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Book of Pearls
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Chapter 13

The One returns home – Children are separated according to their heart’s desire – Three kingdoms of glory to be created – Bridging kingdoms: eternal progression – The Telestial Kingdom of Glory – The first principality of the Telestial Kingdom – Tabernacles of flesh and bone – The Day of Renewing – Dimensions and unseen barriers – The Principles and Rights of Friendship and Continued Associations


1  And the angels sang in winged flight, sending into the airs of Heaven the anthems of their joy, twirling and soaring with cheerful glee, swooping low above the earth in a quick and happy rush, then mounting again the gentle winds to chase the clouds along, to fling themselves with wild abandon in the midst of Heaven’s light;

2  Being themselves most deep delighted at the returning of The One, seeing in the whole of God together, that good and blissful state where love is rich with promise and life is filled with hope.

3  Thus in the returning of The One did Heaven rejoice aloud; and into the arms of God did the Father and Mother meet with kisses and fiery breath, being each most happy to receive the other’s love through the rhythms of their soul;

4  Pouring into their life together the sum of all their joy, being each most anxious to give the fullness of their love, carrying each other but swift away through the passions of their heart, being each solicitous and always grateful in the giving and receiving of soft affections laced with fire.

5  And the days to weeks did softly rush, and the season quietly turned, and on a certain day did The One and Areta go walking by the sea to watch the angels play, which very angels were themselves as one heart, one mind, one soul, being in each most deeply devoted and filled with thoughtful care in the loving of their God.

6  Now as The One held Areta close beside him, he gave to her a full report of that second dispensation which did move upon the earth, to touch the lives of every man and every woman who must live the mortal life.

7  And Areta, in the hearing of all his words, spoke to her Beloved, saying: “Behold, my Love, how the children have begun already to separate themselves, each according to their heart’s desire, which desire is made the reflection of their truer selves, deciding even now that portion of God which they would take for themselves only.

8  For there are many which see in the mortal life, the only life worthy of consideration, treating with cool disdain the things which move the spirit, striving now with many efforts to gather such riches and power and fame as the mortal life would offer;

9  Becoming themselves as those distracted while the spirit is left forgotten, being itself alone within the flesh, having for itself no voice, for the body will not hear, having for itself no eyes, for the body of the flesh cannot see beyond the shadows of the day.

10  Such as these, believing in themselves that the flesh of the body is the only self, become themselves as one consumed and ever desperate, filled with many hurts; ever willing to trade away the goodness of their spirit for the gain of some advantage, becoming in themselves devoid of love and wisdom, rejecting for themselves the only truth for the sake of ego only.

11  Still do others in the living of mortal life acknowledge the movement of God in the affairs of men, yet being themselves unwilling to full embrace the doing of spiritual things;

12  Becoming themselves ever quick in the paying of lip service to God and spiritual things, but always going along their way, becoming themselves as one unmoved, untouched, and uncommitted;

13  Being themselves never at peace or fully content in the seeking of their God, but becoming themselves both pushed and harried, first by the demands of the ego without, then next by the spirit within, yet being themselves unable to decide the way which they should go;

14  Believing in themselves of God and Heaven, but becoming as unconverted in the doing of goodly things, ever striving in one moment to touch the soul within, but in the next letting go to pursue the lustings of the flesh.

15  These are they which receive the things of God with joy at first hearing, but soon do the joys fade away because of many burdens, which burdens do weary the heart, causing that they should prove themselves variable and inconstant with regard to spiritual things;

16  Becoming in themselves neither hot nor cold, being in their minds ever tormented between the cravings of the flesh and the longings of the spirit, being themselves neither alive nor dead to spiritual things, but ever proving themselves without devotion and lacking in faith.

17  Yet consider, my Love, how there are those few who desire the things of God with open hearts, proving themselves most eager to do and to be as the Father and Mother which brought them forth midst fire and light and loving passions;

18  Yielding themselves before the whisperings of the soul within to touch the mind of God, seizing hold with anxious hands to draw all Heaven near whereby they might become holy even as we are holy, filled with wisdom and tender love;

19  Being in themselves filled with faith and constant hope in reaching forth to God, believing deep within the heart that even they shall quick receive the light which in us shines, becoming through godly actions as those most truly converted;

20  Casting forth into the world the love which comes from God, being always anxious to speak of heavenly things, even in the midst of those who cannot hear, being themselves most constant in the living of the godly life.

21  Bearing always that happy light which in them burns, giving forth for all to see the brightness of those deeper things which move even as a mighty river within the depths of all their soul to fill the void of common days with songs of inward joy;

22  Enduring through grace such trials as do rush upon them from time to time, feeling themselves as always blessed in the knowing of their God;

23  Speaking to those who likewise suffer words of encouragement and strength, proving themselves by what they do that they are the sure fulfillment of all our hopes, to become themselves the very Teraphim which would follow after God.

24  Consider then, my Love, how the children of our soul have divided themselves, through the desires of all their heart, and look you well with thoughtful eye upon this Heaven which we have made.

25  For in all the creations of the First Cosmos, and in this cosmos which we have made, there is nothing which can compare to the beauty and fashion of the earth and moon which do shine for the joy of all.

26  See, then, how that in this one Heaven is it not good that all our children have just one glory only, causing that those which would be holy and wise and always faithful in following after God should have no glory greater than those who seek not after God but who contented themselves only with the lesser things.

27  Let us, therefore, set within this Heaven three kingdoms which shall prove as separate and apart; for it is good that our children should inherit for themselves that portion of our glory which they would decide themselves to take;

28  Becoming in each themselves the one which chooses the place where they shall prove most happy and deeply blessed, to please themselves as they desire, being fulfilled as they themselves shall deem.

29   Thus shall we lay that sure and certain pathway wherein even all our children might progress from lesser to greater in the kingdoms of God, according to their desire and no other beside, to decide for themselves the place where they would dwell, to feel themselves blessed and full content in the kingdom of their choosing.

30  But even though our children should take to themselves the things which would prove less, still let us build between the kingdoms of Heaven such bridges as would lead to greater glory, causing that those who should desire, in some far and distant time, even these might take to themselves a greater glory than they had ever known before, to draw themselves ever closer to the heart of God;

31  To take to themselves through small degrees a portion of ourselves whereby they might yearn for still far greater things than they have ever dreamed, becoming in likeness unto us, being drawn ever nearer to that glory which would give birth in them the seed of some eternal increase, even worlds without end.”

32  Now these are the words which Areta spoke to her Beloved; and The One did answer her, saying: “Well have you spoken, my good and tender Love; for all these things which you have thoughtful pondered have I, myself, likewise seen.

33  Let us then act as one together, and in this place which we call Heaven fashion for our children three kingdoms of glory; that in such kingdoms where they might dwell, even all might grow and become as they themselves might choose.

34  And these three kingdoms shall we make as one together in the hand of God to be called hereafter the Telestial Kingdom of Glory, being itself fashioned for the benefit of all our children, providing that everyone separately should find among the three lesser kingdoms of the Telestial Kingdom a place of happiness and life forever.

35  For in these three kingdoms shall be found the principalities wherein our children shall live as they desire, finding therein the fulfillment of such dreams as shall rise up from out of the very heart and soul together.

36  Let us, in this present moment, determine the place and boundary of such principalities as shall comprise this Telestial Kingdom of Glory; that in the moving of the dispensations we might make known to all our children the height and breadth and depth of that kingdom wherein they must go to decide themselves the glory they would take.”

37  Such words did The One speak, and pointing to the moon of Paradise which moved round and round the first world of Heaven, The One spoke again, saying:

38  “Behold, my Love, that yonder moon which glows so brightly forth; this then be the first principality of the Telestial Kingdom, for there unto shall we send forth the children which cared not for God and spiritual things while in the mortal life, thinking only of such things as would please the flesh of the body while the spirit and soul were left in want and deep despair.

39  For in this first principality shall they find a good and happy life, filled with many blessings, being made to become again as husbands and wives, fathers, and mothers, sons and daughters throughout the moving of their life.

40  For it is expedient that they participate through small degrees in the likeness of our glory, even though they prove unable in their present state to embrace the sum of who we are, being themselves constrained through some lesser vision to choose the lesser portion.

41  Thus for their sake is it most needful that all who should inherit this Telestial Kingdom be given tabernacles of flesh and bone, whereby they might experience again the passions of men and women; for in the loving of each the other shall they feel the presence of something far greater still which would lie as deep and calm within the very midst of them.

42  For it is in their sexual expressions of love and passion that shall build in them the need for some far more greater place, being themselves ever led by small degrees, causing that they should continue in yearning for things beyond themselves; which things are made to rest in the bosom of our glory forever and ever.

43  Let, then, even all who would inherit for themselves this first principality dress it all about even as they shall choose, to build for themselves such homes and cities as would fill them up with joy and purpose together.

44  And to this shall we permit that they should progress as far as their heart desires in the building up of their kingdom, to increase in themselves such arts and sciences as will enrich their lives;

45  Causing that if they should journey forth to distant stars, even there shall we provide worlds most beautiful and rare, whereby they might inhabit them; and even these worlds shall we add to the kingdom of their glory, to be as theirs forever.

46  Now seeing that we would make even the least of our kingdoms a place of life and joy, let us take measures to protect our children against the touch of such mediocrity as would make the lives of our children to appear as tiresome and filled with weariness;

47  Causing that even all who live should despair of their life and purpose in the kingdoms of the lesser light; to have the meaning of their life and glory stripped away through some endless repetition.

48  Let us, therefore, give to those who would inherit a place in this Telestial Kingdom, the Day of Renewing; for in that day when a child should view their life with a tired and weary heart, then shall they stand themselves before the very winds of Heaven.

49  And in that moment shall the body of their flesh begin to glow in a bright and glorious state, and in an instant shall the spirit be released of the body to be born again anew in some other life filled with bright and happy expectations; for the flesh of their previous body shall drift away as star dust upon the winds of Heaven.

50  But consider, my Love, how this world of the first principality shall prove less than the world of the second principality; for unto the first principality shall we give three dimensions, even as in mortal life.

51  While unto the second principality of the Telestial Kingdom shall we give five dimensions; and to each dimension shall we assign one prime only, and to each prime shall there be given one fractal.

52  And between the world of the first principality and the world of the second principality shall we place an unseen barrier to separate the one glory from the other, causing that each principality should prove itself sovereign and complete within the boundaries of its estate.

53  For even though both worlds should know deeply of each the other, still shall they prove unable of themselves to cross the chasm which even now does separate both worlds from each the other.

54  Yet notwithstanding all these things, still shall we grant to even all our children the Principles and Rights of Friendship and Continued Associations, which very principle and right shall become the law which the House of Mithron shall administer.

55  For in the mortal life do the children of our soul forge for themselves a great variety of friendships, which friendships do prove necessary to the happiness of the spirit and soul together.

56  And even though in the kingdom of Heaven one friend should inherit the first principality, while still another friend inherits the second or third principality, yet is it needful that the friendship of both continue; for in the absence of such friendship is there found the loss of something dear, and in this loss would all Heaven be made less because of it.

57  For friendships are a precious thing, and this we must protect for the joy of all our children together; for friendship is a gift of the heart from one soul unto another, which very friendship even death cannot pale or break asunder.

58  Thus through the Principles and Rights of Friendship and Continued Associations shall every kingdom and principality become most deeply aware of each the other, to share through friendship the mysteries and wonders of all greater and lesser glories in the kingdoms of our power;

59  Causing that every man and every woman might go beyond the boundaries of that kingdom wherein they dwell, to see again the friend they love most deeply, if it so be that they should petition the House of Mithron for love’s sake only.

60  And not this only, my good and tender Love, for even though the first principality of the Telestial Kingdom shall prove less than the second, still shall the glory of the first principality far exceed the dreams of mortal men, to stand itself far beyond the imaginings of every man and every woman who lives the mortal life.”

61  Thus did The One speak to his Beloved of the first principality of the Telestial Kingdom; and hearing these things Areta did give a quick and happy consent to stand beside the Beloved as one in heart and soul and mind.

62  And there beside the Crystal Sea did they hold each other, to mingle midst kiss and tender touch; and there upon the sands they stood to watch the angels play, chasing each other throughout the skies midst soft and happy songs;

63  Sending into the airs of Heaven the anthems of their joy, twirling and soaring with wings outstretched between the heavens and the earth, swooping low to touch the sea in a quick and mighty rush then mounting again the gentle winds to chase the clouds along.