm were worlds made like the gardens of paradise, having no cities of glass and steel, but having small, quaint villages and hamlets whose citizens were made the masters of many spiritual arts; possessing among themselves the greatest of craftsmen, gardeners, artists, poets, musicians, mathematicians and theosophers.

5th Endowment 14:15-17


And the assemblies of God grew ever more numerous, each being numbered in their many millions, causing that every principality within the Telestial Kingdom should expand, establishing through the aeons an even greater and greater dominion.

Ever building midst all their dreams the cities and palaces of the First Heaven, reaching out with measured increase into Olaha Shinehah; establishing throughout the generations of many assemblies the first design of God.

Now when there were established firmly the first twelve assemblies of God, each having achieved through mortality the glory of both dreams and effort, God did withdraw from the First Heaven.

And together did The One and Areta fashion a bright and newer world filled with greater glory, being bounded within and without by seven dimensions; and to this world gathered the many congregations of the Shulieye and the Pensieye, being eager themselves to follow God with a joyful heart filled with song.

4th Endowment 32:3-6

Teachings of Sariah


Terrestrial Kingdom

(millions of galaxies)

Telestial Kingdom

(hundreds of billions of galaxies)

Inner diameter:  5 billion light-years

Circumference:  15.7 billion light-years


Globular Cluster – 26 suns


1 revolution (Telestial) = 1 eternity = 17.5 billion years

Great Eternal Round


Telestial + Terrestrial Kingdoms:

“Olaha Shinehah”

Celestial Kingdom


7 suns (+5)

Source: Wood (2008); Song of God-Living Gnosis of the Ahgendai         *Sizes, distances and apparent magnitudes are not to scale.